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  1. I completely get this... Recently, we have "exhibited" at a few trade sites around New Zealand, which has been great to "spread the word". But it has also resulted in a few queries along the lines of, "I have an old [airwheel or similar], can you supply me batteries for it?" And this is something that I really want to avoid... trying to "refurb" an old wheel, giving an expectation that it should work again! Cleaning up someone else's legacy is like walking through a minefield. Not something I am prepared to attempt.
  2. So do I... But they're always cold by the time they reach New Zealand!
  3. My cruising speed depends on the wheel I'm riding, but the speeds I enjoy the most would be 28-35 mph. The wheel I ride plays a big part, because Some wheels have a capped top speed (as a heavier rider) I don't find smaller diameter wheels (16") as stable at the higher speeds On smaller wheels I would say (for me) that 20-25 mph is more comfortable.
  4. 25 mph will seem wonderful and plenty fast enough... for a couple of weeks. After that I suspect you may once again be wanting a little more.
  5. The first gen 16X boards did have an issue with placement of the BT module, which occasionally caused connectivity problems. I have one with the same issue. But, sitting my phone on the wheel (under the handle) I can connect to change settings, et cetera. If you're not prepared to change the board, then this might be worth a crack.
  6. EUC World would be my guess too... The 18XL doesn't announce that information. In EUC World, you can turn off the voice notifications.
  7. I recall this was turned on for this forum a few years ago, but it was a bit buggy and was disabled again. Possibly it's worth another look... @mods???
  8. OMG... If that were the case, you could actually take out the batteries and just use the pedals. And if you attached the pedals the right way, you could even get rid of the hub motor... With all that weight gone you could get awesome range!!!
  9. When you say "might be a bit" I think you mean "are completely"!
  10. What about pedals that move up and down alternately, to reduce foot fatigue. You could even use the motion to regen the battery!
  11. But we do need cup holders, don't we?
  12. As most wheels have the battery packs split and separated by a large metal hub motor, I would expect that thermal-runaway would mostly be limited to one half of the EUC only...
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