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  1. You are right... "It's not hovering"! Hovercraft do actually hover though, which is why it is a good name for them. When I look up the definition of "hover", it doesn't mention anything about "substantial separation", but it does state, "remain in one place in the air", which is something a hovercraft can do and an EUC cannot - even on the ground an EUC cannot stay in one place (without falling over). So it isn't in the air and it can't remain in one place, so there is no way it is a Hover-anything. I agree with @RoadRunner... Just let it go already!
  2. We have a regular courier (picking up EUC Bodyguards from us), but even seeing an EUC he couldn't understand them... Until one day I rode past him in the street. The grin he suddenly had showed the realisation of how those things actually worked...
  3. I think a video section would be great, especially if combined with a "no-comment" thread... But there does need to be somewhere for people to comment on, ask questions about, et cetera.
  4. I think they help... And, literally tomorrow I am starting to test our prototype EUC Bodyguard for the Msuper X! Since Christmas I have been testing the Monster Bodyguard, which included a semi-decent crash with the wheel tumbling a couple of times. I have video footage of the autopsy (that still needs editing), but I honestly believe that the Bodyguard helped protect the wheel from damage... And before anyone asks... After the MSX, the Nikola is the next wheel in line for a Bodyguard fitting.
  5. There's a few odd things mentioned in the video (like the cut-off switch position and the exposed speakers). I think we need to wait to see the final production version to know how well it has been engineered.
  6. We are still trying to find another supplier of the grip-pad fabric. Until we find someone we won't know when we can offer them again. However, the EUC Bodyguard does add a significant amount of additional grip, even without the grip-pads. The polyester outer layer has a lot more friction than the PU foam pads. Combined with the fact that the Bodyguard wraps around the back of the wheel, this means you can grip with your knees and push the wheel a lot harder than you can without the Bodyguard.
  7. It might be worth trying to do a FW update while the unit is plugged in to the charger, even though it appears to be fully charged. The King Song wheels all power up the control board to a certain level during charging, so that may allow you to upgrade and (possibly) resolve the issue...
  8. What @ShanesPlanet said... Funnily enough, the original intention was to cushion impacts and protect the wheel... Secondly, we wanted to make it look awesome! But the comfort factor and the additional grip that it give the rider were quite unintentional - a bonus for the riders! And for anyone out there shopping... Watch for new colours and new models, coming soon...
  9. I've been riding this way since before my post (so probably 18+ months now) and I haven't had any problems whatsoever...
  10. Thanks @Daley1 - Looking back it's actually a pretty rough video - but then I only had about an hour to record and edit it. The camera was only about a meter away from the wheel, so the motor noise is exaggerated. I plan to do the 18XL this weekend (after working out the correct microphone distance) and I might redo the 16S while I am at it...
  11. Good choice! If you are buying from ewheels.com, you can get an EUC Bodyguard to keep your wheel looking good (while learning and after then too) - Full disclosure, they are made by me. And if you are buying elsewhere, you can get one direct from us - www.roll.nz . I may be biased, but a number of other members here will tell you that it is a good way to prevent your (expensive) "learner wheel" from being trashed...
  12. Hey, that's practically around the corner from here. Does he have an itinerary or schedule of when he will be where? It would be great to meet up for a ride if/when he makes it to New Zealand...
  13. I haven't tried the 16X yet, but here is the difference (with the "whine") for the 16S...
  14. Firmware version 2.00 for the 16S has just been released. Here is a quick video that I have made showing the difference in the motor noise...
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