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  1. No, its just not you. I tried too.
  2. This being said, I didn't charge!
  3. He'll be sporting a Red Cape on the next photo op! Stay tuned.
  4. Chris I won't be in town. This is a nice relaxing ride, catch you on the next one.
  5. If he had run over those poor ducks his wheel would have been the 3rd wheel sacrificed to the Gotway gods in that same river!
  6. Chris, what battery % did you have remaining? I also went on a river beach run on my 2100Wh and I was left with 20% battery after 66 miles.
  7. Mark get the Nikola + 100v 1845Wh, I know you like speed. @Dzlchef Brian and I reached the top of overheat hill with no problem as you could see in @Marty Backe Video. Plus I believe you weigh in lower than myself at 180 lbs. When we did the Cogswell Dam dirt trails (32 miles) with Marty. Ray, Patrick, Mark and myself were hitting it hard up the trails with no over heat issues on my Nikola 84v 2100Wh wheel or their wheels. EWheels has them in stock with a lower price! Pull the trigger!! In Stock. All three Nikola variants back in stock Nikola 84V/2100Wh & 100V/1845Wh are the new all black look Note: both the 84v & 100V Nikola will be shipping with the new uprated controllers containing the TO-247 MOSFETS Battery Voltage/Capacity Choose an option84V 1600Wh84V 2100Wh100V 1845Wh  $2,550 $2,450 In stock
  8. Trail, concrete Speed: 28 - 30 mph Riding style when mishap: Sitting then standing up with hard breaking, wheel started wobbling like crazy until it kicked me off. Material Damage: Leatt 5.5 shoulder protection, rear lower scrapes Triple 8 elbow guards, both with scrapes RidBiker under short protection, rear plastic with scrapes, foam and mesh shredded Flexmeters wrist guards, both with plastic scrapes and torn mesh at palm location Alpinestars leather gloves, scrapes Cargo shorts, shredded (destroyed) Fanny pack, shredded (destroyed) Bell DH helmet, untouched Leatt knee guards, untouched Nikola, left side shell and pedals with scrapes, scorpion handle scrapes (road rash), seat ripped off. --------- Bodily Injuries: R/H elbow, 2 small scuff/burn marks from elbow guard straps
  9. Tire pressure on my 18L on flat hard surface (32 mile range with tilt back) is 40 psi. I rode for 66 miles (beach and bike trails) with 20% battery remaining last month, speed <25, weight 180 lbs, tire pressure 35 psi. I'm kinda hoping I could get 75 miles of range, Maybe I'll run it until tilt back soon?
  10. The last time I rode the 18L I was weighing in at 190 lbs.
  11. I have an 18L. It gives me tilt back with beeps at 32 miles and this is cruising at 18 - 21 mph on a nice sunny day.
  12. LAX or Ontario followed by Burbank or John Wayne Airports.
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