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  1. About 1hr drive away... Would be more than happy to help...
  2. Here's my Pedals grip mod using Tile mesh. Feels like a very aggressive grip tape.
  3. New Video from Fantomas. Wish I knew Russian, can someone here help us with the language barrier?
  4. The Russian brother in question goes by Fantomas he weighs 165 lbs for reference. Stock MSP. You should see him jump on the EUC's.
  5. Majority of the riders coming from across the country are bringing 1600 Wh min. Wheels. All the rides will require 1600 Wh wheel.
  6. Public service by @ray rokni
  7. Public service by @ray rokni. Test cutout speed of EUC Safely...
  8. Found new friends in Korea. Watching this awesome video made me homesick. https://s.amsu.ng/FxpjLPUWWc9Nhttps://www.facebook.com/100009491679760/videos/2407590579567308/
  9. It's amazing how compact the ACM2 looks compared to the others. Great wheel I still prefer it over the Tesla YMMV.
  10. @mrelwood Hope you're not too bored...
  11. Out on the ride GW Monster, 53F little warm.
  12. @Flyboy10 as I've mentioned on this tread as much as I love Alpine loop on a MC, the idea of competing with cars doesn't excite me. If you decide to join us in June you are welcome to lead a ride.
  13. Oh please do would love to hear your thoughts. BTW how's Korean Barbecue diet coming along TFitU?
  14. @Nick McCutcheon where did you find the over-sized pedals? For this Monster? I love it would like to fit one on the MSX. Thanks man.
  15. Marty has multiple videos on Mt. Wilson rides with LA Crew. He answered most of the questions. Negative on Relive video. Great fun been on that trail 2 times. On the second trip Mario found a prescription glasses he lost on this video where Ray burned out on the Nikola. On the second trip Marcus's 16X stopped balancing at the spot where Ray and Jeff burnt their board. We've named the spot "Dead wheels pass"...
  16. Nice thread, great idea... This video is Day 2 of Marty's LA tour Mt. Wilson. Courtesy @Yellowman Enjoy Brothers and Sisters... PS. @The Fat Unicyclist you can comment here...
  17. Honestly I have no idea on the top speed around 30 mph just guessing. Range will depend on speed and rider weight. I'm guessing little under 100 miles. 😉 Han Vo weighs 200 lbs went 30 miles with 78 % left average speed of 19 mph. No I'm not doing range test on the Monster now. 🤣 According to the Ewheels 33 mph top speed 96 miles range at 20 mph. Seems reasonable.
  18. Cool Nick, apparently too slow for Han he's replacing it with MSXPro. It's plenty fast for me, the range is what I'm after. Will you be joining us on June? Looks like Marty will be coming. 😁
  19. Las Vegas Han Vo... 900 miles on it.
  20. Just received Gotway Monster V2 2400 Wh. IDK might be the first in Utah.
  21. @UtahEUC is the link to the Telegram. Please join in and enjoy the characters...
  22. Group rides for June 20 is a go. Join me and others on Telegram "Utah EUC riding group" for details. Will post updates here on the FORUM.
  23. Hi guys, I am working on getting some guests from out of town to visit our wonderful State and ride with us. As of now we're working on June 20. Guests will include LA Crew, Frank F from Seattle and Ray from WV, so far. I'm also in communication with NYC guests time pending. Looking forward to fantastic riding year. Hope you'll join us...
  24. Celebrating the conquering of The Overheat Hill.
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