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  1. The Fat Unicyclist

    Unlock feature on 18xl

    That's been tried before... It didn't end well... But then it really won't be that hard to clock up that distance... Ride all day Saturday, recharge overnight, then ride all day Sunday and you are done.
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Thank you, I will definitely pass that on to her. And you are so right about working with neoprene - Firstly the patterns have to be made at the smaller (un-stretched) size. Then there are all the holes required for the LED, speakers, et cetera - that was not an easy thing to work out, and I am talking both the positioning (un-stretched remember) and how to actually make the holes. And the assembly, which is not something you can really do on a domestic sewing machine... If EUC were as common as Lime scooters, it would be an easy matter to outsource (or buy lots of cool toys machines), but as we didn't want to risk ending up with a garage filled with 19,987 unsold EUC Bodyguards that isn't an option just yet. But we are loving the early stage, where we can check each cover, fit it onto a wheel and ensure that it meets expectation! Going back now to your comment about the cover matching your car... I think I may have solved your problem...
  3. The Fat Unicyclist

    Another Foot Position Thread

    Well I think that you may have just started the first "foot fetish" thread on the forum. But seriously, you have obviously been trying to work out the best way for you, which is great - unfortunately this is one of those "every rider is different" scenarios. Having said that, there are some trends... You are quite right about moving your feet - this will promote circulation and reduce any foot pain. Lifting one heel and the opposite toe and then switching allows you to keep the same momentum, while having a "mini-stretch." The front-to-back positioning also has an affect. Keeping your feet further forward will give you better acceleration (and make it easier to go up hills), but braking will be less effective. While feet further back makes for great braking, but your acceleration will suck. So moving your feet around for this purpose is also beneficial. A growing number of riders I know of are starting to ride with one foot forward (the accelerator foot) and one foot back (the brake foot), giving you much more dynamic control instantaneously. As to inward / outward foot angle. Again, everyone is different. There is a little known rider over in California who goes by the name of @Marty Backe and if you watch almost any of his videos you will notice he rides with his feet turned inward - this bring his knees together a little more (sort of locking him into position?) and provides very good riding control (at any speed). Personally, I am more bow legged, so my feed tend to angle out a little - though I try to minimise that as shoe leather grips the asphalt better than pedals do in tight turns - sometimes making them VERY tight turns! So what does all of this mean for you? Well, not much probably... I think the key thing to focus on above all is finding a position that is comfortable for you. If you aren't comfortable you won't relax, and if you don't relax you will struggle to achieve the zen-like one-ness that gives you total control. Remember also that it will take time - even after thousands of kilometres I still discover new positions and moves - little things, just tweaks that I didn't do before. And provided you are comfortable and relaxed, the miles just get better and better.
  4. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

  5. The Fat Unicyclist

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Definitely not... In fact we value any and all feedback, so thank you! As the number of EUC Bodyguards out there grows we are getting some fantastic feedback from some of the owners (and then some we never hear from again). And it is quite interesting, some of the things people suggest or comment on we have already thought about. But then some things are most unexpected, and we do what we can with that information. As an example, @Mishkin (a local rider here in Wellington) was one of the "early adopters" and he came back with a comment about the Velcro fastener, as he was catching it with his fingers when grasping the handle - whereas I hadn't encountered that. Our investigation highlighted the fact that most EUC riders rate fairly high on the OCD scale, typically riding their wheels the same way most / all of the time (even though it doesn't matter for King Song), and they mostly use the same hand for lifting / trolleying. Who would have thought! The result of that was an update to the fitting instructions (see step 2. points a. and b.)… The 18L cover will go on either way, so we (hopefully) guide the customer to fit it the best way for their own use. And the covers for the other King Song models only fit one way, so we contact each customer and determine the best orientation during manufacturing. We even discussed whether we should sell them as "left handed" and right handed" covers, but decided people would think it was a bit of a joke. Anyway, I suppose what I am saying is yes... Please... Feedback is great! particularly if it is good feedback.
  6. The Fat Unicyclist

    Unlock feature on 18xl

    Correct... But it's mot quite automatic. When you first get the wheel, you can't set it above 20 kph. And after 5 km it won't change automatically, you will still have the 20 kph limit set. But the app will let you change it up to 40 (as it knows the wheel has travelled over 5 km. The same goes for the 200 km mark... If you don't notice you have passed it, there won't be any difference. Though it seems a lot of people watch the odometer very closely around that point.
  7. The Fat Unicyclist

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Hey @Unventor… Initially we have started with just the accent stripe (optionally) in colour, as holding enough fabric for "all combinations" was prohibitive. Especially as we had no idea whether anyone anywhere would ever want one - The EUC market is tough like that. Not much data available to analyse and forecast from. Going forward we are going to make Mazda CX5 Bodyguards as well, so at that time you should be sorted! look at expanding the options, with the aim to cater for what the market wants. This includes both colour options and other EUC models. Regarding zip off sides... These would be challenging as the covers are a very snug fit, and zipping them on would be difficult - There would also be the potential for the zipper to split on impact (due to the tension). In fact Mrs. TFU didn't even want to put Velcro on them, she just wanted a single top piece (which some of our prototypes had). However that means removing the top of the trolley handle to fit or remove the cover, which I considered a deal breaker - funnily enough, I actually won this one - first time in 20+ years! The Velcro works quite well, and even with a coloured top cover piece it is hardly noticeable when the handle is retracted. If you would like to discuss more ideas (or custom made covers) with our designer (Mrs. TFU), PM me and I will put you two in touch.
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wheel lift max speed test

    But will the additional 18XL battery packs (in parallel) also make a difference? Assuming the same voltage and the same motor, but more available current (?), how do things change?
  9. The Fat Unicyclist

    Fat guy on a little EUC

    I've walked up Baldwin Street... Believe me 19° is pretty hard work (either way)! That was years ago though, before EUC were invented. But next time I am down that way I will be trying it on a few different wheels. First though I must get around to trying the steepest street in Wellington - Weld Street which tops out at a bit over 16°.
  10. The Fat Unicyclist

    In the news...

    Just an update on this Lime issue... Auckland Transport boss says Lime must prove e-scooters are safe by Friday And then this... Lime e-scooters off Auckland and Dunedin streets over wheel-locking issue In fact this news site now a whole section dedicated to Lime in New Zealand. I wonder if Roll.nz will have a burst of scooter sales next week...
  11. The Fat Unicyclist

    Unlock feature on 18xl

    Don't be too keen... 25 mph is plenty fast enough while you learn the XL. Handling is very different between 14" and 18" wheels.
  12. The Fat Unicyclist

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late to the party - we've been busy making EUC Bodyguards and shipping them around the world! Yep, that's me (well mainly Mrs.TFU anyway). Thanks for the feedback, it has been quite a challenge to get them looking good and working well, but we're really happy with the final result. Oops... Yes, we had a small technical glitch with the set up of our International store. But everything is fixed and working now. Coincidentally, as well as looking better than "the rubber sticky stuff" it works better too. Which is where the whole thing began... With the cost of the "premium" wheels (like the XL) being what it is, it seems odd that people will spend all of $10 to selectively cover "parts" of their wheel (and hopefully the right parts) - and let's not discuss the aesthetic features that are added at the same time. The EUC Bodyguard is a little more expensive, and not just because Hobbits demand minimum wage. We use premium materials for these, to ensure the best possible protection for the EUC and each one is hand-made and test fitted to ensure that it will work as intended... In fact, here is a little video (courtesy of one of our customers) showing how it is intended to work. Try watching it at quarter speed too - it's even better! Please note that no KS-18Ls were damaged during the making of this video, but one EUC rider did graze his thumb! And yes, I am serious - I discussed this with him after I saw the video and that was his only injury (thanks to good gear). He also reported that there was absolutely no damage to the wheel, despite the number of rocks in the field! That is another option (and it is also prettier than "the rubber sticky stuff"), though the InMotion cover (if you can find one) doesn't have the same level of padding around the entire shell. I won't incur the wrath of the moderators by making this a sales thread, but anyone wanting more information about what goes into an EUC Bodyguard should look here. I'm open to the idea of wholesaling them to eWheels (@Jason McNeil - PM me if you want to talk more). We can also arrange "bulk" shipments if there are several riders who want to organise a group purchase. It's all about the lighting... And learning to talk while you're sucking your gut in!
  13. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wheel lift max speed test

    KS-18L (40% battery)… 60.92 km/h KS-18XL (80% battery... 67.97 km/h I'm not sure whether the charge level makes a difference though...
  14. The Fat Unicyclist

    Search feature problem

    I'm not sure... I don't know what an EX-1 error is, so I searched for it and the only thing I found was this thread!
  15. The Fat Unicyclist

    WAF (Women Acceptance Factor) on EUCs - your experience welcome!

    My Long Suffering Wife (LSW) decided that I was so far gone that she conceded to be my partner in an EUC business... I probably should have bought her some flowers for Valentines day, but I was too busy riding marketing!