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  1. I can also see that the capacitors changed - there is a second one added on the south side of the board, and the first one has been upgraded in size. Generally it looks like they are filtering noise on the lines better - I had a feeling that would have to be the case to address the peddle tilting which seemed to be RF or EMF interference to me. Thanks much @The Fat Unicyclist
  2. @The Fat Unicyclist What's new about the versions? What's changed in the versions (e.g. what have they fixed or improved?) How to tell which version you have?
  3. Can you say more on the version of the control board?
  4. So excited. Look what's on the way to me from Roll.nz
  5. Just order me a EUC Bodyguard from Roll.nz with a little customization: Can't wait for it to arrive.
  6. No good answer for you. I'd update to 1.06 because there are bug fixes and improvements - maybe find a friend with an iPhone, or try the android app I hear they have on their web site.. I know every is mad about 1.06 being "over cautions" on throttling, but for now lets assume the engineers had a good reason... 1.07 I'm told should be in a week or so. Also I've never seen the cut-out myself. Wonder what your battery level was? The slow peddle oscillation - I wonder if this is the forward tilt, backward tilt we talk about? If so you can try the BlueTooth update as there was an known issue with the BT module interfering with the controller. On 1.06 this problem persists for me, though I didn't really see it on the beta of 906 so I'm hoping 1.07 will finally address it. Lastly I don't get vibration/grinding. My 2 cents, firmware fixes a lot, but I suspect they need an update to the controller invoking shielding from all RF and EM noise.
  7. That's a lot of jackets! I love my Rev-it tornado 2 for riding here in Austin Texas - but you are correct, there is no rib or chest protection. I had been looking at the https://xionpg.com/ but felt there was too much duplication with my motor cycle jacket. I had finally settled on the G-From shirt for chest/rib - but I never wear it in the summer.
  8. No drops, no accidents, and if it spun from curbs to 41 I would have been on my ass. No this is just a plan bug.
  9. The King Song_new App on iOS was last updated 4 months ago, still waiting on them to upgrade it.... so yes I'm using the latest version available to iOS. I may start carrying an Android with me to compare. Beware that normally the Max and Average speeds are correct in mph. I'm only reporting when they aren't as part of the 906 Beta testing.
  10. 906 Firmware. 35 PSI, rider weight 220+ 10 pounds of gear. iOS App reporting max speed 41 mph, external recorder reporting 20 mph. Average speed seems right, it was a group ride.
  11. 906 Firmware. 35 PSI, rider weight 220+ 10 pounds of gear. iOS App reporting max speed 41 mph, external recorder reporting 20 mph. Average speed seems right, it was a group ride.
  12. I love my D3o pieces as well, but I might suggest you look at actual Motor Cycle Level 2 armor before you send the money on the Flex Force... Yea, you nailed it. I've come to believe ultimately with the wobbles that's really design issue. The Higher Peddles (.2" higher than an MSX) on a shorter wheel (16" vs 18") result in a change in the balance point and leverage. Combine this with the high torque motor and the result is ride wobbles. They may eventually be able to tune the motor to reduce them during breaking, but I would not expect that any time soon. I feel like it just a characteristic of this wheel riders need to understand. (And riders should probably practice the emergency stop technique that has you convert the linear movement to circular rotation around a pivot point - one foot off to pivot with while the other controls the wheel, borrowed from the martial arts. Sadly I can't find the video where I learned it to post it here, but it has saved my bacon several times).
  13. Why do you believe it is an App calculation error rather than an error from the control board and logic and that the isn't just dumb and puling real time numbers from the EUC controller (as it does for amps etc - and this would save porting code between platforms like iOS and Android). Knowing the average speed to predict battery load for throttling would make sense. And in this particular case of error, if it was on-board and being used that way, it might also explain why some people saw drastic cuts in speed while others did not on 1.06... As to miscalculation and forward peddle tilt, by definition it is a miscalculation, an error - just as forward peddle tilt (unless going up a hill) is an error. The nature of the wrong number in a calculation is that it causes errors in output (maybe the wheel things it is trying to catchup with a hard breaking as the average speed suddenly drops from miss assignment for example and so tilts forward? And if it was in the App and not the Controller, it could be coincidence that the app error and the tilt error happen at about the same time, but isn't it just as likely that they would be tied together rather than independent? Lastly, hardware error and the gyro certainly seems reasonable - but in my experience debugging such problems, hardware errors occur a lot more often and consistently than what we're seeing. Hardware errors tend to be highly reproducible where software errors such as assigning the wrong value to a variable result in more random and unpredictable behavior that is hard track down and reproduce because most of the time the error value in the variably is often still within acceptable range (e.g. average speed and max speed tend to be not too far apart or out of tolerance, and average speed averages down most of the time making it semi correcting... In any case, it is speculation, King Song should be able to answer that pretty quick by looking at the App code and finding out if it is calculated in the App or in the EUC itself. And either way it should be addressed.
  14. Wanted to register a new issue I discovered in the iOS App. I suspect it will occur on Android also and is simply a reflection of a software issue inside the KS16x, and likely one that is causing the Peddle Tilt post Bluetooth USB fix. Caught it using 906 with these screen shots after the KS16x tilted first forward 15 degrees, then backward 15 degrees for about 15 seconds at low speed (mph) around a curve. I had been doing sprints to test the 906 Throttling. The Average speed is higher than the Max Speed:
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