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KingSong 16X 1554Wh 2200W 16*3in (Released July 2019)

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2 hours ago, Mike Paolini said:

Also I need them to confirm XT906 was the correct firmware)

Yes that's the correct firmware I've also been testing it today and in happy with it tbh (50kmh down to 70v they have yet to confirm what throttling is below 50kmh and ran out of time to test,) i got the firmware when i was on 50% battery 72v and was able to tests speeds to 25mph i wasn't pushing it anymore due to wind and been so close to 70v , I've done 28 miles today and got 50% left so if they limit the speed to around a safe 25mph down to around 35% ish I'll be happy anything below 35% battery in kph in bit that fussed it will get me gone ūüėä , looking good so far , not really had time to fully test but I've done my best so far ūüĎć

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So to help clarify from my side, it is limited to HARD acceleration followed by immediate braking. Ive cruised at top speed followed by hard braking without any problems. So, braking isnt the issue, i

Yeah, no worries @US69, go ahead and keep that video. In regards to the video not being identical... yeah sure, but out of the ~15 runs i did, i assure you that i did at least a few runs that were jus

Back from my testride with the new firmware. I wanted to take my normal riding routes but it all came different, very different.  As i walked out of the house my neighbors came out with their

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4 hours ago, fryman said:

I still think its the new 2200W motor.


4 hours ago, fryman said:

The power needed to run the new motor is what I am getting at.  If they had run a 2000W motor I am not sure we would be having these issues. Only KS knows cause there are so many variables. 

I think the same and said it already few days ago.

Engine doesn't match the battery. 

Next week I can test at least by myself and I hope the disappointment stays within bounds. :efefb6a84e:

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3 minutes ago, buell47 said:

Or is this more a race about who has uploaded a YT video with info about the test firmware first? :efee612b4b:

Lol I've just done a short clip , i think it's more of people want this sorted throttling sorted and any info is appreciated ūüĎ欆

I feel a bit happyier from today's ride it really is a lovely wheel. I'm getting good mileage toūüĎ欆 hope we don't get throttled to much further down the battery i know it will get lower but not too much i hope


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50 minutes ago, Mike Paolini said:

Do the peddle seem more solid to you with it, or is that my imagination

Not really noticed i was concentrated on everything else lol .. Filming

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8 minutes ago, Afeez Kay said:

or if that is not possible then 30-35% is fine to start the speed reduction from..

Yeah that's what i have said to kingsong¬† 50kmh down to 50% battery and then 40kmh down to 35% or better and¬† then 33kmh down to 25% and then whatever after that ,,what was 1.05 firmware throttling set at as a guideline???,¬† I'm not using this wheel for speed but the short speed/long bursts you need when needed is good ūüĎ欆

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2 minutes ago, Mike Paolini said:

I think that depends on the Engineers not us arm chair quarterbacks.


I've yet to test the new firmware under 50% battery i ran out of time tonight i wonder what they have changed in that respect

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4 minutes ago, Mike Paolini said:

think that depends on the Engineers not us arm chair quarterbacks

Engineers tend to over engineer as an ass covering exercise 

Its not like they will develop 5 versions of firmware to cover 5 different weight groups for differet sized riders

Buts good that KS are watching and develpoping on the fly so to speak 

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@stephen if it's safe enough for kingsong maybe full bore to 50%, 45kph to 35%, 40kph to 25% (under load of course) would be a good middle ground. 

As much as I'd love it to go full vote to 25% it sounds like this wheel is more torque driven and just cannot handle that kind of speed safely like the XL can or some of the other wheels. 


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4 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

You sound & look cold. Is summer already over for you? :(

It can't be that cold. I heard he was recently spotted riding on Ilkley Moor bar t'at.

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1 hour ago, Jon Stern said:

It can't be that cold. I heard he was recently spotted riding on IlKley Moor bar t'at.

Wow, that's an obscure reference. One that I still don't fully get :blink1: I wonder if Stephen has a clue :)

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