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  1. Add me to that list. Looking forward to seeing you guys. -Yasin
  2. Ok...some further tests and info regarding the pedal differences between the MSuper V3S+ and The MSuper X. The supporting Images will explain how I measured the values: MSuper V3S+ MSuper X Pedal width 7.875 in 9.3125 in (measured pedal axle to pedal axle) Dihedral Angle of pedals 166.7 degrees 156.2 degrees
  3. There is no speed limit. I was riding at 45 km/hr (app indicated) periodically yesterday. ~Yasin
  4. To help this discussion, production on this unit was finished on May 27 2018, 13 days ago. ~Yasin
  5. Hey Marty, I'd be happy to show and let you test, along with anyone else who wishes Sunday. I live in Irvine, and have a few fun local rides (particularly the Shady Canyon Bike Trail or San Diego Creek trail). So, for anyone who wishes for this unofficial group ride, lets say Sunday 10 am meeting at the spot here: https://goo.gl/maps/edaNyn4cBx52 . I will be there Sunday regardless if anyone responds, feel free to just show up. - Yasin (MSuperX, MSuper V3S+, MTen3, Ninebot One)
  6. Hello, It is an exciting night. The MSuper X has arrived. I purchased the 1600 model from Green Fashion via Ali-Express. It arrived with 19% battery so I will have to save my riding evaluation for tomorrow. Nevertheless, below are some pictures that will resolve several unanswered questions for some. More to come! Video of the light modes: - Yasin (MSuperX, MSuper V3S+, MTen3, Ninebot One)
  7. I realize the changes are mainly geometric optimizations of component placement, but you will probably notice the additional two pin connector in the bottom right hand corner. Also, there are more labels on the screen print on the board. Components are different as well. And to refresh you, the performance was “tighter” and more responsive on the newer Chinese market one.
  8. I was suspecting the oscillation issue. I got it from the "green fashion traveling shop" on aliexpress, and it had a manufacture date of 6/5/2017. I had purchased a reflashed main board from Jason at ewheels, but it had poor performance characteristics in comparison (not sure if the board or the firmware), I will post the differences in the main boards (different placement of electronic components). I was running on the "medium" setting (in between leisure and sport). I appreciate your comment and will post more of the ride up there.
  9. For the very few who know me, I was wearing protective gear and did not get hurt during this. Nevertheless, I thought it would be useful to others if they saw how this happened. During a pleasant ride on the closed portion of the 39 out in Falling Springs northeast of Pasadena, I experienced a cutout after hitting a little pit and bump in the road. I was wearing a gopro on my helmet that caught the incident. You will notice that I immediately tried to recover, and slow down to reduce potential injury. While slowing down, it cut out which led to me falling on my butt. The wheel powered back on after it dumped me but fortunately did not go off the edge of the mountain. My location was at the following link (a great place to ride, but doing so at your own risk considering this portion of the road is closed to "pedestrians, or any motor driven cycle"): https://goo.gl/maps/vGgr66msUJR2
  10. Hi Marty and all, I know you cancelled the event, but I will still be there at 8 am. My name is Yasin, and I live in Irvine so I'll be driving up in the morning. Ill be riding my Msuper V3s. I'll see anyone there who shows up. ~Yasin
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