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  1. I've recently discovered that the entire LED line in my MSX glitches out whenever the wheel is under load, even during normal riding. When I try a different shorter strip (for example, one meant for the MTen3), the issue disappears. Does anyone know what might cause this? I find it hard to believe the strip is bad. Here's a demonstration: https://vimeo.com/456436459
  2. Usually this means the magnet inside that holds the pedal in the upright position when folded has come loose. You can fix this by removing the grip tape (carefully, to avoid stretching it), undoing the six screws that hold the top plate to the pedal, and re-gluing or affixing the magnet to its hole in the pedal. Then just reverse those steps to close it back up.
  3. For me, I've noticed the motor loses a lot of power above 28mph. It's possible to ride above that speed, but it doesn't feel very safe as the motor feels too weak. This is an issue with the 2200w motor KS uses for the 16X, 18XL, and now the S18. The old 2000w motor didn't really have this issue. So overall I'd say 28 is a safe top speed number but you can go faster as long as you watch out for bumps that could draw a lot of motor power to overcome and possibly lead to an overlean/"cutout".
  4. 65kmh is what I bring my MSX up to usually, I was hoping to be able to go a bit faster for a bit longer 😅 we'll see, I may just end up getting a monster pro depending on how reviews turn out.
  5. I truly hope they don't end up doing this on the Monster Pro I'm waiting for my Sherman like many others and I feared this would be an issue, as I have a tough time pushing past the beep (mentally, physically I could do it but I always stop myself). I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on my wheel speed, something I was hoping to not have to worry about too much on the Sherman...
  6. There's no way I can sell my MSX at this point, it's just too much fun and I can use it for so much. It's currently my "get places fast" wheel as well, but I'm feeling limited by the speed and small range that comes with that speed. Either the Monster Pro or the Sherman will be my main "car replacement" vehicle, and the MSX will be another wheel in the stable for shorter trips or trails.
  7. LIFT SPEED OF 106kmh!! I may have to cancel my Sherman preorder, as the only reason I'm getting it is for the speed. I briefly looked at the EX, but the new spec release of an 86kmh lift speed left me a little disappointed, as I'm not after torque so much. The Sherman has a similar lift speed to this Monster Pro, but its alarm begins at 70% power instead of GW's 80%, so I imagine it would be difficult to discern how far you are into the "danger zone". I always respect the beep on my MSX100v and have thus never had a high speed cutout, but this speed is often 39-40mph for me at 100% even though I know I can "safely" push it to 45-46 before I'll begin to enter the cutout zone. Hopefully the Monster Pro will start beeping at those higher speeds! Or maybe I should just learn to read the wheel and watch out for pedal dip at higher speeds like some other riders have mastered...
  8. Hey @KFool, not sure if you're still on here or receiving notifications but I thought I'd reach back out and ask what ever happened to this wheel? I'm trying to revive a dead Xtreme by rebuilding the pack, and currently trying the regen method on a separate wheel (a black-shell classic) with little success. And I have double checked, unfortunately all of our remaining solowheel classics have dead packs. We have one extra working Xtreme, but that's about it
  9. It looks like your image isn't loading correctly, would be able to try posting again?
  10. My set of upgraded L columns I ordered from AliExpress came in yesterday, and I can confirm it's a simple swap (with the right tools). All you need to do is remove a small portion of the inner shell on either side to allow the axle nut to peek through The top and bottom pair of screw holes still line up, so I'm fairly confident that structural integrity is still fine. Heck, larger and heavier wheels like the V10 only use four screws per side by default! My shell is still the old version one however, so it's not wide enough to accommodate the larger 2.5" tire. I forgot to take measurements for pedal height (I can later if there's interest), but it definitely rides differently, you can feel the difference. If you have the tools to remove/tighten GW 24mm axle nuts and dremel (or melt/cut away) a bit of plastic, I'd recommend this mod if you find yourself scraping the pedals super often like I did. Here are some pics (the change is more drastic in real life):
  11. Do you know which street tire the other demo was using? Curious as to what they'll be shipping, since no specific tire has been confirmed afaik.
  12. This is definitely disappointing to hear Hopefully the production version from ewheels will have a slightly different shell design to allow for easier removal of the board, I can't imagine it would require any radical redesigns. I wonder if @Jason McNeil would be able to suggest this change while Veteran is in the process of revising the wheel to survive overheat hill.
  13. Wow! Every post of yours I read hypes me up more and more for my preorder to arrive. Can't wait for the overheat hill video! What are your thoughts on those powerpads by the way?
  14. In Ian's latest S18 update video, at 14:09 he mentions that KS found out that CYT has stopped production of the H-666 tire that is loved by many (including me). Does anyone have ideas for alternatives that would handle similarly/be comparable in off-road capability? The H-587 (S18 preproduction tire) seems like a medium between the H-5102 and the 666, but I haven't ridden on it and thus can't speak to its abilities. I'm sure you're sick of being paged so often @mrelwood but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
  15. Good to know! Would you happen to have the link to purchase a set of these columns?
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