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  1. Unventor

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Well my decission is made up. I am going for a KS16X.... Proud early adopter once again. What can possibly go wrong? Anyway I think most major parts have been tested on KS18L and improved on KS18XL so hopefull they are matured for the KS16X. Now I just hope there isnt too many hickups in last stage development and production. I hope @Jason McNeil and @US69 keep us up to date as we get closer to a final version.
  2. What is kimkardas something? Is it medical?
  3. That is a ride too. Sometimes people forget the small things/rides. Take a look above/previous in this thread. You see I have a post about a 50-80meter ride
  4. I were the one suggesting to paint it red....before we decided the dog pedigree 😉
  5. Unventor

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    But you seem to a calm nice person from the time we have met up.
  6. You are talking about the bins right ? I love your wheel "brand"
  7. This model of pump/portable compressor was bought at Amazon Germany. It is however out of stock. You might find it on Amazon UK. They have a different model now on amazon.de As for the EUC bodyguard it is sold at www.roll.nz and as I understand it is hand crafted by mr. @The Fat Unicyclist and mrs. @The Fat Unicyclist. See more on the thread kingsong cover the latest thing in kingsong brand thread.
  8. Unventor

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I like the added a red reflective sticker on it. Saves me the trouble 😄 Now it only need a white on the front. Bicycle law for road compliance in Denmark and Sweden too.
  9. Unventor

    KS18XL feels weird (tilting back at slow speed)

    You navigate like this (android version 3.0.7).
  10. Unventor

    KS18XL feels weird (tilting back at slow speed)

    Mine were feeling like a inflatable bed or like standing on a surfboard with soft waves passing under it. Occiliating slowly tiping pedels up/down or forward/reverse if you like. If you have the 3.0.x App, then what does the diagnosis info tell you? You can see others talking about this in the KS18L firmware thread I created.
  11. Unventor

    KS18XL feels weird (tilting back at slow speed)

    In short, if you recently firmware updated the wheel and the app to 3.0.x then I suggest you do a horizontal calibration of the wheel. That fixed my KS18L.
  12. Unventor

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Take out the wheel and ride a little. 1 hour will pass fast and you get some air too.
  13. Unventor

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    To me this it no other than fantastic news @Jason McNeil I mean being 16" this sounds to best compromise between larger than stand old style pedals and risk of scraping. Luckily I only have a size 7.5 UK/8 US/40 EU size feet. The new texture should hide dust and minor scratches better. I have never been a fan of glossy finish. If I could decide I think a brushed aluminium or titanium look is the prettiest and more practical finish. Like you see on elder B&O hi-fi. I would however purchase a V8 or V10f style cover if Kingsong were to make something similar for reasonable price (without billboard size logos, small logo fine). @Jason McNeil ang @US69 do you know if trolley is planed as a 2 step locking one similar to KS18XL v3 stems or as I would prefer a 1 step stronger stem design with less play and thicker materials?
  14. Unventor

    Removing XL pedals

    The rod only moves 1 way. Easiest to see in some of the installation guides done. @Seba have a great guide on this. Removing should be a matter of backtracing.