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    Slydogstroh came over to the dark side, and he is doing well.
  2. RoadRunner


    Petra is getting creative
  3. Stop thinking, just buy it, the mten 3 is a great little fella.
  4. Well that’s the lean i have to make when i see Police here in Germany, we are Criminals.
  5. Went to visit my dad today with my wheel. 48 miles to get there and 48 miles back. We grilled while my wheel was charging, it was a great day and a great ride, but now i am a dead man. Some pics from the ride.
  6. E scooters yes but all the rest not. Euc‘s are seen as motorized vehicles, you need insurance which you can’t get and a drivers license.
  7. Hoverboards, Segways, electric scooters and unicycle wheels could be seized police warn Adults risk a £300 if they or their children are caught using an electric powered vehicle illegally and having the transport seized after a number of instances in Gloucester. Electric powered vehicles being illegally used on pavements and cycle paths could be seized as police launch a new crackdown on anti-social behaviour. Officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary have issued the warning after "a growing number" of instances where they have been used by many people around Gloucesterunaware they are committing an offence. Current legislation bans powered transporters - which includes electric scooters, e-hover boards, electric powered unicycle wheels and e-Segways - being driven on public pathways. Although many are available to buy from high street stores, they cannot be ridden freely on the country's streets. They can only be used on private land with permission of the land owner. They must also be registered to be used on the road. Now Gloucestershire Constabulary said the force will seize the vehicles if they are used illegally on pavements and cycle paths and said parents could face prosecution is their children are caught using the vehicles illegally. Adults using e-scooters on the street are committing the same offence of using a motor vehicle with no insurance, and risk a £300 fixed penalty notice and six points on a driving licence. Chief Inspector Al Barby said: "While these may seem like fun and environmentally-friendly ways of getting around, these vehicles can be dangerous to other road users as well as to the riders themselves. @stephenjust found this. Same shit like here in Germany 🤮
  8. The safest is, wait a little save some more money and buy a wheel from a good dealer where you have good service. Just my two cents.
  9. If it’s from ebay Kleinanzeigen here in Germany then forget it there are a few scammers around selling big wheels for little money. They won’t accept paypal only bank, and if you want to pick up the wheel he won’t have time Had this a few times in the last weeks. They just take your money and bye bye
  10. I think that guy just wants to rip off some people who will send the 600.
  11. https://www.tyres-outlet.co.uk/product/cst/c-1488/16x3.00--/r-383219
  12. I had all three tires on my 16X and i would say the CST is a mix between CYT and CX. It has less Gyro feel than the CX but definitely more than the CYT.
  13. RoadRunner


    Great video Seage
  14. Yeah, i think he is crying too much. Everyone can have problems with any product. I have a first batch 16X, 3400km without problems, look at mike sacristian, more than 8000km without problems. I think he just wants attention, i mean he is a member here since 2018 and has just 19 posts, first posts he was bashing about Ninebot, next was on Ruroc and now it’s kingsong, hmm. My Suggestion is, just buy your things at a good dealer and you will have customer service, goes for any product.
  15. Man man ist das mal wieder lächerlich sein Großvater.
  16. Oh man, why can’t they bring out a FW where everything is good.
  17. Oh yeah, that is a great feature, love it.
  18. I was on 1.05 since it came out, never tried any other FW because i didn’t want to be stuck on a updated FW that i don’t like. After seeing @Mike Sacristan‚s latest video, our wheels are from the same batch, and as he didn’t smash his head on the pavement by the end of the video, i thought I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t ride for long today, but i think i like it.
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