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  1. Meserias

    MSS vs MSP

    did you ever received this MSS wheel ?.... please post you opinion if you have it. some detailed pictures will let us understand more clearly what are the differences.
  2. picture above it's for 2.75 tire on XL ? do you recommend in your opinion this change ? i mean worth the trouble ?....
  3. surely not with the wheel inside.... and this is also a single wall (see between them)
  4. https://www.pmbatterychargers.com/900W-1008V-5A-7A-9A-current-adjustable-digital-display-partial-charge-lithium-li-ion-battery-charger-for-100V-gotway-free-shipping-p2579895.html Hi guys, This smart-charger will work for MSP 100V ? what are your recommendations about smart charger (not fast-charger !) for MSP charging ? We are looking for something that can deliver more amps in a controllable meaner. also charge at 80% , 90% ....
  5. 280 lbs means 127 kg !!! that rider it's not that heavy.... maybe you want to say that wheel + rider could be: 280lbs (that will be more closer to reality)
  6. I saw the video you post about and I was wondering what would happen if that 35KG (77.1 lbs) wheel flew away and hit one (or more) of those pedestrians along the way....
  7. nice info Lucian ... could you please share who made this pack for you ? RO: dau o bere
  8. Meserias

    MSP FIRE issue ?

    it's only related to US delivered units ?... this is true ?
  9. Meserias

    MSS vs MSP

    if you order when ....today ?
  10. Meserias

    MSS vs MSP

    any new owners of MSS here (from EUCSERVICE) ? could you please post your thoughts.
  11. Tryptych: just use EUCWorld .... you don't need anything else for day-to-day usage.
  12. same shit in Netherlands ... you risk big money riding an EUC there.
  13. could you please share with us how exactly you fix it ?
  14. this wheel it's a real competition to Veteran (Sherman).... let's wait and see
  15. why front roll-cage bar it's bent ? it could be so easily bent by mass of this wheel ? I think they will make it totally configurable by EUCWorld...it's the logical step to do.
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