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  1. So this ride will be at speeds below 20 mph, sounds good. My son also wants to come along with his KS16S. Looks like we will be having a Fast Charging Party at Hooters! Oops including myself I have a KS18L. @Dzlchef @Jambo & my good friend = 3x - KS16S
  2. Like @tessa25 said, you need to ride some dirt trails (off roading over rough terrain.) to get to know your wheel, then i strongly believe you will be doing good after words, it'll feel like child's play !
  3. Dave U

    KS 16s or 16x

    Only want 1 ecu = KS16X Wait and get the better wheel (KS16X) or else by the same time next year you will be owning 2 wheels!
  4. Get your wheel checked then sell it and get yourself either a KS16X, MSX or KS18XL and a pair of wrist guards while you're at it. Ride safe buddy!
  5. I wear the Bell Super DH (Down Hill) with Mips Mountainbike Helmet when on my KS18L. It also gets kinda hot here in Los Angeles Ca.
  6. Go to your local dollar store and buy a dog leash, cut the metal latch off and to size ( just enough to keep your wheel upright when it kicks you off), use it to keep your wheel from hitting the pavement until you get the hang of riding it, then just simply throw it away. It worked for my son and I.
  7. Thanks for the link Marty. I just ordered one.
  8. @Marty Backe @n2eus I appreciate your generosity and suggestions. Thank you
  9. I need to confess, I'm an addict as well. I'm also thinking of putting my order in for that 16X.
  10. @n2eusWill there be a location where we can make a pit stop to do a fast charge to get that extra few miles some of us might need ? I have a KS18L.
  11. Safety Gear Recommendations: Helmet (Full face): Bell Super DH Mips, for faster high speed trail rides, it also has a removable Chin Bar for city slower rides. Wrist Guards: Flexmeter or Triple 8 Knee Pads: Triple 8 Elbow Pads: Triple 8 Mirror: Round for wrist guard or helmet mirror or both. Extras: VUP Running Armband for cell phones, "get the armband" not the wristband, armband fits perfectly over your wrist guard. Lezyne 1500XXL White Light with multiple functions for riding at night or day Zecto MAX 250 Rear Red Light with multiple functions for riding at night or day
  12. Dave U

    Griffith Park Ride - Perfect for Newbies

    Looking like you guys had a great time like always. I'll be waiting for the video. I almost made it to this one but the timing was off a bit. Marty can you please post your group rides a bit sooner so i don't engage in other plans. Thanks..
  13. Dave U

    KS 18XL plays music while off!

    Also if you have a Ring door bell, your wheel if charging will tell you someone is at the front door with all the bells and whistles.
  14. I come from an aerospace industry. So any trailing edges of an aircraft will have these static wicks, but this will not work on a wheel that we are trolleying at walking (about 3.1 miles per hour) speeds. In order for the static wicks to work you need to have a constant high speed of air flow to dissipate the ESD (electric static discharge). If you have traveled to Japan, you will see these in mostly on all cars (car metal via antistatic straps to street surface contact), in theory to dissipate ESD from the car especially if you have fabric seats. I have read online that these straps absolutely don't work. I have been to Japan many times and not once have I've been shocked exiting a vehicle, I strongly believe they do work!.
  15. Dave U

    Griffith Park Ride - Perfect for Newbies

    @Marty Backe Do you mean Sunday March 31 at 4pm?