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  1. Bruce, or others, Is Reevu the only helmet with a rear view? Any other models with a rear view for around $300 or less? Thanks.
  2. Aim lower, but what if I want to increase speed and aim the light further ahead of me? Need to react quicker to road debris, dead animals, etc.
  3. To me it's about safety. The more lights = the more visible you are.
  4. I now think, that for the purpose of not blinding anybody unintentionally, I may go with the hand-held flashlight. I wasn't looking to holding something constantly... it would be annoying and set my balance off... yet I certainly don't want to blind any vehicles ahead of me. I have personally faced getting blinded by other and I know how it feels; they jeopardize my and their safety without even knowing that they are blinding me.... Will probably go with that powerful flash light that was posted. I wish it had a horn.
  5. It would be great to wrap up the whole thing with USB. Yet, gotta stay away from the shock absorber and wheel to prevent a mess. Amazon has some wrapping USB lights but I don't think you can pre-charge them. The lights are on only when the USB is plugged. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=wrap+around+led+lights+usb&ref=nb_sb_noss
  6. Just bought this one from a thrift store. Seemed very comfortable. I don't know about the quality and durability. Hopefully, I don't get to test it by crashing my head.
  7. Forget about the light, I am looking at all the snacks you have on that table.
  8. 3 or 4 wheels, so this type of transportation machines can establish themselves on the road on their own lanes, not the bike lanes. Right now if you are with 1 (EUC) or 2 wheels, in a city environment, you are getting squished into the bike lane, or even worse you might be trying to commute on the sidewalks. If you have a 3 wheel car you get to drive on a car lane, but the 3 wheel cars are too expensive, and that's why I started this topic; put 3 or 4 EUCs together, simplify the machine as much as possible... forward leaning -- power, backward leaning -- stop, put a left and right turn signal and automotive lights... don't go past $5,000 per vehicle. Wouldn't that open the eyes of all the buyers? Electric car buyers getting continuously turned off by the high prices of electric cars (including myself). If the first one got launched in the next couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised if just within a decade these type of transportation machines outnumber the cars. They will be smaller than cars yet larger than EUCs, speedier than EUCs, more stable and lawfully be allowed on the car lanes. I assume the manufacturers are already ahead of my thoughts and are planning for something more legitimate to stay together with the cars. And those new transportation machines should be made to do 35-45 mph -- because they will be more stable than EUCs. In the US, you can't do this with EUC on 45 mph speed limit or you'll get a ticket for slowing down the traffic. Maybe some of you can do it on 35 mph traffic, and that's what I'm going to plan to do myself as well. I don't have a wheel yet, but when I get it, it's not so that I can ride it on the bike lane; no, I am buying one so that I can ride it securely on my own lane with traffic either ahead or behind me, not getting squished by cars in a tiny bike lane that is loaded with debris, screws and nails. Twenty years ago the bike lanes were city innovations. Today with bikes getting faster and faster, they are useless and very dangerous. Drivers also tend to ignore the bike lanes, especially if they're texting on their phones. If you are steadily riding on a car lane (just like a motorcycle), then you are going to be recognized sooner and make the driver behind you more alert (as long as you keep up high speed and your device is well lit with lights). I am personally going to look like a Christmas tree and will be wearing all kinds of lights.
  9. I wish the same lumen strength could be achieved with USB.
  10. Something half the size of those 3 wheel cars. Maybe even three times smaller than the Solo. A standing rider just like a wheel rider, not a car driver. I am sure the manufacturers are already planning something like that, but they're hiding their concepts. We should revisit this thread in several years from now to see if I correctly predicted it.
  11. I would assume so! If not, then I hope they start looking into this soon. I don't want to be an aged person and ride one wheel at 30 mph with a bunch of other traffic. But if I am aged what would stop me from having a stable 3 wheel vehicle -- a trike, or maybe even 4 wheels together that would work on the same or similar principle as EUC. If you are a manufacturer that is reading this, jump ahead of the rest and start the blueprints for something that may grab the attention of those who seek lower prices for electric vehicles. With electric cars still being quite pricey, putting and configuring a 3 or 4 wheel vehicle may bring you lots of interest from buyers.
  12. I am in wet and humid Florida; I hope there are no mirror fogging issues!
  13. Thanks PennBruce, but it's too techy for me. I am not good with wires and technical configurations... plus he has the display being held by his hands and I don't believe I can handle that and look down at high speed. My head would need to only look forward and nowhere else. So I will most likely end up getting that helmet with the rear view, unless I find something else.
  14. That's the model that I was looking at. (I am correcting my post from earlier.) If it's optical, then I was thinking that it wouldn't work at night because it has no digital display... but now I am thinking that if the traffic behind me is using lights, then I would be able to see the traffic behind... because the optics wouldn't cheat me.
  15. Anyone here using a rear view helmet? From what I understand the rear view is digitally generated from a camera on the back... is that how it is? Is it usb or battery charged? Looking at them on eBay they are quite pricey -- going around $300-400!? But for a first time helmet user, first time wheel rider, and first time planning to ride on busy roads, I want my head to look only straight and I would totally rely on the rear view particularly in the darkness. Need to know what is behind me and in my blind spots that normally side view mirrors will miss. Advises and suggestions? Any tips I have to know before I start measuring my head and trying to figure out what size to buy?
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