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  1. There is a poll on Facebook. KS16X 100V, with 21700 cells.. would you buy it? I feel the KS16X with it’s responsiveness, usability, agility is only missing one ☝ more thing.. more power buffer.. the power is not necessarily for top speed, it is more for having that power when you need it and to help the wheel stay up right... VOTE NOW TO BE HEARD
  2. The search for the best electric rideable: The King Song 16X. I believe the Electric Unicycle, as a mode of transportation, is the purest form of Portability and Performance in one package, an almost symbiotic interaction between man and machine.. your body is the controller. If the electric Unicycle is the best form of city personal/portable transportation, Is it the King Song 16X The Best Of The Best? @Marty Backe @Mike Sacristan I am on my second 16X now with the v1.0.7 firmware the wheel is even better now. I just missed the torque and that trolley handle. Enjoy 😁
  3. The Nik+ with 21700 1800wh with two packs only, has solved the imbalanced issue..I ride one.. awesome wheel.Only one left to buy at https://www.erides.co.uk/
  4. Gotway confirmed this configuration is not from them. This looks like the inside of my old 1845wh MSX 100v from eucservice.com.. or maybe not..I recognise that layout, as I recommended the extra battery pack to be split equally into two packs for better weight distribution. Pure speculation here of course..I may be wrong.. but I would definitely recommend this wheel.. awesome piece of kit..
  5. For the time being, yes, erides.co.uk are getting some of, if not the only three we know of. I assume there will be more, no doubt, it is the future. The 21700 cells runs cooler as there is less resistance compared to the 18650. With my Nikola plus 21700, i only needed 2 packs on either side to give me 1800wh, therefore more balanced, and reduced speed wobbles to a certain extent, as a result of a lower center of gravity. Lets be patient, we will all start enjoying the benefits of the 21700 soon. besides some ecars already use these 21700 cell form factor, what better testing bed than in the automobile industry. These are just my opinion
  6. The 21700 cells I have in my Nikola plus, when I asked Mr Lin.. he said the 21700 are from Panasonic.. what else do you want to know? As I probably have one of the few wheels with this 21700 cells maybe I can help answer some of your questions
  7. I believe so.. The next three that has been built are being sent to erides.co.uk
  8. That is what I thought as well. I was hoping they can go to 2664wh.. with the 21700cells. I heard that this is possible, with a custom build. But when I ride the 21700 1800wh Nik +, it’s just smooth, balanced and very predictable. It just feels right, not too heavy and not too light. Range is also good too at about 60/70 miles give or take based on your weight, road condition and speed. That all I need really.
  9. Gotway are making three additional Nikola plus with 21700. The first one shipped for production is the one I have.. The Nikola plus has been confirmed as the only wheel that is wide enough to take two packs of 21700 cells, not even the MSX, as confirmed by Gotway. what do you all think about the Nikola shell now and it’s width? I think the width can now be seen as an advantage. The three in the video below have had to be partially hand built, and sent to erides.co.uk which speak volumes for the rarity of this Nikola plus configuration. 0846B03D-4D77-4F2D-A2BB-2BFED5713884.MP4
  10. Good day EUC Community .. this is what we did last night in London.. E-Mavericks came out to play. 😈😎
  11. My initial impression of the Nikola Plus 100v with 21700 cells, 1800wh.. and how I acquired it. Enjoy 😊
  12. your answer can be found in this video of me and the owner of Gotway.. the board is at the bottom.
  13. Yep.. this is the sort of range I am getting on mine.. 21700 Nik plus 100v
  14. This is the cheapest kingsong 16x I have seen in the UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kingsong-KS-16X-1554Wh-2000W-Electric-Unicycle-EUC-2019-Latest-Model/274026099153?hash=item3fcd3a71d1:g:R84AAOSwVoBdiyTo
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