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  1. try to remain on your EUC until last second, do not jump from it unless you feel that you keep up the speed with your feet. improve your attention before and next to you, always watch the road ahead, and try to predict any issue....also, avoid riding at night. I have over 2200Km with only 2 falls at walking speed both until 200Km ...
  2. Meserias


  3. that's very very limited thinking about the future... bike lanes should change their name from bike path or bike lanes to : green lane and these GREEN LANES should permit any vehicle designed to carry only one person that it's not having any type of combustion engine this should changed in the legislation
  4. Dear initiator could you please copy-paste short paragraph that limit your speed from you text law for EUC especialy ? English version will be fine, otherwise will try via Google Translate
  5. take android KS application 3.1.8 and it will just work.... MD5: 385ec315bf8fdce100044c74addb9d32 SHA1: 7d10cf4e12c64a2b48bcf03a24d6dca41585632c
  6. Meserias

    MSuper Pro?

    do you agree with us regarding, mudguard missing, dirt/water protection on that side speaker, trolley handle, and cut-off switch aspect ?..... ..........if yes........ please tell them about it. they should focus also on other things than speed
  7. deploy (open) pedals like you are preparing to ride it and take 2 boxes and put your pedal hangers between them ..... follow calibration procedure after you put something beneath boxes
  8. as you could see, in my previews post, in that video.....my battery was near empty and I could hit 39kmh (24.2 mph) couple times without no issue
  9. usually calibrate when after firmware update .... yesterday evening was 3-rd time on 18XL
  10. Dear initiator excuse me to be so blunt.... You just took a bad decision to get a V8 for your weight 113KG ! Get immediately another wheel ! (KS18XL, Nikola+)
  11. Meserias

    MSuper Pro?

    Indeed, speakers look not protected from dirt, water, accidental falls or even objects hitting that area... I'm not happy with this, also I do not understand why are only one side.
  12. indeed seage, you are true....but in my opinion, I consider this a good security feature and remainder to NOT let your wheel untended or forget it at charge. so you see it and plug it off from charger while you're not around for extended period. (but this is how I see it)
  13. I have successfully upgraded my 18XL from 1.13 to 2.0 and everything went well .... (for this I used KS android application version 3.1.8 on S6 phone) - I have 4 different situation of lights settings....I'm happy with the first one (AUTO) - there is NO red light when charging and wheel it self it's OFF (there is no point to keep it ON while charging) - calibration was needed after upgrade because pedals where 2 degrees tilted forward - that high pitch whine sound it's gone, wheel it's silent now, CPU usage dropped considerable when wheel it's just sitting idle against the wall - I'm very pleased with power delivery when I hit acceleration from slow speeds.....some improvement compared to 1.13 - I sense no speed limitation regarding available power when battery it's near empty (please see video) my 3-rd alarm it's on 40kmh and tilt-back at 42kmh
  14. bottom side of lights on your wheel are white ?
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