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  1. I have already taught 4 teenage girls (my daughteer and 3 of her friends) how to ride using the same method. I used a segway mini-lite (2 wheels) and just ride along with them while holding their hand. In the beginning I was jogging along with them but I got tired fast after a few laps around the block, so I started to used the mini-lite and it has worked great. They would do a few laps around the block and really have a feel for the EUC, after a short period it would click with them. And lastly I would teach them to mount. All the girls learn within an hour or so, with the fastest learner it was 30 mins to be able to ride on her own.
  2. Just watched the instructional video by Fat-Unicyclist demoing installing the euc cover. I must confess that I am a little disappointed as there seems to be some deception there. The Fat Unicyclist is NOT EVEN FAT!!!!
  3. The 16s is my go-to wheel, it just does everything well. Below are all the wheels I have owned and ridden. This is just my opinion of course but I love the 16s the most. ninebot one - kept as a practice wheel ks14s - kept for teenage daughter ks16s - keeping until I find something I like better (possibly the coming ks16x) KS18L - sold MCM5 - sold
  4. My daughter picked up riding on a ninebot one a few days ago and has moved up to the ks 14s. When I was riding the 14s I had it set on the hard mode because it felt more responsive. So for her, I'm not sure if that mode would be best for her. She is about 4'-10" and weighs about 80lbs. I have already lowered the speed limits as well as the alarm settings, got her all the protective gear possible. Would it be more beneficial for her if I set the ride mode to either "soft" or "medium". Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just today, I taught my 13 year old daughter and 2 of her friends how to ride on a ninebot one E (beater wheel). Her athletic friend picked it up in about 20 mins and was riding by herself. My daughter and the other girl took a little longer, maybe about 40 mins. All three girls learned and got the "click" and was riding by themselves amazingly in one learning session. These kids picked this up so fast it is really unbelievable. It took me 3 days to learn to ride and it was exhausting for me, sore feet and shin, sweating like a dog as I was exerting too much energy and effort. These girls were laughing and giggling the whole time while learning and they seemed so relaxed as opposed to when I was learning, I think that made a big difference as well.
  6. *Disturbing Video* BE CAREFUL OUT THERE Driver runs over scooter rider 1-3-19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqXr0u Preview YouTube video RAW VIDEO: Man riding scooter run over during Los Angeles police chase | ABC7 RAW VIDEO: Man riding scooter run over during Los Angeles police chase | ABC7 JSluk
  7. NIce! I would prefer to have the tire barely touching the bottom of the stand, so you don't have to lift the wheel off the stand to check battery levels and it going into spin-out mode. Just a suggestion.
  8. On for sale as of now. ON HOLD, may just keep it for my kid. Will update if I change my mind. This was my first wheel, that I sold to a friend but he says he is not using it that much and wants me to sell it. It was purchased from E-wheels in March 2018. I had put about 650 miles on it. It does have scratches but nothing major. I don't have it in my possession right now so i can not post pictures. I will post pics once I get it back from him. Just testing the waters. asking price: $600 (firm) Local pickup preferred: Downtown Los Angeles or Walnut Ca
  9. Yeah, no problem, anytime. I live near Lemon Creek Park, but I like riding up to Amar towards Grand through Creekside Park sometimes for leisure, so I probably pass by your area quite frequently. I had the MCM5 maybe about 2 months and hardly ride it, think I h ve a about 9 miles on it only. I prefer riding my KS 16s instead and is my main commuter.
  10. Hi Downtown, I also live in Walnut, although I haven't seen anyone riding unicycles except me. I have a MCM5 that you are welcome to tryout if you want.
  11. I was interested in getting a new kingsong 16" or at least wait for the new model. Out of curiosity I emailed Kingsong if they are coming out with one soon. They responded and recommended me to get the ks16s because a new moedel will not be coming out anytime soon, at least that was what Tina Wong from kingsong said.
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