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  1. One of our New Zealand riders has just gone "Mten3 Tubeless". In this case though, he did it without removing the motor! Here is his video for those that are interested...
  2. $7... That just makes it a toll road! Still cheaper than petrol, parking, et cetera.
  3. I have three patient words for you @ShanesPlanet... Dee Sem Burr! Our Mten3 are on a boat already and we are ready to design as soon as they arrive.
  4. Just looking back at this thread... Our MOLLE Reflector solution may also apeal to riders like @rolekl... We can currently get suitable reflective material in red, orange and fluoro-green/yellow. I am trying to track down something in white as well...
  5. Hi @mike_bike_kite... I know a couple of things about EUC Bodyguards, so please let me jump in here. With regard to the trolley handle, as @Ronin Ryder mentions (and as you will have seen from my video) it is a simple matter to unzip the cover as you reach down for the handle to lift it up. One added bonus is that the Bodyguard secures the handle while riding, so (in the event of a fall) it doesn't fly outward and risk being damaged. As for the other "cut-outs", you are quite correct - we cater to the head-light, USB & charging ports, power button and side LED. But not the r
  6. Question: If I go solar (which includes a Tesla Powerwall), assuming that I generate more power than I use, does that mean I effectively have an integrated UPS?
  7. Yes, there are two separate BT modules. Some of the earlier control boards (v1.4 from memory) had issues with the Bluetooth. If you got your wheel in July this year, I would expect that it should be the newer control board, unless it is "old new stock". One thing that you can test is to put your phone directly on the top of your 16X (under the handle) and see if it will connect from "close-up". Also try a Bluetooth Meter app on your phone - you can use this to detect the strength of the BT signal. As your wheel is new, this type of fault should be covered by warranty.
  8. Okay... We can work on a photo. Would it also help if we identified the closest Pantone colours as a reference point?
  9. Thanks, @Shield. I don't know what it is about the S18, but the "pop" that the coloured covers give it makes it look awesome! Especially the richer colours - the red and the purple (and yes,m the pink too). We have photographed them several times, but the photographs just don't do them justice.
  10. In my opinion they are more like a motorcycle glove - designed for rougher falls, with knuckle armour and integral wrist guards (both sides).
  11. Two key points about a non-suspension wheel is that there will always be less to go wrong and it will always be cheaper... Based on this alone there will always be a place for non-suspension EUC.
  12. FWIW... Having worked with EUC for the last 5+ years, it is (my) best practice to tighten the pedal set screws in every instance. If a screw ever "left the show" and the axle subsequently dropped one end, it would definitely not end well. If this means the spring is there for an "assist" only, then I will still take that as a safe solution...
  13. Oh, okay... I'm on the same page now. So, without the set screws being tightened, do the springs hold your pedals up without the Bodyguard fitted?
  14. No, I haven't tried that - having loose screws will never end up well. With your Bodyguard removed and your pedals up, what is the clearance between the pedal and the side panels? The pedal should be able to be raised and stay in position several mm from the panels - at least they do on every one of the wheels that I have checked...
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