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  1. While doing setting you need to have an app connected. A few new models have a display menu where this is not needed. But I would not recommend these as a starter wheel. And one of them are not easy to carry. On other wheels as long it is settings in the wheel they will be remembered until changed or reset. Some apps offer extra features like EUC.WORLD or Darknessbot. But then you need to have these running and connected.
  2. I had an incident some time back with my KS16X. I were bypassing some pedestrian that took up all space on a combined cycle lane and walkway. Despite me using a bell they didn't move aside. I accelerated hard once passed they. Now it was on an uphill part and then I missed tre root undergrowth bumps from trees making the wheel to go airborne. Since I were on a forward lean the wheel hit high speed spin out almost but when it touch the asphalt it took a lot of power to maintain balance then I hit the 2nd root line. All of this was with a meter or yard so it happen fast at 30kmh.now t
  3. I suggest you look though this forum wobbles has been discussed a lot. It is down to the rider 99% of the times. This is part of learning to ride. That you know how to control this and what to do when it happens. After a while you will not thing much about it and you might adapt a ride style to minimise the wobbles to occur. But this is for a different threat.
  4. Did I ever tell you I love your service and products I bought from you? My 2x V11 "Scandinavian" mod stands. Now the crappy part is I just had to buy a 2nd V11. I didn't think I had to, but the stand gets lonely and look sad when it has no job to do. Also the stands do not turn of the wheel automatically. I as a rider have to do that myself and remember this every bloody time. ====== Now that is one way to do a review. I could take out the sarcastic points and do a constructive one. If one do a review and for it to add value you have to consider pro and cons and that not
  5. Well I have tried to help. But sometimes it take a small test group to come up with smart ways around difficult shapes. It would have been so much easier if both of you lived around my place 😉
  6. Maybe. But I am sure you misplaced it. And I didn't see it either. I think.🤔
  7. As far as I know white is a glossy finish. Black Can be either, unless they only go by matt these days. It is a personal preference, but Glossy will show all minor scratches as soon as you unbox it. I have never been fan of glossy finishes, it is so unpractical and the glossy look never last very long. The Matt black is a pretty forgiving surface finish. One could alway paint or wrap the shell parts but to get a good look you need to have practice with this. Like said above, bodyguard gives so some sort of styling. As of colour and design mix I am sure you can work something out with @Ch
  8. I have been testing that bodyguard and debating different things to make it better. I must say @Chrissi is fantastic to brainstorm ideas with. I hope @The Fat Unicyclist get to test some of the things we have discussed. When we have decided on a updated solution I will review this when I get it. I do think this next version will be much better.
  9. Debating charging is like debating politics or religion. One thing is theory another is how day to day practice works. Yes One can maybe nurse the battery, but fact is most have swap to a new wheel before it becomes a problem. In my view unbalanced cells is a bigger problem than degrading once. There are a balancing process, but if one cell get way out of sync with others there is no way you can monitor that on most EUC. And those you can monitor it on right now, well as far as I know is not manufactured anymore. The development of new model is happening so fast that degrading cells reall
  10. Okey time for a new update. A few things has happened since I wrote last on this review. I bought a 2nd V11 (build April 2021), to ensure I always had a V11 up and running. But because of my butterfingers and clumsy mind I managed to either fry a driver board (lower mounted board) or a motor. I am still not sure which or even if main board (top mounted board) is damaged too. So yesterday I had a fair bit of part arrining. 2x set of drive board, main board. 1 new motor (this is properly the most interesting part) and new BT module for my 1st batch V11 and a few other minor things.
  11. I just noticed you are from Latvia. So you have local resellers in your country. Or @EUniCycles.eu as your option to buy from. I can recommend eunicycles.eu as reseller. He is a nice and great guy. He knows his stuff. The reseller in your country I know not much about. Now some have suggested other wheels here. I didn't do that because as a new rider getting suspension takes away some of must know when riding skills. It is about long term safety. Also from your post I think reliable is key to how you get by with a EUC as a new rider.
  12. To me how you put priority on money and weight, there really isn't much to say that go 18XL all the way. It is a well proven wheel these days. Not to bad to service. It is like a Toyota Prius. Might not look much or be a rollercoaster of a ride. But it is a workhorse and reliable. Just make sure you get a global version. Domestic China gets bricked outside China. On the hextech pedals. I bought the first set for my Inmotion V11. I didn't think it would make such a difference. The key to this is you can use rough/trail pattern shoes or boots. That open up much better options for foo
  13. Now I know many say they take a ride to block out a bad day or troubled times. To me that is a bit hard to understand. Yes it blocked out all other things because I need to be alert of the ground and surroundings and fit into the traffic. My problem is if I have my mind drifting off I become unaware. That is when I have much higher risk of accidents. So I tend not to ride when my mind is tired or troubled with bad moods. Now having a suspension wheel it mitigate some of the ground risk but things can still happen.
  14. She might want to buy your horse saddle...or did you have on your hidden V11. The one @Mrs. Rehab1 didn't know about..yet
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