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  1. Could that prevent the Flexmeter from working properly?
  2. Greatly appreciate KS communication. Very disappointing that folks got injured and that this was not tested before release. Again, I think it could be that new 2200W motor which creates a lot of torque which requires a lot of power.
  3. I understand you love the wheel and its acceptable to you (I may do the same one day). 25% or less before throttling should be acceptable. KS is currently my manufacture of choice because of there quality and safety standards. It just seems we are lowering the bar for this wheel when I know KS can do better.
  4. Good example why Kingsong's engineers need to keep working on this wheel. We know they can do better.
  5. I,m not a speedster the fastest I go on my 16S is 19 mph no throttling till 20-25ish. Its about performance and distance for me. A 1600wh wheel should be able to use up more battery before throttling like the KS18XL. I am a safety first person but we should not lower our expectations or standards for this wheel.
  6. Thanks for all your testing Stephen. We still need to get to 25% till throttling or at least 25mph to 25% before throttling.
  7. https://cleantechnica.com/2019/01/28/tesla-model-3-battery-pack-cell-teardown-highlights-performance-improvements/ The change in form factor of its battery cells isn’t all good news, though, according to Jack, as the new chemistry results in a flammability temperature of just 150–180°F due to the higher energy density of its cells — compared to a flammability point of 350°F with the 18650 cells. The increased risk of flammability of the new cell design is likely why Tesla chose to upgrade the cooling system of the Model 3 pack, mitigating the increased risk at the cellular level.
  8. The NFL season starts. GO CHIEFS!!
  9. Try it in experienced mode. It will make a difference
  10. We’ll it’s not my bowling arm. It is slowly getting better and I’m trying to get back on my wheel by October, right before winter comes.
  11. Hope your arm heals quickly. Congrats on 9000 miles you ROAD WARRIOR!
  12. I just noticed @Bob Eisenman and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" Wear the same body armor.
  13. That’s the best thing about these wheels. Discovering and going places you would not have without them.
  14. Throttling should not start till 25%. If this can’t be done safely; then it’s time to redesign the wheel. Kingsong has strived for excellence and now is not the time to stop.
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