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  1. Well Aneta, sorry i have to say that but i‘m really starting to get pissed off when i read the word Hoverwheel. That word is just garbage and i will never ever call my wheel a bloody Hoverwheel. And i don’t think anybody else will, so just stop the cheap commercial and be done with it. Sorry had to let some pressure out.
  2. This is so funny man, i am shitting my pants. And the best part is that he is absolutely ignoring all this, he must have a special ignore function that i want as well.
  3. This happens when you faceplant on a hoverwheel.
  4. Right, and i like to ride my ELECTRIC UNICYCLE on hills without measuring the exact slope and torque that’s needed to challenge that quest, and still have fun.
  5. I thought about it to swap the motor, but now with the update i don’t need to, the wheel is just how i like it now.
  6. Last time i rode my XL down to 35% i didn’t get any throttling, but i have the good old 2000W Motor.
  7. How does the watchface look like when EUC world is displayed. Didn’t see that in the video or does it look the same as on wheellog?
  8. Don’t know, maybe you can send him a comment on YouTube.
  9. Monsieur Flex is in Thailand now, day 148 on his world tour, amazing.
  10. Well as i said before I just made one calibration with a level app holding it with my hands against a wall. Level was on 0 and that’s it, working perfectly.
  11. There must be something wrong with your wheel, mine just performs just perfect after the update, like before. Lots of power, rock hard pedals, no dipping or tilting when turning, i had a slight dip when i turned sharp going slow on 1.13, that’s completely gone now.
  12. Well that’s the benefit of having a 16X for a while. I already know this kind of power.
  13. Made my test ride today and i had some big fun. That thing shoots off like a rocket, i was really blown away how much power i had to play with. I had a big fat smile on my face all day long. Since i got the 16X i only rode the 18XL every once in a while when i wanted to smoothly cruise a little because i like the power and quickness of the 16X more. But now i would say it’s got as much acceleration power as my 16X, really amazing. And sometimes i thought there is something wrong with the wheel. While riding on tarmac i was hearing a strange noise that i never heard before. But i figured out it was just the noise from the tire that i couldn’t hear before because of the high pitch whine. So i am really happy to have a new amazing wheel, thanks Kingsong. And hey @Mike Sacristanhope you and Monika will try out the 2.00 XL from Simon, you will love it.
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