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  1. Sweeet! Thanks for the support Dave It really is a cool little camera. You can get really creative with it. Totally worth getting! oh and you can check out my Instagram for more insta360 action #ewheele
  2. Thanks Dave! glad you liked it. :D Truth is, I have zero editing skills so leaving everything in was the easiest option But the good news is that I have a lot more videos that ill be posting just as soon as i figure out how to work with these 360 videos
  3. Well here is that video @Dave U. Took me a while to upload it but its finally up
  4. Well up inside. Some sacrifices had to be made
  5. Makes a lot of sense. Can work both ways. Cut out the inner top part of the shell and potentially weaken the shell.. or cut the center of the shell and weaken the only point where the entire shell sits on the pedals.
  6. Just cut up my ACM v2 last week to fit the same 2.5" tire. Did a lot less cutting this time
  7. Id love to revisit this historic mountain. I think its been long enough that ive recovered from the trauma from our first attemp at this trail. The only issue for me is getting to the parking lot. Anyone going from the Glendale or DTLA area? if i could carpool im in
  8. oh...you're right, looks like i had already committed.
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