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  1. Are these dirt trails the same as Marty's Over Heat Hill trails or less challenging? Count me in, I'll bring plenty of water this time!
  2. Did someone mention Griffith Park ride? Count me in for the group ride!
  3. My 18L weighs in at 22.22Kg / 49Lbs.
  4. If it's a FED EX delivery, you can go online and change the delivery to the nearest FED EX store by your home. It will be delivered the same day but now you have the option to pick up your Nikola at your earliest convenience, some stores are opened 24 hours a day.
  5. Marty I have a 10 pound Lead Weight Dive Belt you could barrow if you like? No Back Pack Required!
  6. Same here, I keep debating if my next wheel should be the MSX or 16X?
  7. Sounds good, I'm all for it! Time to start losing weight. Marty just put me on a diet
  8. I'm currently weighing in at 190 Lbs, Looks like you're strapping on a 10 Lbs backpack but you gave me enough time to lose 10 Lbs. I'll take the XL, Lets do this!
  9. Suggestion, ride both wheels at the same time. One rider on the MXS and the other on the XL. The lighter rider will make up the difference in weight via wearing a backpack making up the difference in weight. I think a loop between Santa Fe Dam via Rio Hondo River Bike Trail to Long Beach through Seal Beach and back up the San Gabriel River Bike Trail will equate to roughly 60 through 75 miles? The loser takes UBER back to the starting point. The winner enjoys another 3+ miles.
  10. Yes we had a great time. After rolling those extra miles we returned and I ended up running out of juice, full tilt back 3/4 mile away from our final destination with battery at 5%. I ended up trolleying my wheel the rest of the way . @Marty Backe @Dzlchef were cool and rolled with me, good guys good company! Marty reminded me that this is the first group ride that someone actually runs out of juice.
  11. Yes, Meet up @ 8.30am and Rolling at 9am.
  12. I have some great news for those in need of a charge. I did the Honors and became the Designated Scouter for this ride. I just got back from Duff's Bar and Grill, talked to a very nice lady by the name of Dana. I told her we have a group ride and that if it will be possible for some of us to charge up our wheels. She said it was no problem and is welcoming us tomorrow to charge outside at the Patio location. She will let Kelly (Will be working Saturday) know we are stopping by cause Dana will have the day off. I mentioned to her we will be ordering drinks and snacks. Dana was more than happy to help us out to enjoy our ride! Lets have a Great RIde!
  13. Looks like they got an open outdoors patio, hopefully with outlets? Grab a drink and a charge.
  14. Best policy is always be polite and don't argue with the badge, If push comes to shove. Better to get off the EUC and trolley it away than risking a citation. Its rare when a cop will say something, usually they want to now about these wheels and ask questions like any other person. I encountered 2 sheriffs on the river bike trails we ride on, both times they see me coming and see me whisk away past them without them telling me to stop.
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