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  1. Alien Rides


    Threw together a short hovershoe video when I got the chance to play with some in Vegas during the PEVRA event. Thought you all might enjoy:
  2. Alien Rides

    The Photo Thread

    Just wait till the guy posts the picture of me taking the picture of Jesse!
  3. Alien Rides


    Hah, I'm sure they would all love to see cartoon memes!
  4. Alien Rides


    Thanks! Normally we don't stumble nearly as much, but that trail was pretty technical 😅 Hope people are ok with me recording them stumbling, I never asked 😬
  5. Alien Rides


    Epic riding with Marty and the eWheels Z10. And after looking at some other threads I found the handles of these riders: @Marty Backe, @Arbolest, @who_the, @electricpen, and @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com
  6. Alien Rides


    🤣🤣🤣 The camera exaggerated it because it was still strapped around my right hand, but it was quite solid. Definitely no questions that Marty was here for some serious riding! (He only crushed half of the bones in my hand and now I'm typing with my left hand, but don't tell him that 😬)
  7. Alien Rides


    Indeed! It was only our first night, though maybe I should have held off until we had more footage. More thoughts and tests will come! Some folks think that the 100v might actually have less torque due to having one less battery pack in parallel, which may result in less peak power availability. In our short acceleration testing, it felt like it was actually easier to overpower the 100v compared to the 84v. I say "felt" though as this wasn't rigorous science, I'm hoping we can find some way to test these in a more controlled manner.
  8. Alien Rides


    @Marty Backe delivers the eWheels Z10 demo unit to the Bay Area EUC group. We try out the Z10 and MSuperX and share some initial impressions.
  9. Alien Rides

    Alien rides the MSuperX 100 volt

    Thanks. Glad there was some benefit to losing my seat! 😂 Nothing to do but laugh about it now.
  10. Alien Rides

    Alien rides the MSuperX 100 volt

    Watch me lose my seat here 😭
  11. Alien Rides

    first time buyer, short commute, big hills

    Sorry yeah, that wasn't the right word. But plenty big enough for most comfortable commutes 😬
  12. Alien Rides

    first time buyer, short commute, big hills

    Surprised no one's brought up the Gotway Tesla yet. Pure power, huge battery, and crushes the hills. My last review on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVykFdnUGQA Here's a video of the Tesla crushing the steepest hill in San Francisco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3i2KrHwfiU
  13. Alien Rides

    Alien rides the MSuperX 100 volt

    Welp, within one day of owning the MSuperX, I've already lost the seat 😢 It came off while going off a ledge, and I didn't feel or hear it bounce off. I went back to the spot where it came off, but alas, someone had taken it. So if you do ride with it, make sure you secure it to the X with additional fasteners, or you may lose it also!
  14. Alien Rides

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    Nice work, this is awesome! I'm definitely going to do something similar to this. Or maybe you could just sell me your pedals? 😅
  15. Alien Rides

    Alien rides the MSuperX 100 volt

    Fiiine, let's see if it's possible 😅 Maybe after a few other videos first though. Don't want to break my new ride on day 2. I'm right at 6', and my knees were bent quite sharply. I think I'd need to raise it 4-5 inches for it to be really comfortable. So far the most comfortable seat has been on the KS-18S, that thing is TALL. I think riding with the seat attached is pretty cool, it does look nice. The one downside is that you have to take it off to use the handle, which hopefully you don't need to do often.