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  1. Christianity (and religions in general) teach people not to think for themselves. On UK TV a few days ago there was a disturbing clip of a Russian doctor holding a mass meeting in a church - her response was that no-one will get infected as a church is a holy place. When a trained doctor believes nonsense like that it shows the dangers of religion.
  2. Ironically those creepy masks with a long bird beaks were used during the Bubonic Plague of the 14th century. Less well trained doctors set themselves up in business alleging they could cure the plague by treatments such as blood letting, they wore the beaked makes as a protection against contamination and the long beaks were used to hold various scents, perfumes etc that they believed would protect the wearer. These doctors became known as plague doctors and arguably had Covid 19 been around 600yrs ago they may well have been worn by medical staff treating us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_doctor
  3. I forget who it was that said 'believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see'. The quote seems very apt in these days of corrupt politicians and dubious media reporting.
  4. I'm not for one minute saying the pandemic is a man made deliberate act but it has given governments across the globe a convenient excuse to curb public freedom and monitor the activities of citizens. My guess is that when this crisis is over public freedom will never quite return to pre Covid levels.
  5. I kinda keep an open mind on whether this pandemic is man made with an ulterior motive, my guess though is that governments across the globe know far more than they tell the masses.
  6. You seem to offer a lot of advice but when questioned it always happens to be a misunderstanding. To be honest I think most of what you say is little more than cut and paste from dubious sources . Are you an expert in epidimiology?
  7. What actually is this satisfying evidence? You've done a quick cut and paste response that hasn't answered the question.
  8. What is the satisfying evidence that this isn't a purposefully manipulated virus?
  9. Just for once can't you just accept other peoples posts at face value without having to put your own twist on things. I don't know what your agenda is but it seems to me that no matter what anyone else posts here you have to criticise and make out you know better Wind your neck in a bit.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a bringer of doom can I ask that we in the affluent Western World think about those in the starving disease ridden third world. Today in the UK I struggled to buy a loaf of bread, some people can't even get clean drinking water and food is a luxury. It's easy for us guys who can afford EUC's to get carried away about our current crisis - in the 3rd world this kinda thing is a daily problem and isn't going to go away in 12 mths.
  11. As this forum has members scattered all over the globe I'm just curious to hear what the food situation is in your country? Here in the UK we have mass panic buying and the supermarkets are largely empty - I've had trouble buying essential items like bread and milk. The UK government keep telling people there is adequate food in the supply chain but shoppers are still stockpiling
  12. On a lighter note, there is one bit of good news about the virus outbreak...... The Eurovision song contest will not take place this year. Best bit of news I've heard for ages
  13. I'm not discriminating anyone, nor am I apportioning blame. Calling a virus after a geographic location has no element of racism, it is a descriptive term that may refer to where the outbreak started / spread / cured etc. I live in Yorkshire UK and had the disease started here I'd fully expect it to be referred to in the media as 'Yorkshire Flu' - I have absolutely no problem with that either.
  14. I didn't say where Spanish Flu originated, I'm making the point that it has a geographic name - referring to a disease as Wuhan Flu etc is hardly racist.
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