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  1. You have Tizen Studio to blame. The worst dev-kit ever..
  2. Παιδιά.. στήνουμε ένα group video call να πούμε τα νέα μας και πως περνάμε τη καραντίνα ο καθένας γενικά. Είμαστε μια πολύ ιδιαίτερη ομάδα γύρω από τα EUC και ο καθένας μπορώ να πω πολύ διαφορετικός. Θα ήθελα και να σπάσω τη καθημερινότητα αλλά και να δω τι κάνετε κι εσείς γενικά, μου λείψατε. Ελεύθερα τη γνώμη σας για ΝΑΙ ή ΟΧΙ και σχόλια!
  3. Lefteris


    I'm also using the pebble to the inside of my arm.
  4. Lefteris


    I may have missed some episodes :-O #mybad
  5. I also use the music, and i even get loud when i'm alone too..
  6. Well the reply was directly bellow @Lavabo but sure question for all members Hey @Lavabo do you have the 21700 cells version ?
  7. Lefteris


    I see we all go the ZEN mode by @zenleetech I now have a new view of things when i ride, and i don't nag when i'm alone. It's something..
  8. I'll forward this to my friend that knows more than me and try something out, cause me and you have the same wheel. Do you have the 21700 cells version?
  9. It's surely gonna need a bit o soldering, and maybe wire bypassing.. (cut'n all)
  10. I have a diagram here if that helps. And i also don't want to open the wheel cause i don't know about stuff like that, i will find my way if needed but i'm not 100% sure that i'll even close the wheel properly :-/
  11. Yeah but, Nikola without speakers? I bought two mod chips and i have the diagram and i don't know how to do it, we are gonna need some serious help on this
  12. Lefteris


    Great video man! Thank you for sharing! For the next trip and videos, keep the videos in 10' minute packs for that youtube algorithm.!
  13. It's what each app uses as their API's and procedures etc. Maybe one app is better made, properly optimized and other is not?! Maybe one app uses more native elements and the other uses more webviews and/or media, maybe one app uses less bluetooth connection than the other!?
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