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  1. Pushing limits is the only way to learn, but do it carefully and know where the limits are of both you and your wheel, which will allow you to push those limits more safely. The posture I choose is how EUCs were designed to operate. I think it's the easiest place to begin and for some to continue. However, once the basics are mastered, different styles can develop, which will also work. Anything goes, really, as long as you can stay safe and within the basic parameters of your wheel. Everyone is entitled to an opinion--those who began before and after 2015. Although keep in mind that those who are more experienced may have something useful to offer to those less experienced. If you're making comments about my riding style from my videos, naturally I am curious to see yours. It's a bit more interesting to know something, particularly when that person is making claims of being on another level and someone who takes high risks, which is fantastic, but begs the question--where are videos of this amazing riding? Don't fall without being prepared. I strongly recommend protective gear, especially a full face helmet. It's only a matter of time before you take a fall. Be ready: 3euc.com/gear Take risks knowing the consequences--it might make you think twice. If none of these things were conveyed earlier, then there has been a failure to communicate! Not only did I not say anything remotely resembling a single one of your fake quotes, I didn't even imply any of these things. Splitting the other topic and having it continue wasn't my idea, although the Mods obliged, so I am not sure how I'm the one gatekeeping. I've just tried to share some of my ideas, and respond to posts directed at me, which I thought was the purpose of a forum--a place of discussion. Above are some of my actual thoughts.
  2. Same for me--I watch on YouTube a wide assortment of riders, because I enjoy seeing what everyone has done with their potential, from beginner to advanced. I'm surprised though by the disconnect between the forum and having any videos on YouTube. I see forum contributors with hundreds, even thousands of posts, but not a single video anywhere. I was expecting people here to have videos as a given. Instead, having any videos appears to be the exception. I'm impressed by the variety of riding styles I discover. For instance, I learned recently there is apparently a whole segment of riders who value studying their performance statistics on an app and comparing results. Not something I plan to do, but interesting to know about. And I agree--anything goes, as long as you can stay safe and know the limits of your wheel. Not just the limits of the wheel though, but a rider needs to know their own limits as well. A man's got to know his limitations.
  3. I have not tried to contact the Executive Director, but thanks for the name! If it's someone you know, maybe you could make contact and bring up the subject, see what their position is at this point. While CicLAvia has never responded to email, I did once speak with someone there, who told me they were discussing whether to allow LEVs, but hadn't made any decisions yet. That was maybe two or three years ago by now. I've been hoping there might be a change made soon to relax the restriction, given the number of LEVs that have descended upon the Los Angeles area. I thought it might be better to let them decide on their own, as opposed to pushing them into confirming a quick, "no."
  4. I don't use custom pads to improve acceleration. I do just fine with a stock wheel. Looking at your interesting creation, I can't say I'm motivated to add pads anytime soon. So, you're yet another phantom riding master without one single video to show? Have you not ever videoed anything once that you've shared? I don't believe I've ever said that center of gravity has to be perfectly over the middle at every moment. Of course it's possible to have some reasonable variation, but still have a stable, enjoyable ride and remain within the parameters. Here is a video of mine from about a year ago on a King Song 18L. Would you say I'm putt putting my way to top speed? I think I'm doing better than that. I'm rock steady, comfortable, zero wobble, with straight posture. And Melrose Avenue is not the smoothest street.
  5. It's amazing how many talkers keep popping up, but without a single video of their own to show! Where are your cameras? Regardless of how you or anyone else would describe my braking in that particular video, they were executed with ease and under full control, along with the subsequent acceleration. Not a wobble to be seen. No hunching over, either. I am not out to prove to anyone how fast I can stop, I was just trying to fulfill someone's request here. If you are capable of these incredible hard stops, then show some video of it, otherwise it's just empty claims from a ghost.
  6. Here's a video of mine from about a year ago on a King Song 18L, with some hard braking, as you were asking about--I go from top speed to nearly a complete stop in a fairly short span at some of the stop signs, then accelerate right back to top speed. I haven't done videos to highlight only hard braking, but you'll find instances within the clip.
  7. Are you interested in how-to videos or just wondering which of these things I do? My YouTube channel link is in my signature, as are other links of mine. Existing videos have examples of some of these things. Let me know if you've got any videos of your own online. Nothing further on your location, beyond Western Europe?
  8. "He" thinks nuclear proliferation is serious. This is just a forum chat among friends about EUCs. Western Europe? Big place! You can't get any more specific than that? Should I have said North America, instead of Los Angeles, CA?
  9. You may not even own an EUC! You could be the one trolling us! Are there no videos of you because you're not shooting any or have you just chosen not to share any? Admittedly, it's a pain, so I understand if you haven't bothered. I'm thankful for all the riders who take the time to shoot and edit for us, so I've tried to give something back with my own videos.
  10. True, I first learned to ride an EUC in 2015, making me an EUC old timer, but learning textbook style applies to any newbie going forward. It is not outdated in the slightest. It's the EUCs that have evolved greatly, but their physics has remained exactly the same, making a newbie in 2015 the same as a newbie today. No one starts out by going 30 MPH. It begins with barely going 3 MPH. Same then, same now. Do you have a way for a newbie today to learn that would be any different than in 2015? If so, I'd be curious to hear about it. Anyone who can't master the basics shouldn't be riding at the higher speeds, or getting wild and edgy. Walk first, then run. That's my point--it's best started with textbook, then go crazy. Being harder to emulate does not necessarily mean more advanced or superior, just maybe different than the norm. Case in point, Elaine's dance. I wouldn't call it advanced or superior. It occurs to me that I'm discussing this with a ghost, because I haven't seen a single second of you in motion, while I have 100 videos of me on YouTube. I have no idea what your skill level is or how you ride, or what the basis is for your apparent expertise. Why not throw up some videos for others to share? Perhaps in a video, you can demonstrate this new 2019 non-textbook learning technique that is somehow different than it was in 2015.
  11. Thanks, Mod. Although, I think by doing so you killed the other topic and makes this whole thread harder to follow. It was already getting confusing enough!
  12. Original art? Bonus points! You are too upright! And that's coming from me, Mr. Upright. You won't lean forward at all with your whole body to shift your center of gravity forward. Instead, you have this technique I've never seen before of flexing your ankles to push on your toes to move at slower speeds, or bending over forward to push even harder on your toes to reach faster speeds. That's what I'm seeing in your videos, anyway. It's why you discovered the play in the pedals, which most people never do, because most people don't flex their ankles to press on their toes. Try leaning forward with your whole body, while maintaining straight posture, similar to how you begin to walk forward.
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