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  1. The YZPower 100v5a charger I have says for indoor use only. I bet the original YZPower charger has the same warning. So is Gotway providing chargers that can only be used indoors with wheels that can only be charged outdoors?
  2. There currently is Aliexpress sellers, saying it's the EU version, many sellers, and also chicway. Some don't mention KingSong on the title, but you can find by searching electric unicycle
  3. Another one? I may be interested too, still to be confirmed.
  4. I had those pads on the Sherman and was good for me. I haven't used softer ones much though to be able to tell if I prefer them.
  5. I've heard that KingSong confirmed that their new wheel will be launched in August and will be a 20in suspension wheel with a big battery and screen! Maybe a mix between Sherman, S18 and V12? So, yes, probably something similar to that picture, or better.
  6. @evX_Mick said on his V12 video that Inmotion will look into adding the smart BMS accessible via an app on the next model, V13, which is already starting development. I heard rumours about an external or swappable battery on an Inmotion upcoming model, which wasn't the V12, so must be the V13. KingSong, I think it may be a +20in without suspension, but who knows.
  7. Looking forward to see what you all think! I think this year may be better than last 2020 when it comes to delays, but who knows! We've seen Inmotion trying to delay the V12 announcement until they were ready to start shipping, for example (even though it didn't work very well with the "leaks")
  8. Look at the tittles Chooch is using for inspiration
  9. I've been using Invoxia for years (since I almost got my Rockwheel GT16 stolen on an attack back in 2017) and works well. Not sure if available outside Europe, but there must be similar ones available elsewhere, using similar networks. https://www.invoxia.com/ie/gps-tracker
  10. Actually the Ryno one wheel motorcycle max speed is 16km/h 10mph and it is bigger than the Monster PRO haha
  11. Good one, lots of elderly people wear hip protection for the same reason, to not break their hips if they fall to a side while walking.
  12. You just explain that you only have one wheel with a 250w motor that is the only thing keeping you from falling and hurting yourself for over leaning at 20km/h, so you need enough protection, a small helmet won't protect your body from a 20km/h fall/crash
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