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  1. I find it very simple. No need to look all over for info and it keeps a easy history of changes too.
  2. Very well written. I wish I could have written it like you. It might be raw force. But it bring a balance that in a bigger picture makes sense at least to me. Could this be polished more? I think so but it matters less to how I use my V11.
  3. I am not fighting a war about this with you. I am just saying there are a few ways to look at this. Agree or disagree as you like. What I do think that is important is you as a ride experience this yourself. Not just going on opinion from what you read. Like this or not it is a function Inmotion seems to stick to. I have chosen to accept this and then look at how to make the most of the situation.
  4. When I tested this in a beta test (1.1.84) it didn't kick i until I hit 8%. But keep in mind it was a beta test. Final release has been adjusted compared to pictures I posted.
  5. Now to clear up how this works with fw 1.2.1 Inmotion published these 2 pictures yesterday on telegram. It has been debated a lot. And by a lot I really mean a lot. Some people seems to be fighting this go home function as if it is a war. My own personal view on this is like this. For some reason Inmotion is sticking to this. They have listened and modified how it works. It might not be perfect, the very least it is different to other wheels. And as a rider it is important you know this and have expireanced it. So when it happens you don't get cought by suprice. I see some benafit to this. As long as I can recall riders have discussed throttling and when and how hard this kicks in. This function limits the need of throttling but it means you need to step of the wheel once you reach 10% battery to activate go home mode. Once added it will shor a hidded portion of battery as Inmotion call it (or rather allow to go into lower volts). So you will then see battery % jump to 30ish% you can now ride but with lower effect (about 2000w limit) until you reach 10% in go home more. At this point you can turn on the wheel but not riding in. This is meant to make it possible to trolley the wheel but still protect the battery. Some I rarely go this deep down into battery % I like this as it throttles me less and I can ride my "normal way" at a longer part of the % of the wheel. But I also get a clear point when to ride more calm and knowing I can't put myself into situations where I need a peak of high watts demand. So from this perspective I kinda like this way of thinking. Now I don't like a forced unplanned step down of the wheel. But it partly come to monitor your battery levels. Ride slower you can extend you range to postpone where you get the 10% limit. And this is up to you. In a way this gives a level of freedom to choose how to ride you battery. Like a bat out of hell or in a calm middle speed yet not forcing others to do the same. And this is one of the strong point to this imo. . So the graphs is how Inmotion explain this. It is not something I made up. And it is not as abrupt as in the earlier fw. But it will force you to stop. It isn't possible to ride at 25degree tilt back.
  6. I am glad it seems to work for you too. I just took my V11 out for a small ride to pick up lunch. Yet brief it is bloody cold now and raining on/off too so it goes to the bones. I feel like a frozen fish finger after just 1.5km out and back each way. Autumn surly kicked in now at my place.
  7. Normally @Sebado not release public betas. The numbering is normally even for public release and odd for internal beta. As of now @Seba is trying to solve this. I am one of his beta testers and we have discussed things tonight. But I am no programmer so right now I can only share to @Seba what I know about my V11 1st batch. It has an early BT module that is only in very few wheels as IM upgraded this in most wheels. I am pretty sure there are people working hard on solving this from IM. If that resolve the issues with EUC.WORLD remains to be seen. It is not ideal but it is what it is. It is clear IM have not been in this situation before. That said I have been beta testing for fw for V11 for IM. And that version didn't have any issues. I think it is something to do with the upcoming IM watch. That said I can imagine that in the next few days we know more and hopefully have a solution.
  8. Btw once Inmotion staff got in office this morning. They have commented on the issue. It was due to a change made for Inmotion watch the BT comms work different. As for random tilt back this is a bug they have isolated to happen in cold weather only where imu temp sensor gave out false reading. That us the short version from what I understand from the telegram post from Liam. And they expect to launch a fw fix within a day.
  9. So I guess this is how you liked to be addressed considering your use of language.
  10. Now when looking at this with perspective maybe there are silimar reason why IM chose to do the tilt back at low battery and go home. It is an example of how people blame something because they don't know better but cause is something different. This can happen to everyone, that is my point. It happens to me too. Sometimes you (read me too) don't know all information and due to this it is hard to see the bigger picture implications.
  11. This type of "constructive feedback" is sure to make people help you. Sometimes it might make more people helping you if you consider you are in a global community and not your back yard.
  12. They are not GW. They are trying to take into consideration that not all riders understand a wheels limitations. Now the way it is done was too hard. Inmotion had taken on board feedback and reworked how it was working. Today they release the result of feedback and selects users beta testing work and feedback. I have yet to test the new release. But there is another day tomorrow for that. I guess there still will be things to improve.
  13. I just updated to fw 1.2.0 on my V11 and I don't have any issues connecting with EUC.WORLD. But if you have a BT logo on the wheels battery indicator and you can't connect to the wheel then it is likely due to a BT crash/lockup. I can resolve this by turning on the V11 and keeping powerbutton pushed until it turn off (keep pushing as you turn it on). Then release button and turn on wheel as normal.
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