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  1. Came across a vid about a mini e truck. Found a vid made by the importer here in the US. When that guy says “ …you’ll be able to drive these on certain bike paths….” I was like, great, what could possibly go wrong there ? Those trucks will do 25 mph.
  2. Welcome to the forum ! Thats a funny story. As to the charger, good luck.
  3. “Onewheel “ ? Thems fightin words. G double R, Grrr.
  4. I hear good things about them….and you would probably not outgrow it as fast as the 14s. But if you want small and nimble to just to toodle around on, for less than half the price…. I still like my 16s.
  5. I guess that 14s in Powhatan is smaller than you want ? And then there’s that 18xl in DC….
  6. I slow way down and start whistling. Only pass if there’s a safe margin allowing for ped pinball. Was downtown Sunday for the fall fest car show. Entered the MR2, then wheeled around all day on the 16s. Many peeps were interested in the amazing wheel.
  7. “You wouldn’t believe it ! We met a friendly space man out on the trail today…”
  8. USA. I actually bought my two KS wheels from a place in Ohio called AMG studios (audio equip) that sells wheels for a little cheaper on fleabay. Reason being availability at the time. No after sale service, but quick ship. I think the owner is a guy who rides and sells a few wheels on the side. The mcmv2 I bought for the Amish man I ordered from Freemotion, again, availability at the time. Quick ship, but no help regarding emails about warranty rego. after the sale. I think that if I buy again in the future, I’ll go with either Ewheels or euco TBD just on the support reputation they
  9. Alex Trebek ! I thought you were dead ! Welcome anyhoo.
  10. My take away from all these stories: 1. Complacency could be a real killer, esp. if you live above the ground floor, or in a basement apt. Always attend while charging and have a leash or rope attached so you don’t have to have hands on the wheel if it starts to burn. 2. Apparently, these babies will continue burning even if submerged completely. It is a runaway chemical combustion producing noxious clouds of smoke, as well as flaming projectiles. 3. Protect yourself, your sig. others, and your dwelling. Be PREPARED.
  11. Gave upon it, eh Paulo ? Can’t say I blame you after all the trouble you had with them. Damn shane … er, Damn shame.
  12. Obviously, you came to the right place by accident. Here’s what you need to do: Sell the tools, buy an electric unicycle, start having some fun. Best,
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