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  1. Ticwris Max runs EUC World without a phone. I love it. And the beeps go directly to my BT earbuds while the music from my phone goes to my other BT speaker. I can hear every beep even though my music is a full volume. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k="ticwris+max"&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  2. Dan (on Telegram) and I used cardboard to trace the curve. Then, we transferred the curve on to project wood from HD and scroll sawed it out. Details: The main portion is a single piece of wood that follows the curve of the handle. Its dimension differs from the "skin" (what you are able to see on the side of the mount). These are thin pieces glued on that extend into the space between the handle and the sides all the way to the bottom of the handle cavity. Doing this prevents any torquing. The whole mount is secured from the underside of the handle using wood screws. Velcro in the well
  3. Is this better or still ugly? I can vouch that it's amazingly comfortable. I moved mine closer to the edge and it provides even more suspension. https://t.me/OC_EUC
  4. I am trying to set a custom sound on my Ticwris smart watch. I have tried to select a new file but for whatever reason the file manager displays only a "Documents" folder with no files in it. There is no way to go up one or more levels to select my file. I then tried to simply rename my file to the corresponding "Harley" wav file. I verified that the file I want to be played is in fact inside the EUC World folder. But the app still uses the deault sound, not the file that I replaced it with. Is there any way that I can play my custom wav file?
  5. Also unfortunately, I lost my phone in the mountains the day before my fall. I can say that we were in the early stages of our group ride and that I was fully charged when we started. If I were to guess I'd say I was at no less than 70%. Let me say that my fall was 100% user error. There's a number of events that lead to it, but still... all my fault.
  6. Unfortunately, I discovered firsthand that the max speed on the Nikola 2100 is 34 mph. I have determined that I cannot depend on the beeps as they are simply too subtle when group riding. There are music players all around me as well as the wind noise. I have resorted to making my own wav files to play through my Bose Soundwear. I have to replace the Harley sounds because I wear a Ticwris watch and so far have been unable to select custom wav files. The screen resolution makes it incredibly difficult to adjust settings that have a slider (the digits are not even displayed on the scre
  7. Red Rocks in Vegas WestWheel III... just before you led five of us astray to take an hour long detour.
  8. Thanks for trying to help. I asked @Marty Backe the last time we rode just a couple of months ago and he told me he didn't have a clue as to the advanced setting for these apps.
  9. Thank you for this app. I love it and I upgraded to premium this morning. I'm having difficulty with various settings. I've asked very experienced riders for help and even they are unable to help. I'd like to know the correct settings for my wheel. I ride the 84v Nikola 2100wh. Specifically I'd like to know what to set my alarms to for CURRENT, PEAK CURRENT and SAFETY MARGIN. Thank you again.
  10. Calling all wheelers: O.C. Beach Cities Ride! Saturday, May 2nd 9:30 a.m. (ride at 10 a.m.) Free street parking near 1401 Bayside Dr, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 https://goo.gl/maps/TMuCnAQfYRckEXEB9 Note: You can take the 73 and exit at MacArthur Blvd. for free. MacArthur is the last free exit before the toll road begins. _________________________________________________________ The ride goes through Balboa Island, across the ferry to Balboa Peninsula. We'll go up through Newport Beach, continue through Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica Beach and then to Sunset Beach w
  11. I'm blown away by your generosity. I really appreciate the time and effort you've spent to help me with this. I'm going to do it. The pros are too numerous to pass up. I wouldn't even have considered it were it not for your replies. I'll tool up and dig in. Thanks again!
  12. That is an amazing amount of improvement over the old board. Thanks for the details and testimonial. On a scale of one to ten, where would you rank this upgrade in terms of difficulty?
  13. Wow. Thank you. That's very generous of you. I doubt I'll want to get into the weeds on this one but, would you mind telling me the benefits of going with the MSX upgrade? Thanks again.
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