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  1. I think you mean an Apple iWatch. It would be really nice if their software forwarded to the iWatch, Future Motion does it for their OneWheel skateboards. Darknessbot does it as well.
  2. @The Fat Unicyclist when you figure out what you are doing with the KS16x and get the website updated, I'll give you a shout out on my YouTube Channel as well just to let people know it's an option.
  3. @The Fat Unicyclist Color me interested for the KS16x - I'd like to see what you come up with and perhaps order one for shipping to Texas
  4. Lol, I am starting to think they just just buy engines and control boards from Gotway
  5. Hate the look of the LED lighting - too spread out. Shame we didn't get to hear the motor given he recorded the sound of the other King Song at the beginning. Also really bothered that the reviewer is where mirrored sunglasses indoors... makes it hard to take him serious.
  6. @mrelwood Yea, he's like that. Had to block him on facebook and thinking about doing it here - he'd deny basic things like the MSX tire being bigger (calling it Gotway marketing etc). It's the Dunning Kruger effect I think. Best to ignore him.
  7. I believe the tail like is under those dots you see on the back.
  8. @Marty Backe With the number of EUC's you own, I'd expect you to be the one who cared least about delivery date... also it's not like December in LA is bad weather. LMAO.
  9. Thanks for the English version and thoughts. Sure would be nice if Gotway actually had a marketing arm to ensure synchronized messages, specs and release of information. Even so, 1845 Wh and 3000W max is still interesting depending on what they charge for it.
  10. Don't know, need to see the price tag and an actual translation, but yea it suddenly seems more interesting than the KS16x to this Gotway fanboy.
  11. Yea, if that says what I think it does, it just passed the 2500W monster....
  12. @Marty Backe Actually the just posted the 100V version of the Nikola, I tagged you so you could find it and also created a post in the form
  13. Found this on Facebook in the EUC page - you'd think they'd learn to let the "old" version get off-loaded from the boat before revealing the new ones... though I must say I do perfer the black body to the while strips....
  14. Wish I liked these. I've had a OneWheel XR in my garage for 3 months now, it mostly sits as I really prefer my EUC in all cases.
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