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  1. Still available. Local pickup Los Angeles only because of missing box
  2. Man: I want to return this. Worker: I'm sorry sir we cannot accept your return. Man: What why?? I want to speak to the manager! Manager:
  3. Any other protective equipment beside your helmet? Also full face helmet?
  4. Here's a slide from LA County modeling presentation today: Social distancing is working people! Thank you for everyone in LA County that did their part and best wishes for other states. We are not on the peek yet but we will get through this!
  5. https://oppositelock.kinja.com/some-gentlemen-near-me-have-decided-that-lighter-than-u-1842730378 I'm bringing full rgb disco ball if in ever riding near this area..
  6. Good thing to know that you cannot get infected again at least for a few month if you got the virus and recover. Because I heard there's one people from earlier Washington's outbreak that got out from hospital and got tested positive again. Hopefully there's something wrong with that testing.. Dr. Fauci did a really great service to the American people by doing a lot of these video interviews online: This video also gives me hope that a lot of people actually do the right thing.. I just want to thank you to everyone in the world who did their part :virtual high five:
  7. Not only smart but I think it's the right way to do it. I guess people just don't like change.. They been wiping their entire live so wipe it is..
  8. Damn them Democrats! What Blasio's tweeting is despicable! That why I use my common sense when reading anything: There are virus outbreak throughout the world, maybe I shouldn't go out watching "The Traitor" in crowded places. Sadly not many people can use common sense these days and they just follow irrational advice blindly. Sad! Stay away from crowded places until April because it will go away by then. Trump wants American people to packed in churches all over the country on Easter day and I liked that mentality! He said it many times during Fox News town hall few days ago. I only get my information from Fox News because there so many fake news these days. However, I cannot find this clip anywhere on Fox News website or they youtube channel so I have to link someone else twitter post (the 2nd clip): I love Trump! The only person I can follow blindly! KAG! p.s if they didn't start this virus hoax back in February we wouldn't be in this situation.. Here's my proof that Trump said the virus will go away by April and I'm standing by it: p.s.s: Fox News Town Hall Full clip expect that clip from twitter:
  9. Los Angeles just got new stricter order from the Mayor effective midnight tonight until April 19 with possible extension. http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/lac/1070029_COVID-19_SaferAtHome_HealthOfficerOrder_20200319_Signed.pdf However, the public official still want us to spend sometime outside to take a walk or something just not in group. Seems easy because nobody around can catch up while I take a "walk" outside Just wash your hands afterward for 20 seconds!!
  10. Whoa hoa hoa hold the brake Batman! Granted humans are the worst in the end. The world will be a much better place without us. HOWEVER, I am a human and I instinctively still want to survive this! What every human can do right now is to try flattening the curve! I do my part and if you think you are a human then please do your part because we are all part of the curve! I still want to see Mten4 dammit!
  11. For sale used Gotway Luffy 10 inch 130wh super portable wheel. The baby brother of mten3. Super lightweight at 16lbs vs 22lbs mten3. My learner wheel (Yes I learned riding EUC on this wheel). Not the easiest but it's the cheapest if you want to try the taste of EUC. Still my primary and funnest wheel to pickup mails and cruising from overflow parking area to class (Yes it fits in my backpack). - Included for free: battle damages throughout the body and botched right ankle pad (see more pictures below). - Internals are working as new. Nothing wrong with the motor, tire, and battery. - Total mileage: ~ 400 km / 242 miles. More specs information: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/gotway-luffy-10-inch-super-portable-wheel?variant=36192938567 Local pickup preferred. Comes with charger, the original box (box missing), and some road dusts. More pics:
  12. Will police do that? There are so many thing that I think a cop can do to help our case but when the actual thing happen they don't. They just said they will do their best..
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