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  1. litewave


    Walmart. 😂
  2. litewave

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I think you're out of line and being a negative nancy, both here @Marty Backe and in another thread @wuppi . Lighten up.
  3. litewave

    Choosing Gotway ACM 16

    Great post. As @Marty Backe said, you should definitely write more! I have tried the KS16S and it behaved exactly as you described ... it definitely has a weird personality. Nice features and build quality, though. Like you, I am also considering Gotway if the NBZ10 disappoints.
  4. litewave

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    None of these concerns are show-stoppers for me. The E+ pedals are decent if unexciting. The prototype-style pedals (or similar) might become available as an aftermarket part from a third party. Ditto for the mud-flap @EUC GUY? and handle. The smallish battery and consequent range are my only concerns: if real-world range is 30 miles or less, that will be the biggest problem. If it can achieve 40-50 miles with medium-hard riding, then the Z10 will be worth $1500-1600. Ninebot has obviously invested a lot into this design, so I also expect they will follow with a Z+ to address some of these issues. Overall, I think the design, specs and performance will be consistent with Ninebot's previous efforts: very stylish, innovative aesthetic; middle-of-the-road performance; durable and well-made; and affordable. Kind of like a Mac desktop, except for the price 😉
  5. litewave

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Vegan, lean and mean.
  6. litewave


    It's in the video at the 8.00 mark Nice work, @The Fat Unicyclist . The Hutt river looks much better on an EUC.
  7. litewave

    my e+ is as fast as my s2

    Not unusual at all; I have been riding between 14-15.5mph consistently for over 4000km. With >50-60% charge, my E+ does not start speed-tiltback until 14.5 mph. The E+ is still a great machine, despite its limitations which are well known: battery size/ distance (easy to work around with spare batteries), and power/torque and top speed. Where did you find one new for $359?
  8. litewave


    No need to pay full price for the Super 3R and certainly not the older 2R. Amazon prices fluctuate a lot, and they can often be had for $169 or less with free Prime shipping. The Super 2R is about 2-years old and the 3R has been available for more than a year. Bell has also released a newer model: the Bell SuperDH, which is downhill-rated and currently sells for $300.00 on Amazon. The 3R is still a great deal at $170 and costs less (and has better ventilation) than the Switchblade, which is certainly a nice helmet as well. There are several forum members, including me, who wear the Super 2R or 3R. The Bell Super also has the @Rehab1 seal of approval, so you know it's got to be good.
  9. litewave

    The Photo Thread

    Nice ... The Rehab Mark 3 ... with iron-man-red metallic accents.
  10. litewave


    I think this thread needs a group hug
  11. The Ninebot 's range can be frustrating unless you carry spare batteries like I do; here, here, and here are the links for the battery mod. With backpack, batteries and acccessories I weigh 170-175, and I struggle to get 10 miles (albeit on older batteries) under moderate conditons. When riding hard as I often do, I get 6-8 miles per charge. Although Big Bob @Bob Eisenman put 5000 miles or so on his E+ before upsizing to a Monster, I think buying a bigger wheel when your are ready probably makes more sense for your needs.
  12. I would also add that tire inflation makes a big difference. I had been riding my E+ for the past 6 weeks on low pressure (30-35psi) and found the ride to be smoother and grippier. When I finally inflated the tire back up to 50psi, I was astonished how differently the wheel handled. However, I also sacrificed about 30-40% range per battery charge (about 6-7 miles versus 10+) with an underinflated tire.
  13. My advice is to earn your wings and then see how you feel. You may lust for bigger/faster/newer but, in time, may realize you don't really need the latest and greatest, unless you want to become a collector or amass a fleet of wheels. I have been riding my E+ for two years and have 4000km on it. I commute and run errands with it every day but do take longer rides when I have time (I have two spare batteries and have modified my E+ for quick battery swap). For urban/suburban commuting and errands, the E+ is perfect most of the time: it is very maneuvarable, durable and reliable, and fast enough. It handles damaged, uneven sidewalks and roads well (better than a 14") without the heft of a bigger wheel. Although I am on the Ninebot One Z wait list and am very much looking forward to a fat tire 18" wheel, my trusted and reliable E+ will probably remain my first choice for getting around, and the Z will become my weekend cruiser.
  14. litewave


    Ahem, those of us who have fired, cleaned, qualified with, slept with, lugged around, marched with, cursed at, fired in live exercises or in combat, and endured thousands of hours of training on, certainly do. And that would be a significant portion of the US population, or a majority of the more than 20 million American veterans alive today. And many of them are speaking up in support of a ban on the assault rifles. It's real simple: wear full safety gear when riding, and when you stop to mingle with pedestrians, take off any exterior bits and stow them in your backpack. When riding in pedestrian areas, wear the appropriate safety gear and attire for the environment.