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  1. Thinking this tyre will reduce my current crash rate from 4 down to 2 a month
  2. I crash at least once a week mainly traveling to fast ,lack of traction and incorrect reading of surface conditions Last crash was all 3 35Kph and a belly slide ,PPE saved the day again I ended up between the mud and the wheel
  3. Howdedodeode fellow rider
  4. So are U having problems taking pics and vids while riding. How to lock yr phone What app are you using for the V10 And asking about the app lock function
  5. I normally read what I write before I submit to a forum page just make sure it makes sense. 🤔
  6. V10F just for better Off Roading ability and bigger tyre Admittedly the rubber covered pedals can be a pain as you feet can bonce about while trail riding ,but the Tesla looks like a Tarmac wheel
  7. I love the details you have added and every one else but the perfect EUC will always be a figment of our imagination and to what it looks like I'm not that vain Imagine what you perfect EUC would look like and that would be were it ends. As it's yr imagination and it's endless So today I think My wheel would be like an off grid solar battery system ,never a need to plug in to charge, if it's sunny it powers direct to motor with battery backup for cloudy days and nite riding Range almost endless Tomorrow who knows what my perfect EUC will be Let's wait till tomorrow 😘😀🤗🤔😎😔
  8. As always Marty top Cali pics Nice off road tire on the red monster
  9. Handle is never used except to give me a beating So this V10F is for the chop no more handle erections for this wheel
  10. So today practicing under cover as heavy rain stops my norm Sunday ride So came off and V10 F for as per the title handle came open locked into open position and smashed my lower side shin causing what I can only guess from the pain I'm feeling now a huge bruise We'll handle is to be removed So so painful all that extra leverage from a spin out with handle out Frozen brussel sprouts hoping to save the day
  11. Life goes on and yep shit happens and hopefully manufacturing gets better. I live in a very very remote area for EUC sales Yet I own 3 now Will I faulter from my passion ummm I think not Adapt and overcome (once a boy scout) Run the risk of no return warranty I do well 2 out 3 wheels so far Stay safe folks Have a fun weekend Lots love from yr 1 Wheel friend Gaz
  12. So life in Humpty Doo NT Went for a short ride this evening ,catching up with a few mates Termite the Easter bunny and Termite Tommy he likes a beer or 2 Tommy legless as usual
  13. So now running sweet and walking banned
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