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  1. You just need to straighten out your priorities: 1. God 2. Yourself 3. Your wheel(s) 4. Everybody else See, I fixed that for you.
  2. Klasse. Wish I bought one when they were available.
  3. One of my favorite bands of all time
  4. Fun from Down Under.... and many more....
  5. It's probably fine. I am still using my 5+ year-old battery and find it to be as reliable as my other four E+ batteries in rotation. Also, finding an original Ninebot 320wh battery is very dificult nowadays (I bought all of them lol). Be wary of the Ninebot P 340wh batteries - I purchased two of them new from Speedyfeety.co.uk two years ago, and have had recurring cut-outs on both. +1 for DarknessBot, though it seems to freeze fairly often on my iPhone XR. The interface and features are much better than the Ninebot Apps.
  6. Ninebot E+ all the way. It was the first (nearly) indestructible, versatile and fashionable wheel.
  7. I have two motorcycle jackets for cooler weather but have never bothered with chest pads. The D3O pads whether level 1 or 2 are likely to add a few extra pounds and may not be all that necessary. Alpinestars sells regular, lightweight CE-level 1 foam pads for women's jackets so you may have already considered these. I have face-planted on four occasions, twice with a jacket (one face-, one side-plant on my ribs), once in grass (no jacket), and once on asphalt (also no jacket) with arms outstretched. In the last accident I deflected much of the fall with my arm fracturing the humeral head
  8. The FlexForce V2 shorts that I like have pockets that allow for easy replacement of all pads except tailbone. I have D3O level 2 pads in my motorcycle pants that are too hot for summer that should fit. I considered the D3O version but the style isn't appealing to me, and I can't imagine anyone, least of all me, wearing them as an outer garment, or even an undergarment, in the heat of summer. But who knows, maybe someone here will prove me wrong
  9. hey this is Dan with the Z10 parts i smashed my phone 2 days ago and have been trying to reach out.

    new phone comes tomorrow 

    1. litewave


      No hurry - text me when you get your phone set up.

  10. I've been considering the Demon FlexForce Pro V2 Padded shorts, and was wondering if it would look too creepy to wear them as an outer garment. Is anyone else wearing their shorts as outerwear? I'm thinking I could pull this off since they don't have a fly opening and almost look like stylish gym shorts. Might be a bit too snug in certain areas however. Any female forum members care to comment? @celi @Celeste Weingartner
  11. Hey Bob, missed reading your very lengthy and valuable contributions. Hey Gotway/Bedode/Monster forum members in the Northeast - could help you please help a brother out with this repair?
  12. It uses bluetooth. Just not keen to use a $500 watch as a HUD.
  13. I have experimented with placing a lens from inexpensive reading glasses (+3.0) over a watch face and that seems to help. Still looking for a good hinge mount solution to attach to the leading edge of the helmet visor, to flip the watch up out of the way securely. Is there an app or hack to pair this watch with an android phone camera for always-on remote view, similar to the apple watch camera app?
  14. This has been a concern for me as a Ninebot-only owner up til now. Of all the current models, the Nikola seems to be the standout exception, so I'm considering the new version from @Alien Rides for my next wheel. As for other so-called modern wheels, most (Begode, Inmotion, Kingsong, and even Veteran) seem to be much more susceptible to chassis/case damage, likely due to the significantly heavier weight of newer wheels with large battery packs and motors, and less-robust shells. I think Inmotion's V10 and earlier are high-quality and very durable as are the KS18,16 and 14, but they are no
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