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  1. A friend of mine bought this and crashed hard on his first try. Wheel has some cosmetic scratches, but functionally works ok. I rode it for 86 miles but no longer have time to ride it. Sell for $650 firm
  2. I used my wheel to shoot the first remote controlled 18 wheeler yesterday as we were right next to an airport. Pretty cool! BTW does the LA group do rides in LA? I'd be down to do something this next week if anyone is down.
  3. I don't have this problem at all on the V8. I also have pretty strong legs. I grew up playing hockey and riding BMX and still ride Mtn Bikes. I can go slow on my wheel, but I cant keep it rolling straight. maybe that's just a practice thing. I have almost 500 miles under my belt so far. 400 on the V8 and 85 on the M-Super. Maybe "horrifying" is too strong of a word, I just don't like the idea of failure at 25-30 mph. I wish there was a store here in LA. You can't even look at them before you buy them.
  4. I'm debating these two as well. I currently have a V8, and an M-Super. The M-Super kinda dropped in my lap when one of my best friends saw me riding my V8 and that night decided he had to have one, read a review and in a couple days had the powerful Gotway. I went out to help him get started and he immediately crashed the shit out of it. The thing was doing summer salts down his street. He was horrified. His wife was horrified. So he gave it to me to buy for $1000. I took it with the intent of using it to shoot video from, but the first shoot I got on (Shooting a Mclaren 720s) as soon as I bent my knees to get a low angle it would start wobbling. REALLY, REALLY bad! So I'd back off and lose the shot. So I don't love it compared to my V8. What I DO like about it is the solid feeling which I assume is due to the xtra 20 lbs and the 18" wheel, the stability off road and of course the speed. I did get it up to 36mph once or twice (according to DarknessBot) and it was kinda scary! The tilting forward when turning is the dumbest thing E-V-E-R! And walking it is a joke. One time if fell over and started sawing away on my ankle. I had a scab for 2 weeks from the hungry 18" tire. So I have two needs. One is doing errands, using the Subway, and basically goofing around. Right now that's 95% of my usage. The beauty of the V8 is it's light, well mannered when walking it and the button under the handle is very handy when walking down stairs. What I DON'T like about the V8 is: the lack of battery life, I get cramps from the small pedals on long journeys when I don't wear sturdy shoes (I have big feet) and the lack of power/stability. It's also pretty wobbly sub 5mph, but maybe they all are? Ideally I'd have one EUC that did everything and KS16s seems to have potential for that. My secondary need is filming which I'm hoping to do more of in 2018. The lure of all that power on the Tesla is inviting, and it's only 4lbs heavier than the 16s...But the thought of a unit that might cease up at any time is horrifying. I got Jason's 2 cents @ EWheels, but I'd like to get the forums thoughts.
  5. Yeah, I would have liked to have joined. I'm debating getting either a KS 16s or the Tesla. Love my V8 for errands and the subway, but speed and battery life isn't good enough anymore as I've progressed. Plus I've got big feet.
  6. I've got a couple wheels, I own a V8. and an M-Super that a friend of mine bought, but he never rides it. Looking to sell or rent if someone was interested. Looking to connect with fellow EUC riders in LA, I'm debating the Tesla or Kingsong 16s and would love to see them in person.
  7. I just got an M-Super 18" and since it was brand new the handle won't lock in the up position. I have a V8 and the handle is excellent, so by comparison this one sucks! Is there a way to fix this? I've tried all sorts of ways to push it pull and nothing seems to work.
  8. I was searching to see if someone made an aftermarket pad and I ran across this thread. I guess I'll give it more time per Langham P's suggestion (thank you). But DAYAM, do my calves hurt on a long ride! I also have a V8 and it's the same spot that the bump on top hits. My next thing is to locate a pad for the bump. I just found out about Darkness Bot app which is so much better. When I turn the M-Super, I have to angle so far forward I feel like my feet are going to slide off. Are there any adjustments in Darkness Bot APP? 3 months ago I was reading up on which wheel to get, I started with the V8, and really love all it's characteristics, but the need for speed took over and I got the M-Super, I'm keeping the V8 as my commuter, and the M-Super for the heavy duty stuff.
  9. This is the one bad thing about the internet. There's literally not one dealer for these things in LA. One of the biggest cities in the world and I can't go look at them. I ride motorcycles and I'm not THAT big, but I have to raise the seat and have raising links. I find most things in life are made for the "average Joe" who's 5'7"
  10. I'm now looking back at the two wheel design as it does make sense because you can stand in one place, and it's much easier to learn. InMotion also makes a two wheeled model. Since they both have 14" wheels, is there a reason you like the Airwheel over the InMotion? Maybe later I could get a KingSong 18"...eWheels has the inmotion on sale for $550 which is pretty cheap!
  11. HAHA! If it could cook me dinner, I'd be in heaven! Here's the list Portability fits in my car with lots of other gear. (do they allow them on planes if batteries can be shipped separately?) Carry my weight + camera payload (me = 220-230 lbs, camera 7-20 lbs) Travel on rough terrain - grass, off road Reliable + holds it's value = Parts are available (these all seem to be branches of the same tree) Sitting is attractive because of waiting between takes. Can you sit on it, then stand and go?
  12. I'm still figuring it out. And at this point it's all in theory. Guys to shoot on Segway's, but that's a big heavy beast with a wide foot print. The beauty of an EUC is portability and maneuverability. Speed, yes? I also Rollerblade, so a lot of ground is covered on them, but the EUC gives a more effortless glide and can go on rougher terrain and a lot of the appeal is I'd be unique. With social media I could advertise something that I've never seen any other cam ops do. I'm trying to expand my skill set...and get a cool toy in the mean time.
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