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  1. Just put up two listings on eBay because I didn't even think about listing here first. Two Wheels from a very experienced rider and previous vendor. ACM has a few miles and the Monster is 601km. Neither has been laid over and run great. I don't have a minimum amount so if you end up with a sub $1,000 Monster, Merry Christmas!
  2. It was the little notification, same as Youtube or Facebook. I stay logged in and was working on some stuff when I got a little popup that I was mentioned on the forum. Thanks again! We figured we would offer some crazy prices to get more direct sales. We will probably start using ebay more often in November and the prices will go be a bit higher due to the fees associated with that. We have discussed the age in which we will let our son ride very frequently and have yet to come to an agreement. Baby is due in December. I can't wait to see how wheels have evolved by the time the nex
  3. Big shout out to @meepmeepmayer for tagging my name and drawing me back to the forum. It's been far too long!
  4. Hey guys! I am still alive first and foremost. Still ride near every day. My appearance here has been pretty thin lately. Between work and the store I was staying busy, probably too busy, and to add to the madness I found out I am having what will be my first child in October! Hype! If you are local you may know we are still here. We have a small community of riders that is growing. We have people who rely solely on EUC for transport in our town, which to me is amazing. It is a blast. We are doing a little restructuring with inventory. We have a small mountain of MCM4's because people lov
  5. Having a real store is so time consuming. The retail side takes up so much more of my time but the return is less. Backwards feeling.
  6. Blows my mind every time something like this happens. We are fortunate to live in a small town where crime (other than the this donkey porker) is essentially irrelevant.
  7. If I get a chance today I will give this a shot. Slow speeds.
  8. This community is the second friendliest I have ever been a part of. The first being the Dogecoin subreddit, to the moon!
  9. Ubisoft, who I have mostly disliked across the years, really looks to be shaping up to be a huge competitor and driving force for VR. I just hope they don't let us down.
  10. My friend has my CV1, I let them borrow it probably 8 months ago. I haven't felt inclined to ask for it since I had the Vive mostly collecting dust anyway. Glad to see there are some people here though, even if it isn't anyone to team up with. I imagined a few people would be into it after seeing the bitcoin chain. I have realized there are more mutual interest here than just EUCs.
  11. Anyone here into VR? I was an early adopter and a Rift DK1&2 user, and man was VR a rough experience back then where every game makes you sick. I was in the first minute of Vive preorders and loved it, but content was thin for a long time and I am just now getting back into the VR scene. If anyone from NA wants to play some of the multiplayer titles let me know, they seem to be the most fun and I would love to talk wheels at the same time.
  12. I thought it was pretty cool where it was all scraped up. It looked like it was just part of riding it and it definitely looked like it took way more energy and effort.
  13. The shells aren't very expensive (relative to the wheel) if you have a reasonable dealer in your area. Easy to change yourself if you can get some.
  14. I have to recommend the MCM4, especially at $300. It is an awesome wheel and the most popular in my area. My first wheel was one of the old IPS wheels and it is solid and near indestructible, but the MCM4 is a generation ahead and definitely feels like it as well.
  15. Buy a OneWheel+, I really want to try one and I have you have enough one wheeled device experience I would trust your opinion on it.
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