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  1. Apparently they do: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/electric-unicycle/products/ninebot-one-z10 And it is the OFFICIAL UK / EU legal version! Well congrats @Retrovertigo! It's one of the easiest EUC to learn. You'll loved it!
  2. I would also not mind paying $600 if you could ship it out to So Cal here. If you bought it from eWheel you could get cheaper shipping label from them.
  3. You'll never heard the 4th question if you answer #3 truthfully You will lift them up to the sky with question #2 and slam them down to hades with question #3
  4. Oh hi there! So you bought instant pot and don't know what to do with it too? My only one fav recipe is steamed rice: 1. Rinse uncooked rice with water for about 1 to 3 time depending on your patience at the time. 2. Put 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of uncooked rice or use water guide inside the rice cooker bowl. 3. Dry the bottom of the rice cooker bowl with dry cloth. 4. Put the rice cooker bowl inside the rice cooker. 5. Close the lid (don't forget the detachable lid cover. If it's not there check the dishwasher). 6. Plug in the rice cooker to the wall socket. 7. Press down the cook button. 8. Pray that it will not bubble out during the cooking process. 9. Keep going back and forth from wherever you sit to the rice cooker to see if the button already spring back to "keep warm". 10. Wait at least 15 min before opening the lid and stirs the rice to fluff it out. 11. Yell from the bottom of your lungs to your fam that the rice is ready.
  5. Well you still got A for effort I think @Flyboy10 has been quite successful making a seat for his 18XL:
  6. Summoning @maltocs Have you done range test of you vs Brandon the MCM5? Or Brandon just broke the law of physic and got unlimited range on the MCM5?
  7. Kens

    16X Notice

    My man got his priority straight right here
  8. How was the rave lights party up on the mountain guys?
  9. Anyone got their tracking number yet?
  10. Why I'm watching this 1am in the morning? I start feeling tiny movements on my bed sheets..
  11. Or tell her you're just going out for a stRoll
  12. My prime renewal is due 2 weeks ago and I choose not to renew it. I did asked my co-worker to order for me yesterday but it will arrive Friday with one day shipping. If there's delay or it come after 5pm then it'll be wasted anyway. But ultimately I'm still not sure about night time riding the last day time ride is scary enough Yeah maybe I'll skip this one and wait for relaxing Cogswell Dam rides next time ( @Dave U get your 1600wh+ soon )
  13. I lost my flashlight somewhere I just realized I never use any real fleshlight since our phones have it all.. Also I have bad eyesight after dark. Need to practice my echolocation more I still want to go though.. Let's see
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