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  1. I’ll bet the shocks turn out to be no big deal in the end. On all EUCs.
  2. BTW I love KS. I own (2) KS16S’s, the 18XL and 16X. I don’t own a Inmotion yet so that is what is making me lean in that direction. I honestly think the shock system on the S18 looks better and probably functions better the the V11.
  3. The light breaking off in a major crash it’s not a problem. It’s a crash. Kuji putting a non-stock tire on it and having it fail in 5 miles it’s not a problem either. It’s an install problem. The only problem I see with the Sherman is the plastic screen and the lack of a mudflap both of which can be fixed. This discussion started when I said I was considering dropping my pre-order of the S 18 because of the V11 would fill the shock wanting itch and all the reviews I’ve watched it seems the Sherman is definitely the wheel to have this year. Those two are 5K in wheels. Lol. I pointed out the S18 has the same motor as my 16X and KS18XL (upgraded motor) so nothing new other then the bad ass suspension.
  4. I agree about the 16X. It’s one of my favorites that I own. It’s pretty durable and most definitely more durable then my Nik+.
  5. Not really man. I own all of them and I’m getting all three of these new wheels. All I’m saying is from the reviews I’ve watched the veteran appears to be by far the most impressive and made the most impact on these highly experienced EUC riders/ reviewers. Apparently some of the guys here aren’t watching the same videos/ reviews I’m watching. Oh and I have absolutely no brand loyalty.
  6. I watched the New York boys bounce it down the street at 40 mph. Try that with a gotway monster or a 16X and get back to me. Gezzz. Lol
  7. Yeah well we’re going to find out if it’s a game changer or not. If it’s such a game changer then why are all the people who review them not as moved by the S 18 and V11 as they are the Veteran? No offense but I’m going to personally try to not confuse your personal enthusiasm versus what the final outcome will be and we don’t know what that is yet.
  8. Well let me put it this way since I don’t think you understood where I was coming from. If I were an American combat pilot in 1960 and a new fighter jet came out and Chuck Yeager after flying it for a few days said that it was the greatest jet he had ever flown by far and everyone who knew him and had been watching him for years saw excitement coming from him they’ve never seen before I would probably take his opinion pretty seriously. Well Marty and Ian are the Chuck Yeagers of the EUC community in my opinion along with Kuji of course. After watching dozens of reviews on other wheels from all these men I’ve never seen their reaction to wheel like they have reacted to the Sherman. So when you ask is it really something new? My answer is,,,,,, um yeah. It’s the fastest wheel both in acceleration and top end speed with the biggest battery. It also seems to be the most durable with the most powerful headlamp. That is a lot of “news”. Lol. Not to mention it’s a brand new company. So there is one more “new”. The only thing new about the S18 is the shock which I must admit seems to be pretty freaking awesome. Other than that there is nothing new on that wheel. I too have all three new wheels on order and I will actually get the V11 next week. However I’m most excited about the Sherman. I’m pretty depressed I have to wait until August to get it.
  9. Well it certainly has the coolest tire for off roading of any wheel I’ve seen come standard.
  10. I sense grasping at straws‘s to find flaws. LOL that rhymes.
  11. You might want to watch Marty and Ian’s reviews of the Sherman. I’ve watched hundreds of wheel reviews from many different people and I have never seen anything like this. Granted I’ve only been doing this for three years so perhaps there is a wheel prior to 2017 I’m unaware of that made a bigger impact. The S18 has the same motor as the 18XL (the upgraded motor) and 16X right? So no big improvements there. Also the battery seems to be heavily complained about by all you guys. I don’t particularly care about that. So the only thing new and it is a big deal, is the shock system. To be honest I am very interested to see how that works but I also have the V 11 on order and that has a more powerful motor and better battery. So I’m leaning on just getting the Sherman and the V11.
  12. After watching all these videos on the Sherman I’m considering canceling my S18 order. It’s just seems boring in comparison.
  13. It’s funny because most of the posts on this forum are complaints about wheels especially new wheels lacking in things that the complainer feels they should have. The biggest complaints by far, at least that I read, are always that EUCs don’t have enough range. I never really understood that because I just use these things for fun kind of like skateboarding but I guess some people brave the traffic and commute with them every day so range is incredibly important to them. Marty is the ultimate range tester here IMHO. I would think the vast majority of people would want him to test any new wheel and it’s range.
  14. Electric unicycle enthusiasts from Russia, keeping Orthopedic, Dermatologist and Neurosurgeons in business since 2013. Lol
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