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  1. I would advise against this, it's like buying a bicycle with training wheels, but in this case the training wheels are not removable.
  2. Curious, will these be available at ewheels anytime soon like the 18XL's?
  3. *likes* for wearing full gear. I'm SO impressed with how some of you riders are able to carry that much extra weight on your backs and still ride and ride at speed no less For me, when I can anything over say 20 lbs of additional weight my whole riding balance is thrown off. 🤯
  4. The consensus for the stock tire of the ks16x seems not good, any chance @Jason McNeil /ewheels can request Kingsong to switch to CST for future batches for the 16x?
  5. Yunicycle


    With his weight and almost no drag from his tiny body, I would venture to guess 55-65 miles, easy!!
  6. Yunicycle


    Curious as to what kind of range Brandon would get on the MCM5...
  7. I believe 14s is 18.6 mph not 16mph. I would recommend either 14s or 16s (22mph, I know it's not on your list). My daughter weighs 90lbs and rides the 14s, but she rides my 16s just fine. She will upgrade to my 16s when I upgrade my wheel. I would lean more towards the 16s as 16" wheel just rides much better than a 14" wheel and not that much weight difference. My 2cents anyways.
  8. Yunicycle


    Haha, she's dangerous with that projectile. Maybe use a leash (I mean of on the wheel of course)?
  9. "nobody spending Nikola money should have to do this" Agree with this statement 100%. Gotway should have to make it right for their Nikola customers. No one after spending 2k should have to modify their boards to feel safe riding them. Ridiculous!!!!
  10. And here I was thinking all along I was COOL riding my EUC as my daily commuter. Thanks for giving me a reality check.. Enjoyed your assessment never the less. "Cool factor: Onewheel and Esk8 > EUC You look kind of dorky with an EUC, at least most people think so. Whereas with the OW you're carving, doing tricks and just chilling. Same with esk8. This may vary though depending on who you ask."
  11. Wow, that kid at the beginning has some MAD SKILLS for sure. Thanks HOJs for Great video, loved the format with the first impressions of various riders, each unique and different. Only wished you would of included opinion from the man himself, perhaps another in depth video on the horizon for that? Thanks again for taking the time.
  12. Disappointed to hear the Nikola was having trouble with overheat hill, especially given the relatively cool and overcast weather we are having here in southern California.
  13. Color: The final color will be the carbon fiber panels, with black matte on top & changeable sides—for the present this will just be the black, but dark-gray is a possibility later on I kinda liked the look of the DEMO color combination better than the Carbon look that we are getting.
  14. Yunicycle


    Thanks Kuji for the closeup photo. That is the nicest stand I've seen and most innovative, are the wheel wells adjustable for different size tires?
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