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  1. It may take some extra time to do one "install all" but in many cases, saves you from trouble. Personal experience 😅
  2. In result, Sherman prices will go sky high!
  3. Give it some time, it's one of the many companies that experience problems. It's good of/for them that they went all out and notified us, others don't and it feels bad. :-/
  4. Thank you for the kind words @Planemo & @DjPanJan You'll feel it when turning and torque'ing etc. It feels better
  5. EUC GREECE Βίλια-Ψάθα-Αλεποχώρι. - YouTube Greece, Vilia, Psatha, Alepochori 😊 shot by @delis7
  6. Last night the Greek EUC team had some fun and drinks over at Mosquito bar https://www.facebook.com/stratosmosquito/posts/116206540736763?__cft__[0]=AZVPGjncZcQ-Ue6uYUfQjoJxlS4Bf03rZ0xoSSmdAfC4FjQgQfZkQ3dNkvXXJ_ijepnf2Tzz1eAsbi5BynRs5d8jvY1cU6pwBO4UNqzFLORoquwdOzmiADOEIUxTmlflU2ip51bBt9-eNvooBSqGLGJI&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  7. Also like train-railing and stuff like that. When the wheel is affected thru road/paved lines and tram lines etc.
  8. Haaa yeah i'm still struggling with the screens the struggle is "real"
  9. great!! edit: are we sure that the previous mentioned settings do +/- of the beep volume, cause i'd like it to be quite, its too loud for our new-born :-/
  10. A smaller copy of the original image posted on 1st post on my server url : https://lefteros.com/files/sherman/Veteran_Sherman_1058_display_menu_items.jpg
  11. There is a post that explains all screens here But they have problems attaching the picture so i uploaded it on my server.
  12. it is cause i changed the app identifier, had many issues using the original one :-/ @ShanesPlanet you need to give location permissions, check the video above (i didn't have the chip too ) And about the fuses... it's a must nowdays...
  13. To be true, it feels better when turning, on medium and hard modes. Got a bit of accel when on hard mode while riding about 30kmh trying to get to e.g. 60kmh. People are reporting more stuff, for me, it's just a little bit nicer, plus gave us more screens and the ability to get over to 100.8V and select where the charger stops! :-O I got the official changelog translated here https://lefteros.com/files/sherman/001_0_58.txt 001.0.58 version instructions 1: Modify user voltage ±1.5% fine-tuning. 2: Add factory calibration voltage function. 3: Improve PA to level
  14. Try imgur or if you like i can host it on my server 4 ever!
  15. LeaperKim_v1.0_eng_mod_v2.3_by_SomniusX.apk V1 app V2.3 English fork is here - New app icon - New app identifier, no more problems having the original one and the English fork. - Still Chinese servers are being used for firmware binary and changelog data. Can be found here https://t.me/veteranUS/20112 Or Google drive mirror here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pK0CMPDv9lkduGb709SThxl3hCSxrdsx/view?usp=drivesdk
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