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  1. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    He is more euphemistic than diplomatic, but yeah Jason at EWheels said much the same to me. Sure the failure rate is like Gotway in 2016 for the i5 model. I am a little skeptical about how some of the riders would treat a 14lb 13 mph wheel so I cut in half the failure rates with regards to Company fault. The cases are very fragile on the i5, and I am just fixing my i5 this weekend. The ips i5 is an amazing ride. Actually its astonishing that such a light thing can take you anywhere. I have never been a rider who thinks these wheels are actually reliable. They are like aquaintances that way. Thats why when the wheels really do perform and are reliable that they become our robot friends, or on the contrapositive our nemisis. I am in the former category with ips and as soon as I have time I am going to purchase the s5 and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it like I have enjoyed all my other IPS wheels. Reviews are for re enforcing an already held bias. They rarely tell one how fun the vehicle will be for anyone other than the reviewer. Maybe the reviewer is having a bad day, maybe the reviewer doesnt get the vehicle, or doesnt ever ride the way the wheel is intended to be. I dont live vicariously very well I guess.
  2. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    Well that $900 the IPS s5 costs was eaten by the Honda Z600 full engine gasket set, Cv axels, new piston set (only two for this car), and a new oil cooler mod shipped from North Carolina. It is a very small car in exchange for a very small EUC. I am sure they will still be making the s5 in Oct. My mechanic is only available for two more weeks, so my priorities are set for now. Urgent vs Important. Its an age old dilemma.
  3. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    I cancelled the order. It wasnt yet even made. It is available now tho as of yesterday, but I wanted to get the higher battery version which is not yet available. I may have to wait in any case because my cars ae now eating all my money to get them fixed these next 2 weeks and this one. I wont have enough time to test it until October anyway. So I am holding off until then. I really wish the Green Fashion store didnt string me along like it was in stock for a month before they fessed up to it not even being made yet. I am a busy man with the Honda z600, a Subaru Justy carbureted 5 speed, and a 1986 Subaru Gl turbo, a Goliath express 1100 van engine and the interior for a Borgward Goliath 1100 Sedan. So I am not bored either. Lol
  4. Stan Onymous

    KS18L vs GW Tesla

    Until Wheels get shock absorbers, going anywhere above 30 mph in DTLA or any L.A. streets is a numbers game where you get thrown from the Wheel. The MSuper is indeed faster, but not faster at braking from 40 mph than a car, so theres another area that makes that speed unsafe in a commuter application. DTLA traffic speed is around 20mph with very few areas for over 30mph around the Staples center or on the other side around Alameda. I would not try going that fast on Alameda from Temple to Olympic. Stability is not the issue here. Centrifugal forces are centrifugal forces above 20 mph and the larger tire smoothes out the road wrinkles, but not the bumps, since there is no Suspension system save for the tire rubber and air. The Shock absorbers would absorb the force that will launch you into the air without them. So its a numbers game, and you can ride for a while at those top speeds, but not for long...
  5. Stan Onymous

    California - Mt Wilson Ride - Saturday 01Sep2018

    I have been invited to take my Monster ‘92 subaru legacy wagon 4wheeling up in Azuza, but I am also on deadline for two restoration projects and I only have 3 weeks with his services til he moves to Tinnysee and says so long to California. So I may miss both opportunities. So regrettfully I will have to postpone the V10F Mt. Wilson Overload test.
  6. Stan Onymous

    How bad were you hurt?

    I wonder if the hallucinogen would confuse the pain signals since the hallucinogens flood the neuro receptors with tons of messages all at once. I wonder what colors or patterns pain would create. Just because a Nation has free healthcare, doesnt mean they will use it. The UK has free Dental, but just take a look at Tony Blair’s grille and you would think he was a Civil war re enacter from West Virginia. My 2 cents another penny- The new pillow I got gave me a crick in my neck, so I got some Pot candy since it was only a little more expensivve and much more friendly to my head and liver than Aleve or Ibuprofen. Totally solved my problem in my sleep. I am returning the pillows to pay for the candy. Ha!
  7. Stan Onymous

    v10 vs tesla? witch one is better for commuters

    Not known for... but I bet it could if it wanted to. I was thinking of the mcm5 for the vents. I thought the teasla was similar in design. My bad.
  8. Stan Onymous

    v10 vs tesla? witch one is better for commuters

    If you are under 175 lbs the V10F is fine For all hills, the waterproofing everyone is so upset about wasnt really in past unicycles besides the InMotion. For instance, the V8 had an interchangeable battery and that was in a case. The KS18s has its batteries wrapped with the same type and of blue tape the V10 has. I bet a lot of those teslas have caseless batteries too, and those air vents dont seem too water tight. No problems yet, but I wonder how many ride their teslas in the rain anyway. The InMotion body is very, very durable. The tesla is not as durable, but just as stylish InMotion is fixing the battery casings omission, and next on the list will be the comfort of the larger carriaged riders in the heat of summer. I live in the hilliest area of L.A. and have had no problems cruising up all of them at 20 mph. I weigh 150 lbs and the torque of the V10 to handle deep potholes is outstanding. The motor is very capable as it is now and for the winter they both have high pedals for the snow. Lastly what do you want in a vehicle as far as ride. The InMotion allows for almost carefree wreckless abandon, since its such a sturdy safe vehicle (Post waterproofing). Its safety protocols built in warn you before it tries to murder you. The Tesla needs a minder. It will burn through a mosfet on the control board and the center of the earth if it could. Its only joy is to get you where you need to go or Thelma and Louise you both if it fails. Also the V10 allows for the monitoring of the Sox game or the Patriots and even those Bruins through its bluetooth speakers. The KS18L does what both of these can and it speaks in International English to warn you. Go with the darkhorse!
  9. Stan Onymous

    v10 vs tesla? witch one is better for commuters

    Booo Chinese tires! Boooooo!
  10. Stan Onymous

    Those oval pads for the V8, where do you put them?

    I actually cut mine in half lengthwise. Then with the flat cut facing down I align them with the bottom inside corners of the arc bulge near the top. It makes that whole area look like a semicircle which I did for form and function. Works great for me. Had them for nearly 3000 miles so far.
  11. Stan Onymous

    Greater Los Angeles Area

    Hey now Klin. I ride all over Los Angeles. Infact I am at Nick's Cafe just above Chinatown. I came down the LA river from Atwater village and will go by Dodger stadium and end up off of Sunset Blvd in Echo Park Silverlake. Where do you do your riding?
  12. Stan Onymous

    first ride in downtown traffic ...

    I predict you will get them sooner than that. Usually takes about 3 -5 months before the calculus awareness of risks, usage, and safety kicks in. My thoughts when I started were - I need my hands to grab and avoid obstacles in event of a fall or collision. - Possibly, but I also need them when I am not on the wheel. Since the hands are the first to protect in a fall, they are also the first to get injured since they feel the force first. Accidents are not always at the discretion of the rider.
  13. Stan Onymous

    How bad were you hurt?

    Use that new stretchy tape the atheletes use to hold a sandwich baggie of ice on the shoulder or elbow where it hurts. A couple of treatments like this and you will feel much better. And if you are a daily banana eater, give it a two day hiatus to clear the K, potassium from your body from the muscle impact. When muscles get squeezed with enough pressure, they can release K . Its called Crush syndrome. We get a very mild form of this when we run a marathon or get smashed up falling from our wheels. But higher potassium levels are symptomatic from the fall. Phosphates are good for muscle energy, so maybe down a coke while you wait for the ice to melt on your joints.
  14. Stan Onymous

    v10 vs tesla? witch one is better for commuters

    The Ks18L is a fantastic commuter wheel. The 6 miles is really nothing for that wheel to handle, and you should mop up that distance in an easy going 25 minutes. I have around 4-6 miles depending on my routes to and from work and I use both KS18L and the V10F. I enjoy the ride of the V10F more than the KS18L, but I enjoy the speed and stability of the KS18L. As far as weight goes, they are five lbs apart with the KS18L being the heavier, but being so well balanced with the handle placement it doesnt feel any heavier. The joy of the KS18L is that this is their second forray into the high speed wheel category. So most of the kinks having to do with the ride are ironed out. There were a few design flaws trying to immitate InMotion’s handle wheel disengagement function. They have been addressed on the newer models. This is InMotion’s first venture at the higher speeds and while Darknessbot and WheelLog promise higher speeds, they really only give me a decent 25.4 mph as the top speed so far before tilting back. If you are in Massachusetts, you will have rain, and the V10F pedals are a bit slippery in the rain. Kingsong is promising newer larger Pedals through eWheels.com and they have done a nice job encapsulating the batteries in a sealed container, and keeping the battery and motor connectors behind the foam to keep them from getting water or dust in them. Inmotion has come around to this thinking in their newer batches having seen what water can do to electronics in London. If you go with the KS18L ask @houseofjob where he gets his Chaoyang tires from for the 64-355 or 18” x 2.5” tires? Let us know how the journey turns out.
  15. Stan Onymous

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    1001 miles on my V10F as of today in just over two months and looking forward to giving my baby a thorough waterproofing and cleaning. Also if @Jason McNeil or @Jeffrey Scott Will have a spare front fender stand body piece available, I will need that part too since I am doing a full teardown, might as well fix the old V10 cosmetically as well. Unless they want to do it for me. I kind of want to do it myself if they can give a little better lighted pics, and more detailed battery disconnect reconnect procedures. I have all the tools from working on cars and this is no more difficult that putting together and rewiring a dashboard.