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  1. Did the Cook's to Dana happen? I will need a much bigger wheel than my Z10 for rides like this (especially with no quick charger). Please post pictures and routs (Strava, WheelLog...)
  2. I wont be going hope you all post lots of videos!
  3. Looks like a great school to send our kids.
  4. Like that idea! If I can get away Saturday, I was going to take the train from the OC. But I don't think it arrives until 10:30. My Z10 doesn't get that great of mileage.
  5. I'll be traveling from Costa Mesa, there's a possibility I can swing by and pick you up.
  6. Very tempting. But I think my wife would kill me.
  7. Sounds like a fun ride, but my Z10 won't make it and I can't afford to buy Marty's 1600wh wheel. I just don't have that good a credit rating with my wife.
  8. Not going to be able to make it. Need to find some time for 2 wheels. Sounds like it may be too much for my Z10 with < 1000wh and a slow charger. Have fun, hope to catch up with you for the next Hooters ride.
  9. You should go to GMR today, the Tour of California is happening there right now. Maybe you too can get on the TV broadcast.
  10. I haven't done a full range test yet. Riding weight is about 190ish. My 15 mile ride last week was about 30% full out with it beeping at me all the way on the Santa Ana trail. Think I finished with 30% battery left, so I was limited to about 20MPH at that point. I will try to make it, charger in hand.
  11. I missed it, what is the mileage? I've done 18 fairly easy miles on my Z10. Stopping to charge isn't much of an option, that thing charges so slow.
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