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  1. So try these guys https://www.hawkvine.com/ Michael is the manager he will quote delivered to yr door if MSX motor still available I have bought 3 wheels from them and parts best prices I could find but only accept US$
  2. I will see if I can get a quote what's yr post code and suburb and if a commercial/industrial address will be cheaper
  3. Contact eWheel Sydney FB group
  4. You rock Marty as you never feel your age i believe
  5. Good stuff it's a fun way to travel
  6. Pre orders will be slow I expect till proof of its functionality can be seen
  7. If it was a solid and flawless design they would have rode it to the stage or jumped off the stage to show the suspension in action but i fear its still a work Inmotion EDIT by @Marty Backe: That quote above should be attributed to @Rehab1 since I didn't write it
  8. Gotway - To provide the market with more interesting off-road wheels. This what I have been waiting to hear lets see what they can deliver in 2021
  9. The lighter u are the more responsive ,faster ,and further you will be able to travel 18" wheels rock
  10. Had none of these problems and still want to sell the wheel 🤣😂 29001
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