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  1. The Mten3 has the big advantage that it's relatively small battery charges quickly and shouldn't really need leaving unattended or overnight. I found that with mine a couple of hours was usually enough.
  2. I'm no expert but it sounds to me as though something must be wrong with your wheel. I live in a hilly area and my trusty little KS16S still copes with 16 - 18% grade hills without any problem even after 2 years of use. The V10F has a more powerful motor than my wheel so I'd expect it to cope with most hills easily. Are the hills you are climbing unusually steep or very long?
  3. Great video @picothanks I'm kinda trying to improve my one legged technique mainly for practical reasons rather than showiness, I find it helps if I want to just bend my knee or reposition my feet on longer rides for comfort reasons. So far I've been doing it by just not putting my second leg on the wheel after starting of, I've found gradually its fairly easy to extend the distance I can cover but I'm not confident about steering properly one legged. I did wonder though if doing it regularly can damage the EUC - I'd have thought all the rider weight on one leg would double the
  4. I'm not sure but it may be that availability in some areas could be a problem? My wheel has now been converted by the dealer but when I considered doing it myself I couldn't find the smaller size without importing one (admittedly I didn't look very hard though). From the conversations seen in the forum and a few videos I've seen on youtube it seems common to drill tor a larger valve.
  5. For the benefit of other Mten owners who may be experiencing problems with tubed tyres and want to convert to tubeless operation this video shows how to do it without needing to remove the tyre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noVjjplRpeY In the video the owner suffered a puncture after only 10km of riding and the inner tube had similar abrasion marks to mine.
  6. It sounds to me as though you are just being pedantic for the sake of it. In order for us to communicate effectively implied facts are necessary. At the present time the vast majority of cars are driver operated, it is implied that if a person was killed by a car then a driver will be involved. Perhaps in 50yrs time when self driven cars are prevalent the term 'hit by a car' may not imply a driver but at the moment that isn't the case. To follow you reasoning every headline in the newspaper reporting a person being killed by a car would report that 'Joe Bloggs was killed by a car dr
  7. I'd say that in most major towns / cities etc being hit by a car is a reasonably common occurrence. It certainly isn't 'extremely unusual' as you put it.
  8. I'm no expert but my guess is somehow the tyre and tube start rubbing against each other and eventually that wears the tube so thin that it punctures. In my case every punctured tube had a powdery residue coming away from it with no apparent damage through the tyre. I guess these 10" tyres are usually used on multiple wheeled vehicles where the weight loading is less and there is less sudden changes of speed / direction / braking etc. I'd have thought a lot of sudden changes of speed / braking will cause the tyre and tube to rub against each other
  9. Thanks, I did consider that but wondered if a tubeless tyre needs very high pressure to seal properly. I think the best thing for now is to leave it as it is until I've clocked up about 50 miles or so then I can be reasonably confident the modification has been a success.
  10. Well, fingers crossed it looks like my Mten maybe sorted now The seller has converted it to tubeless operation and I've done about 15 miles in the local park to test it out. It's held it's pressure without any loss, in the past it has always punctured after about 10 miles of use and I'm now past that so I think if I get another 15 - 20 miles out of it without trouble then it should be ok. I did a bit of Googling an it appears quite a few people have had issues with tubed tyres puncturing at low mileage and often the tube shows signs of abrasion around the whole circumference as mine
  11. Mine has now been sent back to the dealer who has agreed to convert it to tubeless so I'm expecting to have it back and to have covered a few miles on it before you get yours, I'll let you know how it goes after its been converted.
  12. The general consensus here seems to be that the tubeless variant is less problematic so it sounds like you should be ok. The courier is calling tomorrow to collect my wheel, the dealer is going to look into the problem and convert mine to tubeless so hopefully that will be the end of my troubles I'd be interested to know what you think of yours after you've had it a few days, could you please update us if yours has similar problems - (hopefully yours will be trouble free though)
  13. Many thanks guys My tyre is the same as the one in @Unipilot69photo above, it is just rotten and flaking away inside - it is even down to the string webbing being exposed on the inside and this is after only 50 miles of riding. I was prepared to convert it to tubeless at the dealers suggestion if he supplies the parts (I've already spent £40 on inner tubes and refuse to spend any more), he has now decided I should return the wheel to them for inspection and I've agreed to that. I quite fancy a KS16x so I've suggested taking a full refund and using that as part payment on one fro
  14. @stephenThe tyre is crumbling away inside to the point where the cord webbing is now exposed. It's a brand new tyre with only 50 miles of use and shouldn't be falling apart like it is. I'm convinced the tyre is the cause of the problem as every puncture happens after about 12 - 15 miles of use and the inner tube shows lots of abrasions round the entire circumference but there is no evidence of any sharp object penetrating the tyre. It's too much of a coincidence to think the tyre is being punctured from the outside at the same mileage every time, somehow the problem is happening within th
  15. Having repaired the wheel yesterday I now have my 4th puncture. I'm really fed up with this wheel Having spoken to the UK seller he's agreed to send me a tubeless tyre and valve, I'll give it a try and see if that resolves the situation.
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