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  1. Nick McCutcheon

    Do Gotway wheels ever get firmware upgrades?

    Nope. A new control board is required to use an updated firmware, but updates are usually only reserved for huge bug fixes (like the oscillation bug of 2017). There’s not much that would need updating though, so it’s not really a concern (for me at least).
  2. Nick McCutcheon

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Interesting! Like others have said, I agree with how it seems to combine the best features from every brand yet looks “china cool”. I wonder how one would go about pumping up the tire on this wheel? I can’t find an access port, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.
  3. Nick McCutcheon

    KS 14D conversion to 14S

    Here’s what ewheels has to say about this (taken from the KS14D’s FAQ): “• Is it possible to purchase the 14D now, then upgrade the Wheel to the 14S at a later time? Purchasing a replacement 840Wh battery pack is about expensive, about $600. In addition, you’ll need a set of replacement 14S outer-shells to accommodate the larger pack & a new control-board with the 14S firmware. When all these costs are added up, it’s 90% the cost a new 14S. You are probably better off, offloading to 14D to a friend, family, or someone looking to getting into Wheeling, & purchasing a new 14S.”
  4. Nick McCutcheon

    MSuper X vs MSuper V3S+, upgrade?

    I don’t own an MSX so take my words with a grain of salt, but pretty much all of the things you said you want, the MSX has. Better motor, way lower failure rates, higher footplates, and a better headlight are some of the main selling points of the wheel, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheel included your other points as well. Chooch’s newest video reviews the MSX, and in it he talks about how it’s better than the MS3. And as you said, the MSX’s weaker trolley and sidepad issues have been fermented out by now and the wheel doesn’t have many remaining flaws (at least in my eyes).
  5. Update: I managed to get a safety pin far enough into the open valve that it felt like I was able to clear something out. Upon trying to pump it up again, it built up a lot of pressure, and then it all released and started pumping normally. Cue the sigh of relief.. I then tried to repeat the slime process with the exact same results. So, I’m just going to put the valve core back in, pump it up, and just be prepared for a flat in hopes that, in the event I do get a flat, my next tube is not defective!
  6. Hi all, I’m a bit panicked at the moment because I just took my new Monster on a trip to get it slimed. Upon trying to slime it (yes we removed the internal seal in the slime bottle and the valve stem), the slime went all the way down the clear tube but stopped at the metal valve. I thought that was weird, and that I might have an un-slimeable tube like @Marty Backe did, so I put the valve core back in and tried to pump it up. Only, it won’t take air! You know when you fail to put the pump completely over the valve and it just makes a bunch of pressure when pumping but nothing goes into the tube? It does that, but I’m 110% sure the pump is all the way on. I even installed a 90 degree valve extender, and that doesn’t work either. It won’t even accept air with the valve core removed! The weirdest part is I was able to pump the tire up earlier before attempting to slime it. I really hope I’m able to fix this without swapping the inner tube, but I just might have to do that. Any thoughts? Also, any special way to change a Monster inner tube, or do I just undo the two nuts around the valve and continue as normal?
  7. Thanks @Marty Backe, those videos (especially the last one) are really helpful. I think my use cases will be 85% un-cared-for bike lanes/paths and roads in addition to light trails, and 15% Mt. Wilson-level technical trails, which would lead me to the Monster! I was talking to @Rockhardo, one of my wheeling buddies, during a ride and I expressed some interest in upgrading to the MSX. But, he pointed out to me the fact that a lot of distance/speed wheel riders eventually end up with the Monster after upgrading a bunch due to how "ultimate" the wheel size/handling seems to be, so why not save myself the trouble and go straight to the top. And the more I think about it, the more true I'm finding that to be. And, I'll even have a perfectly good ACM to turn to if I ever run into problems that require waiting for new parts to be shipped. As far as the handle situation goes, the seller I've been talking to says some people have had success with the airwheel single-column-style and v5f trolley handles, and I found another thread where someone demonstrated an installation of the airwheel handle. So, I'll probably end up doing that, which would still leave room for the seat.
  8. While I’m in the Monster vs. MSX thread, I might as well ask, how does the MSX stack up to the monster in terms of offroad/bad road handling conditions? (I’m only talking about 84V models). I know the Monster is better, but just how much better is it? I love my ACM2, and I should preface this by saying I’ve unfortunately become an “euc speed demon”, but I find that the tire is not the best at handling bad bike paths and sidewalks (I slow down on sidewalks of course) and I’ve even been hitting max speed at ~47kph a lot more recently. The Monster’s better offroading and higher top speed would mean it has a bigger safety margin than the MSX in the case of hitting a really bad patch of terrain/road, and they even both have seats (which after trying a KS18 seated, I love). Weight/pick-up-ability isn’t an issue for me, as I find myself really only using the ACM for long distance travel and exploration trips where I don’t ever need to dismount for long, and relying on my KS14D for short distance stuff, but the trolley handle is a feature I use all the time, for when I get to where I’m going. I can definitely DIY a trolley handle solution for the monster, but even then I question how useful it would be given the Monster’s tendency to be, well, a monster! So what’s are your guys’ thoughts. Do the Monster’s strengths outweigh its lack of a built in handle? Also worth mentioning is that I would be getting the batteryless version of either of these wheels, and I’d probably be too impatient to wait for a Monster V2 if I’m being honest.
  9. Nick McCutcheon

    San Diego, CA

    Awesome! I’ve been meaning to try an Mten3, they look like a ton of fun. For those who have not tried the Z10 or XR, I can second that they are both super fun!
  10. Nick McCutcheon

    The Photo Thread

    There was a group ride in San Diego today, we had a lot of fun! Here’s an album of all the photos we got: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1mtWa4A5vUmddPa19
  11. Nick McCutcheon

    San Diego, CA

    We just finished, here’s some pictures I got! I hope we go on another ride soon This album is shared so feel free to upload other photos/videos as well https://photos.app.goo.gl/1mtWa4A5vUmddPa19
  12. Nick McCutcheon

    San Diego, CA

    I’m fine with either day as well, that morning timing is good too in order to leave the rest of the day open.
  13. Nick McCutcheon

    San Diego, CA

    Sounds like fun! I’d be interested in going, so let me know if plans end up being confirmed. The only thing that would keep me from attending would be surprise midterms..
  14. Nick McCutcheon

    The Photo Thread

    Tire pressure seems to affect the low speed handling of the Z10 a LOT. The first time I rode the Z10, it was when Marty let a few of us try the pre-production unit before a group ride. It was very hard to turn then, and it felt like I really had to force the wheel to turn. It felt off, like it was forcing you to stay upright. The next time I rode it, @Marty Backe had adjusted the pressure (I can’t remember what he did, maybe he can help me out here) but it was MUCH easier to turn, especially at low speeds. It felt like a different wheel, and it was a lot more fun to ride IMO. So, varying reports may come from people using different tire pressures, which will result in a pretty different ride. That’s my theory, at least.
  15. Nick McCutcheon

    New Wheel Checklist - ACM Edition

    I’ve seen people vinyl wrap their wheels, I’m not sure how hard that would be on an ACM but it is a thing. (And I do agree, Gotway red is awesome! Ewheels only offers blue, though the color is starting to grow on me). My screws stripped out during a fall while offroading, and it was only the bottom two screws on the top plastic part. The wheel got stuck in a hole that was covered by debris and I lost control, the wheel landed partially on the handle. Though it didn’t come off, so I guess that shows you should still be ok even if you go through a minor crash. Normal sliding-up-and-down use won’t cause any issues at all. Also, I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue, but over time my handle got harder and harder to use, I think dust and dirt were accumulating inside. To fix it I put WD40 in the different sections of the handle columns and worked the handle up and down a lot (with paper towels underneath the handle to catch any dripping WD40) and it was like new again.