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  1. Verkaufe mein KS16C falls jemand Interesse hat.
  2. Iam selling my KS16C because a new one wants to come and this one has to go. i bought it in Oktober 2018 It has a 754wh battery build by Chris from 1radwerkstatt. Comes with: XL pedals, stock pedals 2 chargers from 1radwerkstatt Charge Doctor New inner tube Valve extension It’s in good condition, had no crashes. Pedals are scraped of course and the trolley handle is a bit fiddly sometimes but works. Runs buttersmooth since 2300km. Price is 750€
  3. Congratulations to both of you
  4. Kleines Video von meinem range test mit dem XL, 107km geschafft.
  5. Yes iam living in the mother of flatlands, but i wasn’t riding like a pussy Accelerating hard and lots of speed. And my weight is 73kg.
  6. Did a range test yesterday with my XL, made 107km with 15% left. Here is the video to it
  7. Chris from 1radwerkstatt told me he will be getting these stickers in about 3-4 weeks. Maybe other designs as well.
  8. It’s great to ride with her and teach her things. And i don’t have to ride alone anymore.
  9. Had a nice ride with my sister today, she is getting better and better. We found a little oasis in the middle of nowhere, only big villas with a sea and boats on it, couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a different world.
  10. @PogArt Artur look at this, sounds interesting.
  11. Received my bodyguard today from @The Fat Unicyclist. Very impressed, worth every penny i would say. Now i dont have to be scared if it falls.
  12. Fahre schon zügig, wiege aber auch nur ca. 73kg. Hier gibt es auch keine Berge. Werde nächstes Wochenende mal nen range test machen. Habe gerade nochmal in meinen chat mit 1radwerkstatt geschaut wo ich an den ersten 2 Tagen wo ich das rad bekommen habe mit 100% los bin, am ersten Tag 57km gefahren und noch 75% gehabt , und am 2 Tag nochmal 50km und noch 32% Rest gehabt.
  13. So jung bin ich nun auch nicht mehr mit 45 und meine Schwester ist 30. Reichweite sind ca. 120km
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