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  1. So that means before my 40 Mile ride i have to waste 1 second and then 1 second when i get back home
  2. Thought I’d take the MSX for a spin on the track
  3. Only been on it once due to rain ☹️ but yes it does add more grip , if you look at my YouTube video you can actually see my jeans twisting as they grip the wheel , I'll report more later if the weather gets ok 😁 I like the idea of the cutout for the usb👍 And yes there's no need for a hole to the power button a coloured dot would be better As for customisation i think chrissi and @The Fat Unicyclist will try there best i think they like different 😁😊
  4. Not really had that much time i actually got it and went out for 10 minutes, First impressions is nice it feels good on the legs I'll have to do some squeezing and report back👍
  5. Received the bodyguard today fitting easy as putting on a sweater 😁 Lovely product to keep your 16x safe from scratches and fall damage👍 I didn't want to do a big write up so here's a video i put together instead 👍 Thanks @The Fat Unicyclist
  6. Received the bodyguard today fitting easy as putting on a sweater 😁 Lovely product to keep your 16x safe from scratches and fall damage👍 I didn't want to do a big write up so here's a video i put together instead👍 Thanks @The Fat Unicyclist
  7. @chrisjunlee So this is your new board replacement , i think what we want to know is 😁😁- get it installed and do what you do, and test that board the way only @chrisjunlee does 👍 I'd say becarefull but i don't think you will be lol,,pad up though 👍 glad to see you back .ignore any silly remarks we are all going to get a bit of criticism 😬 Looking forward to see any differences , are you still riding the 16x or staying with the nikola mostly
  8. Got this reply from kingsong .. Maybe a bit mis-communication but this is what he sent anyway Three possible reasons: 1. Controller defect (the balancing data is affected by increasing temperature) 2. Gyro is not stable 3. Bluetooth module firmware bug May you can download APP to test the horizontal changes after power on. If reach 5 degree, need to do BT update. After finished, you can observe whether the wheel will pedal dip forward or tilt back after power on. The allowable range is 0~2 degree. (Below is a defect Gyro, after BT update, the pedal dip forward degree reach 5 degrees.) Another answer i got when i asked if there's been anymore queries from other people,,,,,,,,, Yes, we have recieved feedback from some distributors and solved some wheels.
  9. Oooh yeah silly me ,,aaah well only 3 days out 😂
  10. So before the date 19/08/15 it's a different board because mine is 19/07/04 🤔
  11. I've emailed kingsong about the firmware batch that they might be a problem and see if they have had any other wheels with the same batch number and causes 🤔 hopefully they will get back with some info, at least it's worth investigating
  12. I was just going to post this (saves me anymore searching 😁) i think there's a pattern emerging maybe 🤔 Anyone else out there with this batch??
  13. We'll that's a shame tbh , even though everyone has differences in opinions whether they are right or wrong or we see it a different way it's still ok , we can learn from everything posted here , you chris,, have voiced your concerns several times and people including me has reacted , your a tuff guy you've always liked the reactions and also took in grace and voiced back with no harm done , can't you just block the people who's posts you'd rather not see 🤔 Plus we miss your crashes😁 think about it please and if you do go your always welcome back in your own thread 😊 👍👍
  14. What's your batch numbers That just looked like it was instant torque , what mode you got it on and what firmware ?👍
  15. Yes speedyfeet is local even if you live in France 👍😊
  16. I know it would be cruel but id probably break down in laughter ,, in his head he could do it though 😁😁 nice video , it's still amazes me how much fun in such a little space , i do it alone though ☹️
  17. Yeah i think when you got a pot hole the gyro is knocked out and is dizzylol, then it recovers after it knows where it's at lol
  18. I think @The Fat Unicyclist bodygaurd is going to save me some scratches and above all some money from drops 😁😁 What batch number are you?
  19. Kuji had a front/back oscillation problem due to firmware? I think yours is a different problem
  20. Did there's just dip or did they go limp when flicked please
  21. As nice as it sounds i don't think Jason delivers to France I'm in the UK and he couldn't ☹️ so speedyfeet it is😊👍
  22. I wouldn't say the 16x has pages of problems I'd say people rant about problems they think are there and some are down to user error and don't give it chance , there's been a couple if teething problems which are now sorted with firmware updates and a one off problem so far with chrisjunlees 16x other than that it's been fine
  23. I'm sure @US69 Maybe able to help as he knows of a supplier of the 5amp charger and adaptor to use with it, it's the same as the speedyfeet 5amp fast charger
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