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  1. It had level1 ce1 pads on shoulder,s elbows and knees. and a soft foam on back and hips. I ordered it with the backplate that is semi soft/stiff. It is made of a rubber/viscos elastic material similar to D3O, just a bit more stiff. It is the same for chest cover: Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Ci Chest Protector The backplate: Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i As for mt D3O pads it is a OEM standard of the D30 https://www.d3o.com/products/t5-evo-pro-x/ mine is same shape and size but differed textor imprent to reflect the "brand"
  2. So a new update about my MC suit. I fitted D3O level2/CE2 pads in knee, elbow and a Alpinestar 2 piece chest plate, plus my old set of hip pads (waiting for D3O hip and shoulder to get Ibstock at local dealer). But long story short all zones are now protected. I went out for a long ride to my standards of 40ish km. This was errand and shopping ride, dumping of stuff at home the riding out to lunch. Then some hilly urban old historical path with very steep down hill. Then to a forrest very hilly off-road trail. Some might recall my recording last summer of the trail or 80 of the trail 😊 as I got lost there last time. Today I did the full lap. High sunshine with occasional cloud. But still not hot only around 16-18 degrees Celsius and a bit windy But the MC suit performed much better than I anticipated. It does get hot indoors but once outside and a little wind or ridespeed the ventilation works very well. I had shorts and t-shirt under the MC suit. Closing up the ventilation openings I think it will work fine most of my non-summer time even without the termo layer installed. Since the trousers fit so tight I have not worn jeans under the MC trousers (yet) but I expect they expand a little so I can have jeans in winter time under. I am so happy I decided to invest in this. Today was my first real cruising adventure and exploring ride for some time. But I never thought it possible but I had an ever wider huge big fat sm on my grinning face today. I simply just love this EUC adventure ride style. Just so great. It brings me into a mind of relaxed mindfulness. No longer a prisoner of my reumatism. Simply great. 😁😎👍
  3. If I recall right he didn't recover and died, or was that another similar video post around the same time last year too? Now I have had 2 high impact accident and a "minor" one. So that is why I limit my KS18L to 42kmg and wearing full MC suit with lvl 2 protection oh back, shoulder (ordered), elbow, knee, hips (ordered) and demon wrist guards. And MC fullface helmet. I am fully geared up 98% the distance I travel. Only time I wear a cycle helmet only is the 140m to my garage or 400-500 m to my lunch pizza place at work. Anything more that 1km I am fully geared up 99.9999% of the time.
  4. Tuff luck for you. It is not road legal in the UK. Movie car.... @Rehab1 somehow that movie title just fittet me seeing you in that car
  5. Good thing you didn't get robbed by Robin Hood I heard he worked in the forrest...
  6. That is a trick question right? Or you don't count the spare tyre in the booth? Somehow I could just see Mr. and Mrs. @Rehab1 cruising to grab an icecream in the summer in that car....
  7. How was that title... Gulliver Backe....travels That is what you get taking little people's wheels. 😜
  8. Hmm still travelling by 4 wheels.... But geared up at least 😎
  9. So he made you watch something... How can he be to blame? This forum doesn't support video, only link to external sites or did I miss something here? Or in other words, I choose what links I follow.... 👀😉
  10. Most likely you have to update firmware and then calibrate balance again. As written in update text.
  11. I am fine with 45kmh anyway. And I wish I could find a company that would insure my wheel too. Unfortunately I have not been able to find anyone yet. It is both to cover myself and if I hurt someone in an accident. But hopefully when EUC riding matures a bit more...
  12. Well end of the day wheels still need to be legal otherwise they will not be of much use. Most other products are region adapted. Eg smartphones, dvd players, streaming services... I rather the make a regional firmware and expanding customer base than not doing so and shooting potential markets down. End of the day the more units sold the more money can go into development.
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