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  1. Would definitely fit it with @Marty Backe New riding gear colour schemes
  2. So Aneta I'm guessing of the 3 options that come to mind you are 1 A Google search engine zen master 2 An electrical engineer 3 Have a photographic memory Either way you seem to have a depth of knowledge and a Lov of Math 😎
  3. Worked fine on 16X with 1.05 firmware works fine with my MSX
  4. Another issue with 1.07 on my 16X When charging to 90% 0r 80% with fast charger only on 2A Charger gets to desired voltage level charger stops ,wheel announces Bluetooth is off ,charger starts up again for 2 sec then hit volt level again and stops wheel then announces Bluetooth is off and charger starts again this repeats over and over . Unsure of the ramifications for wheel or charger if left in this state unnoticed So looks like fast charger now only good for 100% charging only
  5. The 18XL with the new 2200Wh motor best of both
  6. Todays events well short version
  7. The motor is the whole wheel So swap over the pedal hangers to new wheel maybe tyre and tube
  8. Couple of things I noticed now on 1.07 1 Getting some braking wobbles not at high speeds or low very odd 2 Had a strange peddle dip today only slightly but enough for a WTF All else seems solid enough ,carving seems more fun
  9. A hidden Spec not found in any Kinsong literature the 16X width put to good use
  10. Just updated mine hope I don't regret it Only had 1 face plant on 1.05 @ 40+
  11. Hey Cam you back to humidity if so let us know Gaz
  12. I had something very similar on my MSX Some broken plastic pipe jammed between the the tire and shell threw me of like an emergency stop Pipe piece would have been 4-5mm thick at a guess from an underground electrical service No damage just a WTF
  13. Ah yes in Darwin No winter as tropical climate we have 2 seasons wet and dry Avg temp 27-33 C yr round
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