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  1. Afeez Kay

    MSuper Pro?

    I get two in two weeks.. will try to report back.
  2. Afeez Kay

    MSuper Pro?

    my thoughts on the MS Pro.. The Gotway MSuper Pro. Reminds me of when Tesla released the Tesla Model Y. While on the outside, it is almost identical to the Tesla Model 3, some are now realising that the similarities are more than just skin deep, the adjustments in dimensions to the height and lift gate, not to mention the internal wiring of the Model Y makes it a more usable car and technologically advanced than the Tesla Model 3. The same can be said of the MSuper Pro(MSP) and it’s predecessor the MSuper X (MSX) You see, the MSP may look like a slight variation of the MSX but it is an entirely different animal. The 2600w motor, robust main board with bigger components, the new tyre thread, the now somewhat functional side vents, the lift sensor button(designed for right handed people, why Gotway πŸ˜†) and the double headlight, all add up to a machine that points to a superior EUC to its predecessor, the MSX. Shame I won’t have the MSP with me when I go to Brussels on the 7th for the winter games for rideables. When I had the opportunity to sit and have a meal with the owner of Gotway, he said his products are performance oriented, so I doubt Gotway will produce a wheel that will be a step back to the MSX. I will be getting my hands on the MSP very soon and will review the wheel with the EUC Tribe here in London, UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§. Sure, I would have liked a better trolley handle, and a wheel that doesn’t have headlights reminiscent of a spider’sπŸ•· eyes πŸ‘€ πŸ˜†, but let’s be clear, the MSuper series was never designed for convenience, or for good looks, the MSuper series is a performance series, such as what the M series is to BMW, GT to Porsche and AMG to Mercedes. If you want to look good in group rides, get the Nikola... I know, I have one 😁 If you want convenience, get the KS16X. If you want an unapologetically, raw performance Electric Unicycle, get the MSuper Pro..πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜Ž
  3. Afeez Kay

    MSuper Pro?

    Yes.. a 20 inch and a smaller wheel.. MSPro may surprise a few in terms of riding refinements. Lets wait and see. We have also ordered a few. Should be doing a review soon.
  4. The Rise Of The Electric Unicycle Tribe.. Enjoy 😁
  5. I compete in the e- rideables X-Games of the future. If this is the Future of Rideables..then sign me up 😁
  6. The long overdue comparison video is here.. enjoy 😊
  7. I could ask them.. let's see what they say..
  8. so more thrust is the ultimate solution??
  9. There is also the very popular WheelLog app for Android.. not sure if that excuse qualifies as a reason for prioritising android over IOS.
  10. I guess that is the result of the lack of lift handle button to shot off the motor from spinning or the ill thought out trolley handle located at the back.
  11. Where will you be able to get the data you need to make that decision?
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