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  1. Well was gonna happen eventually as EUCs becomes more popular People die ever day one way or another And if you wanna ride in traffic ? High Viz clothing ,day time lights.???. Be safe to ride another day
  2. Word of caution do not apply heat to rim as this will damage the Motor magnets Find a hardwood or Nylon block same width as were the rim gap is true This need to be a very snug fit Suggest using a internal calipers to find true size Reduce tyre pressure a bit 15PSI should be fine Then tap block this in the direction of the dent gently You could try just going from 1 side all the way across but i would do it a little at a time from both sides Keep an eye on the angle of the block being hit so it is going in the direction of the wheel circumference and not into the rim Ps this is just of the top of my head ,on the fly, guess work if not of use then maybe an inspiration to something else Gaz
  3. Gaz Bon

    MSuper Pro?

    Well if the handle is broken then it is not functional ??? i understood the question and have never had the weak wrist problem maybe to much masturbation
  4. Gaz Bon

    MSuper Pro?

    Well had my MSX for 2 yrs now and the handle still works over 4k of serious off roading and serious tumbles KS16 X broke within 300Kms Inmotion V10F partial covered the real light when closed had to be modified So i beg to differ
  5. Ninja gloves or some similar work glove I live in the tropics and these work fine ,cheap as u may need 2 pairs to last the summer Ninja® HPT™ GripX is the most lightweight multi purpose glove based on Ninja®'s HPT™ Technology. ninja-gloves.com.au
  6. Hi Ross i could help out were are you based I'm out in Humpty Doo
  7. Same as in my car with the finger
  8. Gaz Bon


    Face Plant at the end is classic
  9. So try these guys https://www.hawkvine.com/ Michael is the manager he will quote delivered to yr door if MSX motor still available I have bought 3 wheels from them and parts best prices I could find but only accept US$
  10. I will see if I can get a quote what's yr post code and suburb and if a commercial/industrial address will be cheaper
  11. Contact eWheel Sydney FB group
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