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  1. Don't do that... The double wheel units are quite different to riding an EUC and will not add much value... You will still have to learn to ride an EUC after mastering the double-wheel. One of the best learning videos that I have seen is this one, from EUCO... And if you are wanting to look at a way to protect your King Song while you learn (and afterward)... Have a look at my website, roll.nz. Full disclosure, my company produces and sells EUC Bodyguard (protective covers) globally. And while that may make me seem biased toward them as a solution, they honestly are a viable alternative to a trainer wheel and do provide the protection anyone might need for their EUC.
  2. Just an update for everyone not directly affected... On Friday we sent an email out to all affected customers, advising that the "fix kit" was on the way to them along with details about it all. With the receipt of these kits we expect that the issues will be resolved.
  3. I change riding mode between "Rider" and "Experienced" all the time... I prefer the firmer ride of "Experienced", but there are a lot of (significant) hills in my riding and I find dropping to "Player" mode works better uphill. Possibly more significant is the fact that while I ride fast, I don't ride quick! By this I mean that while I ride up to 50 km/h, I do not get there quickly, rather I take my time accelerating slowly - and braking slowly too (unless something faster is necessary). Perhaps this alters the perception of the different FW handling?
  4. But you're keeping the cape, aren't you?
  5. KS don't make covers for their wheels, but you can get one for a KS14M/D/S from www.roll.nz .
  6. Congratulations @Peters... You have reached a turning point in your life (maybe good / maybe bad / but probably good)! Regarding the App... The KS App can be a bit challenging, especially with Samsung phones. It sounds dumb, but try to uninstall and reinstall it. If that doesn't work, then the previous version (v3.18) is more stable - I understand that it has a fault that stops you upgrading the firmware. But in some cases is is better to have an App that runs and connects (but can't upgrade) than an App that doesn't run. You can source a copy of the v3.18 app from my website... https://www.roll.nz/content/22-apps As for charging... Normally your charger will have a red indicator to show it is charging and it will change to green once charged. If you aren't sure, you can power your 16X on while it is charging. you should see the LEDs glow green. They will be solid at the bottom (indicating the percentage already charged) and and cycling at the top (indicating it is still charging). Best of luck and please keep asking if you have any further questions.
  7. My apologies to everyone... It wasn't that I didn't want to add more detail, we have just been under the pump since returning from the LA EUC Games (dealing with a backlog of orders and a small issue with the 16X Bodyguard). We're on top of that now, so... Probably the biggest difference that I notice is the smoothness... I think that v1.07 is "softer" across the whole charge - and I don't mean that in a bad way, just that it is perhaps more forgiving or maybe less harsh in how it reacts to the situation. On v1.07 I've had my 16X up to 50 km/h and found it very stable, with the only wobble that occurred during braking being as a result of my actions (deciding to change direction and mount a dropped curb mid-brake). There is throttling at lower battery levels, but it didn't feel unexpected to me and again it wasn't what I consider harsh. I do hope the KS are still working on v1.08 , not because v1.07 is bad but because I feel that the 16X can still be better!
  8. I was trying a local (exploratory) ride that had an elevation gain of only ~300m... But on the descent, the headwind was significant enough that we had 0 regeneration going downhill and actually used more power...
  9. I am still trying to get my review of these finished, but I rode with them in LA last month (which was a similar temperature. They are wearable, but I prefer the cold so would not choose to wear these in warmer climates. Where I live (in New Zealand) that means that I will be wearing them 9-10 months of the year. Only when it is really hot (at the end of summer) will I be looking to switch back to my Flexmeters.
  10. If only our heads were mounted on some sort of structure that allowed it to pivot around to see sideways and even behind us...
  11. I think I have some of those... I probably should get them up on our website...
  12. Damn... Those neoprene covers really come in handy!
  13. I've upgraded to v1.07 and back down to v1.05 and up again to v1.07 ( because I can)... I think that 1.07 brings more positives than negatives - and I ride my 16X up to 45~50 km/h without any issue. I do suggest you take the leap!
  14. I think just about all full face helmets will restrict your downward vision... But doesn't mean it is a problem with the helmet. You shouldn't need to see your wheel to be able to control it... Perhaps it will just take practice?
  15. Thanks for the endorsement @Rywokast! Regarding a seat for the 16X, I would first ask how tall you are? As sitting on an EUC can be difficult if you are on the taller side...
  16. If we were looking to have a Black Friday sale at Roll.nz, what would people like to see? I'm thinking a couple of EUC discounts would be appreciated by New Zealand riders. But then could / should we offer anything for our global customers too??? Sorry to hijack your thread so early on @Aneta, but you presented the perfect opportunity for us to be guided by some feedback...
  17. I've been on 1.07 since it was first available... and I love it! It is definitely an improvement. Listen up people... Upgrade!
  18. The port caps on the 18(X)L are slightly shorter than the KS-14S/M/D... And the angle of the "flange" (that fits into the port hole) is different, presumably due to position and circumference. @phatmike - I don't have any spares but need to order some anyway. While I'm not in Europe, I can add one extra for you if you like? Though it may be a month or two until you get it.
  19. OMG... I normally ride wearing a t-shirt... With the addition of gloves in mid winter (and maybe a jersey on 3-4 really cold days). Perhaps we should start making EUC Rider-guards!?!
  20. We're almost back up to date... And we have a few ideas for your special requests. I hope to be in touch over the weekend with some thoughts for you...
  21. Good Choice!!! I need to finish my review of these... They really are good, and I should share that information.
  22. Did you buy your EUC locally? Your dealer should have access to a different app that can push out the firmware.
  23. I'm not an official KS rep, but I am a reseller... If Ulf and Michael are absent, I am happy to answer any questions that I can and pass those I can't directly on to KS on your behalf...
  24. KS wheels used to have the fuse externally accessible (in the slot you saw). But the latest control boards have the fuses "on-board". In the rare situation that they blow, you need to dismantle the wheel somewhat to swap them out... Somewhat more awkward, but also more reliable.
  25. Even that 1/1000th of a second is too much risk for me... If something fails, I want to have my hands at the ready. As a side note, recently I have been testing out some GyroRiderz Gloves (instead of Flexmeters) and they stack up really well! I took them to LA too for more feedback... I need to get a review out soon to let everyone know what we found...
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