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  1. Thanks Marty for testing it again, hope the wheel perform better, I just preorder the Sherman be my next wheel. My Monster V3 2400wh can go far, but the Sherman will go further and FASTER. Peter Q
  2. Hi Marty, me too still riding my ACM2, so much torque and top speed to 30mph still having Fun with it. Need to order my next wheel, I'm thinking Sherman or MSP?any suggestions? How your Sherman ride today? Peter Q
  3. Hope you get well soon. Just PM you for the Z10 Thanks Peter Q
  4. I just received my new white color IXS Trigger FF helmet, it weight 650g and it is DH certified. Super light weight, much more air flow and safer than my crashed Bell Super 3R. Ready for Summer.
  5. Hi Marty, new helmet?Is that Bell Super Air R?How you like it? Peter Q
  6. Totally agree, see attached email response from Ewheels regarding MSP. PQ
  7. Just like you, l really look forward for my MSP for this Summer!!
  8. Hi Marty, I did send the MSX back to Ewheels , but those replacement boards keep dying after few minutes, so I paid more to replaced a Monster V3 , but I still want a MSX, I am thinking a MSP, just need it can go 30 mph and with more torque, with no oscillation. I am looking forward to your mountain test result. Thanks Peter Q
  9. Hi Marty, I'm trying to decide my next wheel after playing with the Monster V3 84v 2400wh, I really want a MSX, should I get the MSX 84v 1600wh or MSX 100v 1860wh or wait for the MSP 100v 1800wh? Please give me your advice. Thanks Peter Q
  10. Can anyone please tell me if the Mten 325Wh/84V using tubeless tire?And my riding weight is 210 lbs and how far it can go? Thanks Peter Q
  11. Hi Ben, do you know when the Powerpad s will be available?EUCGuy website always said out of stock, and I tried to contact him for the last few weeks and with no response. Thanks Peter Q
  12. I just got my new Monster V3 too, 2400wh super Awesome, beautiful wheel. Now just waiting for the seat from FedEx, delivery delay four days already. Peter Q
  13. Thank you so much Marty, will ask you to borrow that when the time come, I am now waiting for a V3 84v 2400wh delivery from eWheels, should be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Peter Q
  14. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy one of that special 24mm socket which can use on the Monster? Or maybe someone can help me to make one, and I will pay you back. Thanks. Peter Q
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