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  1. Some years ago I moved to a small town and decided one afternoon to visit the local pubs and try to get to know a few locals etc. I found one pub to be friendly and stayed a while talking to some of the regulars while drinking a few pints of the dark stuff. After a while I visited the toilet and looking in the mirror I noticed a £1 coin firmly stuck to the top of my forehead (I have a shaved head and you couldn't miss it) On returning to the bar I asked the locals why they hadn't mentioned it? They said they thought I'd put it there for a reason and were too polite to ask !! The coin
  2. Stephen it was a good source of info 12 mths ago but can't you see that isn't the case any more? We in the UK want EUC's to be legalised and are going to face an uphill struggle whether we like it or not - this is the only forum of any significance, why aren't we promoting EUC usage and chatting about the bigger picture? You know as well as I do that EUC's in the UK are on borrowed time, we need to get together and change things. If people like yourself could offer more advice and help we'd get further in encouraging greater usage, we need to get EUC's into the public eye and the for
  3. Why the sarcasm? Can't you appreciate I'm trying to help the forum rather than build walls? No forum is going to satisfy everyone and I don't expect this to be any different but I'd appreciate it if my comments were listened to by the moderating team without sarcasm. Like I say - isn't this part of the problem?
  4. I have answered the question - the fact you don't understand is something I can't be responsible for. Did I say the moderators are talking to much? I'm questioning the content not the quantity. Isn't this indicative of the forum problems? We now have a moderator quoting what he thinks I've said rather than what I've actually said.
  5. Thanks @meepmeepmayer I'm passionate about EUC's and will do anything I can to promote their usage, I'll do anything I can to help the cause. I don't want to get on the wrong side of the moderating team but I'm a big believer in speaking as I feel if it benefits a common good. I've been asked a few times to say how I'd change things - I've answered that a few times but the answer gets ignored. The reality is this is arguably the only EUC forum of any significant size - is it busy? --- No it isn't, it has 1000's of members but has 12 moderators talking to each other about topics o
  6. The point I'm making is in other forums discussing all manner hobbies / interests there is a wide variety of skills, knowledge etc yet the discussion is broadly speaking all inclusive. The threads are organised to ensure people of varying interests can access the information they seek, lately this forum doesn't do that. Join any other forum (about anything) and you will find the moderators are all inclusive, they chat to beginners, they encourage new chat, they build a forum to help people and breed common interest. Here we have a situation where the moderators talk to themselves about 'h
  7. Like I say, have a think about the forums market. If your target is high end enthusiasts then leave it as it is, if you want encourage EUC use then you need to be more inclusive. Can't the 'wine sniffers' take a bit of time to chat to others? All forums have a few hard core chatters and a lot of lurkers so I'd hardly expect this one to be any different but over the last 6 - 12 mths I think now all you have is the same 10 - 12 posters talking to themselves while the rest of the posts go largely ignored. Come on guys - it's not rocket science - start encouraging new chat - embrace beg
  8. Thanks @mrelwoodafter I typed my post I considered deleting it as it comes across terribly negative but I decided to leave it as it is how I feel. I think ultimately the forum needs a rethink about its goals, if it is a high end enthusiasts forum where the same few members can discuss how firmware 8.76 affects the rubber composition of a tyre then thats fine but that isn't going to be of any interest to Joe Public who wants to buy his first wheel and needs advice how best to spend his £1000. Clearly there is nothing wrong with members discussing 'high end' features but if that starts to b
  9. To be honest I think the forum has now lost its way, it used to be a friendly all inclusive site to encourage use of EUC's but that no longer seems to be the case. People that used to post regularly seem to have disappeared, new members asking beginner questions often get little or no feedback, I think the forum now is little more than a private members club where the same posters talk about the same topics ad nauseum in the same threads to the exclusion of any new material.
  10. I've been saying this for ages but no-one ever wants to do anything. 90% of the traffic on this forum is in 10% of the threads to the point that the forum is chaotic.
  11. Ha ha On serious note, thinking back it's a good I didn't fall off - with the chin guard pressing against my snout a fall could have caused a nasty injury.
  12. Just done a run to the supermarket (about 4 miles away) all was fine till I came to ride back home. Suddenly my helmet wouldn't fit properly, the chin guard kept pressing against my nose making it very uncomfortable. I was in a rush to get home before a heavy downpour of rain so I decided to put up with it and sort out the problem once I got home. For 4 miles the damn thing rubbed my nose and caused minor grazing. Got home, took my helmet off and my woollen gloves fell out of the top - problem solved
  13. Thanks guys, I've since done my usual circuit and found the battery performance is now back to normal, it sounds as though colder weather had bigger effect than I anticipated. In the UK we are also back on the naughty step in COVID lockdown so I'm riding a little more aggressively on roads without traffic and I guess that plays a part.
  14. Now that his time in the Whitehouse is numbered my concern is the havoc he could cause in the final few weeks. He seems to me to be a sore loser and if he's going to sink he'll take it out on the American people.
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