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CicLAVia & Griffith Park - Sunday Oct 6th 2019

Marty Backe

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For those of you who have large battery capacity wheels, join me for a romp around Griffith Park before and after the CicLAVia ride. Otherwise, join the group who will only be riding CicLAVia

We will start at 10am in the West Parking area for Griffith Park. Here's the Google Pin  NOTE: For you old-timers, this is not where we have traditionally met.

The journey begins on new trails leading up to the Observatory where we will continue on the roads up to the "Water Tank Overlook". Then it's onward with the roads until we reach the Travel Town Museum and onward to the Los Angeles Zoo. There we hop onto the LA River and travel down to partake in the CicLAVia event. We return via the LA River to the Greek Theater and then proceed with more Griffith Park riding, this time on the trails.

Any 1600wh wheel should be fine for this day of riding. Let me know if I should expect you.

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42 minutes ago, mango_fpv said:

Can gotway Tesla can do this ride?  Thanks for your post...

Doubtful, unless you weigh 120-pounds. Of course there's always the option Uber to finish the ride.

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