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  1. Your chance to own an electric unicycle touched by Alien Rides! Works great, some side rub when riding with one leg. 100 volt battery 1230 watt hours 1.3k miles ridden Shipping from San Francisco.
  2. I don't believe GotWay has made an official statement yet, but I've now heard the same thing from two different dealers. I think something is definitely going on, I'm not sure if it's a full cancellation, or if they're just pausing on the model to address some issues. Hopefully we hear something from a GotWay representative soon. They could've had a real winner in the power scooter world with just a few small tweaks.
  3. Thanks for linking! Ironic on the day I release the Dten video, I hear that GotWay has discontinued the Dten for now. The reasoning I have heard is that it's "too fast", but I have suspicions that someone got injured on it.
  4. I think it would be interesting to try out a new video forum. It is nice scrolling through here and seeing the thumbnails though, pros and cons I suppose. Also if anyone's interested, we take a look at GotWay's first electric scooter. Not an EUC, but kind of interesting how they transplated their EUC electronics into a scooter frame.
  5. The KanDao QooCam 8k might be the 360 camera of choice for filming EUC content in the future. It's not yet because the software isn't quite there, but I'm going to keep trying to make videos on it every few weeks until it gets better. Here's my first 8k YouTube video during a group ride in SF.
  6. Thanks! I don’t have a background in this, just the last 1.5 years of making videos constantly, and a mission to convey information while respecting viewers time. There’s still a lot of areas I want to get better in terms of video production. Hopefully with tools like the skydio, and more practice, I’ll keep getting better.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I cranked up the color too much on this one. It's probably that + a combination of HDR from the drone. I'll work on this for future videos. I'm not sure with the compression, what resolution did you use? The 60FPS should make it buttery smooth, but maybe YouTube is doing weird stuff.
  8. Thanks! I'm also super interested in seeing what DJI is going to do next. They're going to have to at least match the Skydio tracking, and also differentiate. Perhaps with better video quality or faster speeds. I think they're way behind on the AI front of things, so I'm sure they're scrambling like you said.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to get one, just not sure I can swing it right now. I do think it's an amazing upgrade for most electric skateboards, but more of a sidegrade for EUCs in its current state. I'm waiting for them to be able to hit 40-50mph or so, then the two wheels will really be nice for stability at speed. It's definitely an awesome form factor, and I hope they do really well. Also I just released an EUC + Skydio 2 video, check it out:
  10. I've gone ahead and sent you a link to download the raw footage of your performance. The color profile is pretty flat so you might want to bump the saturation a bit. Have fun with it!
  11. Hey everyone, thought you might enjoy our mixed PEV group ride in the bay this past weekend.
  12. I unbox the new GotWay jacket and speedometer, as well as my new Ruroc Atlas helmet. I also fix the Monster axle nut, and swap the Nikola tire and tube.
  13. Three years ago during a group ride some old ladies were shocked to see us riding and one of them called us "aliens". And that's how my channel name/username was invented.
  14. I had a ton of fun at the first LA EUC Games! Thanks to Rama, the sponsors, the volunteers and the competitors for making this event happen. Hopefully next year my wheel works and I bring a backup, in the meantime feel free to enjoy my recap of the event here:
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