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  1. This is one of the coolest yet simplest video I ever seen. Like @travsformation said, very nicely done format. Laid back easy riding exploring and sight seeing. I only wish there was a simple affordable way ride more of your places out there. There is not rentable EUC around there or?
  2. Agree and I am very guilty as charge. 😊 That is where the challenge part comes it. Like the one Eddie made some time back about how slow can you go.
  3. Well I write in Danish which cause confusion to most people. A language with build in encryption and ambiguity. Mix that with a mindfiel of crazy ideas and the result is.... ..not that many follow what was born out of good intentions. 🙄 Or it is just me. 😁
  4. Did you notice you had a flat tire? J/k but I wounder how many zoomed in to check (the skull).
  5. I do understand what you are saying. I just look at differently. It comes partly down to commitment and admin too. A new area rider area can serve are a platform for people to get their standing up and faster for moderators to approve posts for people not have a reputation up yet. Also questions do not get drown in the sheer number of post we have now on the forum. If you then add videos there are some that are really good. As an example I always forget the links, but there is a French on with braking skilld/test and a English one showing how to go over bumps/curbs. Anyway I am listening and will swing idea around other moderators if we can improve something.
  6. Well the credit isn't mine. Actually @travsformation happened to ask me on something I had been thinking about so he is the huge trigger. In short the forum have grown a lot since I joined. I am mostly engaged with assisting new members or riders. But many questions would be much easier to handle with a new riders area and a better video library index than just one big thread with a debate not always on target too. I am simply looking at how we engage new riders, make an area for trick or old school. So the forum is a continuous meeting place of positive engery to all. So any suggestions are welcome. But at some point we will need a direction to be taken. So I am all eyes and eyes 🤔😉😀
  7. Too bad about your experience. But consumers rights and warranty rule, don't seem to bother Chinese webstores that much. It can be very hard to get them to comply to anything if it cost them money. We have seen this reported here on the forum from time to time even for stores with high reputation. I am sorry to side track the thread a little. But I think it will be something people need to understand that making an app is not the same to be responsible for a fw update. (yes I know none pointed any fingers here) but it is bound to raise some questions at some point @Seba. I rather not someone points a finger at you, since you gave done a fantastic job so far with developing wheelog into euc.world.
  8. Unless I missed something the previous post of this "KS engineer app" or "KS soft app" might be present but logins has been hidden/erased. It was a moderator decision as personel details got posted publicly.
  9. I guess I have something to play with at my work tomorrow. Just joking. I really appreciate both taking time to explain this. I were more focused on test riding my KS18L 1st batch fw2. 0. So I didn't spend much time delving over the new version. At first I though something had gotten messed up big time, but now it makes more sense.
  10. You are a super darling. Just a tiny feedback on the new release. Do you think you can add in a help screen with info on what each bar and dot means. I just noticed a tool icon but I have no idea what it does. Kind of like the types you see on tizen watch displays. I could also use a tiny guide on the battery info settings. Meaning my KS18L reported 10% in app but 40% on leds. At 69ish Volts.
  11. Great jo Mr EUC ambassador. And you had not been riding yet. I look forward to hearing how you are getting on with learning. This is always a fun process., the initial frustration, then the slight progress and then bam, I can fly, I can fly, moment.
  12. @The Fat Unicyclist that is going to be expensive rebranding of your business.... If the is a Z10 with 4.1" tire then your waist have slimmed down a lot. So... We need to find a new name for you... 😊
  13. Well I can't say I am supprised. Some people just have to live on the edge. I guess that is the price KS will pay for trying to follow people that should have bouht a gw wheel instead. To me it is like people forgot the basics of speed in real world and they think they can drive like in a game and get away with it.Now we have seen enough reports here for people to set the limit on the wheel without KS have to limit the wheel. Personally I set my warning at 35kmh and tiltback at 40kmh. Since I rarely go faster that 35kmh I never hit warnings. For the furtre I can only say if you plan on going to the limits and demand speed over anything else, just don't buy anything else that gw. Or you might need to rething what a crash will have of impact on your life both short and long term. I prefer to ride, I don't want to be in rehab for months. And I need to work so long term sickleave will not pay my bills. I ride full mc levl geared up despite I only ride at 30ish kmh adverage. Some might think this is silly. But When I had my accident at 25 kmh that dislocated my shoulder it proved to be the smart choice to me.
  14. @Seba if I recall right you have a Samsung phone. Do you know if the horn function can be set up to work with the bixby button? It seems my flick2 button are taking time to get shipped.
  15. That is how to do a great EUC ambassador pr work. Now how you handle to ride in - 37C is beyond me... Adding wind and speed chill... Even a strap on the back bbq couldn't keep me warm.
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