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  1. Hey ... Don‘t make everything so complicated, just ride , feel free and have fun.
  2. That’s something i don’t understand, why don’t we know about stuff like this Kingsong and Gotway should make little booklets for advanced riders with a little more information than don’t lean forward to much. Come on @Micheal Shen give us some input.
  3. No the baseplate is just wood where i put some cheap water repellent table cloth on.
  4. I have this picture from day 1 in my phone to see my percentage, I’m an iPhone guy and the kingsong app still shows 100% all the time, yes still. Wonder if they get this done in the next years.
  5. I have the seat and i like riding seated. Newer rode seated before I got the 16X, it’s a lot of fun. Here is a video of me when i had the seat for a few days.
  6. Finished my Stand yesterday, came out pretty good. Cost for the material was about 13€.
  7. @Micheal Shen the question was if KS is working on FW 1.08.
  8. I have no problems with 1.05 because I don’t push it to it’s limits all the time , i don’t need to ride 49.5kph, sometimes i like to give it the spores but i now how to handle my wheel, i want to enjoy riding, don’t want to ride on the knifes edge. And as i don’t ride in traffic, because here it’s not allowed to ride an EUC, i just need top speed if i have to flee from the cops. So i mostly ride in places where there is nobody, in the fields or in the woods where i can adjust my speeds how ever i like no need for me to push it because there are no cars behind me. And if i ride in traffic sometimes i ride the speeds that i feel comfortable with not the speeds that the asshole behind me wants me to. I am old enough and my balls are big enough to do what i want and not what the others would like me to do.
  9. That’s what i thought. I am struggling a few weeks now, one day i think tomorrow I’ll do the update and the next day i read new things that i don’t like that make me think f... it better not. Its driving me crazy, so i think i will wait for 1.08 and be over with.
  10. Is that really you Marty, or just a motocross dude from the park. Nahh that can’t be you. Marty is cool not flippy.
  11. Try 1radwekstatt here in Germany i got mine from there.
  12. For me there are only two things interesting in 1.07. 1. The light configuration. 2. These stiff pedals everybody’s talking about.
  13. And me. I ride to work everyday and I’m never running late because i always leave home in time, I’m german by the way.
  14. Met up with @buell47 today, we had a really nice ride out today even though it was pretty muddy and wet, we still had some great fun. So i had a chance to try out the shoes. And wow these shoes unbelievable, first time ever that i had no numbness or footpain. Really awesome these shoes.
  15. Bought some very cool Vans today. Might be the best riding shoe for me , because i love my SK8 hi Vans for riding. But these are so incredibly lightweight, one shoe is 250 grams. They are waxed so no problem with dirt. And the best is they have a sole called ultracush, and they really are ultracush, really really comfy, wow. They fit like a glove. If anybody sees them in a shop should try them out. vans - sk8-hi lite black waxed canvas
  16. The best would be to open the wheel and take some pictures for us.
  17. Had some good fun with my wheel today although it was pretty damn cold 🥶
  18. I was out for a ride with the 16X today, it was pretty cold but still a lot of fun as always.
  19. I did read that as well on Facebook that Michael Shen said there is a solution and the dealers have it.
  20. I don’t just think it’s thinner i can see that. Look how much clearance there is to the housing compared to the CST. CST Chaoyang
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