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  1. Hi everyone! And thank you all for your recent contributions to this thread. Reading through on the recent comments, there are quite a few aspects to all of this, so please accept that I won't be acknowledging most of you directly for your particular points - but I will hopefully cover them all off. Anything I do miss, please let me know - I am making a concerted effort to stay back online, and not just for this thread. I would like to start by apologising for my recent absence - or rather my lack of response to this thread (due to my absence). Some of you have been in contact with me (or Chrissi) and are aware of the challenges that we have faced trying to release our new products while managing a sudden supply chain issue due to this whole virus thing. That is our problem though, not yours, so let's get to the responses... To start with I would like to say that I am emailing @bcarp in parallel to this thread to ensure that we cover off all of the options that we have, between Roll.nz and One More Wheels (the Australian retailer) to resolve this. Yes I am a little late to the party, but that only means that I am now doubly focused on resolving the issue. One thing that I would like to clear up first is that the cover supplied to @bcarp is not "old-stock". And I can say this with 100% conviction, as we do not hold any significant quantity of pre-made product. If anyone wants to know what our stock looks like, it is this... These are rolls of the Neoprene that the EUC Bodyguards are made from. Late last year we invested in more equipment (cutting machinery in this case) to allow us to offer more (custom) colour options for our customers. So right now, as I type this, anyone who has ordered (or is discussing an order) should know that the Bodyguard that they order will be cut, stitched and finished according to their requirements - including personalisation, alterations (eg. for mudguards) or anything else that they require.This includes our "wholesale customers" who may not choose "tailored solutions" but instead request a significant volume of units from across our range. TLDR... Anything that we have that may be considered "old stock" is still an uncut series of pieces on a roll of neoprene. This also extends to the "pockets" used to secure the Bodyguards to the bottom of the wheels... The initial release (in October '19) was Kevlar and did have issues. But this was resolved in November '19 and is no longer an issue. There has been a few different materials used for the 16X pockets since then, but all of them have a "leathery" inside which grips to the 16X shell as is intended. Regardless of all that, i am working with OMW and @bcarp to resolve this issue with (hopefully) a satisfactory outcome for all parties. Enough said for now... I am sure that either @bcarp or myself will provide an update shortly
  2. You may be interested to know that we (Roll.nz) now have Original EUC Bodyguards for the Gotway Nikola, MsuperX and Monster...
  3. Try recalibrating your lift sensor.
  4. Okay everyone, you have been asking for it, so here it is... Available now to pre-order (for shipping in March), EUC Bodyguards for the Gotway Monster, MsuperX and Nikola! For details check out the Roll.nz website.
  5. @Lefteris - you are local, are you able to provide any comment on this?
  6. Not that unusual... And we have been looking for something suitable, but also generic - a number of countries have specific (and different) requirements. Hopefully we will find something suitable...
  7. Just Photoshop my head onto the body of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger... No one will notice any difference! Perhaps this one (with an EUC Bodyguard being stretched between my hands)...
  8. Unless you cut it using a laser! Did I mention to anyone that I am buying a laser cutter?
  9. Dude... You rock!!! Once you get your Bodyguard, just re-roll the duct tape - I'm pretty sure it can be reused! Please also note that we don't charge any extra for the Stealth Version... We just ship the cut-out circles with the cover and you can duct tape them back into place!!! (which is recycling, since you have so much of it now). And, yes... We have found a solution to ensure the pedals still "stick"!
  10. We have chosen pretty tough neoprene, so weakness shouldn't be an issue. Our next prototype will have a few less holes, but we do want to expose the LED for those of us who like exposing themselves. And yes, we are definitely focussed on finding the best quality zip for this Bodyguard.
  11. Thanks Meep! When we are prototyping Chrissi plays around with colours (partly to use up scraps and partly to help to see what going on). For the final version, I'm thinking we might offer colour either on the edge or in the centre "wifebeater" panel... With other custom configurations, of course, for those really keen.
  12. You know that there is one really easy answer to this dilemma... Buy both! With Bodyguards too, of course.
  13. Possibly... Oh, okay. Yes, we will have a solid black version! Ahh... The "Stealth Edition". Yes, that will be an option too - But a secret one that you need to ask us for!
  14. We did look at having the cover fit under the handle, but as the Bodyguard is a tight fit, that prevents the handle from locking down fully. Even if it were fastened, as it would be slightly open it would put the handle at risk of breaking in an accident. You are correct, the zip only holds the two sides of the Bodyguard together. When unzipped (toward the back of the wheel - where the handle is) the handle can then be lifted and used as normal (with or without re-closing the zip). We did consider using Velcro instead, but remember that it needs to be full length (to hold the Bodyguard securely and protect the wheel). And opening (and closing) a ½ meter long strip of Velcro would be a lot more difficult than using a zipper. We are still finalising the choice for the zip... But it will be plastic, heavy duty and high quality.
  15. See below... We have not been able to find a suitable transparent material that can be bonded to the neoprene. The Turkish cover you refer to is a fabric cover with transparent pieces stitched in place. We are unsure of how durable that solution would be, and haven't seen anything more of it since those original photos.
  16. Thanks @ED209! We will be adding it to our website shortly as a pre-order, with the first units expected to ship early in March.
  17. Thanks @Rehab1, but that isn't quite the reason behind the question... The outer layer of the Bodyguard is designed to be resilient. The prototype before this actually had more holes in it and I still wasn't able to tear it at all (and believe me, I tried). Holes affect the way the neoprene stretches and it is a challenge to adjust the pattern to compensate for that correctly. One of the key things about the Bodyguard is that it fits tightly and while we can adjust to cater for so many holes, it would be a lot easier with no holes at all. As the side LED are one of the features of the Nikola though, we need to find the balance between too many and not enough.
  18. No, this does not slip around body, it is custom fitted and very secure. In addition. It provides better grip than the wheel or pads do alone. Heat is not a problem either, as EUC do not cool through the outer shells. If anything the extra layer would slow down the wheel being heated up from the summer sun.
  19. Okay everyone... You have been (relentlessly) asking for it, so here is your chance to give us some final (pre-production) feedback on our EUC Bodyguard for the Gotway Nikola! Please note that the photos below show a prototype only - which has been hand cut and is not the final version. So, what sort of feedback do we want... Tell us what you think about the LED cut-outs - There are 100+ holes in the cover shown here. The challenge we have is finding the balance between showing off your LED and maintaining the integrity of what is a protective cover. We are thinking the cover would be a bit more robust if we were to reduce the number of holes a little - So would you all prefer a few less LED holes (possibly increasing the robustness) or leave it as it is (because you need to light up the world)? This Bodyguard has had a zipper added to facilitate the use of the scorpion trolley handle, but this does add a bit to the cost of the Bodyguard. Would riders be interested in having the choice of "with zip" (and trolley handle access) or "without zip" (meaning you can't use the trolley with the cover fitted)? This is to see if anyone out there doesn't use their trolley and would be happy to save a few dollars. And what about the colours... is there a preference for the solid black side, or the multi-colour version? Or would people prefer a reversed colour-scheme (like the 16X) either with a solid or multi-colour side? Of course, any other feedback will also be welcomed too. And, to save you asking... We will be putting a pre-order page up on our website shortly. Once we have locked in the production version.
  20. King Song wheels have two separate BT modules - one for music (on a daughter-board) and one for the wheel (on the mother-board). Do you know which version of the 18L control board you have?
  21. If you want to protect your fingers, consider the GyroRiderz Gloves (designed by an EUC rider for EUC riders). And if you don't care about your fingers, have a look at the demon flexmeter wrist-guards...
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