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  1. 1K miles isn't that much for an EUC. But... There are a few Nikola models out there. What is the voltage and battery capacity of the second-hand unit?
  2. To disable an alarm, set it to 0 km/h. You can't disable the tilt-back. I ride with the following; Alarm 1: 0 km/h Alarm 2: 0 km/h Alarm 3: 48 km/h Tilt-back: 50 km/h And I don't hear any beeps - because the wind-noise at 48 km/h drowns it out).
  3. Wobble can be due to either EUC or rider affect. If you lift your wheel off the ground and let it spin up, does it oscillate or spin smoothly... This will give an indication of where we should focus our attention.
  4. I'm assuming that you mean for Android? I have a copy of the APK... I was about to upload it to my website, but apparently have an upload issue. I should be able to sort it tomorrow - but if you need it quicker, let me know somewhere I can upload it for you.
  5. Not bad, Bob... But you are about 4 hours out - it was about 2:30 this afternoon. We are still learning the details (about the same time that you are). But it is definitely a bit "closer to home" that we would have liked!
  6. Yes, the 16X was Photoshopped in... But the rest is ALL ME!
  7. Hi @ShanesPlanet. Thanks for the feedback! In general, we have over-engineered the EUC Bodyguard so that you don't need to worry about "doing stuff". If you ride off-road regularly though, we do recommend a regular "removal and clean" process. I also wouldn't be too worried about rain (if you are "wearing" an EUC Bodyguard). But we are also working on a new product that is specifically designed for rain protection, so keep an eye out for something in the next few weeks... .
  8. Well that entirely depends on what you wear undernea... Actually, no. We have just cancelled the skirt option!
  9. Which is exactly why no-one expects it! In all seriousness though, we have hand-picked a team of riders from around the world, who have been working with us as a focus-group. We have been showing them our ideas, getting their feedback and working things through to what we hope will be a couple of tidy solutions that will help all of our wet-weather brethren keep their wheels dry where it counts! But we will also do the skirt thing too, if someone really wants one!
  10. Yep... IIRC it was the standard (back then) KS motor, customised with a larger rim / tyre and (obviously) cobbled back together. I would not expect it to perform very well - especially compared against the wheels of today... But we do now have the 2200 W motor for the 18XL. Perhaps a revisit would be worthwhile? If that had been @YoshiSkySun you would have been onto a winner!
  11. Hey everyone, We just wanted to let you know that we have just added a "marketplace" to the Roll.nz website! Here is the propaganda that comes with the page... To start off we have a few EUC Bodyguards listed... One that's a classic, one that's dented and one that has Grip Pads even. For those in New Zealand, you can see these in our (domestic only) NZ Marketplace. And for the rest of the world, there is the International Marketplace, which excludes the NZ taxes that you don't need to pay (but any other local taxes are your responsibility).
  12. Thanks for the shout-out @Unventor! We've actually just come up with the best idea ever... A full-length Neoprene skirt that you wear around your waist (like a normal skirt) and it reaches down to your ankles - covering the EUC entirely!!!
  13. Well detailed (as always)... Thanks for that @Hsiang. I don't want to start a debate on this, but you made a couple of comments that could be considered incorrect. You made a couple of references to the Monster being the largest EUC ever - and if you consider only production models then you are most likely right. But there have been other even larger wheels out there. Like this custom build from Milbay in Australia - sorry, I don't know if it was ever for sale...
  14. Thanks for the shout-out... I'm glad you are finding your EUC Bodyguard beneficial! And I get what you are saying about the pedals... The units we used during the Bodyguard design had plenty of space between the pedals and case - enough to fit 3-4 mm of Neoprene in-between. Our last batch of 16X sold very quickly (so I have nothing to compare with, just now), but we have another batch arriving with us this week, so it will be interesting to see if there are any differences...
  15. I know... Right? I use the pitch of the whine (and the "cadence" of a slightly off-centre tyre) to judge my speed.
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