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  1. Interesting that you own all the models I'm considering but you prefer the ACM the most. That's good to know... I can understand that since I think 16" wheels seem to be the sweet spot for comfortable ride quality and maneuverability. After going from my first EU (Ninebot One) to the Kingsong 14, then finally the Msuper2... I found that while I loved the agility of the 14" and the speed and spacious pedals of the Msuper, I preferred the Ninebot for overall ride comfort while still being super agile. Its probably why I am looking at the ACM.. A wheel with the speed of the msuper2 but with maneuverability closer to the Ninebot.. Curious, your first two ACMs.. were they sold for the higher capacity models? I'm looking at the 1300wh but not sure if I'd like the extra weight so I might go for the 850wh... (though it wouldn't be much of a step up from my msuper2 that's also 850wh) Thanks for the welcome back , I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the local groups forum. Looking forward to it!
  2. I hear you... I was hit on my sportbike on the freeway by a drunk driver years ago that I was lucky to survive... Maybe that's why Monocycles appealed to me.. (especially the highspeed models like the msuper) because it helped filled the "gap" left behind from riding sportbikes.
  3. haha if this happened in Florida... that would have almost definitely been in the video!
  4. All recorded on video for posterity While it definitely sucked frying the wheel, I'm glad it didn't result in any serious injuries. Though for the majority of us fellow enthusiasts, I'm almost positive our first reaction after a crash is "is my wheel OK???"
  5. Hi Marty, Just hopped on today after years of being gone. But your post immediately caught my attention since I was seriously thinking of "updating" my current stable with an ACM.. That's a real bummer... On something that isn't cheap. I haven't read the whole thread yet but hopefully you'll be able to get some decent repair service for it... Still a hassle considering what these things weigh. I'm now thinking of possibly getting a monster OR the msuper v3 because of your recent experience. On another note: I saw you and @Sven are local (!) Do you guys have room for another fellow Gotway rider join your group ride one of these weekends? I current run with an msuper2.. Which hillariously is now the "little wheel" compared to what you guys run with
  6. I've always understood that the current model gotways aren't equipped with the compatible (ahem properly licensed) BT modules that would allow them to work with IOS devices -- and thus no IOS app currently. Or at least not until the MCM4... Yet here's someone who claims to have "joined the gotway factory: and that the MCM2s (and based on that any models released after that.. i.e. Msuper2) are compatible with IOS. And it's just the app that needs to catch up. Can anyone confirm? AFAIK the gotway IOS screenshots that have been floating around may be tied to MCM4s only. And not compatible with any earlier models.
  7. Looking good! If you ever want to take some cross country trips ala Ugo, Looks like it wouldn't take much to also rig up a simple saddle / seat setup. So you can sit down for those times when you want to give your feet a break. Probably one of the features I like most about the KS 18"
  8. Despite what people may think of their design aesthetic (Which I admit I'm not a fan of here . Though I did warm up to the 14" and always liked the polarizing 18" styling) you have to admit King Song really does pack in the features. The built-in handle is just another way they are continuing with this philosophy. Great job with that King Song! ...Now if they could just find a better industrial designer... Or you know... Send them on some design quests to level up
  9. Yes, the relatively small pedal size on the KS 18" is why I decided to go with an Msuper this generation as well. A few recent (long distance) rides for me on the KS made me realize how much an extra couple of inches make in terms of comfort .. Since you have a larger "sweet spot" where you can shift your feet. Not to mention riding off curbs or sudden dips on the road may cause your feet to re-position on landing and end hanging off more than you would like. Not being able to apply enough torque for steep hills was very interesting to hear from your experience as well. The pedal extension solution you came up with I'm sure will help others who find the pedals too small for them. The Ninebot pedals being only slightly larger were much more comfortable for long rides. And the Msuper is even larger. For people with a size 10 or larger shoe (43 + for euro-riders), this is worth considering depending on how you plan to use your wheel. Even with that being the case, if i would have been able to get my hands on the 1360Wh wheel (thanks for your efforts Kale!), I would have gone with the KS anyway, and found a workaround for the pedals like you did. That's why I'm glad to hear from Kale that KS is working on a new pedal. Since that's about the only complaint I've heard with KS units from users (and maybe some styling critiques.) I happen to like the 14" and 18" styling -- so for me, it was the pedal size that clinched it.
  10. I'm very curious about what this will look like. Being disappointed with the recently leaked white KS 16" photo, I'm hoping that Gotway has a design that I can get onboard with... If they can somehow offer it with a huge battery ala the msuper, that might be just the wheel I'll be getting next.
  11. I can also say Johnc415 has great customer support. I've written him and asked a few questions and even when he knew I wasn't interested in purchasing anymore, he was still very helpful.
  12. Hilarious, I never thought I'd be learning about Thermite on an Electric Unicycle Forum ... If Batman ever needs to contract someone to arm his custom monocycle (probably would start with this in keeping with the batmobile's tumbler design), I think you'll be the right man for the job.
  13. *sees Spam* Now I'm craving spam musubi... Thanks a lot Jag_Rip, I'm trying to eat healthy haha Note: For KS 14" owners: The valve position makes it difficult to remove the valve core. You may need to order a low profile valve remover like this in order to do so.
  14. So if I understand correctly, the wheel will continue to climb, but any further pressure on the pedals will just cause it to tilt forward, is that right? Yes, the current pedal size (same size of the KS 14 which I own) of the KS18 is why I ended up choosing an msuper. The 18" has a smaller pedal than even the 16" Ninebot which to me was a deciding factor... And I see it caused you some issues as well. I'm hoping KS' new pedal design will address this.
  15. Hmm what's the date from that post though? Maybe that idea came from reading this very thread and your post eh? They might be copying your idea
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