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  1. Is anyone getting a noise that sounds like a pieces of paper stuck somewhere and rubbing on the wheel? If you stick your finger on the plastic fan-blades of a fan while it is spinning -- that's how it sounds: a soft click-click-click-click...
  2. Sorry, I didn't understand your comment. "Extra pass" or "clean" regarding violent shaking I described?
  3. For those who have experienced violent shaking on fast braking, try the following: When you have to suddenly stop and you lean backward, make sure that when you are leaning backward, your toes are not pressing on the pedals forward, but instead your heels are pressing the pedals also backward.... I encountered a violent shaking on fast braking recently, but I think what I had done wrong is that while I had leaned backward and I had bent my knees the toes kept pressing the wheel forward. So, now when I have to suddenly decelerate, as I lean backward I also make sure that my heels are pressing b
  4. Hmm. I don't mean to divert the discussion of this thread -- which is about the V11 -- but I am surprised to hear that. I guess I've been listening too much to Chooch Tech's confessionals on his YouTube channel. They sound so convincing.... On the other hand, I don't know what a wobble feels like on cornering, as I've never experienced it... yet, I've also haven't taken sharp cuts at high speeds either. "Cornering" is turning, right?
  5. Interesting. Haven't heard of that one. You mean the BIG toe on both feet, right? Otherwise the balance would be offset when one side presses differently than the other (assuming that we're going straight, not turning).... But on the other hand, how can I press down when on both sides my toes and shoes are sticking outside of the pedals about 2 inches ahead of the pedals.
  6. I will wait for more reviews on the EX.N. Like I said earlier Chooch Tech says that it has the best braking of the high end wheels and less wobble at high speed too.
  7. I just looked up on the web, it says that magnets lose their magnetism at high temperatures!? Well, when you start melting something then it loses its normal molecular structure and turns to something else.
  8. Oh I see.... Didn't know that electric cars had no brake pads.
  9. Wow! When is the car industry going to start using that technology?
  10. If I practice hard braking at high speeds, do I wear out the brake, or brake pads... or whatever stops the spinning wheel? I always try to go soft on my car brakes because I know that they wear out faster that way. I would assume that something in the wheel disc starts to wear down when you abuse it too much.
  11. I do feel prompted to adjust when the hard braking wobble happens, but not to stop the braking. When you gotta brake, then you better brake. I'll try the bending my knees and lowering my body.
  12. Is anyone getting wobbles on fast speed hard braking with the V11? And in addition, it seems sluggish on the hard braking at fast speed; and by that I mean, it doesn't stop right away which was what I had expected.... So far this is one of my major dislikes of this wheel... and it's a first wheel. I have no experience with other ones. From the videos I've watched, Chooch tech says that the EXN has the best braking of any wheels.
  13. Ok, I just realized that my phone's blue tooth has to connect to the V11, so I did, the blue light came on, but then it disappeared. Now the phone doesn't show the V11 under blue tooth anymore; however, the InMotion app did connect me to Me > My Vehicle, and I was able to click to upgrade the firmware, but now the firmware keeps failing every time. It immediately says download failed.
  14. Any idea why the InMotion app can't detect my wheel? It has only detected it once when I activated it when the wheel was brand new, but since then it hasn't been able to do it. When I go to Me > My Vehicles, it shows that my v11 has been verified; but when I go to Vehicle, the spinner keeps spinning and searching without detecting my wheel. Without being detected I don't see an option for firmware update or changing the mode of the eWheel. Thanks.
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