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  1. At full charge you will experience speed tiltback between 13.5-15mph. Battery tiltback begins when charge level drops below 20%. There is also overheat tiltback which can occur when the control board sensor temps exceed 65deg C (iirc).
  2. The E+ can overheat when temps are near 90deg, which could be a factor in Georgia. If it happens again, check the control board temperature in the app. Also, you may try recalibrating the wheel.
  3. Speedyfeet still sells control boards (A1/S2 and P) but has been out of the E+ models for a while. Reading your posts, I seriously doubt you need a new one, however. You just need to find a charger to charge your battery. You might consider creating a new topic and reach out to the community to find one. It's not safe to ride at such a low charge, and not good for the battery.
  4. The NB app shows the drive voltage. The Charge Doctor, if you can find one, shows voltage when connected to the charger. Pry/pop off the light ring gently to access and remove the two screws that secure the battery cover so you can inspect the battery pack. The NB1E+ goes into limp mode below 20%.
  5. Here is my experience with the E+ (two active wheels, one spare) and numerous battery packs over four years and nearly 10,000km: 5 Ninebot E+ 320wh battery packs with a total over 9,000km -> zero cut-outs (two purchased through Bangood from sellers in China, three came with the wheels) 2 Ninebot P 340wh battery packs with approx. 500km total -> three cut-outs (both purchased from Speedyfeet.co.uk two years ago). I think @smallexis original internal battery mod which @enaon has replicated with @MRN76 firmware upgrade is the way to go.
  6. The original E+ battery is very robust: I have one that is over four years old with more than 5,000 miles on it, and I still get 10-12 miles per charge. I personally wouldn't buy a new charger, however. I agree with @Chriull - just charge the battery from another source that can supply 2-4 amps between 55-64v. There are two connectors on the battery: disconnect both and carefully plug a hacked connector into the small wires (black and yellow - self-explanatory). You can check out this post and video to have a closer look at the battery compartment. To get to the battery you will need to partially disassemble the E+ on the side that has the battery (the other side cover protects the control board). It is likely to be the right side (straddling the unit with handle tip facing to the rear), but that's not guaranteed. My original E+ from 2015 has the battery on the other (left) side; my spare wheels' are on the right. Speedy Feet UK has two disassembly videos: the first shows how to remove the footplate, and the second shows how to remove the leg cover. You'll need a small hex bit (aka allen wrench) to remove the small inset screw under the foot plate hinge, and a phillips for the rest. He skips the step in-between which requires removal of the light ring and disconnecting its two wire connectors - just pop it off gradually by prying with your fingers incrementally around the outer edges, or use a plastic spudger being careful not to scratch or gouge the case or ring itself. In fact, you really don't need to remove the footplate to remove the light ring and leg cover. You can also order a 110v or 220v charger from Speedyfeet as well. His prices are competitive and shipping is fast and reasonable. I have a spare 220v fast charger I purchased from him I would be willing to let go so PM me if interested. The Ninebot E+ is still a great wheel for free (or low cost) and worth saving to learn on - you should be able to sell it for parts if you can't revive it.
  7. Sweet! I have the same helmet as you and think there is a difference in QC between the TSG Pass (fiberglass, I believe) and TSG Pass Pro (carbon fiber), which TSG stopped producing a year ago. I have faceplanted twice on hard pavement with mine and didn't feel anything above the shoulders, despite direct impacts to the shield and chin. I was concerned when I first wore the helmet because it is so snug and close to the face, but I trust this helmet and expect it to last many years. I agree that it is near silent with the faceshield closed completely, compared to an open helmet like the Bell Super, which I wear in hot weather.
  8. I have been wearing ankle stabilizers for more than four years. They're lightweight, very durable, and have prevented sprains and possibly worse. They can be worn with any footgear, with and without socks.
  9. Recently, Modelo has suspended brewing Corona because of Corona....
  10. SPEEDYFEET.CO.UK is still probably the best and only source, although some parts have sold out. Many of the common items such as battery/main board covers. wheel outer shell parts., etc are still for sale. He also had P Batteries for sale over a year ago at a discount. I bought two of them and suffered cut-outs/faceplants on both within first 6 months, but they are no longer availble. You can also check bangood from time to time; I purchased two spare E+ batteries from there a few years ago ($100 each) and they have been flawless.
  11. Speedyfeet still sells the NB1 covers for about $20 each + shipping (very reasonable) to the US. You can also mod the cover for battery quick change if it is salvageable. See here, here, and here.
  12. The beginner wobble has everything to do with foot position. Find a pole or fence to hold on to. Once you learn to plant your feet exactly in an identical position on both sides, you can practice regular mounting. The feet should be pointed just slightly outward, with your legs inline or slightly to the rear of the vertical axis. It's OK to hug the wheel tightly while you are learning. Your innner legs will be sore (you can pad them), but that will quickly fade. Also, spend $8 and put griptape on the upper wheel decks - it makes a world of difference.
  13. There are several older videos and posts in the forum and on YouTube on calibrating the NB1 - watch those first if the wheel seems out of alignment (tilting too much to one side or front-back). Set the "Riding feeling value" in the new Segway-Ninebot app (it used to be called "somatosensory setting") to 3 and leave it there until you are a capable rider. Keep your tire inflated to 40-50psi while you are learning. Stick with it; it will eventually click and you will be born again.
  14. The rubbing noise in the video sounds like a twig or other debris wedged between the shell and wheel. Take a look inside the housing with a bright light for any foreign matter. Otherwise, you may need to tear the wheel down and inspect it for damage, though I'd say it's very unlikely. The NB1E+ is almost indestructible.
  15. Yes, I still wear the original pair all the time in warm weather. No complaints.
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