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  1. Σαφώς.. γιατί όπως λέει ο Πέτρος Εγώ παίρνω και καπότες μαζί ΜΗ ΓΕΛΑΣ Σε άλλα νέα μπορεί να είμαι φρι για βόλτα προσπαθώ να δω αν θέλει η γυναίκα και κόρη να πάμε κάπου..
  2. @Χρήστος Γεωργαμπλοπουλος εάν δεν βγεις με παρέα δεν θα πάρεις μπρος γρήγορα πάντως μεταξύ μας. Έτσι πέφτουν οι άμυνες και προχώ γρήγορα, με τη θέληση να ακολουθήσεις τη κίνηση της παρέας. Από την άλλη δεν θα σε παρεξηγήσε κανείς, όλοι τα περάσαμε και έχουμε πλήρη κατανόηση! Η ιδέα του @inMotional ήταν καλή, αλλά θέλει και θάρρος από πλευράς σου μαν μου.
  3. That is what i'm talking about.!
  4. Πολύ θα το ήθελα αλλά δουλεύω 3μμ με 11μμ. Αλλά σύντομα θα αλλάξει το θέμα εργασίας και ωραρίων οπότε μπορεί να έχω ελεύθερο χρόνο τα απογεύματα και τα Σ/Κ. Καλά να περνάτε
  5. I'm curious as to what power bank you use on your phone
  6. Vibration does a great job instead of audial feedback.. and pebble does vibrate when you set the 3 alarms.
  7. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/pebble-technology-corp/pebble/ Apk Mirror has it, it's all we need, then switch to rebble using the instructions and you are good to go! About the watchface, it's available thru rebble store inside pebble app so no worries. I'm currently trying to build my own version of the watchface but i have no free time.. :-/
  8. Don't forget to take proper breaks and drink lots of liquid cause it is summer. When your trip is available on euc.world don't forget to post it here so we can follow your progress live when you are using the wheel and offline when you are not
  9. About the Z10 and wheel log, I'd like the horn function of the WheelLog app for the watch eg pebble button to work with the Z series wheels. It works on some others, I think kingsong and on some over Bluetooth but still nothing on the Z10.. I'd like your horn option of the screen to be used on the pebble horn button. Me and many more have found that best screen for direct sunlight is a pebble screen, it works as expected costs about 35€ and its fun.
  10. @Seba I told you something was wrong.. I'm not the only one that experienced that problem.. But I did drink all the whisky 🥃 at home 😜😝
  11. Man, you may be right but last night it didn't display an image instead the website on an empty 404 page.. :-/ Was i that blind !?
  12. That is a great feature. But still needs to add a whole self-update framework or something similar. And the user must have unknown sources on in order for the update to be installed. And first it needs a webview to grab the new app and fetch it as a downloader and then prompt the user to installed, kill the current process while starting said installer. But there are services like Pushlink that do the same without a fuzz that implement 4 update strategies But still needs testing, cause i see the website but haven't tested it.
  13. Just a note.. it doesn't take caps only small laters, for example in my case in order to display the image it wanted somniusx instead of SomniusX
  14. Oh man.. what a bummer.. you only had it for a couple of days, didn't last enough to enjoy it. :-/
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