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  1. Yup. But the reason I call it a "longer ride" is the hills. I think a 1600 w/h or better would be required. You're welcome to ride my Inmotion V10F and use my fast charger. The stop in Dana Point is Hennessy's Tavern and I already confirmed it's a suitable charging location. Ignore the return route that appears like we're on surface streets. Google maps limited me to the number of alterations to the route.
  2. Cheers Flying W. I do love Irvine's seemingly endless miles of dedicated bike paths and trails. And it's a great launch pad for the beaches, too. I used to charge every 10 miles so I know your pain. Let me know when you're gonna ride by some time. I'm off for another couple of weeks or so. You're welcome to join me and ride my V10F.
  3. Just wishing for that warm, Summer weather I suppose. Thanks, we'll have a cold one for you.
  4. Late notice ride. It's a longer one. Starting in Laguna Hills and the halfway mark will be in Dana Point. Meet up at 9 a.m / Ready to ride at 9:30 a.m. 24555 Christina Ct, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 https://goo.gl/maps/fw93m9j2DVACer497 Edit: Meet location change, Eagle eye @Dave U spotted parking restrictions.He found one nearby with no restrictions. NEW MEET LOCATION 24740 Jorie Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Also, I scouted the route again Friday and when I got home I still had enough juice for the 20 mile Irvine loop I do. It's a great, safe ride through some of the best trail scenery in the city. I'm up for adding it on for an epic day of riding. And then pizza and beer at my place... my treat. PM me if you're a vegan, a veggie or intolerant of anything The ride... _________________________________ Did I miss anyone? @1Wheeler @3euc @Alsayyad @Ando Melkonyan @Austin @Ben Richards @BlackOutEX @Blueman @captainwells @Chairman S @Dave Frear @Dave U @downtown @Dzlchef @enigma35 @Ferreal @Flyboy10 @Flying W @Freewheeler @Gizmo Dork @HeavyGoing @Heyzeus @IRK @Jambo @John Wood @Jon Sawa @Josh Morgan @JomMas @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Kens @Kimosabi @kingkong18XL @Klin @Kyle K @M22 @maltocs @mango_fpv @Marty Backe @Marvin Ong @Mike Hanna @MikeV @Mushuukyou @n2eus @NBC44 @ndmcc @Nick McCutcheon @NightRider @noisycarlos @Peter Q @Rama Douglas @roghaj @serfy @Shawn Johnson @Sketch @Stan Onymous @Sven @swvision @Tanabe @TedTheAtheist @Terenig @tihoa @Tjtripp @TomM @Unosolo @unowheel @UpDownGo @Questor @who_the @Williepimpin @Yellowman @Yunicyle @YoshiSkySun @zentype
  5. @YoshiSkySun... Are we gonna have to have an intervention? Maybe we'll have to 12-step your ass off the San Gabriel River. Congrats on your new wheel! Looking forward to tomorrow!
  6. I'm in. I'm in. Holy mackerel! I'm in! Been needing a ride badly. Thanks Yoshi!
  7. Carry a cattle prod. JK. Well, certainly I would not assume that all cyclists know the rules of the road, specifically, to look for upcoming traffic before moving toward or crossing the centerline. It's not as if I was close to her. I was completely in the other lane. And, it's not as if I was speeding past her. I was doing the 8 mph thing, she was probably at 6-7 mph. This was a low speed collision, a slow mo crash and fall. It was the unexpectedness of it that made it so dangerous. That, and one of the nastiest WI fences I've seen in a long time. As I was on the ground I struggled to turn down my music. She knew there was no way she could claim she didn't know I was there. We spoke of my noticing her u turn and she admitted she didn't notice me once. Her husband had made a right but she missed the turn. She was focused on her task at hand instead of situational awareness.She just decided to turn completely off the path at the same time I was alongside her. She repeatedly said it was her fault. Still, I may have been right, but no one wants to be dead right.
  8. All the Gear All the Time (ATGATT) I was riding along the Newport Beach bike trail as I've done dozens of times before. It's an 8'+/- paved path, with a speed limit of 8 mph and it's delineated for two way traffic. I had just come from Huntington Beach after a day of riding on surface streets so it was nice to be on safe, familiar ground. The foot and bike traffic was light for a Saturday so it was especially pleasing. Up ahead I see a woman on a bicycle coming in the opposite direction. She makes a u-turn. Plenty of space between us. In fact, even though I was aware it occurred, it really didn't register as "a thing". Eventually I am coming up behind her, slowly and with my music playing kind of loud (as I'm known to do). With zero traffic I drift into the opposing lane to pass her when she suddenly turns sharply to the left and right into me. We collide and I careen directly toward a half height, wrought iron fence with no hope of catching my fall. I immediately recognize that this is not a friendly fence. To my horror there is no horizontal top to it... just the ends of the verticals spaced out every 4-5 inches. I'm certain I tried to get my hand in between me and the fence to deflect my body away but it must has just glanced off because the next thing I feel is one of the verticals inside my helmet, grabbing my modular and flipping it up. The helmet got hung up on the fence and I pulled myself up and off. I promptly sat on the ground to complete the shock and awe session, regain my composure and to assess the damage. I cannot say for certain my helmet preventing the fence from impaling me underneath my jaw and into my mouth, or up my nostril or through my eye, and into my brain... but I will simply assume that to be the case. This came out of nowhere. I hadn't had a drop to drink (which is not always the case) and the moment was insidiously serene. I have over 2000 miles on each of my wheels. I feel I am as good of a rider as anyone. Experience did not save me. What am I thankful for? I'm alive. It was not at all certain that I would be as I was experiencing this event. I'm relatively unhurt. My wrist got banged up, but otherwise I'm fine. No one else got hurt. The offender was completely unscathed and no one was injured by my errant wheel. I had my helmet on. I typically take it off for this 8 mph stretch to take in the sights. I have a full face helmet. A half shell would not have provided the same protection. I had my wrist guards on. I can only imagine how much damage this would have created if I hadn't. The offender stopped and checked on me, apologizing the whole time. A random person also stopped. My wheel was fine, other than some more scratches. I didn't smash my brand new Insta360 One X (or my phone). The visceral reminder to wear all the gear, all the time.
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