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  1. Hi @Unventor I think this is a great forum but just lately it seems to be largely the same 20 or so regular experts talking amongst themselves and beginners can feel a bit overlooked.
  2. My guess is a beginners section will get more people active in the forum.
  3. Yea, I think you make good points @Rehab1 I think when the forum first started and it had far fewer members the present format / categories was probably fine but now with a wider audience of differing skills and more wheels on the market the forum is now disorganised and difficult to navigate. The video thread now is out of hand, effectively all the forum videos (and probably 25% of the entire forum posts) are grouped in one thread. Surely it makes sense to have a seperate video section with each new topic having it's own thread and title. A beginner section discussing riding techniques and cheaper less powerful wheels could also be a possibilty that may encourage new members to contribute.
  4. Thanks Mike, the app does detect the wheel but if I stop it when the graphic is rotating once I restart I end up in the same state.
  5. Yea I agree. The video thread is now so long and disorganised I no longer read it - to be honest I visit the forum less now because it is poorly laid out. I did suggest a while back that a new video section was needed and each video thread could have it's own title but the idea had little support.
  6. Please forgive me if this video has already been posted elsewhere in the forum and feel free to delete the thread if it has. Anyway Speedyfeets thoughts on the shortly expected MSX Pro :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjwYWYn9HFY Surely the quoted 20km safe cruising speed from a 2600w motor has to be a misprint
  7. Thanks guys, I've now tried the usual turning off and on etc then tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still no further forward. I get as far as the rotating circle graphic with the upgrading message but don't see any progress percentage and nothing seems to be downloading
  8. Hi all, Can anyone please tell me how long approx it should take to download the new V2.01 firmware? I have a KS16s wheel and today got a message on the app suggesting I update from my current V1.08 but when attempting this even after about 2hrs it still hasn't updated. I get a rotating blue circle graphic saying 'firmware upgrade' but nothing happens - surely it doesn't take over 2hrs does it ? Many thanks
  9. I no longer have my V5f but I seem to remember there is a screw on the underside of the hinge that allows adjustment.
  10. I bought one of these wrist mounted cycling mirrors and am well impressed with it for the price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adjustable-Armband-Rearview-Bicycle-Mirror-Wrist-Band-360-Bike-Rear-View-Mirror/163663031603?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item261b13ad33:g:mZQAAOSwUwtdCJt1&enc=AQAEAAACUBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qWNbVKjguwby7y4m8fpUlUMKVtqJ6wq8RXECS1VoHPlH6rYusGy74r%2FreIDRqT2rn8sy9MAl0QYw5PFTJNRBMycAwhE0WeXmJYeb%2BszQeoM1yiA4txUUecwpROLcZ1ztRRFr2T2wCDQJ7fJLoMpZWRt1oclsUsDxzDcfPYsbwr7TEFurS6wtpi3pYJBTYtwR%2Bwvd49gfoiGndYc%2BZ2jdGGjsSuKXs%2BHeVU863oA6nJyf03%2FkZvqnYNSapvP5GrMBypFuP%2BkY%2BSGDMh8D5XEwfypW6%2BZ3VG2BEiWZCkjc4KNOFlyH1YWKTgNL247jwoUrlHUvlZ4wndgc0Gg%2BSydta96lbSvF638tibPg3oWk9g9IKN7vj2Fp2uP7n3rLdljYoSfJxEcbWrlH%2B%2BDNkptb%2B%2FDDS4rx2AJZoFofSAUOVvGg6yvO4x%2Bd8QiCCYqifmVdSjdarFjYjAype0l1a5DtfP8NWXIVDS2CXZK3OLf0MEJey9pukB2HpRW0YqXWXZABdBeyfvSn7Jpjw37q%2FvFdXAOYi9oDOl7%2BJ1dRQQEi0KkcldMh8QS31pm3lIjPMxjm5HowOA794Po2TUBADvW%2FUMLPZRCuDvd1pghBhwGpw0kpq9ABoOk29FVzlgvFinqVKE3F7N%2F5uw3Q30%2FQMwz4CjfT4IVeub56mllPWCd42Ji3RCjemIFMhUOtTUwpZdTjhfrHqN2TVf9QRVfMtb5VlpFfUXjoJM%2FGoiobmxMKh%2BjSOH2PEVLdCzqn%2F4AOmfkt4s%3D&checksum=16366303160380eef5e908b24ae2bddc8abd27bea3cd It can dig in to the back of the wrist a little bit if worn for a long time but it does offer a good rearview and for £8 it's no great loss if it doesn't suit your needs.
  11. They will do that, but like I say the restrictions they'll impose will make them next to useless.
  12. I agree but the government won't be interested in that - safety will be low on the agenda, they'll be more interested in how much taxation they can raise.
  13. My guess is they will be legalised in the UK once they become more popular but with restrictions in power output that will make them next to useless.
  14. Hi Gary, If you look at this thread, I had similar problems. In my case I found that there were 2 ways to access the calibration settings from the app. After a bit of trial and error I found it was possible to access the calibration page via a different menu selection, the page was exactly the same but it only worked if I accessed the page from a less obvious menu selection. Does that make any sense ?
  15. The UK will have it's own riots after 31st of October when the Brexit deadline has passed. If we leave the EU one half of the country will riot, if we don't leave then the other half will riot.
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