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  1. Possibly... We would still need to make a form from the scan though and it would need to include recesses (ie. Inside the motor cavity) and light positions, et cetera. I don't think many people are aware of the complexity required to make a Bodyguard. For example, how it attaches underneath, with enough clearance from the motor, and with tension (from the neoprene) to keep it secured. Neoprene also stretches differently in each direction, so has to be cut the right way. And, every hole that is cut out of the neoprene also changes that stretch. Probably the biggest challenge though w
  2. I'm late to this party, but feel it's worth mentioning one additional point (in case it is useful to someone else reading through)... The 18XL has more cell series in parallel than the 18L. As a heavier rider, this is significant. More cells in parallel effectively means that more current is available when it is needed. I have both the L and XL ( both 2000 watt), and there are places I ride where I can feel the L stutter a little trying to supply power, while the XL sails through smoothly.
  3. Possibly... The challenge is that we need to have every EUC model for which we want to make a Bodyguard. And that gets quite expensive, quite quickly. Having said that, there may be a local rider keen on getting an EX.N. If he does, then we might just be able to work something out...
  4. I guess it's fortunate then that you have a local (NZ) EUC reseller that is one of the most awesome in the world!
  5. But you can register your nose as a "finger print" allowing you to unlock your phone with gloves on...
  6. Gyroriderz gloves have skid plates, wrist protection, finger protection and are also touch-screen compatible...
  7. "They" don't actually need to be removed... Back in ye olde times, simply smashing them between a couple of good sized rocks was apparently quite effective.
  8. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone (except maybe @NastyFartPants ) who offered their footage for us to use during the Lifestyle Expo that we attended for the weekend just gone. You have some awesome footage that definitely helped grab the attention of those wandering past. We were fortunate to be able to secure a large space - 9m × 9m (about 10yd square) - which meant that we were able to demonstrate and even get (brave) volunteers up on wheels to try them out. Having said that, spending 4-5 hours a day for 3 days riding in such a small space is very challenging and while w
  9. Looking at your video, my guess is that it is either a broken axle, or a hall sensor fault. You will need to dismantle the wheel to confirm whether it is the axle. But if it isn't, then I would be gunfire that it is the hall sensor. I suggest contacting your reseller to get input from Inmotion (hopefully under warranty)...
  10. Make her a producer... then she'll want you to spend more time together (editing videos).
  11. Just take the sweeties that they offer you and then ride (your wheel) as hard as you can until you run out of Wh...
  12. That's easy... You're not fully appreciating the admiration of a more mature predator!
  13. Wow... They made the videos into a book! The world is getting so retro!!! But seriously, the TV version wasn't that bad...
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