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  1. Thanks! Thanks for the "requirements" that I need. I'm actually an unemployed engineer. IDK if I can come up with a better solution than foam pads... yet motivation exists, especially as I'm giving up the big-soft tire... and motivation is the mother of invention. BS follows: I actually do have 14 patents, so I know better than to think I'd make $ solving this engineering problem. Instead, I still hope to see a better manufactured solution. So if my prototypes or blog-posts contribute... i.e.: I built a 20Ah 1000W e-bike in 2009 for under $500... rode it for years... rebuilt it into a folding mountain bike in 2012, and rode it in NY then Puerto Rico and back... my breaks suck... IDK about rebuilding it again. EUCs rock... yet my GF's mom rode my old pathetic ebike! Perhapse my next project should be something that flies!
  2. Thanks. Yes I'm thinking coil springs. Basically peddles are 6" too short IMHO... so 1st an under-peddle-plate to extend, then coils on the 4 corners to hold an upper plate that moves. The springs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Barnett-Clutch-Springs-MT-90-501-44-06090/281795640134?epid=1851167096&hash=item419c543b46:g:uWYAAOSwEetV8JbS
  3. So far my max speed on my MSX is only 35 mph. With this T10299 I believe I'll be hitting the 42 mph alarm speed. My issue with the SR244 is/was how the 20" diameter forced me to slow down per torque. Never mind the wheel diameter differences to spedometer readings. The truth is TORQUE matters!
  4. Please share your experience with that... link to this thread so I can find it. I have both Nikola and Stock peddles. The hardest part seems to be where to find the perfect springs for the scheme to anchor the plate. Like clutch springs under, or a leaf over... etc.
  5. Thanks. Per some research, I'm getting an IRC T10299 2.5x14. Here's what I've learned: Tire ---------------------size --------- diameter ---------------------comment IRC T10299 2.50-14 17.9 per an ebay listing (my purchase now) Stock 2.70-14* 19 measured (* size marked as: 18x3.0/76-355) Shinko SR244 2.75-14 20.3 measured Shinko SR241 2.75-14 20.3 per an ebay listing C-186 2.75-14 20.3? Per google the SR241 appears to be the same tire... though IDK per dialog here. So I'm giving up shock absorption for torque. Maybe I'll end up putting springs into my peddles (another member here did that), especially since I'll be standing an inch lower now.
  6. Yes, exactly! So can you post here more info on the 2.50-14 tire? Will it fit my MSX? I love the SR244 knobby over the stock-street tire... and sometimes appreciate its cushy-squishy balloon-ness... thought the effect on torque as you seem to recognize makes a smaller knobby option worth trying... this winter in snow, and mud and mud in spring
  7. So I posed my vids on the dogs with EUC page... should I repost? Here's the other thread: see last post... or these:
  8. The first snow hit Syracuse for this year (2019). My dog Loki is inspired by it. I didn't catch all of his enthusiasm in these 2 vids, though still shows some.
  9. I find that over 30 mph the headwind and pedel-lengths keeps me from going faster. I'm still pondering extending the peddles, though I don't go max speed that often. My 100v MSX's free-wheel (lifted) speed is 58 mph, and its "last alarm" speed (lifted) is 42 mph. (my max so far is 35 once, 30 a dozen or so times)
  10. I have the SR244 on my 100V MSX. It's actually 20.5" outer-diameter as it sits. I've gotten used to it with 400 miles on it, though I am tempted to switch to the CST C-186 in the spring. For winter I'm good with my SR244. So the good of the SR244 are the good traction like you describe. Its bad is the over-diameter and width that 1st made it such a PITA to install. Now having about 300 miles on it, I can say the wheel treats me like I'm heavier than I am and that the wind is stronger than it is making more commanding it for yet more speed is harder (adjust forward, etc). Its also slightly less torque'y and worse, less jerky (derivitive of acceleration) than before the change. My e+ is more jerky than the MSX so going smallest diameter with a knobby appears to me the best option... so now I'm shopping for a CST C-186!
  11. Here's another vid of our dogs in the park. Obviously they love it!
  12. The knobby rocks on the trails!
  13. I'm enjoying the knobby tire on my MSX... what a great time with family today!
  14. Today was a great day for riding. There's both a deer and a turkey in this one... and my dog Loki. Per Wheel Log, our top speed was 13mph, average was 7... and that was mostly between 10mph and stops. The knobby tire makes this type of riding much easier.
  15. Oh man, if you're making MSX compatible pedals... the main thing is pedal length, especially in the big toe area. In other words, if just 1/2 of the width extends frontward (like my own peddle mod, but nice like you're doing) its a huge help riding. Also, FWIW went back to the Nikola pedals because they're also wider than the original MSX pedals. I had them off till I cut the bottoms and insert magnets mid-pedal so they'd stay up while trolly'ing. The magnets barely work though because the lower ridge in the case holds them out 1/4" or so.
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