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  1. Anyone Interested in Nikola Plus 100V 1800Wh purchased in early March, box and all, pads not used, changed to silent fan, still under warranty, one of the 24 cells is slightly off and the dealer covers it if the buyer wants to change it. Light use, just one fall with near 0kms, no breaks, in good condition with 3,000km .. Can send to Europe with buyers expense, shipping from Greece
  2. Nah man, i haven't had the chance, to many things happening, and i just don't have time to play with the insides of the wheel. I so much want to, but not enough time to do it. You see i use the wheel for everyday commute and the wife has the care, so i can't have it down working on it.
  3. Maybe the change was for markets outside Mainland China.
  4. About that @John Eucist why not installing a dark theme too?
  5. Well.. i'm gonna start gathering up money for it. I may change the Nik+ after Xmas
  6. @Mike Sacristan any site that sells in Europe but with better prices?
  7. Same setup, phone +2 flic2 buttons but not underneath of the helmet. I have them "on" the helmet, plus a Drift Ghost X came on the left side of the helmet. Plus my trustworthy Pebble that is the best and simple companion for EUC wheels!!! Keep up @Seba
  8. Νέο βίντεο https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1019-the-video-thread/?do=findComment&comment=338940
  9. Such a poor choice of a word.. They could have done so much better :-/
  10. Hey, don't leave the Electric Vehicle world, choose something different, even hop into electric cars, at least you will get your "electric-fix"
  11. Well not to brag about it, but i also thought of getting rid of the icons, and keep only the values. no point on graphs, just values. i'll find some time to play with this, and report back.
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