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  1. Are they black or silver I'm interested if available ,, do they have the rods and screws toπŸ‘
  2. Doesn't the new kingsong app allow you to adjust the angle cut off now for them situations, version 3.3.11 I think it has the option
  3. There's also softtuner for Android https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1nzcv4apsvz3em/softtuner.apk?dl=0πŸ‘
  4. Nice specifications ,I would also like to know what the batteries deplete to , V11 is looking good πŸ‘πŸ‘ special firmware for Euc members ,maybe it will get updated to after several months of testing on here 😁
  5. stephen


    Lol that would of sounded good 😁
  6. Well I've been enjoying firmware 2.02 , even though I've been riding the cyt tyre which is great I've now ordered another CX tyre I'll update later if my love is back😁😁
  7. Are you sure it's not the auto shut off after 1 minute because that's the default
  8. I've also got the sunglasses, very nice indeed I only wear them when not going to fast, but yeah they sound good but not extremely loud
  9. To me everything on the v11 is looking good , the overall style the torque the 1500WH 30mph will suffice for me anymore will be a bonus, the big lights and the width, which looks like the curve at the top will be comfortable on your legs to for carving or twisting to turn Suspension is looking good The nice air flow design to keep things cool and nice big pedals and a trolly handle 😊 Looking forward to more reviews and idon't want something for just off road I want something that fits most situations πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. Don't upgrade the app, but just upgrade the firmware to 2.02, which app are you using kingsong or kingsong softtuner?
  11. Where did you actually find this, as I want to try any updated versions that the app says there's an updated oneπŸ‘
  12. I get that all the time even though it never downloads it , I've even been to kingsong vendor and downloaded the newest now I just ignore it
  13. There is an Android version just log in as guest, I've uploaded mine if anyone can't find it πŸ‘πŸ‘ https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1nzcv4apsvz3em/softtuner.apk?dl=0 πŸ‘πŸ‘
  14. stephen


    I don't have a finger bell i have a bell clipped to my belt loop, to many tree roots to ride beeps and alot of pedestrians,,,and dogs come from bushes 😬 thanks for watching πŸ‘
  15. stephen


    Just a quick video edit I've done after my ride, I didn't press the mic so had to overlay it with music to reduce wind noise πŸ‘
  16. Look nice redπŸ‘
  17. stephen


    They did stop me once and said we've seen you around here just be careful it looks cool though πŸ‘πŸ˜
  18. Must be a good motor with big magnets it looks steep and the pedals still look stiff not tilting forward much πŸ‘, and going upstairs wow
  19. Bloody hell this wheel looks powerfull also the suspension coming down stairs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I like the V11
  20. I think you just pointed out the rest of the stuff I missed out 😊 my msx battery is crap compared to my 16x the first 20% goes down quick I still get a good range but it's all at the bottom of the battery where the fun stops ☹️ I've measured the batteries single packs and when charged full but my Bluetooth to any app I use shows different maybe 2v difference πŸ€” I'm stayng with firmware 2.02 for now, like you say it's solid and picks up pace quickπŸ‘ I find it ok with hills but I can't find much hill testing ones but I'm also over the 200lbs dressed in gear so I can just lean to put weight on the pedals I think that's easier in some ways but I am trying to lose a few lbs😬 Cheers MikeπŸ‘
  21. Yes I do , with the CX tyre you have to put more energy into your turns trying to pull the wheel over with your body weight where as the CYT just leans with you , this was 7 months ago so fairly new to this wheel Here's another I have a few in my YouTube channel
  22. stephen


    Trying to lose my puppy fat😁 staying off the biscuits and more green stuff😊 πŸ‘πŸ‘ Glad you liked the vid it was something different
  23. stephen


    So I installed 2.02 again and did a calibration , pumped to 30psi and set pedal angle to +1backward tilt, riding mode medium , allready installed chaoyang tyre as you know Woow had a blast today 😁 When you lean around a corner going at speed the wheel tilts with you, the CX tyre you have to force it to lean,, which I still like btw,,, but either way it was an exciting ride, the video I've posted was when I first went out so confidence wasn't full on but didn't take long 😁 Riding on straights easily reached 28mph quick and stable,,, felt like I was going 20mph,, Got wobbles here and there on the video only due to quick acceleration and breaking nothing wrong with the wheel ,, the chaoyang does have a slight wobble probably due to me not seating it right but doesn't affect my ride I'll probably have to say I really really enjoyed the ride today ,, so fast this tyre with 2.02 and medium mode the pedals remain stiff and kept level even at my little BMX track going uphill and down, I can start at the bottom of the hill with very little effort to make it give power πŸ‘ Probably forgot loads to mention ,, but YES I'm very happy with it now not to turn back to the CX but maybe on the next tube/tyre change we'll see😁 Anyway here's the video couldn't really get up to full speed due to so many corners but I did have a blast accelerating and cornering πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜ By the way I did about 30 miles of constant fun with 40% remaining Euc world went off mid tour most of my ride was about 25+mph just slowing down where I had to 😊it soon gets upto speed
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