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  1. please make a screen capture or describe what error message you receive ... set in to application can be considered successfully only after you change any setting and your wheel will beep to acknowledge your setting...otherwise it's not set !
  2. but also you could blow a fuse in the hotel room or restaurant ....
  3. also there is 8kg difference between them... of course you felt it in this way keep the tire pressure in control...
  4. how many miles you put on it before this motor change ? do you see any place where water got trough ?...also, it was clean inside ? (I have same wheel like you and since winter season it's coming I wanted to know if I need to open it for inspection...)
  5. what an amazing machine ... enjoy it an make sure you do range test and post results and review anti-spin/kill switch it's must for any wheel in opinion .... I still don't understand GW IMHO you should keep present pedals instead of Nikola... you can file 2mm of it to correct the angle if you want
  6. if these scare you (keeping in mind your hip replacement) you should stay away from EUC's falls are eventually unavoidable... https://youtu.be/AKI-4IgqfwM
  7. Just choose your location to be from China (not where you are in reality) and it will work .... at least this was the solution at that time...
  8. Meserias

    INMOTION V20 ??

    we already cease to believe in fairy-tales... want to see it real
  9. there any way to see control board version number without opening the wheel ... ?
  10. after 2ooo km to change them !? .... are you sure it's necessary on your wheel ? it should last more longer than 2ooo km, or you are riding with very high tire pressure bearings issues can be easy revealed by holding firmly tire with opposing hands (one hand to 6PM and other to 12PM) and try to move the wheel left right without rotating it.....if it's make any noise indeed your need to change them.
  11. Meserias

    InMotion V8f

    Get a V10F instead or GW TeslaV2... That extra power will be very very useful ....
  12. Do you try to send a detailed video to seller showing how do you test what and where you measure and with your multimeter then upload this video to OneDrive/ZippyShare/GoogleDrive/Box/Copy.... You smiled probably on good price when you bought your wheel now it's time evaluate again your actions and what is the benefit buying from near buy seller (even with higher price !)
  13. it's not the case for ANDROID .... I was able to update my 18XL using an android phone (SM-G920F) However, I have to admit was a not pleasant experience... Why ? because I have to restart KS application, bluetooth connection, and my wheel until installed successfully. I that time I consider it very dangerous procedure...but I don't know how will be from 1.13 to .14 or 15...etc.
  14. there is so much misleading around GotWay products... who is to blame ? Gotway (in my opinion) because they don't protect their products line with firmware witch should be able to identify in most of the cases (99%) any fake product or not authorized seller. These battery modifications could be very dangerous for any rider...
  15. This whining sound could affect in time motor or electronics so we are prone to a deadly (!) cutout ?... we should be really concerned about it ? (I'm crazy probably and bit off...but...I like it !)
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