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  1. Thanks, I've had another ride for about 15 mins and it seems to be ok. I was getting a bit worried last night as I've got a friend coming over from Guernsey to stay for a few days (I'm in UK), he's never seen an EUC before but was keen to see mine and maybe have a try. I thought I'm going to look a right clown when he gets here and I say my 4 day old super dooper wheel doesn't work
  2. Thanks, its late at night so I've only has a 5 minute test ride but all seems ok. I'm a bit of a Luddite when it comes to technology - I have nothing against computers etc but wish manufacturers wouldn't keep updating things when everything is already fine. It seems to me nowadays everything has to be updated every few months for no real reason.
  3. Thanks @pengloong I havent yet registered it but will do that now. At the moment it says it is V1.08 and seems to be ok now but is it anything I should worry about?
  4. Thanks Tom, I've been in a right mess with it for a few hours as it tilted the pedals but wouldn't allow me to level them, I'd been using the calibration button from a list of settings in a menu but it had absolutely no effect - eventually I noticed another calibration button on the bottom of a different page, it took me to the same 'confirm' page as the first button but did work this time. Thankfully all seems ok now after a very short ride.
  5. Hi, can anyone help please? My wheel now has the pedals tipped at a steep angle but won't let me correct things It seems to have altered the patterns on the coloured lights also but I can live with that. How do I uninstall the update?
  6. When I had my V5F with the scorpions tail trolley handle, I was approached by a snooty toffee nosed middle age woman walking her dog, I could see she took an instant dislike to the wheel. In a rather haughty voice she asked me what it was, I raised the trolley handle and in a broad North East accent replied....... ......its an electric dog missus, you take it for a walk but don't have to clean the shit up after it
  7. Hi all, I'm a bit lost when it comes to technology so I'm hoping someone can help out. My 16S app today suggested I update to a later firmware, I have no idea what that means but I agreed to it - now after about 3hrs my phone still says it is uploading and I'm starting to have second thoughts. Can someone please put my mind at rest that I'm not uploading something that will ruin my wheel - There was nothing wrong with it before the update prompt so quite why I need an update is beyond me. What is the update likely to do and does it usually take hours to upload? I've only had the wheel 4 days and the last thing I need is some techno problem that means nothing to me
  8. I appreciate you are in the USA so perhaps aren't interested but the stands can be bought in the UK :- https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/kingsong-parts/products/euc-army-speedy-feet-euc-stand
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback guys I did think of doing a similar review of the V5F for the benefit of newcomers to the hobby contemplating their first wheel, I no longer have my V5F but I did ride it about 400 miles so I'm able to offer my thoughts. As for the 16S review, I'd say the wheel is a nice perfoming 'middleweight' that is probably aimed at someone upgrading from a beginner wheel but maybe doesn't want to pay for a top of the range 2000w model and doesn't want the extra weight that some of the larger wheels have. It has a range that will suit most riders, admittedly keen enthusiasts may want 60miles of range but realistically a lot of riders are 'weekend' enthusiasts wanting a bit of fun and a bit of moderate commuting but not necessarily hard core experts who want the best specs and are prepared to pay for it. I'd like a larger wheel next year to do some longer range exploring in the summer but when I do buy another I think I'd keep the 16s as anything larger starts to become heavy as a commuter wheel. Lets face it if you want to do say 15 miles per day of commuting involving a flight of stairs and a train journey would you rather do it with a 16s or a 18XL? A larger wheel may be great for performance but isn't necessarily best suited to commuting. In my opinion the 16S neatly fills the gap between the beginner wheels and the high powered enthusiast wheels, it tries to be a bit of an all rounder and in my opinion it succeeds at that
  10. Thanks, funnily enough I do have a Flickr account but as this was my first time post photos here I wasn't sure how to go about it
  11. Hi all, Having had my 16S now for 3 days I thought I'd string together a few sentences outlining my first impressions for the benefit of anyone thinking of buying one. At the moment there is much hype surrounding the more powerful 16x but what is the 16S like? The technical stuff My 16S is the 1200w motor, 840wh battery model, the quoted speed is 35kph max and a range of 70 - 80km. It weighs approx 17kg. The tyre is 16" x 2.125" First impressions I bought the matt black version and the finish is attractive but I think will scratch very easily on the lower parts when off roading. Overall I'd rate the look of the machine as pleasing on the eye, aesthetics are very much personal thing so whilst I like the round 'bar of soap' shape it may not be to everyones taste. The collapsible suitcase style handle blends in with the overall shape nicely when not in use. Footpedals and leg pads The pedals measure 210mm x 130mm and have a sand paper type upper surface that offers good grip, at a size 9 shoe they seem fine for my use although they are a little stiff to fold up and down, it may be that I can loosen them or adjust the spring but so far I haven't needed to do so. My one slight issue is I wish they were slightly higher, I'm practising at turning very tight turns by leaning the wheel right over and have found it easy to scrape them. No ankle padding is provided but the calf pads protrude quite a bit so I think pressure on the ankles is unlikely. The pads are a large size (220 x 180mm) so should suit most riders and in my experience they have just the right amount of cushioning to feel comfortable and have good control. Headlight / taillight The headlight is powerful and gives a good spread of light, it gives confidence to ride at reasonably fast speeds in total darkness. The tail light is of a generous size giving a good clear aspect to motorists behind, it also acts as a brake light. One novel feature is the lights change their function when travelling in reverse so the that the headlight becomes the tail light and vice versa The headlight has low light sensor meaning it turns on automatically in poor light, it can be overridden manually via a button on the top surface so that it can be set to permanently on, permanently off or auto - it can also be set to steady or flashing mode. Decorative lights. One ring of coloured LEDS is added on each side and they give an attractive rolling motion cascading through about 5 or 6 colours, the app allows the pattern to be set in 1 of 3 settings. I'm not a big fan of audacious lights but these are attractive and the choice of colours give the wheel a 'happy' feel to it . When the wheel is not in motion the coloured LEDS revert to steady green showing battery strength. I'd have preferred a separate battery strength indication that can be seen whilst riding (like the Inmotion wheels) but the Kingsong lights do the job so it's a minor complaint. Trolley handle The trolley handle is the usual suitcase style collapsible arrangement, it looks and feels a bit flimsy but does the job and can take the weight of the machine. It appears to be easy to replace if it did get damaged, I've only had this wheel for 3 days so it's difficult to comment on it's long term reliability. A lot of people complain about the look of the 'scorpions tail' on the V5F and V10 but personally I think that is the best arrangement - it means it is possible to push the wheel then lift without needing to collapse the handle so from that point of view I think the Kingsong handle is inferior. The Kingsong app The app gives plenty of information but is a bit cluttered and not user friendly, it does however seem to be stable and connects first time every time, it stays connected without issue. I guess what you want from an app depends how much you are into technology, in my case all I'm interested in is speed, distance travelled and battery life so I tend to look at the simpler 'WheelLog' app. The Kingong app does allow for calibration of the pedal angle and selection of 3 riding 'hardness' modes, it also can be used to control the headlight, set the alarm levels and sound a warning horn that sounds like a 1950s car horn and is loud enough to scare anyone. Miscellaneous The on/off button and selector button for the headlight mode are solid looking metal items and they both seem to have a positive, expensive feel to them, the charger socket has a similar robust feel to it. 4 Speakers are provided and they offer significant volume though I can't really comment on how good the sound quality is if you want to play music. A USB output is not provided which is a minor let down but nothing to lose sleep over. Ride quality So, onto the important bit - what does it ride like? I've had the machine now for 3 days and ridden it for about 60 miles over a mix of terrain so have now got an idea of its capability. At 1200w it clearly isn't going to compete with the 2000w models of today but it does offer a surprisingly nippy machine at a lot lower price, I've ridden it at 20+mph and felt it offered a comfortable and stable ride and a no time did I get wobbles or feel unsafe. Its acceleration is fast enough for most riders and even when being worked hard it is near silent. I did some riding up steep country lanes today and climbing a steep hill for over 1000yds it climbed effortlessly at a good healthy speed without any alarms / tilt back and I'm sure it would have climbed faster if I'd wanted to. Coming downhill was also no problem. It is agile enough for tight turns etc and is very easy to control, I'd expected one or 2 aches and pains for a few days when switching to a new wheel but so far I've felt nothing - I'm sure the large side pads help greatly. The 16" tyre copes well with the bit of roading I've done, a mix of rocky dirt tracks, gravel and some grass, the motor gives enough power to handle most off road situations unless you are into really challenging situations. As for the range well I haven't yet run the battery right down but first impressions look promising, the app says on full charge that it has 46miles remaining (we all know they are incredibly optimistic) and after doing 18 miles today it showed 61% battery left - that would suggest I'd get close to 40 miles, that sounds a bit optimistic to me but I'd expect perhaps 35 miles? Do I like it, would I recommend it? The short answer is yes on both counts. If you are into hard core off roading or want high performance then this wheel isn't for you and you'll probably need to spend significantly more to satisfy your need - however if you want a mid price wheel to use mainly on the road with adequate performance and range then the KS16S is well worth a look at. I'll probably buy another more powerful wheel next year when the summer comes but for now I'm very impressed with how it performs.
  12. Thanks for this, I've just uploaded some photos to the forum for the first time so its kinda answered a question I was about to ask. I normally use Flickr to host images for another forum I'm a member of and never had any problem with their site so it may be worth a try.
  13. Finally after a ride round the moor it's back down to earth past this rather attractive oddity in the village where I live. I'm not sure whether it is another folly or whether it was once a gatehouse to a private estate - nowadays it is 2 small seperate lodges that are lived in. Whatever it is I think you'll agree it is a rather quaint thing So there we have it, a brief tour up the Aire valley on one wheel with a look at a few oddities along the way
  14. Another 200 yds along the ridge we come to the second folly - since they are very close at either end of a ridge and can be seen together they are know locally as 'the salt and pepper pots' for obvious reasons. The moorland here is very bleak and is not far from where Emily Bronte wrote 'Wuthering Heights' it's easy to imagine Heathcliffe running through the grass towards Kathy.
  15. In close the monument is quite a sizeable structure with a staircase in side
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