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  1. Incredible, he’s a legend.
  2. Wow, keep up the great work @Jason McNeil
  3. I am assuming the glue issue will fix the problem; but the lack of proper overheating monitoring is crazy. The wheel should have overheated and tilted Marty off.
  4. For sure, they can’t help themselves. The knowledge is there and it’s got to be told.
  5. You nerds are giving me a headache. 🤓
  6. That’s if the wheel is registering the proper temps. It seemed to me and others that the wheel was registering very cool temps for the stress it was under.
  7. Currently its only going to be 77 on Sunday.
  8. Those look unsafe. It looks like it would grip your feet too much; to where it would be difficult to run off your wheel.
  9. I don’t understand why two things that have worked in the past; like easy access to the value stem and angled pedals had to change. Let’s build on what works! SMH
  10. Ok, cause it’s all fun and games until you hit a cow.
  11. Are there any yellow brick roads, and cows around?
  12. Oh my word. This forum is full of Nerds!
  13. No, those are the flames from the afterburners. Listen again
  14. I will be in California June 22-29th and looks like I would be available for a group ride the 22nd -24th. I will be staying near Solana Beach. So, a big ask; if anyone is setting up a group ride and if anyone would be willing to let me borrow a wheel that would be awesome.
  15. I want some of this action! I wager $2.00 GotWay Fan Boy changes his mind.
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