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  1. Alien Rides


    That slip at the end, priceless! 😂 (I also need an mten now)
  2. Alien Rides


    You did say, "don't baby your wheels" though! This is just a slightly more extreme version of "not babying my wheel" 😬
  3. Alien Rides


    Didn't think about that! 😵
  4. Alien Rides


    Yes, I am very impressed that we are both still alive, with only some minor cosmetic damage on the MSuper shell. The more rugged and newer MSuper shells definitely hold up better than the early versions.
  5. Alien Rides


    Here I demonstrate what NOT to do on an EUC.
  6. Alien Rides

    Gotway Tesla, best long distance commuter of 2018

    I've had an KS18 before and I think they are the most comfortable wheel I've ever ridden. It was great for mid-range hills. I'm not yet convinced that it has the power to climb long distance/steep mountains, but I haven't tried the latest model. Definitely a great wheel though.
  7. Alien Rides

    Gotway Tesla, best long distance commuter of 2018

    For sure, nothing beats the battery of an MSuper or Monster, so those win hands down for super long distance riding or mountain climbing.
  8. Alien Rides


    Yes, it's been proven that it's safer to ride this way in streets. The "Idaho Stop" is currently being legalized in more places as it's much safer for bicyclists and electric boards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idaho_stop You are welcome to stop at stop signs, but don't criticize those that don't.
  9. Alien Rides


    Alright I found a few stairs to ride down, but @Sidestreet Reny is still the stair king. I am however going to claim the playgrounds. Side note, never ride while kids were around as they are unpredictable with odd movement velocities. Here's another short, non-traditional, riding compilation:
  10. Alien Rides

    Gotway Tesla, best long distance commuter of 2018

    KingSong makes a great wheel and I agree about the quality situation. I've had KingSong wheels in the past, but don't currently own a 16S - I would like to though, so maybe I'll see if I can pick one up.
  11. Alien Rides

    Gotway Tesla, best long distance commuter of 2018

    I haven't done extensive waterproof testing of any wheel, but have ridden most wheels I've owned in the rain. For me it's mainly a question of pedal and wheel grip, curious as to what your thoughts are on the best wet weather wheel? I have a big build, and with a full backpack of gear I can approach 250 Lbs (~110 Kgs). If I break or accelerate hard on this wheel, I can cause it to overlean and cut out in either direction pretty easily. I can do this for any wheel though, but find it actually a bit harder to do on the 18" that I ride more aggressively on. It's a Fox sports mountain biking helmet. I like the fact that it's full face, and since it's for mountain biking it's very light. You can find a few more shots of me using it in my videos, or on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alienrides/
  12. While everyone is busy reviewing Z10s and MSuperX's, I thought I'd try my hand at short EUC reviews for the few models that I currently own. First up, the Gotway Tesla. I'm saying that the Tesla is the best long distance commuter of 2018, find out why in the short video.
  13. Alien Rides


    I would accept your challenge, but I don't have a 14" wheel and it would be too easy on the 18" 😅
  14. Alien Rides


    Ride recap of the Bay Area EUC group riding around Mountain View.
  15. Alien Rides

    Cage of Death / Loop de Loop

    Why not? What if I had 3-4 gyros that the main board could cycle through during a rotation? (I'm thinking engineering an EUC specifically for this use-case)