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  1. Can you tell us what is different from the previous batch? Beside from the updated light?
  2. Beautiful rides y'all ! Riding back passing Santa Fe Dam is dam (pun intended) gorgeous! Because of high winds racing down from the dam, we barely made it back. I'm at 32% while Dave was at lower 20s. Riding the Z10 beeps! Oh also we passed the biking couple that I almost hit few times. I gestured "I'm sorry" already.
  3. Woohoooo! AWESOME!!! Thank you @Dave U for scouting the scouting ride! That was fast It's still no Hooters () but I hope it will be good enough refreshment point for the north loop. It's all set then! So meeting point is on Pico Rivera Golf Club's parking lot (https://goo.gl/maps/fzdP2Av1uVoarESs5) @ 8.30am and we leaving at 9am right?
  4. Yes it got outdoor patio, cheap menu, good reviews and it's on our route so we don't have to take any detour. I'm gonna ask @Dzlchef too on his opinion. The thing is if they don't allow us to charge then he might need to uber back..
  5. It's Friyay y'all !!! Forecast said there will be no rain tomorrow but the temperature will be sub 70s in the morning before 1pm. @Marty Backe There is a Bar & Grill attached to Rancho Duarte Golf Course. Have you ever stop there? It's between Las Lomas and Huntington Dr just after the river bike trails. Link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/duffers-bar-and-grill-duarte-2
  6. Yes! "21294(b) A person shall not operate an electrically motorized board upon a highway [I assume this is regular road with speed limit below 35mph], bikeway, or any other public bicycle path, sidewalk, or trail, at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour." So just slow down if you see a police like what most people do on the freeway..
  7. Ok I just finished reading this California's law (good read while at work ). Three things that I just learned: 1. We (16yrs and older) can legally ride on highway (that have speed limit of 35mph or less), bikeway, or any other public bicycle path, sidewalk, and trail as long as we wearing fastened bicycle helmet & ride at speed in less than 15 mph. 2. We cannot ride in public school, state university, state college, county park, municipal airport, rapid transit district, transit development board, transit district, public transportation agency, county transportation commission, joint powers agency operating or managing a commuter rail system, or state, county, or hospital district institution or building, or educational institution, or harbor district. 3. We are classified as 'Electrically motorized board' and lawfully different than electric skateboard (They cannot ride on any sidewalk, roadway, or any other part of a highway or on any bikeway, bicycle path or trail, equestrian trail, or hiking or recreational trail). I'm gonna start calling my EUC an EMoB from now..
  8. +1 I'm wearing L Leatt Dual Axis over my pants. It got 3 straps with quick release latches. Just set it once and then 5 sec each for next time
  9. How about drive thru a clean puddle of water slowly? Sorry I'm just aiming blanks here. I never clean my Z10. I likes her dirty if you know what I mean..
  10. California: Nice weather all year long, beaches, palm trees, rivers, big roads, less traffic, Marty. New York: Cold (maybe not in the summer?), busy traffic, too many cars, too many people, bumpy road, noisy. Take your pick! (Please don't raise your torch & pitch forks NY people, I never been in NY yet so it's only my speculations )
  11. I cannot find such app. I download the Onewheel app but it does not have such function. It does give locations of Onewheelers tho (suprisingly a lot near us ) 30 miles loop. If you bringing Z10, it should be enough for us to complete the whole loop without charging (still depend on the rider weight and speed). I'm still gonna bring my charger just for trickle charging. 1h charge will add about around 15% to the batteries. Now to think about it.. @Dzlchef how long you need to charge to complete the 30 miles loop? Are we gonna stay in McDonald's (if they have outlets) for an hour?
  12. That's why 'Scouting' is part of the title There's 2 McDonald's. One is on the north east of Santa Fe Dam (near Costco) and the other one is in Duarte. The one near Costco should be less busy than the one in Duarte. But there's 3 problem: 1) Can we go out from the trail to Huntington Blvd? 2) Even if we can there is about half a mile sharing road with cars. 3) I wonder if they have outlets? The one in Duarte will be busier because is in the center area. Good news is I saw an outdoor sitting area (near the children's playground) but I cannot see any outlet from any photos on the internet. Need scouting on the field. If any McDonald's will not have any open outlet then we go to the next options.. Still open for suggestion...
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