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  1. First time I clicked it showed a 16”. Second time it showed me a 14”. Weird.
  2. I was on a section of trail yesterday that’s just below the gated access road. A couple were waking the road and I hear “what IS that ?”. The guy says “looks like a unicycle”. As I flawlessly navigated a downhill double switchback, I thought I heard her say “oh, he’s DEAD sexy”. OK, I made up the last quote.
  3. I’d say it’s more exercise than playing Wii.
  4. That s18 is back on. Bid up to $600 some. All the (shill) bidders have zero feedback. Also, there’s a 16x on for 1399.00 starting bid. Description says it has one mile on it and has been sitting in a closet for two years. Didn’t have the heart to write and say it would probably make a good boat anchor.
  5. Looks like a scene from Reno 911
  6. Sorry, yes it has the hole clear through. The lift button is a bit recessed. Seems to work.
  7. Ya, you can read about it here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/23607-buying-for-someone-else/ And here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/24282-mcm5-v2-first-impressions…/?tab=comments#comment-379186
  8. Oh geez, never thought about what a rough life that must be for the horses.
  9. Just got back from delivering the wheel. Watching seven, ten, and twelve yr. olds’ going ‘round the trampoline on the mcm5 and my 16s, then striking out into the yard for an hour was almost as much fun as riding. The ten yr. old was cruising around in no time. Time to go hit the trails myself….
  10. I think a cop on a horse is VERY capable.
  11. Here are two of my favorite dumpster saves. Someone threw out a whole drawer of “junk”. The Marine Corps knife is WWII era issue. The brass case multi tool is also from that era. As actual diving is not allowed at our facilities, I use one pole with a hook, and one with a large hard drive magnet. A few considerate people leave good stuff beside the bins.
  12. Wow ! I really like this wheel. That’s probably the best farm/ trail wheel for the money IMHO. I cruised around my friends farm through various terrains including a steep rocky road up the ridge. Then I took it out to my favorite mtb trails and did 4 1/2 miles. It’s light, nimble, torquey and has a low c.o.g. Being lower to the ground than the s18 makes it much less scary, and it's easier to ride slow. The only things I didn’t like are the fan being kinda loud. I got a fair number of pedal clips on rocks from width I think. And it’s seems quirky about getting back to balancing
  13. I tried really hard on the second one, but just ended up with two layers of really thin paper. I used the Scotch stuff. It’ll work for awhile.
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