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  1. I was thinking getting the Nikola now not sure as more and more people reports with problems here problems there, I just will wait for the new new batches I guess. I’ll stick with my Monster.
  2. Hopefully next time you could ride with us or you set it up we ride with you.
  3. First of Warren, you recover soon okay. We’ll do this again. Yes, accident can happen at anytime unfortunately it happens for this ride @Dzlchef I don’t blame you for this ride everyone seems to enjoying themselves but, I do blame you for giving him a slow wheel. LOL .Warren just trying to keep up with the big boyz like M22 and the Nikola. No, joking like I said accident can happen at anytime. I speak for myself I had fun I like to ride. Thanks for the invitation. Let’s not this unfortunate accident be a downer. Let’s do this again.
  4. Marty, that was quite a ride . We must did what, 40 to 50 miles that day. I am a newbie not just riding with the group I been riding the EUC about a month and half or so. I recommend to anyone who loves to get away and see a nice view follow Marty’s trails. He got the trails you will enjoy. Again thank You for let me tag along. Looking forward for the next one.
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