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  1. EUCService does something similar with a laser pointer. Myself I always wondered why the EUC World App can't recognise the beep via Bluetooth, probably wheel manufacturers fault or firmware update needed to allow it. Then the EUC World App could make the mobile phone vibrate, or a Pebble watch vibrate, or play some loud sound on Bluetooth speakers you have near your hears, other possible stuff. Setting up alarms based on speed, current battery level is good, but too hard or impossible to fine tune to take into account wind, incline, road surface, other factors... In the
  2. Let's discuss and speculate about the EVolution EV "EVO" USA made EUC! Great video by Adam / WrongWay: My main thoughts are: It's a 84v wheel with a 100v controller, maybe 84v means nominal? How puncture resistant 20x4.0 in fat ebike tires are (22.5in outside diameter), usually not very puncture resistant, definitely not as much as current EUC tires. Spokes, could they break? I guess they will be thick enough. Retail price in Europe, taking into account logistics cost for materials, some probably from China, to US + labour cost + logistics from US to
  3. Exactly, but if it was that you'd expect them to also sell extra batteries separately.
  4. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/22423-ct16-a-acm-inspired-euc-from-chicway/
  5. Probably the 1st EUC ever that comes out with nice pedals by default and proper pads included. Saving you +150€.
  6. Well, if police know about this, mainly if many people start using fast scooters, then if they see you going +25km/h on something that is similar to a eScooter (an EUC is similar enough for them), then they may stop you. When they ask you about the top speed and power, then what do you tell them? You put a 250w 25km/h sticker on it and say that is it, as lots of people do with fast eBikes? Hoping that they won't Google to check EUC specs?
  7. With an eBike, only a 50€ fine, much smaller consequence.
  8. Looks like I can't edit anymore? Ireland still illegal. I got in big enough trouble recently myself (my fault, rode slowly on a junction while green for pedestrians, so basically jumped a red light, even if it was 100% safe), unmarked black car suddenly has blue lights and siren on... still not clear the full consequences, but I know what to expect (as others got it already): 1. Seized, towed by tow truck, used a taxi to get to work, left work early to go to police station for release form and had to collect it far from the city using a rented vehicle, paying 125€ tow truck fee
  9. Price change to 600€ now (non negotiable), still same distance done on it. Reason for price drop: Selling all my EUCs now since I got stopped by police/garda and my Sherman was taken off me (recovered it for a fee and sold it already), may have to go to court in 7-12 months, I'll know in 6 months.
  10. Texas, shipping within USA. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224242483647 You're welcome.
  11. For sale again, since I'm not using it as I thought I would, just using the Sherman always. NEW: Or Swap MCM5+Cash for: V11 or S18 (even if V11 or S18 needs parts/repairs).
  12. I really doubt it. Not organised by me anyways. Unless some new brand pops up again with no official dealers yet and I'm interested in what they have to offer, and they accept doing the group order. Lots of stuff need to match for me to do another one, this one wasn't an easy job itself with big train delays and so on + having to explain to my bank why I received/sent that much money all of a sudden... Not again haha.
  13. I see, that's interesting. I wonder if in China they would be able to adjust to your needs though, same as they do with chargers.
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