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  1. Sorry for so late reply you .I just wonder if you let it idling run whether it also beeping.Meanwhile you should check your alarm speed whether it's too low. If not I think you need to ask your local seller to help .As I know When you go to uphill and overrun to your alarm speed that it will beeping.
  2. It just like put on clothes but look so different and a little peculiar.
  3. Oh.I thinks is a littel difccult.In the middle of the cover that is stuck by the glue.If you want to disassemable it ,you have to tear it down.And you needn't disassemable it just tear some space between the cove and the button then add waterproof glue on the surface.Can you read understand right?Sorry for my poor English.
  4. Hey guys.I think the panel is stuck by the glue.You can't and also needn't disassemable it .Why
  5. Here you can clearly watch how to disassamble button cover:
  6. Hey guys something change for the trolley handle maybe next model.But how about this diy trolley handle. .
  7. I think it's a good and different idea what you say but for the limit of technogy can't effectuation.I think it changes and upgrade step by step.As the history of airplane and car development it pays more than half of century to perfect.High tech is changing in every moment.I am appricate you always have fantastic idea ,Maybe you can be the poinner leasder if you work and take part to electric unicycle industry.
  8. The friend ask me how to adjust the orientation for Rockwheel GT16.Because for the gyroscope have something change.
  9. Just share amazing video in the forum.Riding Rockwheel GT16 in evening .
  10. Hello Tomek. I will post the clear video for you later. Maybe you have to use knife unrip the protection pad on both of two side and then disassemable it . How to adjust the orientation of your GT16 as follow: Firstly you turn off the EUC, and then press the button, a few times after a short long beeping , shut down, After that you turn it on ,you will find it's ok .
  11. As I know for the casing on both of side is heat and grind the leg,so they upgrade the design .
  12. The video cause a big arguement in the forum of Tieba and later the video is deleted by somebody.Many people hear the vocie that capacitances is damaged.
  13. There is a accident happen in Gotway Tesla.And cause arguement in our country.The video uploaded by one of player at that moment.But somebody delete for not so long .
  14. You can search the Airexpress,ebay,amazon website.Different type suitable for different condition of roards.
  15. Change type is not easy than you image .For the friction between the type and casing also influence mud guard.What's more for the high of pedal. But you can try and measure the type whether suitable for your KS 16s.You should measure the width space of your EUC.
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