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  1. Maybe @Seba can help you with KS code, a kickstart for communication.
  2. And that is why i still use the Pebble, cause you can feel the haptic feedback from the vibra-motor inside. But still its no stand-alone. @enaon i would like to see it one day, if you are available.
  3. Charles, we've talked about all the iOS related stuff in this and other threads, check the posts out using the search feature. As for the support part, is already covered if you visit euc.world and the "support euc world" area, and it is the reason why some of us have the premium tag on our signatures etc.
  4. And another video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDBDKLpGHRI
  5. Found clear picture of the wheel. It was a V10F, seams like a Nikola type tyre.
  6. Now that i look at it, it seams like our fellow rider owned a Nikola, but the tyre seams strange. The skid-marks on the street .. :-/ man...
  7. From the NYC group on telegram, i don't know who is the original uploader..
  8. Lefteris

    Gotway RS

    The reseller i use in Europe says that it's one model, not two. What is the HT and HS versions?!
  9. I own the Nikola Plus 100V with 21700 cells and "i" a 106kg guy managed to get up to 59,5kmh which is almost 37mph and i've seen reports that the wheel easily goes faster.
  10. About the S18 being a flashy toy.. i totally agree..
  11. I just post this here
  12. Lefteris

    Gotway RS

    It wasn't my screenshot, it was from a guy on facebook Also... There was a photo of the RS, maybe an MSP mod with the Rs logo with red lights on the speakers.. searching for it, can't find it.. EDIT: Found it And it's from Gotway China facebook account
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