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  1. Wilmington, Ca.- Ciclavia °° Sunday, April 28th, 2019 °° 9am-4pm https://www.ciclavia.org/ciclavia_wilmington
  2. Freewheeler


    Cruising Venice Beach, CA
  3. Thanks @Marty Backe I'm looking forward to it. I'll repost the short video of you (there was some strange error on YT).
  4. Good fun. Already had to plug in 🙄. Sorry for the short vids. I'm still focused on remaining upright. A classic @Marty Backe sighting in his natural habitat.
  5. I'm looking to get a used wheel (16+) with decent range and power. I care nothing about cosmetics, as long as it's mechanically sound and works reliably. I'm buying used because I still don't have all my safety gear yet and I need to budget for that. Let me know what you got. I can meet just about anywhere in LA county and might even go further for the right deal. The most convenient location would be anywhere close to a Metro train station. Thank you!
  6. Freewheeler

    How bad were you hurt?

    The after effects of an adrenaline spike and testosterone are likely the main culprits behind my least proud moments on the road. An understanding that, physiologically, I am temporarily altered after an incident might go a long way toward forming reasoned, measured responses such as yours. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. Freewheeler

    Comparison of Known EUCs

    @MadInMad Great find. Thank you!!
  8. Freewheeler

    How bad were you hurt?

    I was crossing "the top" a T intersection and he was traveling "up" to make a 90° right turn. He had no reason (other than blatant disregard) to not see me. It happened again twice today, though much less dramatic. Some people truly do not give a shit.
  9. Freewheeler

    How bad were you hurt?

    My first fall was caused by a widely swingly car door. No equipment, no lasting injuries. Here's the post for those interested. My next one came the same day I bought a full face helmet. I was riding during the day, at about 20KpH on a smooth street, very light residential traffic, and there was a depression I didn't recognize. It was square shaped, about 12x12. Even now , I cannot think of any reason in the world it would be there. Thankfully, it was mostly a run off with a much lower speed stumble fall. Again, no lasting injuries. And last night, I was transitioning from sidewalk to crosswalk at about 5-7KpH with a green signal. A speeding car approached in the right turn only lane. He was not slowing as someone would when coming to a red light. His head was turned left, looking only for on-coming vehicular traffic. I recognized the hazard and slowed as quickly as possible. I yelled as loudly as I could as he breached the crosswalk without stopping. He was fully intent on blatantly running the red light unless, and only unless he was going to smash into a car coming from his left. I came off/stepped off, inches from his his right front fender as he finally came to a stop. My wheel slid in front of his POS SUV and into the road. No physical injuries, but that was as close as I ever want to come. I enthusiastically chastised him as I spasdically pointed to his red light. I recall thinking how much my helmet must be adding to the trauma for him. With the fear of God securely ensconced, I picked up my wheel, thanked my better angels and tooled off down the road. Lesson? Always assume drivers are distracted or irretrievably stupid. That mindset saved me from getting bounced into traffic. I wear a neon colored vest, headlight attached to my wheel, LEDs dancing, backpack with an LED light stick, neon colored gloves. Next purchases: jacket, knee guards, wrist gurads and better footwear.
  10. Yeah!! The latest calls for a.m. rain. I'm going RoS. 😋 WhichStarbucks?
  11. I found a company in OH that sells them. https://www.sicurogear.com/products/level-ski-thumb-protector Hope you're feeling better soon. 🤕
  12. Freewheeler


    It sounds like it! I hope to meet up with you guys someday. I still haven't met another rider. I've been feeling like a lone apocalyptic survivor. Are you planning on going to the CicLAvia this Sunday? Happy wheelin'! 🌀
  13. Freewheeler


    My first vid.. Cruising Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The camera makes it look like I'm much closer to pedestrians that I actually was. I loved messing with security at the end.
  14. Freewheeler

    First “proper” ride

    One quick tip.. instead of doing slaloms around car stops (which could be dangerous) I pretend that parts of the painted lines are obstacles and use those.
  15. Freewheeler

    A couple of noob questions...

    Thank you @The Fat Unicyclist. The video looks great. I can't wait to upgrade and get on one of those rides. One of the apps you provided works great! I'm going into Hollywood today so I'll put it through its paces. Thanks for that! The app I use came from here: http://ipswheel.asia/app-download.html Thanks again for all the info. It really is helpful.