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  1. First GotWay Nikola in our group. We check out this sticker-covered Nikola and give some impressions during a group ride in San Francisco.
  2. Alright folks we got to try the Weped. GT and it is one seriously engineered scooter. The aesthetic is amazing, the technology is beautiful, it will start selling soon in the USA and it will do well I think. You can check out our video here:
  3. Awesome, glad to know that a few EUC riders own these already, hope I'm the next Hopefully the next generation of these drones will have more detailed sensors for small branch avoidance.
  4. Yeah, I think this drone would be amazing for trail riding. One downside is that it's quite large, almost needing an entire backpack to carry it around - which could be a downer for trail riding.
  5. Yeah, same here. If they can improve upon an already great offering I think it will be quite amazing for people who like to make videos.
  6. Yeah, this was actually a pretty windy day, so a lot of the wobbles are from wind gusts. It was quite annoying in hindsight, and lots of people were looking at the drone, not sure if they liked it or were annoyed. I think doing this in a more open area is going to make for better footage anyway.
  7. No EUCs in this video, but I think people are going to love the ability of this drone to capture selfie footage while riding.
  8. Some footage riding around San Francisco during one of our group rides out here.
  9. Ahh, I finally got everything I just haven’t had the time to seriously sit down and do the mod/video. Thanks for the nudge and motivation, I’ll try to make this happen.
  10. The Speedway V is going to have more raw power running at 60v compared to the 52v 10x. Both are great scooters. If you're looking for raw speed, the Speedway V is the winner, but you might have more fun on the 10X if you like to go offroad or off of jumps and stuff. The suspension, and looks, of the 10X is great. The Thunder is a step up from the Speedway V, but diminishing returns come into play at the higher price point. It's only a bit faster, but the larger scooter for me is more comfortable, and the bigger battery is nice.
  11. We actually ended up selling since she was not riding it much, but are looking at getting something a little more faster/fun. Also it looks like ewheels stopped selling this model, so I wonder if that means the end of the line for it. Maybe look into another available model? One of the falconpev or turbodart models perhaps?
  12. Thanks, we'll try to do more of this as soon as I find more victims, I mean friends, to shoot with.
  13. I sit down and talk about the Gotway MSuper X with Tony. Check out his carving footage, not many people can have as much fun, or carve as hard as he does on an EUC!
  14. Ah, looking again it does look like there might be some confusion in the videos since two videos used a similar thumbnail. The artwork that Kai did on the website (https://www.electricwheelgrandprix.com/) was phenomenal, and I couldn't resist using it for my video as well.
  15. Thanks for posting the vid here! Yeah, I ended up only posting to the thread specific to the race thread since I didn't want to spam too much. Since this thread is basically a mini-forum in itself, I'll make sure I don't leave it out for future vids. 😅
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