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  1. I did read that as well on Facebook that Michael Shen said there is a solution and the dealers have it.
  2. I don’t just think it’s thinner i can see that. Look how much clearance there is to the housing compared to the CST. CST Chaoyang
  3. I finally got my chaoyang tire today, waited about two months for it. So while i was at it i had a look at the results of my little dust mods that i did last time, rode about 150km with it. Where the mudguard is i stuck a bit of foam between the led strip and the rubber of the mudguard. Right there And i put some sticky velcro where the pedal hangers slide in. Result, not as much dust inside before the modification After the modification When i had the tire off the rim i took the advice from @buell47 and drilled the valve hole a bit bigger, the tire didn’t go properly onto the rim because the valve was too far out it already pinched the tire wall. The chaoyang is definitely slimmer than the CST, it’s got a lot more clearance to the housing. Couldn’t do much testing because it was getting dark and late so just did a few rounds around the block and i like it.
  4. So then the warning should not only be for the 16X. It´s got nothing to do with the wheel then.
  5. @Seba Why is it that my wheellog for the 16X is still always showing 100%, on my 18XL it’s working. Got the latest update from your site.
  6. Oh well it still doesn’t want to download. 🤮
  7. Via bluetooth from an IPhone, since when can you do that.
  8. Well i tried it at about 25mph but just shortly because i don’t see no point of doing that, and mine didn’t dip. I mean Kingsong should test that and not us, they have enough wheels to brake, why should we take that risk.
  9. Well mine is not downloading Maybe my phone is to old, S4 mini, or i am to stupid and old.
  10. Got my seat last week and i love it. At first it was a bit scary but it clicked pretty quick and i am having a blast.
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