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  1. Έβλεπα βροχές μιλάμε πανικός στα site και ναι ξεκίνησε βροχή ξημέρωμα, αλλά από τις 9πμ σήμερα και μέχρι τώρα είναι φουλ ήλιος. Φακ να κάτσει σε μια φάση να βγούμε καμία βόλτα ή θα συνεχίσει η βροχή και μας κοροϊδεύουν τα μέσα. /me feels confused στη τοποθεσία forum.electricunicycle.com
  2. In other news cause I didn't check, is the app ready for prime time on android 10?
  3. Τέλεια η χθεσινή βόλτα. Όπως κατάλαβε και ο @Tasos Athanasakis η Πολυτεχνειούπολη θέλει τρελό ψάξιμο και η ατάκα, "το καλοκαίρι γιατί πηγαίναμε αλλού" stands! Ξέρω ότι φάση τελευταία στιγμή μας το είπες ρε μαν, αλλά τα ωραία επίσης έτσι είναι Περιμένω προτάσεις για επόμενη βολτα μέσα στη βδομάδα.
  4. Guys 3:30μμ Πολυτεχνειούπολη. Παρόντες ο @Fen και @Tasos Athanasakis μπορεί να έρθει λίγο αργότερα ο @Χρήστος Γεωργαμπλοπουλος Ευπρόσδεκτοι όλοι στη βόλτα μας. Όσοι πιστοί με προσωπικό μήνυμα εδώ για επικοινωνία μέσω τηλεφώνου
  5. Why not add an option for gotway users to name their wheels? Also can I have a plot for Z10 riders and also be able to compare my own rides so can too check If I'm putting my wheel enough or not enough pressure.
  6. Go visit @Marty Backe with his collection of wheels you are gonna support all wheels in no time in EUC world hoho
  7. In Greece a normal plan with 3gb and unlimited calls costs about 50€ but if you search and find a student card (a bit rare), that works with credit on e.g. vodafone, you can have about 3gb data, 1200 in calls 1200 in sms with only 8,5€/month and each month if you recharge before it empties out they let you keep all your data and voice, and i've gathered up like, well see the image Flexing my data plan!! aahhahahahahahaah
  8. Btw I had a disconnection or two when using the phone for other things.. After disabling pip two days now not even one disconnection.. Strange?
  9. I was about to say the same thing complete change of licensing so you can implement things that help the app grow but stay safe for the users and as open as possible for transparency.
  10. At last a specific answer, thank you. Well you haven't had a chance to see how a Greek is as a godfather, you prepare yourself Good for you guys!!! Maybe @Seba has a way to emulate an android one device and check if it needs some kind of optimization !? There is always the option of you adding some 3rd party libraries that may be closed source if you sign a deal with a company for them, but still best is to keep the app as open source as possible, cause of the features it uses, starting from location and going forward.. You will soon see, the photo was a photoshop mockup for our eyes only, he received his samsung galaxy watch 46mm yesterday, and as he said the tizen developer studio is installed. So, we are going to have a tizen app soon, just stay tuned, he always comes thru ! - Now to another subject about the HUD view on videos that @Seba commented, there is a way to use the GO Pro Studio App and configure your csv so the video shows the same information on the overlay's that the video is displaying, the app on Mac OS looks like this And there are many videos that show how to use data from csv and other formats, like this video If someone has time to make a how to video for our recorded routes it'll be great! Hope someone helps us with this so we can make better videos!!!
  11. From what I know so far as a user, the app can do live route and also csv the ride. I think that you can check the contents of the csv for location data and if its there maybe use some garmin or go pro video app and overlay the information on one of your videos and you get a hud with speed dials and map. I've seen videos like that online and thought about using it, but still @Seba will answer all our questions, after he wakes up from the party yesterday 😁😜🤣😂🥳🥳🥳
  12. About the app hogging, I do the same on a oneplus 7 (8/256) pip enabled to switch music and check phone or make a phone call, no hogging everything works. Maybe it's an android one thing or phone resources.
  13. Please be my guest! (/me ordering the watch 46mm [SM-R800NZSATGY] from here, local store, 198€ is ok, isn't it?)
  14. @Seba Stay with your wife and celebrate, we will be here another day for these things! @buell47 the plane watch 46mm that doesn't have the mic on it, correct? i'm "that" close on buying one, i don't think i'm into the lte version but i find it around 200€ the cheapest in Greece but then i see the frontier, which is a great watch and the only difference at first glance is that the frontier has microphone and smaller battery, the watch 46mm doesn't have the mic? but at least it has bigger batt... :-/ i'm so confused and i'll trigger and buy something fast that i may don't like afterwards #help
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