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  1. Another ride of the Greek EUC Team (euc.gr)
  2. That web interface is just amazing. Thank you for the time you took to make this, i'll try it as soon as possible.
  3. Short clips of Ermis doing his "stunts". The stand man of the Greek EUC team (euc.gr)
  4. Almost all of the EUC Riders in Greece. Greek EUC team in all it's glory (euc.gr)
  5. More guys of the Greek EUC team (euc.gr) going to "Marathonas Lake" Alexandros, Bill, Spyros, George
  6. Alexandros & George & Bill from the Greek EUC team (euc.gr) going downhill from the "Throne of Zeus"
  7. Ermis from the Greek EUC Team (euc.gr)
  8. Tony of the Greek EUC Team (euc.gr)
  9. And he probably up'ed the bad review himself there. I hope you recover from this my friend. Stay strong!
  10. I'm gonna try implementing Veteran Sherman code for this project, wish me luck
  11. Maybe you need to whitelist the EUC.world app on some kind of AdBLock or Blockada app you may use. That sometimes is the culprit
  12. There are events that when device is connected, e.g. audio device, to do an action. Make that action to open the euc.world
  13. Yeah @Evelthon Michaelidesis that is the website I wanted to show you. Great store and support 😉
  14. Hey @Evelthon Michaelides There is no need for double posts in two hours. I was just busy and couldn't make it here for a reply. There is a store that sells wheels in Greece and will inform they guy to visit the forums, and also there other known/valid vendors across Europe. But first, what model of an euc interests you?
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