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  1. 26 (HA) is actually the binary status of all three hall sensors. You'll notice as you move the wheel forward or backward slowly, the numbers will change at a speed that corresponds to the motor rotation speed. Each digit (3 total) represents 1 hall sensor, and their status changes as the motor moves. I think this is a really neat inclusion in the menu since it lets you see how the wheel "sees" the motor's movement!
  2. Interesting, do you know how they were able to mod the firmware? Possibly an employee sniffed the transmission from an update chip and figured out how to load custom firmware onto the chip? Or are they using a custom control board? Or possibly a collaboration with Gotway? 🤔
  3. I think all they'd have to do is change the location of the motor hole/move it downwards, as GW did for the MCM5 v2. Everything else should be able to stay the same, unless the new hole conflicts with the motor mounting holes.
  4. The translation is definitely inaccurate, lol. I just use google translate for the text to speech feature
  5. Good point, I have noticed the Sherman speed is pretty inflated compared to GPS speeds. If the EX speed is more true to life, it could dethrone the Sherman as the speed king along with Monster Pro!
  6. It seems like it will still be just as fast as the Sherman, no faster. But I still much prefer GW's firmware/tuning to Veteran's, so this could be a nice chance to get that perfect combo of GW firmware and Sherman speed. I wish they would keep the 80% beeps as they're more than sufficient, I've been basically forced to ignore the beeps on the Sherman as it can still safely go 5ish mph past when the beeps start at any battery level.
  7. I'm still not sure how to pronounce it in English, but throwing 比高德 into google translate and clicking the speak button will tell you how it's pronounced in chinese at least 😅 I think I'm going to go with "bee-goh-də" as a close and reasonable analogue.
  8. Unfortunately not, though some (including myself) choose to install a switch in line with the beeper to toggle it off temporarily for this reason. The only downside is you have to cut a hole in the casing and you have to remember to turn it on before riding (a must). Unless you decide to do some arduino wizardry and use a capacitive touch sensor with a relay to avoid cutting a hole in the case
  9. Official explanation from GW (BG? Not sure what the new abbreviation should be): "Begode is the pronunciation translation of Chinese 比高德 Begode should be split into three parts:BE GO DE 比高德 means higher virtue 比-Than,高-Higher,德-Virtue"
  10. Is anyone still having the issue where the notification persists even after force closing the app from the app switcher? I remember this was reported a while back but it looks like it's still there. The only way to get rid of the notification is to back out of the app until it asks me to close it and then wait a few seconds, or force stop the app.
  11. I think the top speed is pretty locked in, unless they change the motor somehow... Nobody's been able to verify it but the Monster Pro spec sheet says it has a lift speed of 106kmh, essentially tying it with the Sherman. However it will start to beep at 80% power as opposed to the Sherman's 70%. So even though both wheels can achieve the same speeds, at least with the Monster Pro you'll be able to know where a more realistic limit is compared to the Sherman. Mickey's beeps at 39 are definitely better than the MSP HT, at least for me (I hit beeps at 34-35), so I'm interested to see how it rides
  12. Do you find the seat is a bit far back? It takes me more effort than usual to maintain speed instead of just slowing down automatically (compared to on the MSX). Maybe I need to set my pedal tilt forward when riding seated 🤔
  13. I've asked GW directly about this, supposedly it's normal behavior. The fan does become constant if the temperature gets above I believe 40C. Not sure why they made this decision but it's not a bug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I thought this had to be a defect, as I noticed this on other new wheels from GW, but I asked them directly and they told me it's supposed to be that way. They even sent a video showing the fan behaving this way and then going to always on when the board is heated. Who knows why they made this decision, but all I know is I preferred when the wheel was quiet until the fan was needed...
  15. Nice work! How are you getting the speed and battery level? Just reading data from the Bluetooth serial?
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