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  1. Hi all, I was hoping someone might know of where I can find a list of all the different firmware versions and the changes that each version made for the KS-16s. I've spent like 20 minutes and can't find anything except a few comments on the forum about specific versions. Ideally I would also like to know the date they were released and if it's safe to upgrade straight from v1.07 to 2.01 or do I need to be cautious about how I upgrade? Appreciate it!
  2. I'll respond too since I just upgraded from an S1 to a KS16S, so not quite a big, but @Rama Douglas let me try his 18XL. The biggest difference I noticed going from the S1 to either the 16 or 18 was how much sturdier they felt. The S1 has a very "soft" ride by comparison and the wheel leans way more than either the 16 or 18, but we both had our wheel setting to "experienced" whereas intermediate/beginner give more of that soft ride you get from the S1 (after riding for a few minutes you'll probably prefer the experienced mode as well). I had the S1 for about 6 months before upgrading, the thin
  3. @Marty Backe Sounds great, I'll be sure to bring extension cable + charger, look forward to meeting you too!
  4. @Marty Backe Thanks for the invite, I think Sunday works for me so I'm going to try to join you guys! I just got a K16S two weeks ago and had an awesome ride on 4/20 @Rama Douglas put together.
  5. Thanks for posting, I'll try to join the ride! I just bought a KS16S and eager to put some miles on it!
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