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  1. Now some time back I got my Black Crow stands for my V11. And I have been riding in our winter weather here in Sweden with my V11. So far so good. I like to give credit to @RockyTop for his design and stand. It works really great. It might be in my head but it seems the tire dry up faster since I have been using the stand. But I can't explain this. So despite riding in snow and very cold days (-7C) were they use sand/gravel and salt on roads to keep them as safe as possible it seems my V11 is holding up for now. I know some have problems with their V11 and I don't know for sure why.
  2. I wonder how that would look at @Marty Backe place? It probably be a US continental freight train equivalent 😉
  3. maybe not, but average age on the forum here is not 20 years...and I am way over the date to be an athletic myself. (last time someone made a poll on this it landed aroung late 50ish)
  4. I really doubt that is the cause. As long the valve is pointed in the right direction to avoid hitting any thing it should be fine. There is a reason why the valves are bend on tubes used in EUCs.
  5. I just like to add a 2cent to this. This incident was precented to me when getting fire warden training during my time as a teamleader in a UK call centre. https://worldsoccertalk.com/2010/05/11/bradford-city-stadium-fire-disaster-25-years/ I recall seeing it on the news but I were not reflecting much about it at the time when it happend. From first smoke was visual to the point you see in this picture it took only 1m30ish sec. Like you can read about in the link many people died mostly because they never released how much heat a fire generate. This is something
  6. Alright guys. I have been alloved to give you some news. We are in the very end of beta testing and translations of the upcoming version 2.4 of EUC.WORLD. There are a "little" new design to menues but mostly that is in the coding. And there are a few new features like the motoring of battery charging with TP-links HS110 smart plug control build into the app. But on of the biggest problems has been how this all work with gadgets like the Lemfo Lem4 (a mix of android device and smartphone). I much say the time spend on this by @Hansolo and the King @Seba that we call him in the
  7. I had a crash due to clipping a curb trying to avoid a longboarders coming at me in opposite direction and all of a sudden started to do s curves over I to my bike lane. I hit hard full force with upside down standing in my shoulder (estimated speed due to me braking and navigating 25-30kmh). My shoulder dislocated, and I have discribed this here on forum. Now this is not related to OP. But just saying sometimes despite preparing and all good intentions, in the accident you never know how it ends up on an EUC. Yes I slidded or half tumbled but only after the full force of my should
  8. What a bunch of BS post. You should know with your line of profession that there are more ways to view the world than what you have right in front of your own nose. And constant spamming same issues or line of posts do not make it more right at all. Yes a few has succeeded doing so but in general most people are smarter than so to fall for it. And that is why I call you out on several occasions. Yet you keep post silly statements like this. And by now I am going to quote you: remember go for the ball.... On this post I see no reason why people should change there
  9. This is why I decided to buy my Klim mc suit. But you have to keep in mind that speed isn't going to save you from a crash most of the time. The more speed the less time you have to avoid or brake and the more forces you have to deal with unless you have suspension to help you. In the end I wouldn't argue speed to be a safety feature in general. Unless a dog is chasing you 😉. BTW @GothamMike how long is it since you crashed?
  10. You might be able to find a KS18L (just make sure it can connect to KingSong app so it doesn't risk of getting bricked). By getting bricked I mean KingSong started to,lock wheels if connected outside their geozone. Chinese domestic models sold internationally. But I think a fair KS18L could fit your bill too. BTW have a look here too. Think like this your first wheel will open doors to a new world. It is not going to be your only wheel. Most keep more wheels as they serve different roles and it never hurt to have a backup wheel. Try to meet people from the NYC co
  11. It is a tall wheel for it size. The reason for you had it easier to learn on this is down to these 3 things (in my opinion) 2.5" tire width. (like @houseofjob said width makes it easier) The relative slim body design. Battery placement, this need a little explanation. Came this think this too. Lower pedals is you friend in the beginning, as it is about daring to step up and off. Now the battery is placed on the top compared to most other wheels where battery packs are on the side. The advantage for the V10 series design is it gives you support higher up the l
  12. Well it is partly true. But it is designed to go faster than I do most of the time. And mostly for summer time as it main target user is DH longboarders.
  13. This is just a short clip. It show how EUC.WORLD has video overlay updated (1 of the modes) with model listed. This is under beta testing for new public release. It is also showing my V11 with winter tire. I have ride where roads are not clear if snow and mix of snow and ice. I am still struggling with being comfortable with how I have go turn due to the grip of the tire and how high I stand vs risk of sideways slide out on ice patches. So far so good. But it is contradicting my previous winter ride experience to always stay over the wheel and only use shoulder test
  14. I don't ride mc because of the cost combined with weather and honesty I don't have the ball to ride at those speeds and have that amount of power. I don't have anything against mcs. But my needs are solved on my EUCs. It has been transforming going up to and after I decided and sold my car back in October. Any right not is the test if I can do all year only on EUCs. Here is my feedback to TSG an important part too. Because this is where I miss out in my gear. As for cool points. It isn't a driver for me. But let's just say I have people approach me with questions about EUCs because they
  15. I don't ride mc. But you are spot on about my line of thinking that it will outlast more wheels. So it was a long team investment for me. And there is so many details in this mc suit that fits my needs that once I decided cost wasn't an issue it was very easy choice to hit buy. At the time it was 10% discounted too.
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