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  1. http://www.iwheel.se iWheel of Sweden is electric unicycle company born out of a passion for racing. Our mission is to bring high performance electric unicycles to the market. The electric unicycle boom started in early 2010's with small, dedicated manufacturers, now attracting millions of EUC riders to electrosport. iWheel of Sweden have been involved in this revolutionary technology from the beginning. We are now working with leading innovators in business bringing new exiting wheels to our customers. Electric Unicycle advantages in motorsport are obvious. Dramatic reduction in v
  2. My Mten makeover: fixed right pedal, not folding. It makes stepups, landings a breaze.
  3. Well, eucs is not underwater vehicles, will never be. Some basic waterprotection included, to avoid shortcuts caused by rain, but do not expect too much of it.
  4. Mten Sergei Style: no side pads, right pedal fixed, not folding. It makes step ups and step downs a joy. Matt black as badass as it mean to be. This look makes people stay quite, no more funny comments passing by!
  5. Tell Elon that (Apple) should buy Tesla, in order to make electric cars as big as iPhones are. Elon Musk should buy Gotway to get a little Tesla back into every big Tesla for a last mile!
  6. That is what I always do. All you need a good tactical flash in your hand, white light front, red light back. It gives you discression in a crowd, maximize you visibility on road.
  7. Have you ever considered to let battery cable go through the hub? I would love to see open wide wheel design soon, 18-22’’? Real vikings do not need mudfenders or trolleys, do they? I rather scratch my balls, but it may be a damm sexy ride!
  8. Marty, You are lucky you still have a house, and a wife, thinking of all that lithium batteries you are charging daily nearby. ?‍♂️?‍♀️? Scooter fire we see here are typical overcharge fire. Faulty charger or BMS circuit within lithium battery does not quit charging in time. One of battery cells get overheated and explode (Pop sound) ? It cause chain reaction in neighbour cells shooting out metal foil and lithium, with fume ? and small local fire at origin.? In this particular fire, battery are placed in heavy metal box under floor of scooter. Thats why we see no batterycell shootings, fi
  9. Thank you, Rama! Waiting for a traffic light will never be the same! ?
  10. Amazing mod! ?I suggest EUC Forum Design Prize 2018 goes to this beautiful hack! ? It makes MSX look smaller, more compact, solid. ? I never liked aesthetics of MSX, but now l am concidering to get it into my racing stall.? Kebye should talk to Kensington and ship it as MSX stock padding! ?
  11. It is not a Actually, Jet suits may be a good safety gear for high speed eucs! It is enought with bunch of ducted fan on each arm to avoid a faceplat..? Seems to be fun also, best of two worlds!
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