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  1. Could you guys confirm that latest V11 wheels come with special bearing sealing from the factory to prevent water ingress ? Also new V11 wheels will also come with japanese quality bearings ?
  2. Please check inner shell to be in good condition... I'm still keeping my 18XL after 7000Km ... very comfortable wheel and reliable. (I will probably sell it when I get S20 or Hero )
  3. Regrading lifting this wheel I miss the 18XL / 16X trolley handle when weight it's balanced in a proper and logical way.
  4. Wizard wrote: "Dum ass. STOP GOING SO GOD DAM FAST!!!! " hey, wizz relax a bit, we are know what speed means, but sometimes we need more adrenaline. Try to understand that we are all different.
  5. keep pressing wheel power button longer, even-longer then re-open your firmware update app ....it will pick up from where it was interrupted before. if not, try later - KingSong servers are sometimes off. please connect charger at least an hour, then pull out an retry to keep power button longer. if you find a solution please post.
  6. ExtremeBull = BEGODE = GOTWAY ..... is this true ? I think it is.
  7. Look, it's an S20 ! No...it's an eagle on wheel.
  8. go for 18XL it's way more well protected for your location (rain!) reliable and very trusty. Also, you will not be speed-limited at lower percentage of battery compared with 16X. take a smart (not fast!!!) charger and get the version with white inner-shell with large pedals. if you want to know more please ask here, I own 18XL, and it's keeper for me
  9. as an owner of 18XL I can tell you that one is one of the kind wheel, very comfortable for long rides and with plenty of headroom for fast acceleration. however, I can tell you some weak points in my opinion. Battery it's really impressive for 18XL. 1) tire it's only 2.5 inch and for your weight you will need to keep high tire pressure giving you not very comfortable sensation even over small imperfections on the road 2) inner-shell, it's likely to crack if it's made from black-plastic >> you should buy only version two or greater with white inner shell ho do you chec
  10. Can someone please post or explain where notification speaker (beeper) it located inside 18XL shell.
  11. https://www.dualtron.gr/en-gb/euc - Grece - they are selling also EUC's https://www.overwheel.it/ - Italy (if anyone have more info about these two please post)
  12. i've seen many girls turning head but not for me instead to my wife on EUC.... many girls have a reaction like "wow...do see her ?" how the hell it's standing on that thing.
  13. take V10F, or better 16X .... and think for the future. Maybe you could convince your gf/wife/grown up kid to join this journey that will change your way to travel in or even outside the city. you will learn on this, then upgrade to a more powerful and capable wheel.
  14. approximately how much do you spend for this added battery packs ? do you have some more detailed pictures or close-ups ?
  15. this wheel its very quiet unless you are riding over hills with 90 kg or more.... very rarely I heard the ventilator on my wheel.... best stable wheel...
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