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  1. The difference in tramlining between 20psi and 15psi was massive. It made me go from not particularly like the Z to really liking it. I think I’ll try 10psi too. I’ll report back when I do.
  2. Well I am 72 Kg. I had to use a converter app for that. Lol thanks for you input my friend. I think @Marty Backe made me paranoid :-) I didn’t even know about adjusting tire pressure until I came here and lowering the tire pressure on my wheels has made all the difference in the world for enjoyability for me. Especially the Z10 and Nikola. Actually since I’ve gotten these two wheels I don’t even like my KS16S or 18XL anymore. Lol. I’ll see how I like the MSX next weekend and the 16X at the end of the month.
  3. Wow great point!!!! I didn’t know he ran at 10 psi. You are right that guy is a maniac (In a good way). He was the first person I ever saw doing videos with EUC’s. He motivated me to get my first one. If he safe at 10 psi I’ll be fine at 15 psi. Thank you for that.
  4. Patton250

    16X Notice

    Thanks man. Sucks about the firmware problem. I’m sure they’ll sort it out. Looking forward to your video.
  5. Anyone replace the pathetic Nikola light yet with something that could actually be useful at night?
  6. Yeah but I really don’t want to dent the rim. I believe you when you say it’s easy to do at 15 psi. That’s all. I really appreciate your input.
  7. Well I’m bummed out then. I’m not sure I can enjoy this wheel at 30psi
  8. How am I going to dent the rim??? By jumping? It’s soooooo comfortable at 15 PSI and it doesn’t jerk as hard.
  9. Patton250

    16X Notice

    It is really hot man. Especially when you are all geared up.
  10. Patton250

    16X Notice

    Well they all have some problems. Oh well
  11. Patton250

    16X Notice

    The Z10 and Nikola are stupid easy to go slow with. I hope the 16X is too. I think I’m really enjoying the fatter tire wheels. I get the MSX this Thursday. I hope that is the same way.
  12. Wow. I don’t mind putting the Nikola back to 20 psi. But what about the Z10? 15 is much better than 20 to me. Makes the difference between enjoying it or not enjoying it. Or more accurately skeptically enjoying it. Lol
  13. Patton250

    16X Notice

    Hey who has ridden a KS16X? What’s it like compared to say the 18XL, Z10 or Nikola?
  14. Well 15 PSI did the trick. Much better. About 90% of the twitch is gone now. Much more fun to ride. In fact it brought me so much happiness I went straight to my Nikola and reduced it to 15 psi. Now the Nikola is much more fun to ride. Of course it’s about 10 times easier to carve and turn than the Z10. Lol. Thanks for everyone’s help.
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