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  1. Alien Rides


    Our epic Santacon ride video is up. Many people dressed up as Santas ride around San Francisco. We had a great time, and people went crazy!
  2. Alien Rides

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    Definitely bring out the thunder, I bring mine out to the Baesk8 rides and have a blast every time. Plenty of stretches to get up to 45+ during the ride 😬
  3. Alien Rides

    Duf’s PEV LIVESTREAM! Sunday, December 23rd!

    Definitely don't want people to stop showcasing cool EUC content, we all want the community to grow together. More content is good for all of us. I think just a simple statement of who sent you the content, and where the source of content would appease most people. Keep making good stuff 👍
  4. Alien Rides

    Duf’s PEV LIVESTREAM! Sunday, December 23rd!

    Yeah, absolutely, more exposure and content is definitely great for our sport and the community. Definitely appreciate any shares of my content 👍 There were a few people who were concerned that the source wasn’t clearly linked/stated. I’m not sure if it solves fair use/copyright laws, but I think just doing that would go a long way towards goodwill. e.g., “Here’s a video from the alienrides channel”, versus, “Here’s a cool video for you”.
  5. Alien Rides

    Duf’s PEV LIVESTREAM! Sunday, December 23rd!

    A few folks have reached out to me regarding possible copyright infringement that may exist in the latest video. To be honest, I don't mind much and would probably never pursue a takedown or anything (especially against another EUC community member). I only wanted to bring it up for discussion and think most people just want to see people properly attributed for their work. For future streams, consider mentioning the source and linking to it in the description? (This is specifically around the usage of the WraithWheel video clip @1:22:55 .)
  6. Alien Rides

    WraithWheel, a custom electric unicycle

    Definitely does not look like a plastic toy, it's a high quality automotive paint job. Very cool, but not sure I could bring myself to ride it because it's so nice! 😅
  7. Alien Rides

    WraithWheel, a custom electric unicycle

    Part 2 is up! This is just a simple slideshow of the painting process. Next up we'll show a bit of the build process. There was a lot of demand for parts 3 and 4 and I'll be releasing early cuts to backers on Patreon if you're interested. All of the content will eventually be public, but if you'd like to support us and get early access, you're welcome to here: https://www.patreon.com/AlienRides
  8. Alien Rides

    WraithWheel, a custom electric unicycle

    We are honored that you would say that this is wheel-porn, I'm not aware of a higher accolade. Yeah, I believe that's the correct light set, and it's REALLY awesome at night or low light conditions. Definitely one of the coolest helmet mounted sets you can buy. Definitely, we need to get a whole squad of unicycle power rangers to defend us, working on it!
  9. Alien Rides

    WraithWheel, a custom electric unicycle

    Great idea, I'll definitely suggest it! 😅 Maybe we could all use a little smoke coming out from our shells. 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Alien Rides

    WraithWheel, a custom electric unicycle

    So this is actually a good friend of mine, but he got called everything today from astronaut to stormtrooper. His stuff is stylish and functional. Totally agree with this, when (not if but when) this wheel crashes it’s going to be heartbreaking. The tube from the backpack connects a water bladder from the backpack to the helmet, great for staying hydrated on long rides. The shield around the neck is a Leatt neck brace, great for ensuring your head doesn’t get bent too far during a crash. I’ll have to find out the make and model of the helmet for you, but it’s from Leatt. We actually have another video coming out in a week or so that breaks down most of the gear and talks about each piece. It’s slightly longer than this one. Thanks for mentioning that. I’m still trying to find the sweet spot as far as duration goes so this is helpful. I try to keep most things short, but occasionally upload a more raw cut. Sometimes people like the longer uncut footage and just want to put it up in the background. I find that most folks find the shorter, information dense videos, more interesting.
  11. Alien Rides


    Same, I think many people might spend a lot of money on gear due to this video, sorry about that if you do. I certainly am going to get some new gear now. 😅
  12. Alien Rides


    Cross-posting the WraithWheel unveiling. We’ll be keeping a DIY thread going with all of the videos, a lot of content planned on this beautiful wheel. Watch this in 4k60fps if you can!
  13. In WraithRider's words: An exclusive here on the Alien Rides channel. A complete tear down and build from the inside out of a Gotway Msuper X. A lot of time, money and thought went into this build. To begin an extra special thanks to our very good friend and master tinkerer, Stephen AKA Supersport. Much of his time went into this and without his knowledge on electronics, soldering and fabricating, this build would have never come to fruition. Another very special thanks goes to Kevin, AKA Alienrides for his help, and time to document and video this build. Special thanks to Mathias for the awesome side pads and the stand design which was printed by Stephen. Also a huge thank you to Cutting Edge Illusions for a sick custom paint job with airbrushed skulls in smoke. Now without further adieu, please enjoy as this was as much for your enjoyment to see as it was ours! We have a ton of content planned around this wheel including detailing the entire build and protective gear. Stay tuned here or on the YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss any of it. WraithWheel Unveiled, Part 1 | A Custom Electric Unicycle Painting WraithWheel, Part 2 | Custom Electric Unicycle Paint Job from Cutting Edge Illusions
  14. Alien Rides

    Dualtron Thunder

    That sounds awesome, can't wait to see what you do with yours! Still not sure if I want to tap into the main battery, want to try to preserve as much range as possible, but considering it. Will see how yours turns out
  15. Alien Rides

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    I've seen it and it looks amazing, I just don't have the know how to do so haha. How do we make a Thunder do 80 mph? ;-)