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  1. I have both. EX is powerful.. has vast amount of torque.
  2. Taking the RS19 for a cruise
  3. Demo ride for family and friends πŸ€—
  4. My Initial impressions of the Gotway RS19 Speed 😊
  5. I have the RS19 Speed. I will find out soon.
  6. Looking forward to the EX
  7. Thanks @stephen 😁 @skyflyer I am at your service. Yes, our not for profit organisation rideables.org (PLEVUK Limited) would like to have a conversation with you.
  8. On the v11 here.. 😁 fast becoming my go to wheel
  9. Some community building with some inmotion v11 and kingsong demo
  10. zoomwheels Brian off-roading on his Sherman Veteran
  11. An inaccurate but fun way to compare these two beast of the EUC world together. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ enjoy
  12. The white panels are somewhat easy to remove. There are screws holding them in place. The black fins look spectacular btw.. but I imagine dropping them won’t be easy to fix. I haven’t done that yet, so fingers crossed 🀞
  13. I just removed mine. And I think it looks better
  14. My Review if they KS S18.. stay to the end. You get two reviews for the price of one. 😁
  15. My review of the Kingsong s18.. stay till the end.. you get two reviews for the price of one 😁πŸ₯³
  16. More s18 video showcasing the suspension.. enjoy 😁
  17. πŸ˜†πŸ€£ Don’t let her see these sort of discussions, women are too sensible. Mine is thesame
  18. I interview one of the most controversial figure in the EUC community, I present... VT (Vincenzo Tran )😈
  19. Inmotion are keen to differentiate themselves from their competitor.
  20. Watch this: This wheel is only available on eucservice.com and erides.co.uk
  21. Not quite accurate. MSS is a MSP with a completely different motor to any motor used by Gotway. Plus it has addition Samsung batteries.
  22. It may not be a performance wheel but it is one hell of a good looking EUC.. 😍
  23. S18 off-roading review
  24. I like this thinking.. needs more battery πŸ”‹ but that will also increase the weight from 22kg
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