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  1. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Interesting. Since you still have play in your monster maybe it’s just a Gotway motor problem, as I can’t imagine these motors are made too differently from wheel to wheel. There’s only so much you can change. It’s possible I didn’t tighten them enough, but those nuts were super tough to undo in the first place (I needed the pipe). I stopped tightening them when I heard cracking noises from my table, at which point I was already nearly at my limit with the pipe on the ratchet. Besides, even though I have an extra motor, it would suck to snap an axle by overtightening the nuts. At least I gained some knowledge in the process. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just saw your edit about getting a new motor. I don’t have my extra motor with me at the moment, but it might be worth it to swap them out and see if the play goes away (if I get too fed up with the play/if it gets worse).
  2. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Hmm. By spacer I meant the plate between the hanger and the motor. The two shims on each side seemed to be in perfect shape. I can’t see a way to firmly attach the spacer to the hanger, as it can’t be screwed on (I’d need better drill bits or something to even start to make a hole in this metal). Even if I did, it still has some play (despite not looking damaged at all) as shown here: https://vimeo.com/326196422 Also, I just put it back together, and the play is still there. I torqued those suckers down tight! I even used a pipe to extend my leverage on the ratchet. You said there was still a bit of play in your monster even after new shims and a tightening, right? Where do you think that play is coming from? It might be a similar case for me.
  3. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    So, the shims on the non-wire side appear to be in perfect condition. The spacer was barely even held on to the hanger, and it has some play in it, even though it appears to not be damaged at all. I think it’s just meant to be a spacer and not much else... Also I don’t know what it’s made of, but my drill press can’t even make a dent in it. So I guess it’ll just remain a spacer. It’s the same story on the wire side. Perfect shims, nothing appears wrong except the seemingly pointless spacer. I am really worried that it’ll have play when I put it back together, and I don’t even know what the cause is.
  4. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Well, it turns out I still have to split the shell. The nut hole for the ACM2 is the same size as the ACM, even though the nut is bigger. So this little trick may have worked on the ACMs+, but unfortunately not here. At least I have the tool available. I’m off to go find some thermal paste, and then I’ll report back my results. Update: I split the shell. The hangers/nuts don’t appear to be loose, which concerns me. Also, the shims appear to be the MSuper type (not the monster type), which l thought were supposed to resist deforming. I have to leave my maker space for the night, so I’ll come back in the morning. It will be a challenge to loosen/tighten these, I can already tell...
  5. Nick McCutcheon

    Gotway ACM16 Footplates

    I’m actually about to make/mount larger pedals on my monster (and possibly acm, but the pedals are already flush to the body when folded so it might be tough. I needed the plate to be thick enough to resist bending during a pedal scrape). I’ll post about them if they are successful.
  6. Nick McCutcheon

    Trade/Sell Gotway Tesla 84V

    Glad to see you on the forum! This just appeared, maybe you’d want to try and message this seller? Just curious, what didn’t you like about the Tesla? Also, I know you said you would not be able to afford it, but the 2 wheel life is definitely a fun one!
  7. Nick McCutcheon

    eWheels Fast Charger Broken

    Just an update, I received a replacement fast charger from eWheels yesterday and it works great! They had me send back my broken one, presumably to troubleshoot/fix the issue in the next iteration.
  8. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    If it’s just the pedals, a magnet may have come loose inside the pedal. You can tell this is the case if, when you tap on the pedal it rattles a bit, and it feels like something is moving around inside. It will be more of a high pitched/tinny rattle. But if the whole body makes a loud vibrating/growling noise when trolleying like mine does, it might be a nut issue.
  9. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Wow, facepalm is right. Would I be able to tell without splitting the shell? It looks like they'd screw in separately (with different screws) on the back of the hanger, facing inwards towards the motor. Or if that's not the case, are they screwed in from the front somehow (long screws I guess)? Update: You can see the plates just by looking into the wheel well. Looks like there are no screws holding them in, yet there are still screw holes!! Why Gotway... And, unless the screws are somehow recessed, my Monster doesn't seem to have any screws holding the plates on either. Geez, do you think it would be worth it to split the shell just to screw these plates in? It sounds like that would solve the shim problem. Eh, I'll just wait until the tool comes in. If It turns out that tightening doesn't do the trick/if they come loose again, then I'll have to split the shell anyways to replace the shims. I'll properly attach the plates then. Also, it looks like it, but the shims are the same for the Monster and ACM2, right? If I end up getting shims, I'll probably get 2 sets, one for each wheel.
  10. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Well that's good to know. I'll be sure to! Also, I was just watching your ACM -> ACM2 conversion, and you talked about how all the new Gotway wheels have those steel metals plates which attach to the pedal hangers, that are designed to prevent the shims from wearing. How is it possible for the shims to still become deformed with these plates installed? Or do the plates deform with the shims? Oh ok. If all else fails I'll look into that, thanks for the heads up.
  11. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Thanks, I'll keep that offer in mind! The ratchet/socket should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, so that'll be the time to see whether just a tightening will suffice. I was saying I'd rather buy this new socket than be forced to split the shell just to tighten the axle nuts, and that I am not looking forward to my first tire change (no way to avoid a split there). I just worded it badly.
  12. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Interesting. Where exactly would you put them? I'm trying to picture it. But I did get 4 hours of sleep last night so I might be missing something obvious, haha.
  13. Nick McCutcheon

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    I'd much rather do that than split the shell Even though it's not difficult to do it, I'm dreading my first tedious Gotway tire change... I hope so too! I've found aliexpress links to replacement shims, but I'd have to wait a month for China shipping. And of course splitting the shell would be required. If it comes to that, I'd probably check with Jason first before getting them from China though. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Hi all, I've been noticing the axle nuts on my ACM2 becoming looser and looser. There's noticeable play when doing pendulums, and the wheel vibrates loudly while trolleying along at a certain low speed. I've decided to go ahead and tighten/threadlock them, but I can't find a 24mm slotted socket wrench like the one @Marty Backe had made for him. So, in my search, I came across this "max axess" 24mm socket, that claims to allow bolts (or in this case, motor cables) to pass through, making it appear ideal for tightening axle nuts. Those of you who have had experience tightening axle nuts, do you see any reason why this wouldn't work? I would get the accompanying 1/2" max axess ratchet as well of course, to use the socket with
  15. Nick McCutcheon

    eWheels Fast Charger Broken

    Yep, I’m charging the monster with no issues right now using the stock charger. And I would be surprised if both wheels don’t reach 100%.