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  1. I don't know what you are saying, it's day two with scotch on my hand, i'm not feeling well I want to know who are those 3-4 people in the far Japan, if you see this please respond with your wheel models and location, i love your country and i want to know what do EUC'ists visit at your place. + You can make an event on MacroDroid to grab the input and redirect it to something else, maybe by also including AutoInput as a plugin. edit: maybe by following a guide like that : https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS8/comments/8s120p/using_bixby_button_to_toggle_nfc/ that grabs the button and toggles NFC !?!?
  2. amazing feature, thank you for making our daily experience better! please, keep up the good work! man.. i remember this map having like less than 10 riders on it.. and look at it now.!!!!! amazing!!!
  3. I've added Greece and wrote some stuff on the right side. Hope more people contribute.
  4. Macrodroid is like Tasker or AutomateIt, it just adds extra features with triggers.
  5. Καλημέρα. Όσοι έχετε pebble ή άλλο bt συσκευή και θέλετε να κάνετε διάφορα macro με τη ρόδα κ.α. παρουσιάζω ένα εύκολο recipe εδώ Αν έχετε απορίες ρωτήστε με.
  6. You are right ben i posted that post from my phone and choose the wrong screenshot. The previous one is cause i want to play some sounds from pebble buttons This recipe has the trigger which for me is long press of the lower button As action has the launch fresh EUC world application and also make sure to connect to my Z10 as an audio device cause in oneplus i don't want to auto-switch to the wheel in the morning i have my headphones And as a constraint, bt needs to be enabled. Don't forget to have the watchface installed, even if error occour and the companion app "is" the macrodroid app, no worries there. I'll try to export the recipe file later today. And also show you guys more fun recipies with pebble buttons.
  7. I've done it.. Macrodroid android app along side with macrodroid pebble watchface Pebble down button is set to open the macrodroid watchface on long press, when the watchface is open the you can setup all buttons for single, long or double press to do anything you want. I've set it to open euc.world on long press of the down button only if the pebble is connected and then connect to Bluetooth audio on my Z10 and then open euc.world apk The single buttons are set to play audio over Bluetooth, for example horns or funny sounds 😂
  8. So a temporary solution may be to add an event on macrodroid or other similar apps?
  9. A pebble question for @Seba when we had the old wheellog fork app of yours that then was made into the 1st edition of the euc.world app, if you had the pebble watchfacec open and pressed and hold the middle button on the pebble, the wheellog app and then the 1st edition of the euc.world app opened up on your phone and connected instantly, whith each of your options enabled (i have always record csv, auto-enable watch, no voice commands, no tour record, all on start). Now with the latest revision of the euc.world app, i can't get to open the phone app from the watchface, something maybe changed over the course of the software being upgraded/changed? I'm still using Oneplus 7, on stock (non-rooted) Android 9. And for the record i've disabled any Tasker & MacroDroid & AutomateIt tasks, i did many tests for this.
  10. 7 DAYS!??!?!?!?!? man oh man, with mine it's like 3 days max with wheel to work and back.. but it's badly scratched nearly damaged..
  11. I was ready to reply at @Aneta that you can set it to auto light up when you do a sudden movement. When it's pitch black it also helps me find me way thru the house or garage
  12. Man.. it's sad to loose a pebble, or even when its broken or something. I'm also searching for a pebble in good condition, but can't find one in Europe :'(
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