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  1. Stan Onymous

    Riders in Maine?

    Look in the forums here and choose a Private sale/ used vehicle. You could get anything with a motor larger than 1000 watts for around $600- $900 that you will always still want to ride. Read up on the quirks of the vehicle you choose in the forum while it ships. Vehicles I would suggest are the KS16, the ACM2. A kingsong 18ay with the 1200watt motor, or an Msuper v2 would also work and you will almost certainly always love them even after you want more or better or more refined.
  2. Stan Onymous


    Yes, thats the circuit, and the triple axis gyro circuit is what most eucs have. The companies all vary the use of these to get the different feels of the rides of their vehicles. For your purposes, the Inmotion and Kingsong lines in the 16” or the new KS18L once the Firmware is worked out would be perfect for you, as would the Gotway vehicles - MCM5 for smoother pavement and the Tesla with more of a purpose for downhill speed.which also looks very promising in this dept and I will review it in Aug when it arrives
  3. Stan Onymous

    InMotion V8 Troubleshooting

    If it came dislodged somehow, I suggest cutting some foam, the plasticy foam and wedge it inbetween the battery and the top of the vehicle.
  4. Stan Onymous

    InMotion V8 Troubleshooting

    I never tried, so I dont know. Do you know how to take the cover off? there are two screws aside the bottom tire access flap. Unscrew the two on the opposite side from the trolley handle and set aside. Position pedal at about 45°, lift or prop up the flap. Twist the shell counterclockwise by giving a gentle Fonzie smack with your palm on that leg bulge to dislodge. It moves about an inch or so. Then lift the top edge up and remove the shell under the pedal space between body. Once the shell is removed, on the right side of the battery are the power connectors for the battery and charging the battery. Make sure they are connected. If they are, call your seller and describe the problem. The shell is supposed to be removed for battery changes, so its okay to do. assembly is reverse of this. Make sure you line up the case properly around the top and twist it clockwise. Then replace the screws you set aside.
  5. Stan Onymous


    There is no physical gyro from my understanding. The movement is gyroscopic, but it is achieved through sensors in the wheel sensing if it is beyond or before top dead center and speeds up or decelerates depending on your movements forward or rear. The side to side movements are easy to do on most EUCs, but Inmotion seems to be a favorite due to the high pedals and ride feel.
  6. Stan Onymous

    InMotion V8 Troubleshooting

    Question 1. Did you have the Inmotion app open and in your hand while you were riding? Question 2. Could you have hit the Lock function of the vehicle in the app? Dont laugh, this happened to me on my Kingsong when I first got it and they changed the app. I noticed that InMotions new app has that feature too.
  7. Stan Onymous

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I found @maltocs to be a very good North American substitute for the weight vest I bought for just this purpose. Plus, those vests are black and make carrying that weight a much sweatier ordeal than it needs to be. I think I lose about 5 lbs in water weight just riding around with the thing. it is well balanced though, but not as good as Maltocs.
  8. Stan Onymous

    Additional on-wheel lighting

    Yeah, its the judge in the well broken in Overalls presiding from over his pigpen gate that really takes the money though. Lol
  9. Stan Onymous

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    The Gotway MCM5 is 35 lbs for the 420wh battery version. The Inmotion V8 480wh is 30lbs and feels lighter than your Ninebot. It too can go 30 kp/h and faster depending on your weight and battery power with WheelLog app for Android. Available on this forum through a link as well. Search for it. If you are not over 78 kg or 170 lbs the V8 should go the full 6km at 30 kph. Carrying the extra five pounds might not seem like a lot, but after the first 3 flights of stairs, you will be thankful for the further relief. The V8 charges remarkably fast too. The MCM5 really shines as a hill climber on streets or up dirt hills. I was told that since its a 14” tire it suffers from poor street surfacing and potholes. The V8 is also 5 lbs lighter than the KS16S which is also a fantastic vehicle for the streets. Really depends on how much you will want to carry and your body weight.
  10. I saw a Ks16S for sale from Canada BC, and if he would take the $850 and eat the shipping, this would also be a perfect starter wheel, since it also has a 1200watt motor and the large 840 wh battery. The machine is durable and has bluetooth speakers for wrenching in the garage while listening to the ballgame. Goes as fast as the Msuper v2 and is much easier to maneuver and less stress on your knee muscles for a beginner.
  11. Stan Onymous

    Additional on-wheel lighting

    Yes, I assumed you werent speaking of the bouncing blue walmart discount ball. 😄
  12. Totally agree with this statement, and those manufacturers that have delayed their machines are about to release theirs over halfway through the Summer. I wonder how many of those from InMotion V10s and Kingsong 18Ls will be pleased that at least they were able to ride their machines until the fix was settled. They may have even had input on the final ride of the vehicle. Aside from the worries of damage to the internals, I enjoy and learn a lot from observing the physical limits of the vehicles without injuring people. There is a trade off in getting the finished(for now) product when ready and the work in progress which you add to the finishing by receiving them earlier. Time will tell 🕰️ “Also we have a case of a new inmotion V10F that took fire after a very violent crash against a wall at high speed..“ Yeah, I hate it when those walls just jump out at you. Only you can stop EUC abuse.
  13. Stan Onymous

    Additional on-wheel lighting

    I use a LED rope light meant for bicycle tires. It is attached to a motocross padded jacket with twist ties, and I have another one that I use velcro straps used for audio cables to attach it to my fuzzy jackets and vests. you can also get a colored LED necklace and blinking led arm straps at Home Depot as well. Drivers see blue and green better than red for some reason, so use both if you can. We have 99c stores in L.A., and I am always finding led toys and lights that I can attach to my wrist guards with Velcro too. Very cheap solution.
  14. Stan Onymous

    V5F DOA - Possibly Battery?

    The V5F was my first EUC after the Segway A1A I got from ebay had a bad battery. Got my V5f from ewheels too, because of the great CS reports from the forum and their own website. I learned on that machine too, and I still use my V5F for others to learn and to go on short trips to the store and back. You are doing great, and it is something to take it to a family reunion. Everyone wants to try it out after a couple of rounds. It is a tough little wheel, and the padded cover makes it easier to loan out for learning. After getting used to every machine, I always will want more speed. So you will probably always want more speed. Use this machine to learn to cruise just below the limit. It will make it easier on all the other EUCs you ride in the future. Most of our group rides are below 17mph and within 15 miles anyway. Its so nostalgic to hear the stories of new riders. It also fills me with a certain amount of pride to see how far we all have come since we were on our first unicycles. Congrats! 🏆
  15. I just tried out the KS18L at Griffith Park and found it to be a totally awesome machine! Floats and rides like a 16” wheel. Very mobile. The acceleration is fantastic, the pedals are nice and high. That humorously nicknamed scrotal sac back mudflap looks more like Disney character Pluto’s ear, and those that dont like it, may just be envious. I was looking forward to the Ninebot Z10, being a Segway a1a first time owner, but I honestly found the ride to be too,... hmmm how do I put this without offending the fandom?... Bossy, yeah thats it. I dont need bossy when I want to relax or commute. Somehow, the KS18L immediately charms you as if you have known eachother your whole lives. It is very very responsive for such a large wheel, and as a KS18s owner I can say this is a totally different machine!