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  1. Are you guys watching Monsieur Flex touring around the world on his EUC? He started in France and is now in China. Great to see all the different countries, and the people are so nice.
  2. There is another one at the other side, just take that out and measure it.
  3. Oh come on, i was expecting this.
  4. Update of my thread after one year of fun. After one year of riding EUC i have to say this is the best hobby ever. Having lots of fun every day and even though it’s illegal here my collection is growing. Last member of the family is the Mten3. I’m also really happy that i found this forum with so many nice people that are always willing to help. Big thank you to all of you.
  5. This happens when you leave those 3 home alone at night. Making babies. Seems like he is a daddy’s boy.
  6. Found this guy on the tube last week
  7. But the tiltback i still have to do with the KS app right? What would be really cool if there was a switchable Classic mode with the face of Darknessbot how it is now and a new mode with a big speedometer on the screen like how it is in the kingsong or EUC world app. 😁
  8. @Seba maybe you should get in contact with Samsung and ask if they will sponsor you because a lot of guys are going to buy Samsung watches.
  9. So is my understanding right that we can ditch the KS app in the future and only use Darknessbot for everything?
  10. Found this article about Hemp batteries, sounds interesting. https://themindunleashed.com/2019/10/hemp-batteries-more-powerful-lithium-graphene.html
  11. Hm, maybe i should stop making videos of myself riding. And maybe i should stop riding and living the life I want to live. F... it i do what I want and if they want to get me c’mon let’s go.
  12. I assume they have better stuff to do than looking in the internet to catch EUC riders.
  13. Hm, i heard from others that it’s quiet. @Patton250 you got the 16x as well, what do you say.
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