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  1. When will you get the wheel back and start enjoy the Super Long Fast ride? PQ
  2. Just watched a YouTube video said Jeff's MSX smoked, is it happened in this ride yesterday?Did he carry the wheel all the way down six miles? PQ https://youtu.be/0h_Zg_FoREI
  3. Just got email back from ewheels Sales, they told me the V3 motor will not be 2500w, but the same as before only 2000w.
  4. Can you tell me how I can pre order Monster V3 from Ewheels? Thanks
  5. But that is pre order for Nikola plus, I want to pre order the Monster V3?
  6. May I ask how much and where you ordered the 100v Monster V3- 1845wh? I'm still waiting to order a V3 84v 2400wh from Ewheels. PQ
  7. I really like super long ride, so will go with 84v 2400wh, I riding speed: 40-45 km/h, hoping can ride 60+ miles with my 220lbs riding weight. My 84v 1600wh ACM2 got me 40 miles. PQ
  8. Hi Marty, you owned both Nikola and Monster, I want both but at this time I can only buy one more wheel, should I use $2550.00 on a 100v/1845Wh/2000w motor Nikola or $3000+ on a 84v/2400Wh/2500w motor Monster V3? Really hard to make a decision. PeterQ
  9. Ewheels website said all Nilkola shipped with new updated board. PQ
  10. May I ask if you like more of the Nikola or the MSX? If only can keep one, which one will that be? PeterQ
  11. I got email from Ewheels Jason said V3 Monster scheduled arrive on 23rd and will shipping out early next month, still no price and not online for purchase yet. I'm waiting for that too, will place order when they ready. PeterQ
  12. Awesome video, 11 hours was a super long ride, what gone wrong?You all ok? PQ
  13. Segway Store UK start selling Z10 with Warranty, too bad it's not selling from Segway Store US and Ewheels, I really want a Z10 with warranty maybe later order from speedy feet UK when they in stock. PQ
  14. Awesome!!!! That is Super fast shipping from China That Big MOSFETs look GOOOOD!!!
  15. Just sent a question to Green and Fashion Traveling Shop in AliExpress regarding which MOSFETs were used in 84v Monster V3. really hope Gotwayy used the BIG mosfets and no glue . PQ
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