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  1. Or got ran over by a car or truck.
  2. So that’s what nerds in Texas look like. 🤓
  3. I keep getting a pop up on my phone that the "Kingsong has stopped, do i want to close app or send feedback?" The app is not open in the first place. I have an S7 android phone.
  4. WOW! I would wreak alot, because my eyes would not be on the road.
  5. fryman


    Dude, that was awesome!
  6. I would agree; another test with a different wheel would be a good idea. The temps seem really high.
  7. I would recommend purchasing a new wheel. You don't want to mess with batteries if you are not sure, what you are doing.
  8. I have found that there are a lot of cyclist that ride aggressively and don't like to slow down for anyone.
  9. @Rehab1 when will you learn? It’s not the size of your stick that matters it’s how you use it. 😉
  10. Updated to 1.09 yesterday. Does anyone know how to leave the led lights on, so they show the battery level when you stop? I can only either have the led lights on or off.
  11. That's a lot of monsters!
  12. Looks amazing. Looks like a great place to pack a lunch and go on a 40 mile ride.
  13. Did you do some photo editing on this pic?
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