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  1. No no no...that space is for more batteries.
  2. I think the black trucks float and the red ones don't.
  3. Yes, respecting each other and their opinion is the way it should be.
  4. Hey Dan, After you learn to ride this wheel can you give us your thoughts on it?
  5. Yes, more battery please
  6. Wow, this wheel takes a lot of man hours to build.
  7. @ShanesPlanet watch
  8. Lol... @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" looks like a giant Gnome. Love you Jeff!
  9. That should be done at the factory.
  10. Sounds amazing! You are going to love the places you can go on an EUC.
  11. I was thinking MSP for awhile, but I just can’t get past the looks and the loud fan. My wait continues. 😕
  12. I like how the wheel stands on its own.
  13. So you say there's a chance!
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