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  1. Sorry but we Definitely don’t rent E-wheels. too much liability
  2. Hi All I’m back on the form and looking to meet up with riders in Victoria, I don’t always have time as I’m always working but still want to make the connection. Mike
  3. Did you guys notice that the tightness between both peddles are different? i notice the left is thighs and the right is loss on the mcm4 and the same on the ACM.
  4. I downloaded new iOS app and I have the speed needle spike then return to speed then spike and when needl spikes the battery leave drops to 0 then returns to normal, it really freaked me out when I was looking at it, I thought it was going to cut out. ( but of course it DIDNT)
  5. Hi Linnea those peddles look great how much do they cost?
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