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  1. Congrats on the Nik+ purchase amazing wheel. If you happen to have problems with the fan, contact me, 😉
  2. Well sorry about KS, but still, they are trying their best on the "presentation" side, and that is what i keep, that the promotion of the V11 and S18 was epic, for the standards of the companies we know and love all these years, maybe you don't love KS and that is OK!!, and Veteran may be the best wheel out there, but it by lending wheels to previewers and not even have a company to support the product behind it.. it's like telling me personally we have a production line in our garage or basement and that is it.. And last, it's not about top speed for everyone in these forums, most of us need the range and durability, and looks i can't lie!
  3. I have the 2x that circuit board "but" the mod information is for the Nikola (white insidez) and not the Nikola plus 100V that has differences in like EVERYWHERE :P
  4. My friend i will keep searching, keep asking questions, cause i really like the design and prospect of the Veteran wheel, i'd like to buy it as soon as i can BUT We don't know anything rather than Kuji rode it for a bit, evx is preparing a video but rain caught him, on-line stores saying we will have it in stock soon etc. @Ben Kim and i hope they change perspective and even follow Kingsong's latent ability to show-run things, like presentation, website presence, general company presence, you know where i'm going?
  5. Well that is a better view, have the wheel being tested by everyone for like 6+ to a year, but then other wheels will come out, production lines saw that PEV's are the future and even more companies will arise even from the ashes of others, parts of others etc. Still the matter remains, and it's simple, not overcomplicated or anything. More info in depth of electronics, more info about the company, so i'm gonna be fully aware of things before i let my self purchase something that will cost more than 2000€!
  6. I'm not referring to the logos or any kind of similarity, i'd like to know what i asked in the post of page 7, I have questions since we don't have something to compare it, it's not like the company existed like other companies for 5+ years. So these are the questions people should ask, does it have similarities from that, quite pretty, PEV, does that PEV have the same electronics as the Veteran and if so, does that PEV had any problems we should know about, and then "transparency" @ESBU it's one fact to know that people that left a known company started something anew, but where "is" that company, what "is" that company.. You know typical questions guys, we can't just buy something blindly.. -My reasonable self
  7. @niVehje Well i saw the links, i saw the images, i checked some things my self, "but" i'd like to see a company website, and generally more information about the guys behind the wheel. @Ben Kim don't go there my friend, i'm not overthinking things, i'm just an inquirer, i'd like to know more cause i like the wheel and most probably buy it. It's not bad to check things out, we know where the other companies came from, we just don't know about "this", is it bad to ask?
  8. You know guys, i've noticed something.. if you rotate 180 degrees the picture of the board, a name "LeaperKim" is noticable on the board. @Ben Kim is that you :P By just searching google i found from these results that "LeaperKim M1" is an EUC of some sort with a seat, handle bars and that huge tire. Is "Veteran" a child of that PEV? Does it have the same electronics, if yes, people can check "M1" problems and compare More transparency from the company that makes "Veteran", like location, factory, and more? That is what i'd like to know :) Thank you!
  9. The GPS battery can be charged in less than 1 hour, and lasts for 3~5 days, so not bad ;) @travsformation she knows everything :P
  10. Forgot to update here, wheel is fixed, fan replaced. Works as expected and it's even quieter! Now for the thread's subject.. Is it better to follow the cable to the usb port up front, which requires to at least remove some components to get there, even split the wheel in half? Or maybe find the wiring that goes to the board, splice or replace the connector with a different one that goes up to the empty space that my wheel has?!? maybe go crazy and then do something like in previous post At least install a fan or two and produce proper air-flow.. That is what i'm aiming for.
  11. Well charging over a smart plug is a smart idea to say, you need 3 hours and 45 minutes to go from 30% to 100%, then tell the plug to switch off the power in 3 hours and 30 minutes, what would 15 minutes of power loss is to a wheel. That is what i do with my Nikola Plus 100V with 21700 LG cells, also measure Watts and time taken etc.
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