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  1. That is a crying shame....if it were me, I’d fish it out of there for closure, and plant it as a yard ornament. But that’s just me. I don’t think I’ll ever give up “the leash” for that very reason.
  2. You better give up ( and send me your v11). Heh. Ride slower and carve. I’m a noob, and my average speed is 8-12 mph. And practice where there aren’t cars if you can. Cars are scary. I know Im scared of them. oh, and if your not, gear up. All of it. Best,
  3. I too am the first euc rider in the town where I live. I take my ambassador role seriously. I make sure I give peds the right of way. I don’t sneak up them, or pass from behind. If they are taking up the whole path, I’ll either stop, or go off road. And take the time to talk if they are interested. Best,
  4. I was witness to a death wobble (non-fatal) crash of a motorcycle a few years ago. I was behind the bike that was passing another car. He initiated an aggressive lean to go around, and as he shifted from left to right doing probably 60-65 mph, the wobble came on fast and bucked him right off. Ended up in the ditch. He was stunned, but not too stunned to say “no ambulance, no cops”. Called someone to come “git me”. I looked his bike over and noticed a strange wear pattern on the front tire. If you took out a cross section, it was a pronounced V shape. Well worn towards the sides. I told him he
  5. Yeah, a week ago I rode BW into a picnic table that I had just passed by and hit the concrete. Still a bit tender there. I’m still using a 1” webbing belt for a leash. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the wheel. Best,
  6. Smooth. Makes my herky jerky disaster waiting to happen BW riding look toddler like. I will practice.
  7. Guess I didn’t really need an Mten3. Ordered it from EUCO on the 27th. Figured it would be a surprise when it got here. I emailed them over the weekend for an update (explaining I didn’t want the RPP app), and got a reply today telling me the 67v version is discontinued and would I like to order a different wheel. Gee double R - grr.
  8. I went to bed excited after watching GGG leak/rumor vid. Now waking up to reality. Thanks a lot guys. Kin u spel Debby Downer ? gonna go ride my wheel.....
  9. Good work. I was worn out after 8 or 10 tries. I’m ten days in riding backwards now. Starting to get semi comfortable with it. It’s scary, challenging, yet addictive at the same time.
  10. Nah, I was talking about the yurt lookin thing. I saw the hot tub/ gear shelf.
  11. So when I went to order an Mten3, shipping was free, but there was a $17 charge for RPP. I didn’t know what that was, and it didn’t appear to be an option, so I went ahead and ordered. After all it was only $17 dollars. Now I know that it’s basically insurance for the seller. Package gets lost/damaged, buyer gets another widget, seller gets reimbursed and chalks another “sale”, and (YOUR WELCOME) buyers pays for it. Ok, whatever’s, except that now, to track my package I need to download their app. Which then allows them to gather more data on me and my purchases which they can then res
  12. OMG ! Thanks man. I am so ignorant of so many things. edit: ok, so I checked it out. TOS has changed. They can put ads on my vids even tho I’m not a YT “partner” (monetized account). My channel also falls below the min threshold to monetize it. IOW, tough crunchies.
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