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  1. So obtuse and prevaricating. I just wear a helmet Ahahahahahaha how gross you would be if that were true. Yuck is the word for that
  2. Since we have pedals on eucs and not a Board, I am pretty sure we fit into Pedal assisted e-bikes and thats what I am calling them. I will also use @eddiemoy ‘s American with Disabilities act excuse as the loophole that allows these in the pedal assisted Bicycle category. Since the unicycle is a balance assist by using the pedals vehicle even without the motor in it , it is still a pedal assist vehicle with the balancing motor for the pedals. There should be a liability lawsuit against the City or State for even restricting the safety power of a self balancing vehicle to under 1000watts i
  3. Well after you ignore all the dirty looks from the trail walkers at Griffith park and get banned, you can always get your jollies bothering all of the people at the Rose Bowl too. Marty likes to show off his rough dark side in public on a wheel, and doesnt notice that people look at him like a fly fisher with way too much garb. (Better give him some space). Trail walkers, Bike riders, and Horse torturers all have groups that speak to the park rangers and management. Unicyclists do not have the benefit of this lobbying yet. So if there is a problem in the park, who do you think the Park wi
  4. The 313.5 does not address balance propulsion, or gravity and we have 2 pedals, not a board. Unicycles of a certain diameter are considered bikes too. 313.5 deals with board scooters, hoverboards, segway 2 wheeled scooters, and one wheels. Electric Skateboards are only distinguished from the other boards for road travel in the highway section 3 of that code. It appears as if the Bird people got a lot of goodies out of this deal. Banning them from parks makes them easier to retrieve for the company. The code also requires a helmet, so if you don't happen to have one on, you will be mo
  5. First off that 313.5 code only applies to scooters only electric no pedal bikes, and one wheels, and skateboards. We are different from that code and not included. We need only worry about section C of that code, since the Park allows for bikes and horses in certain areas, and it allows for bikes. The default for these places is still none allowed per the section 21113 Vc, so as to allow the managers to manage their areas as the needs arise. It is clunky tho We also do not fall under the 313.5 statute since we are propelled by gravity much like you are when you run. Your legs just ke
  6. But the Inmotion products do everything better than the Kingsongs except range. That is within similarly specced vehicles. The V10 is the best riding EUC for street and dirt except for the overload snafu. This is a big snafu tho, because it keeps some from experiencing this ride. It just rides smoother, turns easier, has a better stability going over hidden potholes and bowl sized street moguls. Its also a bit lighter than the 18L and about the same size even tho it is a 16”. the V8 should be a starter wheel and a commuter wheel for those who mix public transport with the EUC. Its also no
  7. The Park Rangers in Griffith park now have ATVs and are patrolling the park like those ATVs are fun to ride or something. They are on the hunt for people on bird scooters and other non park allowed vehicles. If you go on the dirt trails, you will be cited and possibly start a ban on electric unicycles within the park. If you are stopped by these Rangers, explain that the motor is used for balance only, and that the Cal DOT has classified electric unicycles in the category of bicycles. They are really more interested in the vehicles as an awesome machine, so lets not change their minds abo
  8. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    He is more euphemistic than diplomatic, but yeah Jason at EWheels said much the same to me. Sure the failure rate is like Gotway in 2016 for the i5 model. I am a little skeptical about how some of the riders would treat a 14lb 13 mph wheel so I cut in half the failure rates with regards to Company fault. The cases are very fragile on the i5, and I am just fixing my i5 this weekend. The ips i5 is an amazing ride. Actually its astonishing that such a light thing can take you anywhere. I have never been a rider who thinks these wheels are actually reliable. They are like aquaintances that w
  9. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    Well that $900 the IPS s5 costs was eaten by the Honda Z600 full engine gasket set, Cv axels, new piston set (only two for this car), and a new oil cooler mod shipped from North Carolina. It is a very small car in exchange for a very small EUC. I am sure they will still be making the s5 in Oct. My mechanic is only available for two more weeks, so my priorities are set for now. Urgent vs Important. Its an age old dilemma.
  10. Stan Onymous

    IPS S5

    I cancelled the order. It wasnt yet even made. It is available now tho as of yesterday, but I wanted to get the higher battery version which is not yet available. I may have to wait in any case because my cars ae now eating all my money to get them fixed these next 2 weeks and this one. I wont have enough time to test it until October anyway. So I am holding off until then. I really wish the Green Fashion store didnt string me along like it was in stock for a month before they fessed up to it not even being made yet. I am a busy man with the Honda z600, a Subaru Justy carbureted 5 s
  11. Until Wheels get shock absorbers, going anywhere above 30 mph in DTLA or any L.A. streets is a numbers game where you get thrown from the Wheel. The MSuper is indeed faster, but not faster at braking from 40 mph than a car, so theres another area that makes that speed unsafe in a commuter application. DTLA traffic speed is around 20mph with very few areas for over 30mph around the Staples center or on the other side around Alameda. I would not try going that fast on Alameda from Temple to Olympic. Stability is not the issue here. Centrifugal forces are centrifugal forces above 20 mph and
  12. I have been invited to take my Monster ‘92 subaru legacy wagon 4wheeling up in Azuza, but I am also on deadline for two restoration projects and I only have 3 weeks with his services til he moves to Tinnysee and says so long to California. So I may miss both opportunities. So regrettfully I will have to postpone the V10F Mt. Wilson Overload test.
  13. I wonder if the hallucinogen would confuse the pain signals since the hallucinogens flood the neuro receptors with tons of messages all at once. I wonder what colors or patterns pain would create. Just because a Nation has free healthcare, doesnt mean they will use it. The UK has free Dental, but just take a look at Tony Blair’s grille and you would think he was a Civil war re enacter from West Virginia. My 2 cents another penny- The new pillow I got gave me a crick in my neck, so I got some Pot candy since it was only a little more expensivve and much more friendly to my head
  14. Not known for... but I bet it could if it wanted to. I was thinking of the mcm5 for the vents. I thought the teasla was similar in design. My bad.
  15. If you are under 175 lbs the V10F is fine For all hills, the waterproofing everyone is so upset about wasnt really in past unicycles besides the InMotion. For instance, the V8 had an interchangeable battery and that was in a case. The KS18s has its batteries wrapped with the same type and of blue tape the V10 has. I bet a lot of those teslas have caseless batteries too, and those air vents dont seem too water tight. No problems yet, but I wonder how many ride their teslas in the rain anyway. The InMotion body is very, very durable. The tesla is not as durable, but just as stylish InMotion
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