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  1. The most important body part to protect is your head and after that is your neck. I’d like to try a neck brace but it is a little expensive. I wanted to see if anyone has one and hear their input. Maybe a neck brace is not necessary for riding EUC. I was not expecting for my neck to be sore after a crash like that.
  2. I searched the forums but did not see any threads on neck braces. I crashed going about 20mph and my neck was stiff and sore for a week. I’ve been thinking about getting the Leatt Neck brace. It is for motocross so I’m not sure if it is helpful for EUC riding. Does anyone use a neck brace? https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/leatt-gpx-55-neck-brace
  3. Chooch claimed to be riding at 36mph on 50% battery lol
  4. Looks like the rider is in the blind spot. Always speed up or slow down.
  5. Thanks for this! My z10 was slowly losing air until I put slime in it.
  6. Looks cool. Where did you order it from? How much?
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