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  1. Just saw it right after I posted this comment, haha. Thanks!
  2. How did you implement the motor stop? Does the MSX just have a stop button header that’s unused?
  3. Hi, are you still looking for wheels? I have a Nikola 1845wh 100v that I'm looking to sell, I'm based in California.
  4. So what are your thoughts? I'd be happy to provide any pictures, and do free shipping if you're in the US. If you'd rather wait for another offer though, that's cool too, your wheel your choice
  5. The master plan is to sell these three wheels, and get an MCM5 for around campus and a 100v monster for super long cruises. I still have to take pictures, that's why I haven't made postings yet. I use the Nikola to go everywhere, and the reason I don't use the monster much anymore is because I'm always maxing out the top speed. The speed of 100v wheels has spoiled me The Nikola will be my around town/functional wheel, and the monster will be my comfort/cruising/dedicated ride time wheel. I tried using the V10 as a campus wheel for a few days, but it weighs the same as the ACM (almost exactly.. I checked!), has less torque/speed, and a couple software and hardware quirks that already got a bit annoying. Don't get me wrong, it's a great wheel and I am still super appreciative that EUCO would give away such a great prize. However, it doesn't really fit into any use cases that the Nikola or an ACM/MCM5 wouldn't do better. Then the ACM might be what you want! It has a 1300wh battery (bigger than the v10f's 960wh) and a higher top speed than the f. The only reason it costs less is because I've put a lot more miles on it. If you want one of the longest ranges in the game however, the monster can definitely do that.
  6. Still looking for a wheel? I have a Gotway ACM2 1300Wh I may be looking to sell, it’s in pretty good shape (I’ve fixed lots of stuff on it) and the price would probably be ~$800. Some have described this as the best all-arounder, as it serves most if not all riding scenarios fairly well. This thing is a tank too, and I’ve been inside this wheel a lot so if anything ever breaks I would definitely know what to do to fix it. Let me know if you’re interested! I’m in San Diego, so I’d be fine coming to you.
  7. I have some wheels for you! - Gotway ACM2, Decent condition, $800 - Inmotion V10, Like New (Less than 10 miles), $1000 - Gotway Monster 2400wh 84v, Decent condition, $1700 Let me know if any of these interest you!
  8. Hopefully the next iteration of the control board ups the overheat temperature again. On a recent uphill ride, my Nik+ overheated while the MSX and 18XL had no problems at all. This wheel also seems to lack torque/braking power for its size and voltage! I almost prefer the ride feel of the MSX to the Nikola, and the MSX somehow feels a sliiiight bit more responsive. Maybe I just need to change my tire pressure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know how much of a difference this can make, especially on thicker wheels. Late edit: I lowered my tire pressure to 35, I think this is the ideal pressure for me. I’ve adapted a lot more to the ride characteristics of the wheel
  9. I made some longer pedals for my Monster a while ago, they definitely help with acceleration and braking (to an extent, the Monster’s large wheel diameter can only provide so much torque). I cut them from a 0.190” thick 6061 aluminum sheet and then removed the stock pedal plate and bolted them on, putting grip tape over it after screwing them in. I’ve since had to make small holes in the grip tape to tighten the six screws every once in a while, but other than that I haven’t had any issues. Since the forum’s total file size limit is very small, here are some pics: https://imgur.com/a/gvjCmNH
  10. Hmm. If calibrating doesn’t fix it then not sure what would. Afaik the blinkers are based on your lean (uses same components needed for balancing) so I don’t think it would be a faulty component. It might then be some sort of glitch like euc guy suggests. I know it would be hard to get one without paying for another, but if possible, replacing it with another control board is the only way to tell for sure. Where did you buy it from?
  11. Sounds dumb, but did you try recalibrating?
  12. After hearing all the good things you’ve said about it, I decided to get my first 100v wheel! I decided against the 100v MSX or Monster because I already have a (newly upgraded to 2400wh) monster, which I feel covers the use cases of those other two wheels for me. If Gotway eventually releases a 126v monster, my monster is getting sold and I’m picking one of those up asap! It definitely rides and handles differently than anything else I’ve ridden, and I haven’t been able to ride it that much but I’m sure that, much like the Monster, I’ll come to love it after perfecting the riding style I already hit 38mph, but it doesn’t feel stable enough at those speeds for me to be comfortable pushing past that. I’m glad to finally have a wheel where I don’t have to always listen for beeps, I have to try hard to get them to sound! My ACM2 is mostly just an around-campus and backup wheel now, but I don’t know if I can sell it since I’ve become so attached after all the work I’ve done on it! If I did, I’d probably get something like an MCM5 to replace it for going around campus since it’s lighter and has useful things like the integrated trolley handle and lift cutoff switch. In my backpack I have all the stuff I need in case of a catastrophic wheel failure (allen keys and electric screwdriver to take apart the wheel if I need to disconnect the battery) and all the stuff I need for tire pressure adjustments (electric pump and pressure gauge, right angle adapter etc), and of course a water bottle and usually a snack or something. So not too much stuff but enough to handle most scenarios.
  13. +1 for vicious, I've been using it on my ACM2 and it doesn't seem to have lost any grip at all after many months and in all sorts of weather and terrain conditions. This stuff's the real deal! I plan to put it on my Nikola's pedals soon.
  14. I hope that if this 126volt Nikola does come out, it will eventually lead to a 126v Monster I don't feel the need for any more speed past what the 100v Nikola+ can give me at around 35-36mph (it starts getting too unstable to be comfortable), but I would be all over a Monster that's capable of getting to speeds where it starts to feel unstable.
  15. You'd probably have to extract the firmware somehow, I doubt there's any firmware files out there. The usual way of extracting an OTA update wouldn't work, since Gotway doesn't believe in those.. How would you signal the wheel to go into trolley mode? Something with the power button maybe?
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