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  1. Seems like someone needs to get working with their law makers....
  2. @Jason McNeil Well I'm excited about the the attempt for extra instant responsiveness and work toward tuning the noise. As an Admitted Gotway Fan boy, these are things from Gotway I don't easily want to give up. Hopefully that instant response target is at a standing start rather than for already rolling at say 10 mph... With respect to the added 200W of motor power, that's also interesting as a heavier rider in a hilly part of the world. I'm a little curious how they did it, and how close it comes to and extra 200W in reality vs being say a sleight of hand of marketing marketing department as we've seen in the past with some specs from various vendors. I suppose it might also be reasonable to link the extra 200W's of motor with the increased top end that was reported earlier given more power is required to push to that higher end [safely]? Also for what it is worth, I'm in no hurry and I'd rather see them swing for the bleachers and hit a home run out of the gate, even if it means production delays, then get it sooner. In my mind one of the worst things they could do, is ship one version to early buys and then iterate and improve on it rapidly and screw all the early buyers. At a $2,000 price point, that move builds the opposite of brand loyalty.
  3. @Unventor I use motor cycle jeans with D3o Knees and hips, motor cycle boots, and a Motor Cycle jacks with the back, shoulder, elbows myself (and D30 wrist guards). The only place we aren't aligning is the helmet, I use a Down Hill MIPS which I feel provides better hearing than the Motor Cycle helmets. I'm the one in Grey - and it's like 40 degrees so I'm bundled up. No idea how the other guys are not freezing.
  4. No Slime - I never Slime my tires as the Slime has a fairly short life and I'm not riding places that it is needed. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. @Unventor I've been talking to Jason about the Demo Wheel being shipped to me in Austin. Right now that looks like it would land here end of May. Fingers crossed. (I also believe it is starting with Marty).
  6. @Jason McNeil I know I haven't purchased 20k of wheels like some LA super stars... but as I guy living in Austin Texas, and a heavier rider (representing all us big fellas out there), I'm perfectly positioned between the West coast and East Coast for a stop over... and I would be happy to assemble 20 EUC enthusiasts (Including our own local rockstar Michael Vu) to get some initial impressions, ride it and record thoughts on it... Happy to link you my Youtube channel if you want to review past posted materials Also much appreciation for all that you do and are doing here - and for constantly answering my pestering emails
  7. Hi @Peteshmete I have a black 14" Gotway MCM5 800Wh with 230 miles on it (battery cared for by keeping it at 60% charge when not in use, and charging it to 80% for use generally). I bought form eWheel.com in Oct of 2018 I'd be wiling to part with as part of my upgrade cycle (I'm going to 1600Wh ideally). If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss further. (P.S. I'm located in Austin Texas)
  8. YES PLEASE! Buttons > Sensors imo.
  9. 31 mph - at least I now have a clue as to what my manner of death is going to be :-P
  10. @Jason McNeil With respect to the charging - is that 5a across one port for safe charging, or is there a case to be made for two 5 amp chargers, one into each of the 2 ports? And how does one tell if they are within the first 50 orders?
  11. @esaj It's formally known as Electromagnetically excited acoustic noise and vibration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetically_excited_acoustic_noise_and_vibration
  12. @US69 Thanks for the thoughts, here are my clarifications. It's understood that they go the euc's speakers - that isn't always desirable - especially in quiet environments. What is desirable is to play warnings over my earphones or UE Boom Speaker (which is much closer to my head allowing for lower volumes while still being heard by the user) - with a configurable volume. Both the earphones and users speaker are likely to be playing music, so the EUC should not capture the target, but rather allow redirect via the smart phone. Do they currently do that? Are they tail lights (meaning they are on always) or actual break lights (meaning they become brighter when the vehicle is slowing or stopping - some Gotway's do this by the way). The great thing about apps for these is EUC's and their lights is configuration - they can have colors changed, be turned off, and so on. Just because a few places may not allow it doesn't mean other markets should not have it. I believe wheels such as these are targeted at pro and advanced users - they are not starter or intermediate wheels. The goal is not to have to constantly pull out your phone. Hence the request for the display on the wheel, and on the watch.
  13. @RockyTop Tried (and did a video review) on Darkness Bot. It was ok, but ultimately performance was inconsistent for me. Also, I'd really like a direct set of warning from the Manufacturer rather than guessing and fumbling at my own. They're the ones that know the current voltage and the safe speeds for them....
  14. @esaj A DC breaker switch would seem to be a $20 solution capable of handing this... What am I missing? http://mwands.com/store/dc-breakers-from-100-amp-to-250-amp
  15. Easy: 1 (Safety) 2 (Safety) 3 ) Legal compliance and Safety
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