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  1. The prerequisite for test riding is any one of the following; RSVP using an active FB account Sign a contract / waiver (in blood) Offer up your first-born...
  2. Just a guess here, but are you hinting KS listen and made a cover for the KS16X? Oh I really hope not... The EUC Bodyguard is my retirement plan! No, what I am suggesting is that while we are offering the same product, there may be something new about it that is quite different. In addition, the recipient of said product will be seeing it for the first time when they open the box. So as not to spoil that moment, we are not going to post any photos / videos in advance. Which means that the first publicity may come from the proud owner rather than Roll.nz .
  3. I am so sorry for your loss... BTW - having had kids... By the time they finally leave, it's more of a party than a wake!
  4. Yes, but if you were to fall off at "high" speed, like any wheeel it may continue on with it's own momentum... In the case of the standard "roomba" shaped wheels, when they fall to the side the tumble and stop. But if the wheels were (jyro) ball shaped and happened to flip the pedals shut as they fell sideways, then it could continue rolling for quite a way... Particularly if that happened to @Marty Backe right near the top of "Overheat Hill"!
  5. Welcome to the insanity forum @Fidgety Spinner! If you are planning to only have one wheel then yes, it is probable that after you "get your roll on" you will find that 30 km/h will seem frustratingly constrained. So aiming for a wheel that you won't outgrow as easily makes good sense... Having said that, everyone's "first wheel" tends to take a fair bit more abuse than their subsequent wheels - this is the natural result of the learning curve. Some riders opt for a lower spec'd wheel to learn on, before then swapping up to a more serious wheel - either flicking off the learner wheel, or keeping it as a back-up (and so that you can teach others). Where budget doesn't allow for that, then the alternative is to work out the wheel you want / need long term and then ensure it is as protected as possible while you learn. [start_sales_pitch] If you do go down the protection route, I sell the EUC Bodyguard, which provides excellent protection for both learning and beyond. Currently only for King Song wheels, but the range will be expanding soon. [end_sales_pitch] Getting back to the question of what your wheel might be... If you are thinking about the Z10 level of wheel, then your other considerations would be the KS-18L or Gotway MSX. Any of these wheels will be more than enough to start with and then grow into. Each has their own pros and cons, so it is a matter of working out what is important to you. And these are the things likie trolley handles, lift sensors, weight, speed, et cetera. All minor in the bg picture, but some aspects are potentially significant for your unique requirements - For example, if you have to carry it up 5 flights of stairs, then you should know that the Z10 is exceptionally heavy. On the Z10... If you have been investigating, you are probably aware that it handles quite differently to other wheels. This isn't necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, it is just different - and if you only have the one wheel, it won't make any difference at all. The other big consideration is the availability of local support. Having that can be an awesome advantage (particularly if you aren't inclined to get your hands dirty). If you are inclined to do a bit of your own maintenance though, I wouldn't weight that too highly. I hope that helps a bit (even though I don't think I said much). And do ask if you have any more questions... The more specific the better.
  6. Perhaps... And just to add to the pain... The new offer is exactly the same, but so different. And you will possibly see it from someone else, not me!
  7. Yes... Two Fat Unicyclist for the price of one!
  8. The LED holes are up from 11mm to 15mm and (with the V2 mudguard becoming more prolific) we have slightly flared the "back end" to ensure for a better fit. And if that wasn't enough... keep an eye on You Tube for something else coming soon!
  9. Perhaps replace them for KS-16X ball bearings... You get a set free with every KS-16X.
  10. Yeah... What would you do if the temperature ever dropped below 65°F ???
  11. The KS-14S has the same agility as the 14M, but with more than 4 × the battery capacity you can do a lot more with it... It is actually the same wheel, other than the larger side covers (to make room for al lthe battery) , but that extra juice gives you a higher top speed (30 km/h rather than 20 km/h) and way more range. It is a small (but good) step up. Unless you want to commit to a much more significant investment...
  12. Paging @US69... @US69 please assit the customer waiting in Bucharest...
  13. If you tilted the "spare" wheel to attempt regeneration, the energy for the recharging would come at the cost of extra drain in the "pushing" wheel that you are riding...
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