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  1. And what is that thing to the left? Csar Wheel. Coming soon. From iCafe.
  2. We all are or will be ;-) Fortunately, wheels do not need as much maintenance as cars or bikes. Use DarknessBot App, no login, no BT hassle. It find all wheels I have and give me all info I need just like that. Don't worry, keep rolling! P.S. Nils, I see you are in Sweden, PM me if you need any help. Lets Rock'n'Roll!
  3. Seems to me as a production quality issue. Hope you get it fixed by warranty. Good luck with that!
  4. Now I understand You love ACMs. Wheel has to be light to carry over dead trails, but powerful enough to force steep ups and downs. Battery for 100+ miles or replaceable. Wheel itself has to be easy to repair out there.
  5. I had oneWheel for 6(six) years, now it is for sale. Slowly the EUC got better, faster, stronger, and took over my life. I am no longer interested in new oneWheel+, or XR models, but I order MSX, after I hade so much fun with MSuper and other Gotways You maybe think you look better on oneWheel, skater posture, hehe ;-) but once you get on Gotway wheel, you do not care how you LOOK, You FEEL great! Under my years with oneWheel, I had 5-6 unexpected motor cut outs, some cause really dangerous situations, I have difficult to forget. Main difference between electric skateboards like oneWheel and EUCs that skateboards needs a remote, oneWheel needs continuous contact with pressure sensitive pad. You have much more control on EUCs. I had few IPS, Ninebots, Gotways and iNmotions in my stable. But Gotways provide me with most adrenaline for sure. On daily basis. Endless fun. I can not stop buying and trying new models, never disappointed yet.
  6. I spend more and more time out on my old MSuper in a middle Sweden, not much steep hills here. What wheel would you guys recommend as an upgrade, for my 3-4 hours long expeditions in a wild: ACM2 100V/1600Wh MSX 84V/1600Wh MSX 100V/1200Wh Monster 100V/2400Wh KS 18L/1100Wh KS 18S/1600Wh Z10/1100Wh 1. My main concern is to get flat tyre in a wild. Is any of this wheels are better protected then others? Tubeless or not? Which one is easier to repair /replace tyre in a wild? 2. Another concern is safety, brand reliability. Is any wheel more reliable, easy reparable in a wild? Is it possible to replace broken controller out there? 3.Is any pedals are more comfortable than others? There is no pedal suspension on any EUCs yet, but Bigger, wider wheel let you stay on longer, right? 4. Sometime you have to carry wheel around, over obstacles. Is it possible/doable to swap battery half way home? This may allow a longer trips on smaller EUCs. 5. What is your experience of sitting on EUCs? Seems like you getting comfort, but losing control? Only MSX, Monster and KS18S has a seat, is that my choice? Thank You for your expertise!
  7. Its funny, because ACM2 is less sexy of them all. Love is blind!
  8. Only a week ago ACM2 was the lucky one...?
  9. I use to tape over speakers, to lower the beep volume. Not too much, some beeps are vital. Respect the beep!
  10. No cut-outs at Z10 as seen on Tesla or MSuper. Gentle tilt back put a wheel in a sport mode, makes it more and more difficult to push forward, but letting you keep the speed, leaving you within secure margins on board temperature and battery level. NB let you enjoy the ride, opposite to heavy tiltbacks by KS. or faceplants by GW. This is a game changer. ADRENALINE = MaxSpeed + FullControl.
  11. That what I want! Lets race, lets dance, lets fight! I think the ultimate wheel are heavy enough, strong enough for big men to lean on and keep pushing at max speed. When a pedals tilting back that much it is not a comfort ride, but rather a motorsport. You are living on the edge! Every uphill is a joy!
  12. Yes, Marty! Thank you for your courage to film it all the way! You are the hero! It seems that Z10 getting stronger the faster you go, like motorcycles do? While other brands treat you as a child or do shut outs at high speed, Z10 keeps you racing by adapting pedals angle to the speed? Like a Porsche rear spoiler that wings up the faster you go? Gotway Way: audio warnings, tilt back at speed of your choice, high speed shutout. KingSong Way: audio warnings, heavy tilt back that causing speed reduction. Ninebot Way: audio warnings, gentle tilt back, letting you push back. Invitation to racing fight? Feels very exiting if it so. Correct me if I am wrong!
  13. Come on, Marty, you are only 165 subs away! Y-tube check before X-mas, anyone?
  14. Thank you for love letter, Marty! Ninebot engineers seems to succeed in so many ways. It sounds like mission impossible to create wheel that simultaneously is Highway king but subway comrade trial beast but city smart ass badass look, but crowd cutie easy to learn, but addictive as hell Top priority safety, but limitless fun of ride.
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