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  1. They will do that, but like I say the restrictions they'll impose will make them next to useless.
  2. I agree but the government won't be interested in that - safety will be low on the agenda, they'll be more interested in how much taxation they can raise.
  3. My guess is they will be legalised in the UK once they become more popular but with restrictions in power output that will make them next to useless.
  4. Hi Gary, If you look at this thread, I had similar problems. In my case I found that there were 2 ways to access the calibration settings from the app. After a bit of trial and error I found it was possible to access the calibration page via a different menu selection, the page was exactly the same but it only worked if I accessed the page from a less obvious menu selection. Does that make any sense ?
  5. The UK will have it's own riots after 31st of October when the Brexit deadline has passed. If we leave the EU one half of the country will riot, if we don't leave then the other half will riot.
  6. There is this video of how to replace a 16S handle, I know it isn't the same machine but the handle does seem to be the same.
  7. Gus, it looks like the handle breakage is a common thing - my 16S broke in exactly the same way after only 4 days. In the photos you can see where I've attempted a repair with glue but that proved unsuccessful so I've now got a new handle on order. I'm not a big fan of the these suitcase style handles, give me an Inmotion 'scorpions tail' any day
  8. Hi Artur, Sorry I've only just seen this posting, I'm surprised you are selling your wheel - I was hoping to meet up for an hour or 2 in the near future. Anyway I hope you get what you want for it
  9. Mike, I don't think you'll regret buying a V5F, I had a great deal of pleasure from mine Like I said earlier there is a chance once you have got the hang of riding then you'll want something better but if that happens then it's worth keeping the V5F for short journeys. Incidentally I'm close to 60yrs old and it was my first wheel but I learnt to ride it without too much difficulty. Everyone has their own way of learning but I favoured grass until I could reliably ride 100yds or so - I guess riding on grass isn't as easy or responsive as tarmac but it hurts a lot less when you take a tumble and doesn't damage your wheel as much. After I had learnt to ride I then found a nearby park had an outdoor tennis court with a kind of rubbery playing surface - that would have been great as a training area so it may be worth looking for something similar in your locality.
  10. Steve, he said he wants a cheap wheel preferably less than £600 and can't justify £1000 on something he might not enjoy.
  11. I bought a V5F as my first wheel about 5mths ago and loved it. I found it to be a great wheel to learn to ride on but found once I had got the hang of riding then the limited range became a problem. Having now upgraded to a KS16s I regret selling the V5F - as you say it is light, very agile and the trolley handle is in my opinion far better than the more common telescopic suitcase style handles. It is quite likely that if you do buy a V5F after a few months you may want to upgrade and that's something to factor into your descision but even after upgrading the V5F is worth keeping for short commutes particularly if it involves carrying. I like the added range and performance I get from my KS16s but I really do miss the lightness of the V5F for short trips.
  12. Hi @3euc Thanks for the link to the video, that could come in handy when I come to replace the handle The break is where the curved handle connects to the uprights, it has completely come away from the uprights and appears to not to have been correctly fitted - once I get the replacement I can compare the old with the new and see what was wrong. The fault occurred in my garden when just picking up the wheel so having checked the area I can confirm there is no missing screws / bolts etc. The wheel was only 4 days old at the time and I'd only ridden about 30miles not of which was over rough ground and I've had no falls from it. I'm hoping the replacement will be the complete handle assembly with 2 new uprights that can just be slotted into place.
  13. Thanks guys It would appear the handle wasn't properly fitted in the first place but the seller has ordered me a replacement. I haven't yet properly looked at how the handle is removed but hopefully it's a simple matter to replace it once the new one arrives.
  14. Whoa, hold on there tiger - I can assure you my wheel wasn't being misused The handle broke away while in the collapsed position as I attempted to lift the wheel off the floor. Having spoken to the seller and a few other 16S owners it appears the handle should have been screwed on however this was not the case with my wheel and photographs sent to the seller show this. Fortunately the seller has forwarded my photos to Kingsong and a new handle is in the post.
  15. Yea, I considered an Inmotion V10F before I bought the KS16s and starting to think that may have been a better bet.
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