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  1. We talk about and ride the GotWay Monster electric unicycle during a scenic trail ride with the South Bay Group.
  2. I think it's good enough to ride in a light rain, but I wouldn't want to ride it in a heavy downpour. There's additional work you can do in waterproofing, including adding additional silicon for where wires go into the deck. Overall it's a pretty versatile scooter, but not fully waterproof like the Boosted Rev/Weped CT/Weped SS.
  3. Liking this new video forum. I started a new thread with a collection of my group ride videos. I try to keep them high quality and fast paced to hype people up for electric group rides.
  4. I create hype videos of our group rides and since people seem to like them, I wanted to create a collection of them here. This is my latest, but I'll go back and add earlier videos as well.
  5. I suppose I've somehow managed to become a moderately successful PEV channel on YouTube. Happy to share some thoughts and answer any questions you have about getting started. This is really cool and I'm sure would make absolutely beautiful footage, but it's going to be a slog to gain traction because I don't think people will share this type of content. You ideally want to create the type of content that is so awesome people take the time to share it among their friends. You also need to think about how you're going to build an audience. Successful YouTubers with millions of subs don't have to worry about that because they already have an audience. They don't have the problem of building one from scratch.
  6. Yes, for a 100 volt scooter it did seem speed capped, and the highest I was able to get it up to was 74 kmh or so. With a 100 volt system you should be able to build a scooter which goes twice as fast 🤷‍♂️ My hunch is that maybe it's too fast for the current suspension and build quality? I'm not really sure.
  7. Yes, it's a true DIY beast of a scooter, many things can, and have gone wrong. He's been working on this scooter for 8 years or something, and has even bigger plans for the future.
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