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  1. Wait til it breaks in, it gets really good.
  2. My sister and me had a nice ride today, roundabout 100km. We went to Wolfsburg had a look at the VW Autostadt and later on we chilled a little at a beautiful lake. .
  3. Same shit like here in Germany, we are all criminals that need to be fined and arrested.
  4. In the 16X tire thread i have seen that @Gaz Bon received his X today with the chaoyang tire on it. Strange, i thought the stock tire was so good.
  5. That’s the point for me, i don’t want to ride 200-400 miles to get used to a tire. After 3 weeks strictly riding the X i hopped on my XL and it was hard to ride it because of the non gyro feel, don’t like that either. The stock tire just doesn’t fit me and my style of riding, if everybody else likes it good, i don’t. And if i get a hand on the chaoyang i will try that as well.
  6. And another funky gimmick occurred today. As i was charging this morning the green leds on the wheel where on pulsating upwards one by one til it was full, didnt have that before the Update. Right now i am charging again and no more green lights but the brake lights are flashing. Oh well at least it doesn’t get boring.
  7. I made a normal ride today, no hard downhell race like yesterday, and i was watching my temperature the whole time. Because yesterday when i tortured it the wheel wasn’t going over 47C. Which i thought was pretty low for that kind of riding. Before the 1.05 update the wheel was around 50-52C when doing normal riding. Today i was riding pretty quick but no torture and the wheel was constantly at 43C, no matter what i did. fan didn’t kick in the whole ride. i mean does it run cooler because of the update or what. Does anybody else experience that
  8. @Mike Sacristan you can torture yourself with that tire if you want to but if you want instant more control and lots of fun just put on the CST, just saying. I have mine on for about 300km now and it performs so much better than the stock tire, and past 35kmh the gyro feel kicks in a little if you are looking for that.
  9. And on which screws do you put locktight?
  10. Well watching someone that did it for me wasn’t hard at all. Next time i do it myself, no problem
  11. 1187km to get a new tire, that’s crazy, but i would have done it as well just to get that shitty stock tire off my wheel.
  12. Awesome, you will love it specially with the new FW. It rides like a champ.
  13. Well i don’t have the pedal problem, not before any update or after. I always switch of kingsong music because i have my JBL Flip running for music.
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