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  1. Yeah but after that minute he got vertigo and lost track of time He was counting them in 180 turns. He had double your count!
  2. I got my wheel on Wednesday, looks like you could hop on your Monster and we can go on a journey along the riverbanks down to the beach and up to see what kind of range the 2100Wh will deliver. I think we will need a break mid point, maybe at Hooters? or like I mentioned before , you are more than welcome to take it on the same trails you performed your range test on the 84V/1600Wh and 100V/1845Wh so you can compare apples to apples? Let me know your thoughts?
  3. We just want to make sure we arrive on time to get parking. We will most likely be eating breakfast some where near to kill some time.
  4. My son and I will most likely be parking on a "No Parking Permit Required" street along/near this address, "8953 W. Dicks St." couple streets North of Santa Monica Blvd cross street N. San Vincent Blvd. We will be there at around 8:30 am and hang out at the group ride starting location.
  5. Short notice , I just made some plans literally like 2 days ago for this Saturday. Like always guys, Enjoy The Ride! and Hooters
  6. Brian and I are in. See you soon.
  7. Got kinda busy this weekend so I had to cancel my Hotel reservation. Enjoy your trip, see you all at CicLAvia Hollywood this coming Sunday Aug. 18th
  8. I also ordered the 2100Wh, 4 weeks ago. I'll be receiving mine on August 19 - 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 more days to go
  9. Cool, I just ordered the weight. Thanks for the Link & Video.
  10. I also have the same 360 selfie stick. What does your counterweight weigh, how did the balance feel ? Can you post the link. Thanks
  11. I'll be going but I'm not finding to much info? @who_the some of us believe it or not don't bother with Facebook. We would like more info other than FB. Like Marty said maybe here.
  12. We'll be rolling from the parking meet up @ Avon Lot 2 as well. Only a few will be shuttling to the pier. Glad you could make it Marty, do you know if @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" will be rolling with us?
  13. Scot will you and Brandon be eating lunch with us, or just the ride up? We are going to call in and reserve the second floor Outside Patio at Harry's
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