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  1. @ShanesPlanetbefore I bought my Mten3 I did the usual look at all the youtube videos first and I'm pretty sure there's one where a rider claims to have got 30mph! I can only assume the app must have been reading incorrectly but If I can find it I'll post it here.
  2. Shane, I thought all Mten's had the same top speed of 24mph? I could be wrong but I thought the 64v ones just had a smaller battery and slightly slower acceleration.
  3. I've only had my Mten3 for 2 days so I'm probably not the best person to offer advice but I think if you are wanting to cruise at 20mph it probably isn't the wheel for you. It's a great little wheel to keep in the back of the car or put in a rucksack for a quick commute of a few miles but personally I wouldn't want to ride it regularly at 20mph. Owing to it's small size it seems to magnify the effect of speed so that 20mph will feel incredibly fast, because I've only just bought my wheel and still getting used to it I've probably not exceeded about 12mph yet and even that feels fast.
  4. I seem to remember reading that staff on large container ships / oil tankers etc use pedal cycles to travel around the deck, presumably an EUC would be ideal for that kind of thing. I guess nowadays Health and Safety would get involved and try to kill the idea.
  5. Just a question out of curiosity, I wonder do any companies regularly use EUC's to assist their staff movement? I'd have thought EUC's would be ideal at large industrial complexes, ports, building sites etc but have never heard of them being used.
  6. Thanks, I think I may have cured it now. I didn't realise but there is a feature on the Eucworld App to lock the settings.
  7. @Michael TuckerDid you manage to sort out your Mten resetting the ride mode? I've just bought my new Mten and it's only 2 days old but it seems to default to the medium riding mode sometimes (not always) although I prefer the hard setting. I'm using just the EUC world app and it still says that it is in hard mode even though the wheel feels to be in medium mode.
  8. Yea it's a great little wheel, what other form of transport can you get that fits in a 25L backpack yet can travel at 20+mph and get 15 miles on a charge. It's the nearest thing you'll get to having your own magic carpet.
  9. I've only I've only had my Mten for 1 day and it's only got 9 miles on it so far but I can agree it's amazing fun wheel. I bought mine mainly to put in a rucksack when travelling by train so I have something small and agile to use when going into the city (I've even ordered a new rucksack just for the wheel). What I really do love about it is how easy it is to learn backwards riding and penduluming - I've been able to ride backward for short distances for a while on my KS16s but couldn't pendulum it. After 30 mins on the Mten3 it's job done
  10. Like you I live at the top of a hill (although not as long or as steep), when I got my first wheel a couple of years ago (a V5F) I wondered the same thing and would ride 200yds or so on level ground first thinking that ought to just take a bit of charge from the battery. A few times I forgot to do it and noticed no side effects so I just stopped altogether, I'm on my 3rd wheel now and never experienced any problem.
  11. @mike_bike_kitefortunately I'm not seriously ill, it's just a bit of low mood and depression largely connected to the Covid restrictions. I live on my own now and like a pint of the dark stuff with friends in my local boozer so I'm missing a bit of company. I'm a little concerned at the moment with some of the stories you hear of people being pulled up whilst riding their EUCs and facing fines, penalty points etc - that is playing on my mind when it comes to spending perhaps £1600 -1700 on a new wheel. The idea of buying the Mten3 was to have a bit of fun whilst saving a bit more cash and
  12. I must admit it was an impulse buy I've been feeling a bit low lately so it's kinda something to cheer me up while I save for a big boy wheel for the summer.
  13. I can't believe but in a fit of madness I've just ordered a Mten3 so the bigger wheel will have to wait a few more weeks. I've been saving up for a while but been feeling unwell the last week so I've bought the wheel to cheer myself up a bit
  14. I like and think it's a great idea It's is easy to use and offers all the basic specifications to allow wheel comparisons. My only slight worry is the 'update data' option - I haven't used it, but is it open to anyone to update without someone checking the info to be correct? I think if updates aren't approved in some way then there is the potential for people to update with wrong information.
  15. @mike_bike_kitehe became popular in the 80's after a few TV documentaries about his life and work, he eventually had his own TV programme. After seeing how he ladders a chimney you might find this interesting - he shows how to climb an overhang, I'd love to know how he managed to fasten the ladders in place
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