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  1. I was that one rider who had to leave for dinner! Even though I was only there for the beginning I had a blast. Really nice to test the V10 and Ninebot Z. Nice meeting everyone!
  2. Sorry. Fixing bluetooth was as simple as re-pairing with the default code of 000000. Haven't looked inside yet but that will be next most likely.
  3. Found it! And that did the trick with fixing the bluetooth issue. Still no sound though so still need to work on that.
  4. Thanks for the advice Warped. Yeah I tried contacting the company I bought from and they are not offering any warranty and Inmotion USA themselves say they could try to repair but I could be looking at anywhere between $200- $600 in repair fees. At that price I might as well by a new one LOL. So looks like I have to get me hands dirty. I don't think so. How do I re- pair with the default code? Is that in the Inmotion app or with my iOS Bluetooth settings?
  5. I've had my V8 for a little under a year now and have had a couple of falls. At first I didn't think anything was wrong as it still ran and seemed to work normally. However, lately the bluetooth is now having trouble connecting to my iPhone and the audio has completely shut off ( no warning sound, handle button sound or power button sound). Has anyone else had this kind of problem with their V8? If so were you able to fix it? Also, I feel like my breaking is sluggish ever since the accident. Does anyone know if there is any kind of repair shop or specialty store I can send it to in order to ge
  6. New update still not connecting to my Imotion V8. Logs set. Was wondering if playing with the bluetooth paring code will help. Should I try?
  7. @Ilya Shkolnik If you need anything else from me let me know. Darknessbot still not connecting to my V8. Thanks for the help.
  8. Boss asked me to stay late so I won't be able to make it after all?. I'm still new to the site so I'll have to keep an eye out for more meet ups. Enjoy guys.
  9. I just stumbled on this post. If its not too late I'd like to try and meet. I don't get off work till 7:30 but I'll try to make it over with my V8 if thats ok.
  10. I have a V8 and was just curious. Haven't tried it myself and was wondering if anyone else has. Any advantages or disadvantages using it instead of the Inmotion app? Any information is appreciated. Thank you
  11. The same thing happened to my V8 after a nice tumble. This post was a great help. Thanks a lot !
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