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  1. I had the same question and everyone pointed me to the Weight Watchers website..
  2. I don't understand... @LanghamP are you saying that you agree with the information I have shared, or are you saying that you don't?
  3. The question now is, "Do you buy the 67V, or the 84V, or the 100V, or the 126V, or the 240V model???"
  4. I think that would depend on how aggressively you ride... If you accelerate / brake harder then the wheel will need to use a lot more power to maintain "level", compared with softer acceleration / braking then it would require a lot less. It would be different for every rider, but I'm thinking about 5% wouldn't be unrealistic... But the only way to know for sure is to test both ways in as much of a controlled situation as possible.
  5. Connect the King Song App to your wheel, and then press the padlock button. Your wheel should start beeping and depending on which model you have, it may keep balancing. Then just turn it off. Powering it on again it will beep every second or so and will not balance at all...
  6. As I understnad it, it requires a little more power to be more responsive and keep the pedals level all the time. But it would only be a small amount, so don't think it will halve your range. I would be surprised if many riders kept their wheel in "Learning Mode". But I also think there would be a mix of riders who prefer Riding or Experient modes - or who change between them depending on the situation...
  7. You should try riding with an umbrella... !!!
  8. I wouild put money on it... Within 6 months you will be looking for something with "just a little more..."! It's not that I don't doubt your intentions, but you are showing all the symptoms of someone who has been infected with this disease that we all have, which is (fortunately) incurable!
  9. € 28,37 6% Off | Originale Kingsong KS18l KS18XL eletric monociclo pneumatico tubo Re Canzone EUC parti 18*2.50 pneumatico https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/6aJlcE8 That one has the same glyphs as mine... Thanks @phatmike!!!
  10. "Expeerienced Mode" uses a little more power (if you are a range junie) and it also makes riding on hills more difficult (<insert some physics reason here>). I ride my 18XL in "Riding Mode" (the middle setting) as it is not too soft for general riding and is better on the hills - and I do a lot of hill riding!
  11. Sorry, no... But I will reach out to my contacts regarding availability...
  12. It would be okay for someone around 220 lb to learn on, but I wouldnt expect that wheel to perform particularly well for general riding (at that weight). For circling around a learners carpark at 10 km/h though it should be mostly good - but maybe a little "squirrelly" - perhaps drop the tyre pressure a lttle. It wil lreduce the range a little (not important here), but give a more stable ride for learning.
  13. If you are happy to remove it (or have already and remember)... What colour is the gasket strip on your valve core?
  14. Best range... Enough (safe) speed... smallest / most convenient form factor... Most intuitive to control... The only serious option is an EUC!
  15. This is what I had on my KS-18L... A "CST e-Bike Anti-puncture II" tyre! No slime, no flats, no issues...
  16. You can't sorry... In New Zealand it is illegal to ship people or hobbits... In fact the only "live animals" that you can ship in New Zealand are bees, leeches and silkworms.
  17. Hey @NonStopNeal! You might want to post this question on the Facebook group "The Wheelies Garage". It is the largest Singapore EUC group, and someone should be able to help you out...
  18. Ha ha... I happen to work next door to a McDonalds, so having an EUC has resulted in a reduction of my visits!
  19. Thanks for that @fbhb... But I still want to pull one apart for myself, just so I know what is inside! Should I consider making an "unofficial" video at the same time?
  20. EUC's... Keeping the FAT in "The Fat Unicyclist"!
  21. You noobs crack me up... I'll wait until someone starts a "I've ridden so far that I don't have a f*#k@n clue" club!
  22. That's such a shame... If she had recognized your ass, "what's coming to you" might have been a good thing!
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