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  1. @M22 Mark Chanya was there on Mt. Wilson ride and saw what he saw. 16X's buzzing around the front of the pack. Since Monster is such a fine road wheel, 16X for trails maybe better option.
  2. One can only dream @meepmeepmayer on my ACM2 and @mrelwood on my MSX with his modified pedals in South Cali with Marty and the gang... The legend is TRUE South Cali women are Gorgeous... Hint @Hunka Hunka Burning Love... Oh we won't need any music... all the cursing in international language on Marty's trails will be Music to our ears LOL...
  3. Just to give you an idea if you planned ahead you can save a lots of money. The lodging at LA Rotex western Inn highly recommended 8 nights none refundable 2 queen beds shared $410 each... I'm pretty sure we can find you international guys wheels to ride, many generous people here in US. All in the planning...
  4. @meepmeepmayer you need to start planning for 2020 tour... You and only you have a reserved ACM2 1600 wh you can ride on any day of the tour (by then it'll be way down the list of wheels offered)... I'll get into more details later but it's doable and you guys owe it to yourself to experience the Adventure, Marty style.
  5. Hey meep do you happen to know at what temperature the fan kicks on, on 84V 1600wh Nikola?
  6. What about Monster? First time I saw them were in the Marty's tour. If you're nimble like Ozzy which you are the limbo champ. It might be the best option for you...
  7. Courtesy of Dave U... Sending his son down the path.
  8. Dave was our GA(Guardian Angel), throughout Marty's tour always thank lessly anchoring our group keeping everyone feel safe. There were more than few times some of us got separated from main group and had our own mini adventure with Dave U... Thanks Bro... Courtesy of Dave U sending his son down the path...
  9. 2,700 miles in two days... Same thing going home... My roommate for a week. Ray speaks Persian, Spanish and English. I'm fluent in Korean. There were no communication issues between us and LA. If I didn't know better I'd say Ray is half Korean from all the authentic Korean food we've enjoyed... Great memories.
  10. We were all looking for that guy with Calgary accent... Oh well maybe next year... BTW you could easily stay invisible...
  11. Wow @Rehab1, are you okay? Did you get hurt? holy cow ...
  12. To be fair by the time Marty went down it was end of our Day 3 ride. Our legs were on auto mode. Most of us sorta had feelings below our knees. Marty was on Tesla skinny tire, would it made a difference on 3 inch tire? IDK I don't think anyone else went down on 3 inch tires on that ride. It's combination of situations we just can't cross all the T's dot all the I's. WEAR YOUR PROTECTIONS...
  13. There's no video of my wipeouts... It never happened, it never happened. I keep repeating to myself... But it still hurts LOL.
  14. BTW @Rehab1, the knee wrap idea came from one of your posts. I've been using compression type but it kept slipping. The one you recommend was not available. Found a compression type with elastic straps runner's use works great. You might not of been with us physically but you were with us in our hearts... 👊
  15. Thanks again Marty for organizing 7 days of EPIC rides. Did we have FUN? Hell ya... Must say Marty's rides are not for weak hearted. Between driving to and from meetup locations there's not a whole lot of time to recover from all day rides. Some nights less than 5 hrs of sleeping if you can fall asleep. The quality of rides were second to none, even more beautiful in person than I could imagined. Before the rides we were wondering what we're going to do with free time after the rides LOL (First day the beach ride from my Hotel and back was 13+ hrs just to kick it off). The characters that showed up were like brothers from another mother, we bonded very quickly as if we were in military experiencing a battle together. Yes it was tough but I'll do it again with my brothers in a heartbeat. COUNT ME IN FOR 2020 ADVENTURE. P.S. If you want a good laugh check out the Telegram Marty set up it's great fun...
  16. Have you received your Z6?
  17. You are right, as usual thx. So KS charger 1.5 amps + 3 amps ( 2 x 1.5 amp GW charger with charge Doctor) = 4.5 amps. Close enough I guess.
  18. Any chance you could produce and sell your EUC stands and other inventions?
  19. I set my Kuji pad so that top of my shoe is jammed into bottom of the pad. Pedals fold fine, not a jumper myself. Use it to leverage the pedals and stay on the pedals on bumps. KS16X is so torquey don't need the upper pads like MSX. I've lost count how many times it kept me from stepping off the pedals hitting potholes. EDIT: I'm old school, prefer leather shoes with no play. Leather can be pain to break-in but once it's broken in fits like a glove. To help break-in wet the leather and put the shoe on until it dries.
  20. That was stupid showing his cards... It's never the Gun, it's who's behind it... We've got rifles that will hit 8 inch steel targets from 880 yrds with 20 mph cross wind consistently.
  21. Lol bunch of weirdos riding on a single wheel with a Gun. Don t forget the Gun never leave home without it.
  22. Not the @eddiemoy I remember from all the posts about how Gotways are the death machines and if you value your life stay clear of Gotways. How things change...
  23. That was day before 70 F dropped to 42 F high and 24 F low. Luckily snow did not stick this time. Flakes from Lake effect from Great Salt Lake. Stay tuned and will post some snow shortly. If you have chance watch 4 of 5 on video I posted on Local group ride section. Little riding in snow lol.
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