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  1. I just got my new Monster V3 too, 2400wh super Awesome, beautiful wheel. Now just waiting for the seat from FedEx, delivery delay four days already. Peter Q
  2. Thank you so much Marty, will ask you to borrow that when the time come, I am now waiting for a V3 84v 2400wh delivery from eWheels, should be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Peter Q
  3. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy one of that special 24mm socket which can use on the Monster? Or maybe someone can help me to make one, and I will pay you back. Thanks. Peter Q
  4. That's exactly how I felt, if you try ride seated, the rocking feel much worse when your bottom touching the wheel. Peter Q
  5. Mine is bad, too. Confirmed by Marty. It is dangerous and unsafe. So unhappy. Peter Q
  6. Thank you so much Marty to came out and test my MSX, my wheel is defective is BAD. Also tried ride seated, ever worse!It rocking front and back so bad, not able to do it at all. I rided seated with my KS18AY over thousand miles. Peter Q
  7. Hi Marty, My MSX also set in Hard mode but felt like the axle nuts is not tight like you said when I first start ride it, not like my ACM2. This Friday, I will be ride south from Pico Rivera Golf Club on San Gabriel river bike path pass Downey, maybe if you have time to check out my MSX, if it ride like Mark and Nick' MSXs? Peter Q
  8. Hi Marty, Like you said , it ride like my ACM2, did not experience the back and forth waviness when going forward, very easy go up to 47+ km/h in my day two yesterday, I usually ride my ACM2 only to 43-45 km/h. Should I worry about my MSX? Is it safe to ride? Peter Q
  9. I just got the 1860wh 100v MSX from ewheels last Saturday, and ride about 50 miles on Monday and 50 miles yesterday, speed at around 42-47 km/h. Now I will wait for Jason 's more response before ride it again. Peter Q
  10. When will you get the wheel back and start enjoy the Super Long Fast ride? PQ
  11. Just watched a YouTube video said Jeff's MSX smoked, is it happened in this ride yesterday?Did he carry the wheel all the way down six miles? PQ https://youtu.be/0h_Zg_FoREI
  12. Just got email back from ewheels Sales, they told me the V3 motor will not be 2500w, but the same as before only 2000w.
  13. Can you tell me how I can pre order Monster V3 from Ewheels? Thanks
  14. But that is pre order for Nikola plus, I want to pre order the Monster V3?
  15. May I ask how much and where you ordered the 100v Monster V3- 1845wh? I'm still waiting to order a V3 84v 2400wh from Ewheels. PQ
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