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  1. Sieht so aus, hab mich auch schon zu Tode gesucht. Falls du einen finden solltest sag Bescheid, nehme auch einen.
  2. Since it was sunny today i thought i make a trip to Wolfsburg. But it was also really cold and my battery didn’t hold up. So i had to do the i‘m walking thing for the last 3km.
  3. Live talk for the German Criminals right now
  4. As i said, have a look at the 18XL then. Don‘t think you will get any problems when riding in rain especially when you throw a bodyguard on. The XL is a very reliable wheel, with good speed and range. By the way i want to sell mine, if you’re interested.
  5. Well I think it’s more a matter of, do you have good luck or bad luck, i know many people who rode the 16X in heavy rain including me, nothing happened. Here is an old video from Eddie Moy where he is riding the pre production unit in heavy rain. He didn’t have a problem. Then there are people who just get a few drops of water on their wheel and its dead, so. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe get a bodyguard and a backpack raincover for the top. Or consider the 18XL, i think it’s a pretty rain resistant wheel, as you can see in Dufs video.
  6. Dude an EUC is stuffed with electrical components so failures can happen any second so maybe you have to stop thinking that much about it or ride a bicycle. No one can guarantee you that a wheel can’t fail. But if you say your max speed is 45kmh i don’t think you you have to fear anything on any of today’s wheels.
  7. I have a very first batch of the 16X, and it runs like a beast. Got roundabout 6500km on the clock now and never had any problems. To answer your questions 1. Don’t know what changed in the 2020 version in terms of waterproofing but I would always try to avoid rain with any wheel, but if you get caught in the rain you can take one of these backpack rain covers with you and pop it over. 2. Wobbles go away when you know your wheel, i don’t get any wobbles on my 16X. 3. I never had a cutoff neither a friend of mine @buell47 or @Mike Sacristan also with first batches, and
  8. ... i think i just shit my pants.
  9. Here in Germany the speed restrictions on e-scooters are even worse than in the rest of Europe. We are the only ones where the speed limit is 20kmh.
  10. Just last week when i played GTA 5 i thought to myself how cool would it be to ride an EUC through the streets of Los Santos.
  11. I think @Rehab1has got his story to tell on that, if i remember correctly.
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