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  1. Man thank you so much!!!!!!!
  2. I didn’t realize you have to remove the control board and all that other stuff. I also didn’t realize I would have to have silicone things. I’m an idiot. I should’ve just sent this thing to Jason. Thanks man.
  3. The tire change part I’m not too worried about. It’s the getting it out of the machine I’m concerned about or more importantly getting it back into the machine. Lol Thanks!!!
  4. Yea they know. Sorry about the side subject in this thread.
  5. Thanks but that’s for the 16 X I need instructions for the Nikola Plus
  6. What I specifically need is a detailed step by step how to get to the point of pulling the tire out, changing the tire (although there are already videos on that), reinstalling the tire into the shell and putting it back together. I’ll pay $100 for that. :-) I love this Nik+. I’ll change tires multiple times if need be to find the one that’s perfect for it. Let me know. I’ll need it by next Saturday/Sunday.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073RQB3H2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is what I got. Jason recommended these and says his guys use them. My biggest concern is I don’t unhook wires or take screws out I don’t need to. I guarantee you I can take anything on the planet apart. Putting it back together, now that’s a different story. LOL
  8. Portland Maine!!!! How are you? I’m from Maine. I have family in Portland. I’d love to hear what people think of EUC’s up there. Course the weather is only nice there two weeks out of the year so you must get a lot of riding in during that two weeks. :-)
  9. I’m not sure but I think you hurt my feelings. Lol
  10. Well poop. There is a video of complete disassembly but I’m sure you don’t have to go through anywhere near all of that to change the tire. What if I PayPal you a hundo? :-)
  11. That’s not what I meant. However I’m not sure you realize that. Lol
  12. IDK. I think this whole “gyro” feeling on the CX is not nearly as apparent to me as it appears to be to some. It less then a 1/10th what the Z10 feels like. Also the CST is definitely more nimble at lower speeds like 3-10MPH but after that the CX is just as nimble for me and more importantly much more stable translating into a more relaxing and comfortable ride then the CST. I only own one CYT and that is on my MSX. That’s an 18” tire though. Not sure if the tread is the same as the 16” CYT’s some of you guys are getting for your 16X’s. But I can hit 31MPH and be very stable on my MSX with the CYT on it. I hope the CX is the answer to my Nik+. I only sold my 84V Nikola for the 100V so I could try 40MPH now and then. So far I haven’t even hit 30MPH more then once and that scared the crap out of me. Maybe your right Chris and stabilization only really kicks in on the CST after 31MPH. All I know is that I’m not willing to find out. If the CX doesn’t make my Nik+ ride stable at higher speeds like my 16X I will sell it for a loss and call it a day. I really hope it works because the Nik+ is a beautiful wheel.
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