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  1. Because it was cheaper than comparing dental records???
  2. It's interesting... The new(ish) KS-16X is very quiet... So they must have worked something out. A few weeks ago @Mishkin and I spent a day riding around on the 16X and 18XL (to help him decide between the two). At one point when we were out in the quiet of the countryside, all I could hear was the tyre noise of the 16X (that I was riding) and the whine of the 18XL 20 m behind me...
  3. And what would people think if they could get custom etching on their own stands?
  4. If you seal up all of the downward facing holes, then any water getting in from the top won't have anywhere to get out, effectively making your wheel a bucket that will eventually fill up with water and explode. Are people really sure that they want all of these holes blocked up?
  5. Here in New Zealand we used to use "4 by 2's" rather than "2 by 4's". But since going metric it is now 100 x 50 (mm) which is the rough sawn size - once dressed it is smaller \, as is yours.
  6. A few weeks back, I would have been obliged to make comment on this... But now all I need to do is tag in @Hunka Hunka Burning Love...
  7. I rode to the Hollywood sign (more or less) with Marty and others a couple of years ago... Why would I want to go again, now that I know it isn't an al fresco restaurant!
  8. I don't know... The (almost) finished product looks pretty awesome. Does anyone think we should post photos? I just hope we have time to get the finished product to @Mishkin before we leave for the LA EUC Games... Ooohh... If he volunteered to drop us off at the airport, that would provide plenty of opportunity...
  9. Ah, yes... That one left New Zealand at 08:30 yesterday... So it's probably in Uzbekistan by now! It definitely adds more grip, but if you want even more then hold fire for a week or two. We have a few riders testing our "optional extra" grip pads at the moment (possibly even during some of the events at the LA EUC Games - that's not cheating, is it?) and if everything goes to plan you will be able to add them to your Bodyguard yourself once they are available.
  10. Now why would any halfway decent EUC manufacturer want to cheapen their product by including an iPhone?
  11. Great review, thanks Marty. It highlights the challenge of making a robust EUC stand. Which is why everyone should look at this alternative;
  12. Just in time for the Los Angeles EUC Games (2019), Roll.nz would like to introduce the EUC Superstand! The ONLY EUC stand that you will ever need, as it is designed for EVERY EUC! While it's great to be able to 3D print your own EUC stand, the newer / heavier wheels really aren't stable on them, so we threw this into the Roll.nz R&D Lab to see what we could do about that. And the result is the Roll.nz Superstand (pictures below); Able to take the weight of the heaviest EUC. Designed for EUC with pedals closed or open. Tiered widths to ensure a solid fit for every hanger / pedal length. Adjustable width for every width... 2.125", 2.5", 3" and 4+" tyres. The EUC Superstand will be debuted at the LA EUC Games 2019, with a unique competition stand being presented as one of the prizes. In addition there will be a very limited number of superstands available for purchase at the event! And for those that can't attend, let us know if you are interested in getting one of your own, so we can stock up for sales from our website. Shown above with a KS-16X. And by itself.
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