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  1. what about Begode instead of formerly name of GotWay .... it doesn't sound very wheel too.
  2. if you are owning an smart-chargers provided by https://eunicycles.eu you can go download log from it (CSV file) and upload here: https://eunicycles.eu/SmartCharger/ in this way you could analyze your charging cycles and understand more about your charging processes. I have 300W version for my 18XL and I think they are doing excellent job about these smart-chargers.
  3. make sure you take latest batch possible for KS16X .... 2-nd hand wheel should be excluded
  4. Meserias

    Gotway EX

    MCM5 has about half of EX weight... (just from memory)
  5. Meserias

    Gotway EX

    totally agree with you. I'm wondering if that trolley can handle weight of the wheel if the wheel lean on one side.
  6. how do you feel that trolley-handle it will hold (when you walk with it) if the wheel will lean hardly one side ? for me this is deal killer because, I need to walk with it some time.
  7. Meserias

    Gotway EX

    why Begode (former Gotway) decide to put such flimsy trolley handle on this heavy weight machine ? this is beyond my understanding....I must admit. ....if the wheel with be mishandled and tipped over one side that handle will bend easily.
  8. yes, please post your opinion ....
  9. oh that's very bad news please post here how you sorted out this...
  10. I think you can try to repair it when spare parts became available on the market.... maybe you should (try!) reduce your general average speed too. Don't you think ? I enter in the water to pick an Z10 and now it have been repaired and it's fully functional...
  11. one_wheeler: you worry too much and forget to live your life 😀 I’m not saying that you should speeding like a crazy man, but you can reduce your medium traveling speed so that event you expect (?!) will happen at slower speed. First and foremost, ride a wheel with plenty battery so that you will never get “battery anxiety” or "range anxiety" for that matter. It this way it will never cutoff if you have good care fro your wheel. Then look for ways to improve your riding style. It's way too fun to ride an EUC to drop it for a bike.
  12. it's normal metric, just buy one screw and cut it .... file it nice.....then cut it with your metal hacksaw for flat screw driver. you can put some nails polish on screw threads if you don't have ThreadLock
  13. dose MSS from EUCservice (2300 motor) have a different mainboard compared with MSP (2500motor) for example ?
  14. GOTWAY HEAR THIS !!! .... make our wheels able to beep more loud (configurable !) at specific reached speed without needing EUCWorld or any other app. agronick: looking on that EUCWorld log you could analyze what went wrong and see how bad decisions influence our life sometimes. It seems you like speeding too much, hope you get well soon and learn something from this unhappy event.
  15. you will need to provide more details how this started to happen .... battery-packs DYI repairs are somehow dangerous.
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