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  1. Peter Q


    Just a question if someone can help, the new pedals only use 1 lock screw per pedal, and the steel rod only go in 1 way, right? Thanks.
  2. Peter Q


    I also got the larger pedals from Ewheels, I ordered 3 sets and installed on my KS 14C, 16S ans 18AY, just tested the KS16S this morning for a 10 miles ride, I wear 11 size shoes, it felt AWESOME. Thanks Jason.
  3. Peter Q

    KS16S no lights working after charging

    My KS16S had the same error, after charged, led not working only got a few red lights on, front and rear light not working, speakers not working. I re-entered the serial number, updated to V1.08 firmware, still not working. Now I'm waiting for a replacement control board from Ewheels. Peter
  4. Peter Q

    Practical range of Gotway MSuper X 1600wh

    Can you tell me where is the battery setting? Is it inside the "Wheel Setting?" Thanks. Peter
  5. Peter Q

    Gotway acm 1300wh

    Hi Marty, is my ACM2 had the new headlamp ?
  6. Peter Q

    My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    The ACM2 1600wh is Awesome, just finished a 42.33 miles rided from Pico Rivera to Seal Beach and return. It is so powerful and smooth, very easy go over 40km/h. It had 20% battery left when almost back to starting point, and then start 3 beeps when I over 25kmh. I think that was the low battery warning?? My riding weight is 210 lbs, I don't think I can reach 50 miles distance. But 40 miles of full speed riding was just FUN. Peter Q
  7. Peter Q

    My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Thanks Marty ‘s review, made me bought a 1600wh ACM2 from Ewheels Jason, just finished a 26 miles my first Gotway ride, this ACM2 is AWESOME!!!! So smooth, so much Power!!! Very easy go up to speed 35-40km/h (that's my personal speed limit) easier than my KS16S and KS18AY. After 26 miles ride battery show 50%, I'm 210 lbs riding weight, should be enough for 50 miles trip. Now waiting for the Fast charger, should ship to home next week, that will be all set and Perfect!!!!!! Peter Q
  8. Peter Q

    My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Thank you Marty, just finished charging the wheel, (still waiting for the fast charger), I open the wheellog app, but it said 100% battery, but showing 67v, is that normal? The wheel should be 84v, right? The charging port has 4pins and the charger is 84v. Peter Q
  9. Peter Q

    My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Just pickup the ACM2 from Ewheels, charging now, can someone teach me how to change the ride setting (hard, medium and soft). Can that be change in wheellog app? The old Gotway app only found the alarm and tilt back setup. Thanks Peter
  10. Peter Q

    Congratulations Marty! 10k!!!

    Congratulations Marty, thank you so much for posted so many useful information. Because of you, I just pre order the ACM2 1600wh from Jason, that will be my first Gotway after KS14C, KS18AY and KS16S. I'm in that rabbit hole too. Peter Q
  11. Sorry Marty, work schedule changed, need to start work early, can't make it tomorrow, you have fun. Peter
  12. Guess who found me at the beach ride this morning? Peter
  13. Hi Marty, I will join you tomorrow morning early ride, see you 7:30am. Peter
  14. Peter Q

    Griffith Park Group Ride for Sept 2nd 2017

    Hi Marty, which KS you getting?14,16 or 18? Sport edition? And how long is this Saturday ride? Really want to join the group again , need to plan because working in the afternoon. Peter Q