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  1. Looks very much to me that an idiot on an EUC decided to squeeze through a narrow gap on the drivers blind side at speed and it cost him his life. I'd be very surprised if there was any intention by the bus driver to kill or injure the rider.
  2. Looks very much to me that the EUC was travelling faster than the bus whilst riding up the drivers blind side in a narrow gap between the bus and a van. The bus driver won't have been able to see the EUC - why didn't the EUC rider have the sense to slow down in anticipation of the bus turning toward the kerb? It's a terrible accident but riding like that is asking for trouble and does nothing to help the case for legalising EUC's
  3. I'd agree. Surely the EUC rider could have slowed down in anticipation of the bus turning toward the kerb - instead he appears to have tried to overtake on the drivers blind side. On the subject of inadequate mirrors on large vehicles, as someone with experience of driving a bus I can confirm it is very difficult to see a small vehicle like a bicycle or EUC on the drivers blindside as that vehicle gets closer to the front of the bus. It is hard enough trying look look for a bicycle that is moving slowly - trying to see a fast moving EUC would be virtually impossible.
  4. I'm in the position of having driven buses for a year or 2 and also ride an EUC regularly. In the following video it looks very much to me that (assuming the bus was left hand drive) the driver would have had great difficulty seeing the rider coming up his blind side at speed. I'm not suggesting the bus driver was totally blameless but I do think there is more to consider than simply blaming the driver for what is probably a terrible accident
  5. How did you determine he was hit on purpose? I'd say it's far more likely the driver didn't see him and it was a tragic accident.
  6. I don't bother with them now, I've never had one that's given any noticeable improvement but had lots of problems with things not working properly after an update.
  7. Retired railway signalman. Yep, I'm that guy you never see but who puts your train in a different platform just as you've carried all your luggage to where you think the train will arrive
  8. I make a lot of model steam engines so regularly buy nuts / bolts / screws etc, I'd expect fastenings on your EUC to be of a standard metric coarse thread. As someone else mentioned earlier they can be bought easily on Amazon / Ebay etc but they'll likely be of poor 'hardware' quality so you'd be far better spending little more and buying proper machine screws from a model engineering supplier. (buy stainless steel if you can get them in the size you need) I see you are in France so I can't recommend a model engineer supplier where you live but a google search ought to be able to point you in the right direction. you want to be looking for something like the metric the screws here :- https://www.ekpsupplies.com/metric-fastenings.html
  9. For the benefit of any other riders needing a tyre but having trouble sourcing one (or who just want a cheap basic tyre) I can report that the Kenda tyre as suggested by @StuartLis well worth the money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kenda-Tyre-16X2-125-K841-Kontact-Blk/154011269116 Its not going to satisfy a hard core enthusiast rider but for anyone looking for something to do commuting on roads etc it seems well worth the £11 price tag. I rode about 10 miles on it yesterday and after the initial strange feeling of something new and different I soon got used to it and am amazed how much easier it is to do very tight turns on this thing.
  10. I found that part of the attraction in buying an EUC was the compact size meaning I could take it with me in shops etc. They are easy to push on the trolley handle so I've never felt the need to lock my wheel up. I regularly take mine for a ride into town and have a few beers then get the bus back home, its size means I can take it into the bar with me.
  11. Great stuff, many thanks @StuartL I've just placed an order, it should at least get me up and running while I look for something better. I'm not a speed freak and do 95% of my riding on tarmac so it may even prove to be ok without needing to upgrade.
  12. Thanks for the offer Lars but I suspect a 16x tyre will be too wide. I've been looking for 16 x 2.125 but not having any success so I think I'll probably end up buying a 16x2.5 as @StuartLhas suggested and hope it fits ok.
  13. Thanks @StuartL Will this kind of thing be suitable ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bicycle-Tyre-Bike-Tire-Mountain-Bike-16-x-2-125-High-Quality/363000058687?hash=item54847d533f:g:ilEAAOSw6spexn~h It looks to have a very knobbly tread, will it have sufficient grip to enable me to ride on the road a 20mph safely? I'm not a high performance rider so anything that will allow safe riding will at least get me back on the road until I can find something better.
  14. To be honest I'm pretty desperate for a replacement just to get back on the road so I'd take pretty much anything. My main use is on roads / pavements with very little off road use so the original tyre was fine but I'd be happy with an alternative if that's all I can get.
  15. Hi all, The title says it all, I'm in the UK and need a replacement tyre for my KS16s both the main dealers in the UK are out of stock and I can't find anything on ebay or Amazon. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
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