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  1. This is not a mod, this is Algolagnie
  2. Have also tested other buzzers on my MSP, but all were quieter. I think the voltage/power of the board is too low. I have also tried 2 buzzer in parallel, but they are then quieter than just one. Also still looking for a solution. Currently I have moved the buzzer to the outside of the case. I would prefer a buzzer in the helmet that is triggered by RF or a way to convert it to a Bluetooth signal and send it to the smartphone (without delay of course)
  3. MSP HT 2250wh 21700 Samsung 50E cells
  4. As far as I know there are two engineers who left Gotway and started Veteran, right? My guess is that there were actually three people who wanted to leave Gotway. But then they did it smarter and left one behind as a saboteur who will join Veteran later when the work is done.
  5. That is exactly the reason why such bulky power pads are absolutely out of the question for me. My riding style is apparently like yours. Although I have also moved my power pads several times by 3-4mm until I found the perfect place. If you've never ridden with power pads, you'll have to readjust the pads several times anyway, because you have to get used to them first. Over time, I also reduced the cutout size piece by piece by a total of 15mm. I would never ride again without power pads, because I can ride much more extreme and in addition even safer. Here is just one example: I w
  6. I'm very happy that we have a blocking function here and on all social media platforms and I have to admit, that I using this function very often.
  7. What a drama. I don't mean the fire, I mean the drama here. As long as the box of a wheel is not burned and eWheels cleans the boxes properly, I see no reason to worry. If the box has survived, then surely the wheel too.
  8. I use only a air compressor. Standard procedure for any wheel with excessive dust and dirt is to seal the wheel against dust. With the MSP/RS it is the big gap on the trolley linkage and additionally with the RS the holes in the pedal hanger. For those where the housing cover seal is not missing, I would always drill 4 water drain holes in the housing. I would even do this myself if the seal is not missing. At least who drives in the rain or uses water for cleaning.
  9. If I do not misunderstand anything here due to lack of English knowledge, then I would not give the slightest thing to your advice due to extreme lack of expertise from this statement at the latest. After this statement, I would ignore all your posts with technical content. Bearing grease viscosity determination based on a control board temperature.
  10. I really hope you guys are right. I will report back as soon as my MSP comes back with the one side battery upgrade from 1800Wh to 2250wh.
  11. You need 10 x 10v charger in series to charge the Sherman. If you use a 8v + 5v charger at the same time on the Sherman, then probably both chargers will melt, but not the wires inside the Sherman.
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