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  1. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    @Mike Sacristan you dare devil 👹
  2. Unventor


    Is short, mind blowing. 🤯 How do you avoid getting balls that big not getting roadrash?😁 I went on a ride today too. Around -1 to +1. No snow, but a few frozzed puddles or patches. About 22 km ride to Ikea different route there and back. My mind were so tired afterwards due to the constantly focusing on ice and how to control the wheel. I can say I wouldn't dare to test your road conditions. not even with a helmet and fully geared up.
  3. Unventor

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    See that is a smart move. We all make mistakes, question is how many it takes to learn. Yep I did that too, felt safe, rode too fast for me and my wheels capabilities. I got a wheel that have great capabilities but they are harnessed at 40kmh warning 42kmh tiltback. I generally ride around 25-35kmh. I got around 400km on my V8. I cashed it training emergency breaking in a enclosed not used parking lot. At that point I had ridden 350ish km. Today I got back from a ride on my KS18L. Now totalling 1097km. I still consider myself a novice or rookie. But I have no plans whatsoever to go faster..no need for it. If so I would go on a MC or drive a car. I teally don't see a need to enter a topspeed race for Kingsong. I seriously doubt they would benefit from alternative advertising adds aka news articles of a rider going insane speeds killing him or her self. Topspeed is a niche market, mainstream is where sales volume is, and proffit.
  4. Unventor

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    Faster is not necessarily better or generate more sales for that matter. One thing is what people think here on forum, another is what will sell to general masses, domestic and international.
  5. Unventor

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    I hope they do a Z10 tyre approach. Meaning a proper tyre that don't buckle as you turn. And have a real summer and winter tyre solution. Eg a studed tyre high performances at low temp for winter and a gripper tyre for summer temp. And no screws under padding. Easy acces to opening sidepanels to change tyre ect. And a proper water and dust seal. So you can hose fown wheel to rinse of winter salt or summer dust/mud from off-roading. Cool option could be a swartm clock size remote with buzzed activation and speed or power readout. So you dont need to fit an oversized smartphone on your arm. A remote you could mount on a finger rige type or an arm wrist allowing wrist guards still or a neckles. Kind of like a remorte function to sony actioncams. This would make it easier rather having to use a peple gadget. And something that would make wheel stand oit a bit. Yes you could use a smartwatch too, but these are hard to fix on a wristguard. I did see someone mentioning the KS16X as name before, I woundered what happened to that. @US69 ideas worth forwarding to Kingsong maybe?
  6. Unventor


    Woha you are a natural icebreaker. Now you have conversation going. Not even @Hunka Hunka Burning Love is that smooth. Note: I hope you are ok.
  7. Unventor


    Some job or a lot of jobs allow you to take 1 year leave to test a different job role. It has happen 3 time iny office, in the 11 years I worked there. 3 other people that is. You have to apply for it, and it can be denied by the company. @Mike Sacristan this is just for situations like yours. It is a way for a company to keep skilled people in the company, who just need a break, or want to learn something new.
  8. Unventor


    I hear you, however if you look at the forum you will find a lot of passive readers. The hole point of writing public is to invite others to join in. And to share experiences. It just so happen you might find a new that share same interest riding EUC. Ohh almost forgot, should you ever find you way western part of Sweden you are very welcome ask for a possible meetup. 😁 Lets go crazy 😆
  9. Unventor


    Not yet. I went down to Copenhagen by car bought out my KS18L and rode around a bit. Then met up with an old university friend. But plans are to go down there again.
  10. Unventor


    I tend not to travel that much, since I have 2 cats. I hsve 1 person that have helped looking after them. But I tend to save that kind of favours for when I can't avoid traveling with work. As long it is only a sleep over visit at a hotel it works. Maybe spring is time to book a train ticket. more cost effeciant than taking the car. I love the cats, but since I got my wheels, I get mot more.
  11. Unventor


    iI have a tip for you, do not visit Copenhagen, If you want to move south....high risk you will stay Sould you come to Gothenburg, it could be fun to meet up.
  12. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yea but your new body armor and helmet should protect you from major knock-downs So I am looking forward to see people doing range test with 5k wh batteries when we at some point get those wheels. Or even af Fallout 2030 eddition with own build in atomic reactor station. Note: For those not playing games, Fallout is a serices of 1950/1960 age post neculear war due to people thinking atomic power and war would fix everything, in short.
  13. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think you just realized that wheels are different, but to messasure something like range, there are too many variables just because of differences and it is very difficult to create same condition for both wheels. it can be done but the result might not really be useful. lets say yyou bring both wheels to a indoor track and field where you don't have wind or weather to think about. but doing laps after lap at same speed will not really give you real world value as you climbs hills and regen going downhill the regen factor cannot be meassured in this way. So is there a point in doing range test. maybe. But in the end of the day speed, ridestyle and the way you use the wheel is proberly more important than 3-5 miles more. If you meassure cars milage to teh gallon then 0.1 in differance doesn't really matter if one have a crappy comfort and noise this massive compared to a fantasic feel and great assist features that let you drive further without getting tired.
  14. In other words she was mean to you. Joke aside. I had lamp and 1st trolley looked at, but i still trust this wheel muchore thany V8 which is part reason why I am not repairing my V8. It needs inner and outer shell and power cutoff button replacement.
  15. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    The thing here is it is the smales it size, so easoer to have in the trunk. Lighter too, and have a fairly good trolley system. But I am not really sure which wherl is easier to learn reverse riding and penduluming on. Speed and long range is non important, in fact I rather be able to ride slower than walk speed than running speed. That is why the KS14D 420wh might be good enough. And it could match my reflective jacket too. Less expensive so it leaves budget open for a next gen wheel for spring 2020 😁 Or going for a wheel that can double as a winter wheel next year. So my KS18L don't get too much salt damage due to our winter roads.