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  1. I think I’m just waiting for someone to tell me that their 16 X blew up a small town or something. It would go something like this. “ I was just riding my 16 X having a great time and then it cut out on me and I immediately face planted on the ground but the wheel kept going by itself into a small town and then blew it up“. Good grief.
  2. I think I’ll be able to handle it. My biggest concern is time. I don’t really have much time.
  3. I was pretty proud of myself for getting that done but then when I rewired it because I’m colorblind I messed up. Thank God for our friend @Marty Backe for helping me get the wiring right. He saved the day. Also I ruined the inner tube when changing it but I know what I did wrong and I doubt I’ll make that mistake again.
  4. Nope. My second. I chanced a tire on my Nik+
  5. Brother that would be awesome. I’m mostly looking for how to get the shell open, what wires to unplug, how to plug them back in and any safety considerations. Thank you so much.
  6. I googled it to my friend I just figured somebody here has done this 100 times and knew of a really good video that worked well for them. That’s what I was hoping for anyway. Thank you for your efforts on this.
  7. Well....... I suppose you are assuming I know what ecodrift and google translate is? Me- “ Can someone please give me an instruction video on how to disassemble this motor and put it back together?” you-“ You just take it apart and put it back together“ me- “um........thanks I guess “
  8. Anybody have a video as to how to change this motor out? Thanks
  9. The biggest problem for me would be I definitely can’t handle the amount of time I would be out of work if I crashed crashed going 20 mph with zero protection like that. Even if you don’t have your hands in your pocket how fast do you think a person at my age can get my hands out to offer even a little support to save my face and head from smashing into the concrete? A young 22-year-old perhaps could save their face a little but even then I’ve seen what 20 mph motorcycle accidents do to young people with zero protection so I don’t see how they would escape an EUC fall without serious bodily harm. So even with free healthcare I wouldn’t care because I still need to earn a living for my family and that would be difficult to do from a hospital bed. I spend more time evaluating how I can protect myself in case of a fall then I do drooling over a possible new EUC buy. I guess what will have to happen is one of them will dump it and get seriously injured and their buddies will see that and then probably take more safety precautions in the future. That’s generally how things work but I could be wrong. The cool part is if you are properly protected you could wipe out going 35 mph and walk away pretty good. Perhaps some ripped clothing but certainly not have to go to the hospital and most definitely be able to keep working. Anyway to each his own. It’s definitely a cool video and looks like a fun place to ride.
  10. I may consider it. I guess I would have to ship one of my wheels out there ahead of time. Where would I come to LAX?
  11. What beautiful scenery. I’m jealous of you. All we have is flat humid areas to ride here in Florida.
  12. Most definitely one of the better states. A low tax state. A free state.
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