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  1. On for sale as of now. ON HOLD, may just keep it for my kid. Will update if I change my mind. This was my first wheel, that I sold to a friend but he says he is not using it that much and wants me to sell it. It was purchased from E-wheels in March 2018. I had put about 650 miles on it. It does have scratches but nothing major. I don't have it in my possession right now so i can not post pictures. I will post pics once I get it back from him. Just testing the waters. asking price: $600 (firm) Local pickup preferred: Downtown Los Angeles or Walnut Ca
  2. Yunicyle

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    sure, I'll PM you
  3. Yunicyle

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yeah, no problem, anytime. I live near Lemon Creek Park, but I like riding up to Amar towards Grand through Creekside Park sometimes for leisure, so I probably pass by your area quite frequently. I had the MCM5 maybe about 2 months and hardly ride it, think I h ve a about 9 miles on it only. I prefer riding my KS 16s instead and is my main commuter.
  4. Yunicyle

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Hi Downtown, I also live in Walnut, although I haven't seen anyone riding unicycles except me. I have a MCM5 that you are welcome to tryout if you want.
  5. Yunicyle

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    I was interested in getting a new kingsong 16" or at least wait for the new model. Out of curiosity I emailed Kingsong if they are coming out with one soon. They responded and recommended me to get the ks16s because a new moedel will not be coming out anytime soon, at least that was what Tina Wong from kingsong said.