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  1. The Fat Unicyclist

    Kingsong KS18L

    No... That isn't normal at all! Riding my 18L up to 40+ km/h shows nothing like that - in fact, the faster the speed the more stable the handling. I would contact your local dealer and discuss your options.
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    Gain Protection

    Recently, I have been looking a bit at the Gain Protection gear... Being Australian, it may be less known in Europe or the USA, but as it is designed for "kick-scooter" type activities, it seems to me that it may be practical for our absurd hobby too. So, I'm wondering if anyone has tried this kit, or has any comments about it?
  3. The Fat Unicyclist

    meet ups

    Yo... @Smoother!!! You're somewhere south of London, aren't you?
  4. When is it... I may need to plan a US trip.
  5. The Fat Unicyclist

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    I live and ride in New Zealand's equivalent of Chicago, and it is almost always windy - in fact my best case scenario is that I ride fast enough with the wind behind me that it becomes still. I'm not sure what technics there are (other than just practice), but I find that being a heavier rider minimises the effect. So perhaps you need to eat more at lunch?
  6. The Fat Unicyclist


    I regularly ride my 18L at 40-50 km/h... But with all the right gear on! I tried it once wearing "normal" shoes instead of boots, and even that gave me the shits! Fast is fine, but only if both you and your wheel are prepared for it!!!
  7. Step off at the last second, and let your wheel take the full impact... I know from experience that thin tin dents more than an EUC...
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

    So it looks like you're riding your KS-1½S then?
  9. The Fat Unicyclist


    I've already got one with your name tattooed on it... It's ready whenever you want it!
  10. The Fat Unicyclist

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    Is 20% different if you don't use pounds???
  11. The Fat Unicyclist

    Limited to 26 km/h

    Does this align with what @Marty Backe found going downhill?
  12. Status 16: Explosion imminent… Run, run for your life!
  13. I've been there (on foot, but)! @Alex_from_NZ… When you have an EUC we will have to take a group photo from there, yes?
  14. The Fat Unicyclist

    Battery balancing

    I agree… If you think that the Charge Doctor will have a long term benefit then keep using it. But every 4-5 charges use the standard charger and charge until the LED is green (ie. 100%) and that should keep your wheel running well.
  15. The Fat Unicyclist

    Battery balancing

    According to the King Song manual... When charging is complete (ie. 100%) the protection circuit will perform "flow equilibrium" (battery balancing).