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  1. @stephen , just as a matter of interest what sort of range do you get from the Z10? I think I'll possibly upgrade in a few months, I'd sort of got my eye on the V10F but R2 is getting me interested in the Z10
  2. The electric mobility device policies wont be worth the paper they are printed on. Why would a broker/underwriter need to rewrite a policy if the cover is deemed to be suitable? I find it very hard to believe any insurance for an illegal vehicle will be valid. You may as well put your £70 on an outsider in the 3.30 at Newmarket.
  3. Thanks, is it possible for us to see a certificate or at least have a clear description of what is insured and what cover is provided?
  4. I'm confused - have people bought insurance or not? I thought the guy who had the Z10 insurance had already paid his fee. Where do the 10+ people fit in? At first I understood the thread to mean a group was looking into insurance now it seems like they already have it ?
  5. That's fine by me but is Saltaire ready for R2 on a Z10
  6. Kinda like 'Last of the summer wine' - 3 sad old gits from Yorkshire wi' nowt better to do
  7. Thanks, that sounds like fun I maybe interested in going along to that
  8. I'm no legal expert but I don't think the guy who insured his ninebot is actually covered at all outside of private land, he may well have paid the insurance fee and got a certificate but if he is seen to be misleading the insurer by inaccurately describing the vehicle and using the vehicle illegally the the insurance is worthless. It looks to me like he has seen an advert offering insurance on legally operated mobility scooters and has tried to categorise his EUC as the same when in reality one vehicle is legal and the other isn't. I accept the point made that it does describe the vehicle on the certificate as a unicycle but these vehicles aren't familiar to a lot of the general public and it may well be the clerk hasn't understood that the customer is wanting to insure something that is illegal. If I went to an insurance company and asked them to insure me for third party liability on an electric bicycle that I want to ride illegally on the pavement I'm pretty sure they'd say no. I take the point that an insurance certificate may have some sway with an inquisitive police officer and that in it self may be worth the £70 insurance fee but if the rider is involved in a third party claim following an incident then I'm pretty sure the insurer and a court of law would both say the insurance is void.
  9. That's fine. The people of Saltaire won't know whats hit them
  10. A couple of days ago myself and a couple of forum members ( @PogArt Artur and @stephen ) met up for a bit of a ride and a chat in Lister Park, Bradford - it turned out to be a very enjoyable few hours so we are looking to have another meet up in maybe a couple of weeks. At the moment Saltaire is being considered as a pleasant place to ride but details are so far very flexible. Other forum members are welcome to join in so if you are interested please let us know. Here's a video showing part of our last meet up
  11. Impressive stuff Stephen I haven't been to Blackpool for years but it looks like it may be worth another visit shortly with all those long promenades to ride. I can see me upgrading my machine for something better before too long
  12. It will be interesting to see how this whole PEV legality thing pans out over the next few years. My guess is if the number of riders keeps growing then the government will have to do something shortly. It seems to me if they want to promote eco friendly transport then making PEVs legal has to be the way forward but with the state of British politics at the moment I wouldnt trust them to do anything right.
  13. Stephen, if you do a few searches on google there are umpteen insurers that will provide similar cover to that which you showed from about £40 upwards. My concern though is the customer has kind of lumped himself in with mobility scooters and the insurer has happily taken his money - once he makes a claim and they realise it is not a bonafide mobility scooter but an illegally ridden electric unicycle they'll wriggle out of paying.
  14. Stephen, I'm not convinced they'd payout other than if you were using the vehicle legally, it may be fine for cover on private land but I think the minute you made a claim for and incident on public land they'd say you aren't covered. Insurers are careful with their wording, they won't explicitly say you aren't covered for illegal activity but I bet when you make a claim they will. Presumably in making a claim you would need police involvement and they will soon make it known that you were breaking the law.
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