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  1. Hi Seba, I was a big fan of the CST-C1488 until I tried a other one. The CST-C1488 is compared to the CST-C1773 a crappy tire and I would never switch back. Not sure if the size you need is available, because I have the size 16x3.0 for my 16X.
  2. Without knowing it exactly, but I mean that between the original battery packs also no synchronization takes place.
  3. Simply connect in parallel to the other two batteries and charging ports.
  4. Yes, keeping up with Shermans at higher speeds is impossible. You are right, with 2250wh I can reach 35-40 mi with high speed and aggressive style @80kg rider weight and no headwind, but with a knobby tire @1.4 psi offroad. Maybe with a street tire, higher tire pressure and on road a little more.
  5. I have not regretted it, even if it is only 25% more and I would do it again anytime. 21700 Samsung 50E cells and this BMS. I charge sometimes with 9A without problems. (knock on wood)
  6. Then, depending on the environment, it is now essential to carry out maintenance to clean the air filter. Otherwise, in my case, no more air would get through after a short time.
  7. This doesn't say much and the screenshot only shows that you had a current spike of 142A for at least a fraction of a second and this is probably the voltage dip to 90 volts. That would be perfectly normal. For a more accurate statement, a log is necessary.
  8. With the right double sided tape for low surface energy materials. Just clean the pads properly and use 3M double sided tape 300LSE series. I use 9495LE
  9. The display itself, the position and the design of how it was installed would keep me from buying it. It looks so horrible that I almost can't believe it and think of a late April Fool's joke.
  10. But my MSP is a 20" wheel without inflated speed anymore..... .... at least with a 2.75-14 knobby motorcycle tire.
  11. Luck, with me it looks different. I love my MSP HT, but a tank it is not. 2 days ago I was riding up a very steep slope at 5 mph and my pedal got stuck on a protruding tree root which ripped the wheel out from under my feet and catapulted me into the dirt. After that, the front of the shell was broken apart, although I have a front and rear bumper glued very tightly. All 3 of the front case screws ripped out. On one side the threaded nuts broke and on the other side it ripped the screws through the hole. So now the screws are falling through. It's sad how ridiculously thin everything was
  12. Oh Jesus, Now they have far surpassed Gotway's ugliness
  13. The ring sits behind the bearing to prevent the bearing from slipping? The problem with water and dirt from the outside is therefore still ignored?
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