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  1. Some spot on tips above already. I just want to reiterate and add some based on my experience: Wear them while standing and make sure no folds on your pants near knee area Bend your knee slightly and cup the slightly bend dual axis to find that perfect position. Clip the middle strap first as high above your calf muscle as possible. Clip the bottom strap as low below your calf muscle as possible. Straighten your legs and clip the highest strap last. Do jumping test for 5 sec. If it still sliding down then un-clip it and move the Velcro tighter before you redo the step above. Don't pull up your pants after the jumping test. If your pants slide down then either buy smaller pants or explore more buffet in your area. You could try wearing skinny pants or shorts but never ride EUC without pants. If it still sliding down after the tightest Velcro then exchange it to the smaller size. I exchange my L/XL for S/M. Their measurement for S/M is to small for me according to their website but its actually fits me perfectly.
  2. The poll so far: 24 people calling it electric unicycle. I assume because that how most of us hear about it called the first time. Segwheel got a blank stare. No one want to call it a hoverboard beside one obvious person. 4 people loves Jason's services. 0 French stumble to this thread yet. 1 person got broken mouse.. I almost worried we have to change the forum domain name..
  3. 360 drone apparently. I only use my Mavic for less than 10 times since I bought it 3 years ago. Even though it's the most portable drone with good video quality at that time, it's still cumbersome to bring everywhere and need at least 5 min to setup and go. Not to mention I cannot fly most of the time because of restricted airspace regulation. Recording device is only worth it if you want to use it it often. Get insta360 One X now if anyone want the best all around 360 cam.
  4. https://abc7news.com/society/man-on-electric-unicycle-joins-commuters-on-bay-bridge/5789706/ Another negative report on EUC..
  5. Summoning @YoshiSkySun ! He got a very comfy looking multi stacked seat before his ACM said "Ooooooo river.... blop blop blop... bzz" I want to know too what exactly he stacked there..
  6. Hands out all the time (HOATT) cuz: If you hitting surprise pothole or bump you can use spread your hands immediately to balance you out and prevent a wipe out. If you do fall, you might not have enough time to straighten your arms to lessen the first impact so your jaw, shoulder, or elbow will likely hit the road first. To waves, thumbs up, and throwing gang signs at pedestrian. Can't do that when your hands is in pocket. Be safe guys.
  7. Follow this instruction to embedded pictures: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/15659-how-to-best-post-pictures-and-videos/
  8. I don't have Tesla either but this is picture from EcoDrift website. It seems that the bracket where the battery sit leave no more room in any dimension. I don't think it will retrofit-able unless Gotway change the inner shell or reduce the number of cell and add extra padding like those 100v version of Nikola and MSX.
  9. I have them. They are my first knee pads before I bought Leatt Dual Axis. I wish I just purchase the Leatt and skipping these all together. These looks easy to strap-on (*wink) and off but the Leatt is actually faster and easier to put on and off. The material on these is really thick which is good for protection but they do not bend very well and they slides down during my rides no matter how tight I wear them. I don't have any of those problem with the Leatt. The only plus side is yes they are compact to store and carry and cheaper than Leatt Dual Axis. Yes the side is covered by really thick nylon material but the D3O only on the knee cap. You supposed to wear the straps on the inside of your knee which sometimes the hard plastic buckles rubs on each others. It's hard rubber but the texture is really smooth and slick. I'm sure it will slide on pavements even though not as good as hard plastic. When I wear them they always slides down so they covers my shins alright just not my knees
  10. Good morning gentleman! Here's weather forecast for tomorrow ride: Looks like it will be a perfect day for cruising the California's coastline all day long! The temperature will start around mid 60°F (~18°C) and tops around 75°F (~24°C) at 1pm. It will be windy so bring your windbreaker or light jacket! Nobody want to get sick before LA EUC games! (I just got a clear for tomorrow so I'll be joining this one )
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