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  1. 4 hours ago, Marty Backe posted a video. Awesome video @Marty Backe ! Thank you.
  2. Thank for posting another great video! Awesome!
  3. I'm planning on scouting somewhat of an endurance ride from Trabuco Canyon to Mission San Juan Capistrano and then on to the beaches at Dana Point and San Clemente and back. Why? Because eWheels rapid charger!* The route would mostly be on bike paths, certainly all paved and generally flat. The outbound portion would end at a charging location (i.e. a restaurant) and would likely be about 30 miles. The return leg would be somewhat more direct. There are regional parks, lakes, and various features along the way, but due to its length there will be long stretches of just flat out wheeling on this ride. I don't see any reason it wouldn't be fine for newer riders (provided you and your wheel have sufficient range). I'll be scouting it sometime in the next couple of weeks and I am curious if there would be any interest in an organized ride. ____________________________________ * Yeah, I could have picked up a Gotway or a KS that had massive range built right in... but how would I ever learn extensive route planning, painstaking power management, outlet availability and corporate policies regarding charging personal transport devices? Yeah, baby. Who's the smart one now?
  4. Thanks @maltocs and @Marty Backe Great pics! Great ride guys! Thank you! And thanks for showing us your hood @Dzlchef!
  5. Not braggin'... I'm just sayin'..
  6. Sweet.... @Yellowman and I will meet up with you @Marty Backe!
  7. Bummer. We'll, if you're gonna have to live with it the a tip that may help, at least for curbs. I rarely use the handle button if it's just a curb because of a back thing. I dismount, grab the handle, position the front of the tire against the curb and use friction/traction and the wheel's own power to "ride" it up. Not much consolation, I know.. but there it is. Cheers.
  8. No joy. I checked.. and view sigs is on but I still can't see any. Oh well, I just changed it to a simple text-based credo. I miss seeing Marty's stable of steeds. And, it would have been funny to see how big mine was.
  9. Hmm . I tried it out yesterday and ... Nothing. I never knew why. Thanks. Now I know why.
  10. We'll done @n2eus!! Thanks for all the hard work. Great video!!
  11. Awesome video. We'll done. Thanks for the hard work!
  12. @meepmeepmayer.... Thanks! I totally agree. I've been soft pedaling to get my twice daily fix and not pushing it. I rode with a couple of guys today and they nailed it. Not broken! Yay! Apparently, when I did the reset it dropped pedal responsiveness from 100 to zero. I didn't even notice it. One of the guys did when he was adjusting my pedal angle. What I was feeling was that delay in response. Ahhh.... I'm back baby! Tight in the slow turns, no slop at speed, stable figure 8s... and carving is right where I left it. Blasting heavy metal and flying high again! Thanks again for the suggestions.
  13. I happen to mimic LZMutant's process pretty closely. As he says, sometimes I don't have to quit the app. It's voodoo, I tell you. Sometimes it would connect first try and other times it wouldn't connect at all. Then, I tried disconnecting the BT speaker first (it would always immediately connect without a problem). Viola! Now my chances of connecting are as high as one in five, or never at all. I ride with a buddy who has the app and have relied on him to turn on my light time or two. Truly, this is a sad state of affairs.
  14. Any luck getting the handle button to work? As a last ditch effort I would try uninstalling the app. I recall making a change to some V10F feature and although it took the setting it would not toggle back. It drove me nuts and your issue reminded me of it. I cleared the data from the app in phone settings, cleared the cache, too and uninstalled it. After getting it all set up gain the feature worked again. Hope this helps. [Edit: if you do this, be sure to check ALL the settings, especially the footboard sensitivity. Mine reset to zero, I didn't notice and it caused very unusual handling characteristics. I became very concerned for a few days before a buddy saw it and we corrected it]
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