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  1. Gaz Bon

    Just bought a Scooter Project

    So on Friday bought a E scooter A$100 as per pics below Was told battery not holding charge Had a small crash prior Forks and bars bent So battery easy fix 1 of the BMS wires had broken (dated June 2017) So stripped front end and Straightened forks with some heat, Bars replaced with some old motor bike bars from my Yamaha SR Front guard was cracked in a few places, kinda fixed ,bit dodgy , but seems fine So just waiting on some paint to dry Only thing cant fix without a replacement part is front brake lever ,will order tomorrow But happy days more picks to come
  2. Gaz Bon

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Me too Wil have to wait the usual 3 months after production and release while reading lots of reviews before i commit to buying one of these wheels But at this point in time ,thinking i will be buying my 1st Kingsong
  3. Gaz Bon

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Aliexpress has the Nicola for sale 1600Wh US$1899
  4. Gaz Bon

    The Photo Thread

    OK So we're did you park the F-15
  5. Gaz Bon

    Ninebot Z Competition?

    Ahh dam from the title i thought you were giving away a Z10 😋
  6. Gaz Bon

    A bike controlled like EUC

    Seems an odd thing to do when would be far cheaper to just have twist and go throttle grip Well maybe always good to be thinking outside the box as all inspiration begins at big EV shows 😂
  7. Gaz Bon

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Cheers Marty Was aware of all comments as have read most of this post and check out most of SF channel seems strange to advertise this wheel when the Nikola will I think be available prior and that is not listed by SF Still would like to see lower body altered but opinions are vast and many ,as I would I'm sure do it some damage if my MSX ride yesterday was anything to go by
  8. Gaz Bon

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Well Speedy feet have on their website already Seen a mention earlier of pre-order 4-5 weeks Also mentioned by Jason McNeil Really hope they remove all excess body material below the pedals and give the true 180mm ground clearance Am liking the angled pedals and would hope for a 50 KPH top speed
  9. Gaz Bon

    eWheels Fast Charger Broken

    I have a similar charger from Luna Cycles 84 V I have a XT60 plug on the wheels side and have cut all my standard charger leads to fit this style of plug so use for my MSX and V10F ,still have old chargers for travel PS mine is for OZ voltage
  10. Gaz Bon

    The Photo Thread

    Very Nice indeed
  11. Gaz Bon

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Wow I get stuck after writing a few lines on my opinions as they are short and sweet Lutalo I like your writing style some times goes on a bit too long, but nice wording and flow ✍️😎
  12. I work with Samsung batteries on MegaWatt systems and other manufacturers as being LG and Kokam Samsung Ship all batteries at 20% SOC And recommend that spare batteries be stored at 20% SOC and checked every 6 months Recommended storage temps 23deg +/- 5deg I see nothing wrong with 30% so long as they are checked before shipping and disconnected or have a function to isolate for travel and are not held in storage for a considerable amount of time. Complete battery removal and separate packaging being impact and vibration tolerant maybe what the future holds for PEVs, With obvious freight cost increases but being more readily accepted by freight companies
  13. Gaz Bon

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    Would also love to see some more details of this tire as it looks to be a ripper 🤓
  14. Gaz Bon

    Gotway MSX for sale in UK (Kent)

    Personal preference I have mine the same , seems for me at least this way gives more foot contact on plate ,very easy to try and swap back if no likey
  15. Gaz Bon

    What do you look like suited up?

    Suited and booted This is an Older pic now wearing high viz vest always