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  1. Roadrunner

    German Discussion Group

    Ich Bretter schön durch Wälder und Wiesen, macht richtig laune und man hat keinen Stress. Hier mal der zweite teil von meinem Wald Video. Ein langes ungeschnittenes Und ein kurzes, geschnitten mit Musik
  2. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    That looks really cool, thanks for the idea
  3. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    That’s in my kitchen
  4. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    Today i thought it’s time to give my EUC and all the gear a nicer place to live, before it was flying around everywhere. So i bought a little shelf and organized everything a bit. That‘s how it came out. Underneath i’ve put a piece of velcro so i can just stick knee and elbow guards under the board.
  5. Roadrunner

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    Bought a used sony smartwatch 3 for little money and it should come today or tomorrow. I have to find someone with android phone, iam an iphone kid, and i have to fiddle out how to get the app on the watch. I will give an update when i did it.
  6. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    Here is a little video update, its the second time that i go real off-road and it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully the weather gets better soon because i want to ride. Made 2 videos, one is longer with no music, just the sound of the wheel and the nature. Second one is shorter with music
  7. Roadrunner


    Here is the second part of my ride in the woods. I made two videos. First video is raw, no cuts no music and a little longer. Second one is edited with music and pretty short. Hope you have as much fun watching as i had riding.
  8. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    Got some really nice knee guards today, IXS Dagger. They fit really good. The sides are a little protected too they stay really good in place with this insert for the knee cap
  9. Roadrunner

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    Hello guys I thought I’m going to keep this thread for personal updates on my EUC story. I will post updates on safety gear, videos from my rides, new stuff that i buy.
  10. Roadrunner

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    O@Zanoni is it only showing mph or can it be switched to kmh as well?
  11. Roadrunner


    First part of yesterday’s off-road session
  12. Roadrunner

    German Discussion Group

    Erster Teil vom gestrigen Ausritt
  13. LOCATION:Braunschweig, Germany  DATE:16.02.19 TIME:afternoon WEATHER: sunny and 13deg C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 43km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KS16 C WHO WAS WITH ME: just me TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 1147km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: the whole ride was a blast, mostly off-road in the woods WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: none  RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: riding in the woods is great, but be careful it’s addictive
  14. Roadrunner


    @seage , maybe this helps a little. He’s got a few more How to videos, helped me a lot.
  15. Just wait till you have control over that thing, then the fun really starts. I catch myself smiling very often when i ride because its so much fun It defenetly comes to an addiction.