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  1. Lefteris

    Comparison of Known EUCs

    hi there, some problems with work and little time to spare have pushed me away from things i need to get done.. i'll do what you mentioned, just give me a bit more time.. i'm beat :-/
  2. Lefteris

    Bike balls (semi #nsfw)

    oh man i've laughed so hard
  3. .. a documented write-up could be very useful
  4. Lefteris


    so funny keep up guys
  5. Lefteris


    it looks much prettier than the last one you are getting the hang of it, great !!!
  6. Lefteris

    Firewheel Clone, bit damaged, needs batt.

    I've also found the cover of the battery indicator, it was inside the cardboard box i've put the euc inside when we moved under the protective wrapping Oh man each day gets better and better, hope this week to ride my euc again, revamped/upgraded
  7. Lefteris

    Hellenic (Greek) Thread

    changed my forum name from "Lefteros (SomniusX)" to my real name which is close to that, "Lefteris" also added a cover on my forum profile
  8. Lefteris


    so jealous of that machine
  9. Lefteris


    what is that small wheel what brand model? it's cute
  10. Lefteris

    Firewheel Clone, bit damaged, needs batt.

    It will be soon inside my old euc to make it last longer
  11. 11y old grandson, how old are you ? i'm 33, married for 12y and just yesterday my daughter had her 5th birthday party..
  12. haven't seen anyone use this Greek word in a sentence for like, never! what pushed you to write it? I laughed so hard i woke up my kid Lot's of police at your place, why is that?
  13. Lefteris


    As @Greg Spalding mention, you sir ( @Hansolo ) did a great job, enjoyable video. Just a note, can you edit the "fish-eye" effect of the gopro (and/or other camera) and flat it out, if it isn't used in fast action shots the image feels distorted, you know ..
  14. If you take a break and think about it, this kind of clothing could solve the problem of using "at night" any kind of personal transportation device from EUCs to even bicycles. There are lights and stuff but clothing is a great aspect..