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  1. Mike Paolini

    MSuper Pro?

    Sadly, same terrible trolly design... No word on waterproofing (those speakers placement, as shown have me wondering about how long they will last). No word on peak power, or the batteries in use. Be interesting to see it comparison to the new Rockwheel Iron Korea which they are claiming is a 3000W motor and 92v ( )
  2. Use a GPS app and see if you can figure out how much your KingSong App is off - also inflate your tire to proper pressure.
  3. King Song replied to me directly - they say they are working on it.
  4. This is not helpful and does not address the question. I seriously urge you to re-evaluate your replies to posts and stay on topic, and, this is *key*, if you don't have an answer, don't feel compelled to chime in and say things for the sake of saying things. Which brings me to the rest of your post, which is equally useless and as near as I can tell misinformed as well. The $100 developer fee comment - well it speaks for itself. Likewise with respect to the comments about sending Apple a wheel for testing - realize that King Song has not one, but two existing apps in the iOS store (KingSong and KingSong_new), just as Gotway does, and Ninebot/Segway does, and InMotion does.... This is a mountain all the EUC vendors of climbed before, for many years. Shipping to and from is understood to be the cost of doing business to companies. So another swing and a miss. I could go on, but instead I'll politely suggest you take your ax to grind with Apple and Android politics elsewhere - perhaps start a threat about it and resist polluting other threads. Thanks for the link!
  5. Has King Song given up on the iOS app? It's not been updated in the App store in 8 months, and still does not interact with the KS16x correctly...
  6. I can also see that the capacitors changed - there is a second one added on the south side of the board, and the first one has been upgraded in size. Generally it looks like they are filtering noise on the lines better - I had a feeling that would have to be the case to address the peddle tilting which seemed to be RF or EMF interference to me. Thanks much @The Fat Unicyclist
  7. @The Fat Unicyclist What's new about the versions? What's changed in the versions (e.g. what have they fixed or improved?) How to tell which version you have?
  8. Can you say more on the version of the control board?
  9. So excited. Look what's on the way to me from Roll.nz
  10. Just order me a EUC Bodyguard from Roll.nz with a little customization: Can't wait for it to arrive.
  11. No good answer for you. I'd update to 1.06 because there are bug fixes and improvements - maybe find a friend with an iPhone, or try the android app I hear they have on their web site.. I know every is mad about 1.06 being "over cautions" on throttling, but for now lets assume the engineers had a good reason... 1.07 I'm told should be in a week or so. Also I've never seen the cut-out myself. Wonder what your battery level was? The slow peddle oscillation - I wonder if this is the forward tilt, backward tilt we talk about? If so you can try the BlueTooth update as there was an known issue with the BT module interfering with the controller. On 1.06 this problem persists for me, though I didn't really see it on the beta of 906 so I'm hoping 1.07 will finally address it. Lastly I don't get vibration/grinding. My 2 cents, firmware fixes a lot, but I suspect they need an update to the controller invoking shielding from all RF and EM noise.
  12. That's a lot of jackets! I love my Rev-it tornado 2 for riding here in Austin Texas - but you are correct, there is no rib or chest protection. I had been looking at the https://xionpg.com/ but felt there was too much duplication with my motor cycle jacket. I had finally settled on the G-From shirt for chest/rib - but I never wear it in the summer.
  13. No drops, no accidents, and if it spun from curbs to 41 I would have been on my ass. No this is just a plan bug.
  14. The King Song_new App on iOS was last updated 4 months ago, still waiting on them to upgrade it.... so yes I'm using the latest version available to iOS. I may start carrying an Android with me to compare. Beware that normally the Max and Average speeds are correct in mph. I'm only reporting when they aren't as part of the 906 Beta testing.
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