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  1. Good to know! Would you happen to have the link to purchase a set of these columns?
  2. Just based on appearance, it looks like a nice balance between the more aggressive H-666 and the more road-friendly H-5102. If you do decide to put it on, let us know how it feels! This tire has been shipping on some of the S18 demo units, but EUCO's unit was equipped with the 5102 so I can't personally speak to it. Maybe you'd want to ask @Kuji Rolls or @evX_Mick who I believe have this tire on their S18 demo unit as to how it performs?
  3. Interesting, what does the tread look like? I don't think I've ever heard of that variant.
  4. Maybe @Fuerte is hoping they won't use a motor that's slower than the current speed kings to increase torque, as was done on the MSP. I'm hoping this as well! I'm very enticed by the Sherman's 50mph top speed, but I'd definitely need to save up a bit before committing to a new wheel purchase and I still want to wait and see how this wheel turns out.
  5. Interesting! Thanks for letting me know I meant that if they wanted to use larger packs, they would not fit inside the shell due to the number of cells that would be required. That's why they don't take up the entire battery cavity (which was designed for the larger 84v 800wh packs). Dealers get around this by connecting lots of smaller packs together, but Gotway discourages this and deems it unsafe because if not done properly it can lead to safety or functional issues down the road. As far as your original question, a quick opening of both side panels would reveal if there's space/how you would be able to install another battery pack.
  6. I don't think such a capacity has ever been released... Is the charge port on the wheel four pin or five pin? And the reason 100v packs are smaller is that in order to safely expand them, they would not fit inside the shell. Many dealers mod the 100v Monsters with custom designed larger battery packs, but these often introduce new safety and oscillation issues.
  7. Hmm, and upon further inspection it does look like the new shell has been widened to allow for that larger tire. I'll still probably order a set of hangers though, worst case I'll just have to Dremel away a small bit of the shell where the axle nuts are, and epoxy old holes/drill new ones. I guess this is the upgrade I would have been waiting for, but I don't really think the difference is big enough to go through the hassle (and $$ loss) of selling and buying a new one.
  8. Nice! I'll definitely be looking into picking up a pair of these hangers for my MCM5, and maybe even a 2.5 tire. Do we have confirmation on whether or not you would still have to shave down the tire to get it to fit? I'd prefer not to have to sand the body if possible, in case GW comes out with a magical new MCM6 sometime, or that rumored tesla successor that we have yet to see, in which case I may sell mine and upgrade.
  9. Turns out that beeping noise (sounds like honking two tones one after the other right?) is just a sound file that's played super loudly. If you use the English voice sound pack, it will give you a verbal warning instead of that alarm noise. You can even "disable" the alarm if you record a custom sound and just make it silence (though I wouldn't recommend this as it's a bit on the unsafe side, even with tiltback).
  10. I don't think any of the V series wheels have a hardware beeper. All three of them have a speaker(s) which plays sounds that can be disabled in the app. The V10 just has an extra BT module designed for music, like KS wheels and recent GW wheels with speaker modules.
  11. Interesting! I wonder if this is a model sold by GW or as an ewheels exclusive. Last I heard GW disapproved of using the MSX motor with an MSP, but maybe this new high speed model has a different control board that fixes this. But from what I can tell, yes, the high speed model is essentially just a 100v MSX with all the benefits of the MSP (minus torque of course). But for confirmation I'd check with @Jason McNeil.
  12. It seems like someone bought this wheel from ewheels and decided to resell it for some reason. As far as the battery capacity thing, I haven't heard anything about that, but I can check what the label on our newest batteries claims. I believe it's still 650wh.
  13. If you have access to a 3D printer, the 3D model can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3701024 The model was created by @Roo Williams using a 3D scanner, props to him! If you don't have access to a 3D printer, there are a bunch of online services that will print and ship you things for a price. Shapeways used to be what I heard was popular, but maybe times have changed and there are better options now.
  14. I believe the MSX and the Tesla use the exact same headlight, so the only difference would be that the MSX light is a tad higher off the ground (not really a noticable difference).
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