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  1. You should go to GMR today, the Tour of California is happening there right now. Maybe you too can get on the TV broadcast.
  2. I haven't done a full range test yet. Riding weight is about 190ish. My 15 mile ride last week was about 30% full out with it beeping at me all the way on the Santa Ana trail. Think I finished with 30% battery left, so I was limited to about 20MPH at that point. I will try to make it, charger in hand.
  3. I missed it, what is the mileage? I've done 18 fairly easy miles on my Z10. Stopping to charge isn't much of an option, that thing charges so slow.
  4. It's my wife's birthday, so no riding for me
  5. does the Z10 have a tube, or is it tubeless? I filled my with the slime intended for tubes, not tubeless. Though I'm not sure if there is a difference.
  6. I've got a week under my belt on the Z10, only one charge and about 25 miles. Learning to turn, it seems to like weighting the inside toe, instead of weighting the outside like the E+. I haven't got to the point where I can carve back and forth around leaves and spots on the sidewalk at 15mph+ yet, but I'm getting there. I chose the Z10 based on the comments found in this thread. I am loving it!
  7. @Barrett Roberts I just got my Z10, it took me longer to ride to get coffee this morning that it did on my E+. I hope I can get use to it turning like a tank, bouncing all over and turning down any slight grade. I have less that ten miles on it, So I hope I figure it out and enjoy it as much as some of you say you do.......
  8. My Z10 just arrived today!!! Wow that thing handles way different than my E+ (after about 1/2 mile in the parking lot at work). I may not be ready for that type of ride yet. Not to mention driving to LA from the OC. Will get back to you if I gain some confidence in the next 2 days.
  9. @Girth BrooksYou may be right about my choice of helmet. Right now I'm going slow on an E+. When I get the Z10, I may need to reevaluate.
  10. I'll have to catch up with you guys another time. I have other responsibilities on Sunday.
  11. I am not a fan of wearing earphones while riding, and especially those on the trail with me, wearing them. I am a cyclist first. Nothing worse that coming up on someone and yelling at them when you are passing, and they don't hear you. I haven't come up on someone on a wheel carving back and forth (like the roller bladers). But I know I have almost hit many a joggers that are oblivious. Wearing a full face motocross helmet, then putting earbuds in, I can't imagine you could hear anything. I know with 30MPH wheels, you don't expect to get passed, but I'm sure it happens. I wouldn't want to be the one taking a group of cyclist down and giving wheel riders a bad rep for not sharing the road. (OK, you can kick me of this site now)
  12. I ordered one of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ROCKBROS-Light-Sports-Helmet-Ultralight-Bike-Helmet-Intergrally-molded-Mount-Climbing-Cycling-Bicycle-Helmet-Safety-Men/32850806530.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000013.2.3fa26136l0JN9K&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.99734.0&scm_id=1007.13339.99734.0&scm-url=1007.13339.99734.0&pvid=7dd45cbf-e326-4341-847e-f879d42b56cb I don't think it has any safety ratings. Or won't be good for multiple falls. But I like the idea of integrated lights. I like to ride at night, need to see stuff in the road and more importantly, be seen. I dropped my old cycling helmet a few days ago and broke the rock-lock. So I needed a new one. Plus didn't like having my Cateye light mounted on top (like a GoPro) when riding around in the daytime. I live in southern California, so needs to be well vented. I will post some kind of review when I receive it.
  13. All great points. I fit into the niche of being an older guy that is a big kid inside. When I first saw a EUC when the hoverboards were the craze here in California a few years back, my wife asked if I wanted a hoverboard for Christmas, I told her NO. I want one of those unicycles. But there wasn't/isn't a shop you can walk into and see one, so I didn't get one. I ran across one (E+) for less that $400, without doing much research and got it. Now the second one is on order (Z10). But being a new rider, I can say, you have to accept falling down. Most people aren't, and especially when you are talking new wheels that go over 25MPH. No one want't to expect to fall at that speed. Average folks don't expect to fall when they hop on a Bird scooter that goes 15MPH, because they are so easy to ride. That is why they will ride/buy a scooter before a wheel. And stores have scooters, because the average person can take it out in the parking lot and test ride if for 5 minutes. You can't do that with a wheel, they will just fall down, and say " I will never learn to ride this thing". My kids aren't even willing to give my wheel a try............ But I do tell everyone I talk to about it, that a wheel is what everyone thought the old Segway was going to be. That it would revolutionize getting around. Plus, ITS A BLAST TO RIDE!!!
  14. Don't have my Z10 yet, only have a E+, but maybe I can meet you guys at the Queen Mary for lunch.
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