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  1. Alien Rides


    Ah, looking again it does look like there might be some confusion in the videos since two videos used a similar thumbnail. The artwork that Kai did on the website (https://www.electricwheelgrandprix.com/) was phenomenal, and I couldn't resist using it for my video as well.
  2. Alien Rides


    Thanks for posting the vid here! Yeah, I ended up only posting to the thread specific to the race thread since I didn't want to spam too much. Since this thread is basically a mini-forum in itself, I'll make sure I don't leave it out for future vids. 😅
  3. We've already got some folks interested in sponsoring this too which can help bear the burden for future events. Check out the comment from RevRides in the video comments. Many more sponsors are needed, but it's already working!
  4. Here's my footage of the race, including a few crashes from being too aggressive 😅
  5. Alien Rides

    KingSong makes a scooter, the N1A, N1B, and N1D

    Thanks! I just used them as it was configured, I actually forgot to touch on handlebar positions in this video, but it's not as granular as I would like it to be by default, though maybe fixable by drilling another hole in the stem. From what I have heard though, lower handlebars are actually better for riding at speed. If you crouch down you lower your center of gravity which is better for control. It is a lot more work and tiring than riding with them higher though.
  6. Alien Rides

    KingSong makes a scooter, the N1A, N1B, and N1D

    Released a little review video with some comparisons between different models.
  7. Alien Rides

    [YouTube] Dualtron X

    Already got mine on order! 😅 This thing is going to be a tank, lol.
  8. Alien Rides

    FalconPEV Zero Scooters

    Awesome, seems like a great deal! Also looks almost exactly the same as the 10X, do you know if it's from the same factory? I have seen several different models with the exact same frame/suspension setup with different branding.
  9. Alien Rides

    KingSong makes a scooter, the N1A, N1B, and N1D

    Cool that you've had the scooter for so long! Yeah, no doubt dual motors will hammer the battery, but that's how I ride all of my scooters, I'm a junkie for the acceleration 😬😅 Awesome, how do you find the riding compared to the offroad tires? Do you miss them at all?
  10. Alien Rides

    FalconPEV Zero Scooters

    Interesting timing, I did just start a KS scooter thread here, and have a few more videos planned. Overall I think there is a lot of overlap with existing offerings, and KS will need to do more to up the quality and differentiate. I do think they've done a good job at their first release of the scooter though, and overall seems like a pretty good deal for what you get.
  11. So a lot of people don't know that KingSong made a scooter! There's three models out, N1A, N1B, and N1D (not sure what happened to C). They increase in size and capability from A -> D. The N1A felt about the size of a xiomi m365, while the larger N1D was closer to the size of a speedway V/Zero 10X. Overall I think it's a pretty impressive range that they've released all at once and I think they could have a solid future in the scooter game. I've released a simple riding video on the N1D, and will be releasing a more in-depth review video in the near future.
  12. Alien Rides

    FalconPEV Zero Scooters

    No doubt eWheels is fantastic and Jason has helped me numerous times. I do think that there is room for more than a single scooter reseller in the USA though, and Nate at revrides.com has helped me tremendously. He's a smaller shop, but still provides support/warranty. More competition is good for all of us ;-) I've probably put around 300 some miles on it so far, not a ton because I have a lot of different PEVs to ride. Still using the stock suspension which felt great off-roading, but I'm not sure I like at speed. The a5rr1 unit looks interesting, I haven't heard about that before. The handlebars feel great, and stem play is about the same as on my Dualtron thunder. It does make a small creaking sound which is noticeable in some of my videos. I have been told it's fixable, but I haven't invested the time to try yet. Also uploaded a FPV test /w the GoPro 7 here, you can hear the state of my stem on a bumpy gravel path:
  13. I'm very excited by this news! I'm in talks to do a video on this model soon, hopefully that materializes.
  14. Spot on IMO, it was definitely an accident due to getting caught up in the moment. This area opens up to a wide, relatively empty road, compared to most streets in the city. With an energetic group it's hard to not open up a little bit here. While we were near pedestrians, cars are often going much faster than we are, right next to the pedestrians. At the end of the day the rider definitely realized they made a mistake and owned up to it. We're lucky that no one was seriously injured in this incident, and hopefully everyone can learn from it.
  15. Alien Rides

    FalconPEV Zero Scooters

    FalconPEV makes an economical line of scooters, from light commuters like the Zero 8, to the larger Zero 10X. I currently have the Zero 10X and may be receiving other models to ride and review. The Zero 10X is an economical, but high-value entrance into the world of monster scooters. I'm currently making a few videos on the Zero line of scooters, and thought I'd consolidate them in this thread. FalconPEV Zero 10X Electric Scooter Videos