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  1. So just out of interest how old and how many kms on yr MSX
  2. Too funny, foot pedals scratched 🤣🤣Ride it don't pamper it
  3. So the Shinko tire worked a treat today on the local MTB tracks Goes through deeper gravel and sand a treat Even getting used to the tarmac riding Running about 25 psi Defo upgrade for off roading
  4. I used this HVAC duct foam 25mm thick silver one side and glue / sticky backed the other (super strong ) just find a local industrial AC company ask for some off cuts ,quite expensive to buy very easy to cut and shape ,and double up ,
  5. mrelwood i trimmed the tire with just a flapper disc on my grinder Used mask, glasses and ear plugs and just removed a little at a time and it took some time too As for the alarms dident notice any will check tomorrow I also ordered the H666 tire yr running ,from same supplier still a month away
  6. So the Off road Shinko 2.75-14 arrived Fitted last nite had to trim the side knobs Also seems the wheel does not sit central to the case Only done 6kms this evening so 1st impression Off roading is heaps better especially in Sandy and gravel tracks I ride Tarmac riding not to bad sacrificed high speed handling and get a bit of road noise Will update as I go
  7. I would suggest some good arse protection when learning as it's gonna take the brunt of the fall Speaking from my experience
  8. After seeing a mod done on a KS18XL on Speedyfeet show though I would give it a go. Works a treat when off road riding. Just waiting for the new tire Shinko 241 2.75-14 to arrive
  9. Gaz Bon

    INMOTION V20 ??

    18 inch wheel VX 18
  10. Thx for the reply So any idea who sells the MSX 20s 3p BMS This may pose a problem as BMS physical size and limited space to install it Thx again US69
  11. So just out of curiosity are all GW 84v BMS the same As have seen Tesla 84 bms advertised on Ali ex Or any leads on a MSX bms As am thinking to upgrade my MSX to 2100-2400wh depending on the internal space available
  12. This says it best from another post Oooo ... nose and sinuses are your brain's crumple zone for brain protection?  Best of luck in yr choice
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