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  1. Thanks for hosting Marty. Count me in, I want to do this ride with you guys tomorrow.
  2. I really want to go but midterm exams dont want me to
  3. Hello! Up for sale is a KS16S, 840Wh. I had it since July 2018. There is no problem with it, except for cosmetic. It has 370 miles on it. I have an MSX that i put 1800 commute miles already so this one is not ridden much at all. I have the packaging box, charger, and all the stuff that came with it. I'm looking to get $800, I learned on this wheel so I'm welcome for offers. Local pick up only, its a headache to ship batteries nowadays. Reason for selling is I dont use it a lot and I need to make room for another hobby. Its a perfect EUC if you only want to own one because its size is great for learning and also because of its range and speed one would never outgrow. The KS16S is reliable as bricks, and built like a tank. Please contact me here, or email: orbilog@yahoo.com, or txt/call: 7075640461 Let me know to request pictures or videos. Edit: I have magnetic pedals mod on it. No more bending down to open and close pedal. Its held closed with magnets; kick it open when you're ready to ride.
  4. Theres 3 flavors: max 36v, 15amp... max 63v, 8amp... max 103v, 5amp. Got these from their website. The charger is programmable with profiles to charge lithium, lead acid, i think even ni-cad but i forgot. Basically just look at your original charger and copy the max voltage. I bought the 103v charger because i was thinking of getting a 100v wheel before so it only comes up to 5amps which the msx charge port can handle no problem. Setting up profile is easy and only need to be done once, I made profiles to charge my ebike and my ks16s.
  5. Just sharing my experience. If you have any other electric rideable other than you msx, the Cycle Satiator is worth it. These chinese fast chargers have all the same in common which is the failure rate. One for my ebike from Luna Cycle, and one from eWheels, both of which just failed using it at full capacity all the time. Maybe its just my luck(or lack thereof) but i believe in spending money for quality now rather then cheaping out now then spending more in the long run.
  6. I mean I'll come and join the fun. heheheh! I always wanted to tour griffit park, I just didnt know where to start, and spots to avoid trouble.
  7. Leeeetsss gooooow! Lol! and never done such long ride before. But I wanna exploe that area. I'm bringing an msx
  8. Hello everyone! This is my first post. I want to share my mod to make the speaker louder on my Gotway MSX. I’m a college student in California State University LA, and I use this to commute from my apartment to school. I ride it 12 miles a day through a residential type street, but the road close to the university has so many hills and is narrow which requires me to go above 25mph just to not hold up traffic and get away from kids on their phones while driving. As were all aware, the beep may not be heard when the wind noise is up and were inside our full-face helmets. Here's my MSX on its "controller-board" side showing the holes on the panel. Here is the simple contraption I made placed on the speaker. Here are the small holes I drilled on the side panel, made sure to center it on top of the speaker location. I hot glued a piece of insect screen on the holes I drilled. I made the speaker shroud using the cap on a $1 shaving cream. Reduced the depth to 2.5 cm, and made a hole snug to the speaker. I cut a piece of sponge to reduce dust introduced into the control board cavity. These things are not dust proof at all out of the factory anyway. This shows how the cap is snug fit around the speaker. This picture shows how the sponge side interfaces with the drilled side panel. You can try how this set-up works by playing a music on your phone and placing it inside an empty drinking glass. You'll notice how the sound becomes louder. I've been running this set-up for a week now and is working very well. I can hear it loud and clear even above 30mph with my full-face helmet. The problems I can see with this is that it becomes less water resistant (maybe?). Also it has become so loud it makes me embarrassed in public turning it on and off without covering the speaker holes with my palm. I might add a toggle switch to it to control the speaker, but that becomes a safety issue if I ever forget to turn it on when riding high speeds. Let me know what you guys think!
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