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  1. Unventor

    Meet Up - Denmark

    @HEC I need to Google this a little, as I have yet to see the law statement in Denmark. But from the clip I saw from tv news it should allow you to ride an EUC but it may not be able to drive faster than 20kmh. Now I live in Sweden and then have similar rules or law here but it is only allowed to have a certian Wright (About 20 kg) and have so much (or rather low batterycapacity) around 160ish wh. This limit makes it only useful as a toy. From what I gather from others in Sweden the police don't mind EUC as long you ride with care respect and you are protected helps to portray this across. Blasting around at 50kmh down the pedestrian road might not be the smartest move if you get me right. Once I find reference links I edit this post with an update.
  2. Unventor

    R.I.P. 18L

    I really don't see why you come to that conclusion. It simply doesn't make any sense that statement. As for quality control and initial bugs is another matter. It is the risk of being an early adopter. Seen from a risk perspective it is always better to wait a bit until a product has proven its reliability. EUCs in general is a fairly new product so it does not have the same production history and technology history of let's say a bicycle. This alone will give a higher potential risk for quality issues once a product reach real end users hands and being used live. You can only do so much with a little group of testers.
  3. Unventor


    Nice sceens
  4. Unventor

    18L orders

    @Kael any update on your wheel? I heard that UK customs in celebration of Threasa Mays breakthrough in Brexit negotiations that they got 1 week instant vaccination so the are ready next spring to lock down UK import borders πŸ˜‰ Sorry I am sitting on the sofa waiting on my wheel too. 30 degrees massive sunshine and a broken/punctured wheel. So no option to glide about right now.
  5. Maybe you should look forward to Inmotion Hoower Shoes. Then you can maybe fit one in front and one in rear? Depending you don't have big feet or wear high heels😜
  6. Fantastic invention called trunk in a car. πŸ˜‰ A small drive with car then park and then EUC sightseeing. Works wounders
  7. Yep I expect it within 1-3 weeks from now. It changed status from transit (from China to Poland) to custom clearance...and should take 3-4days in shipping and whatever time they need in Poland to process and package the shipment. I have vacation in week 30-32, I hope the wheel might come Friday week 29 or sometime in week 30. But who knows. I kinda planed to drive down to Copenhagen in week 31 or 32 if I have my wheel.
  8. Unventor

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    You need to have a mudguard review part too πŸ˜‰ (see the KS18L owner love? thred). You know then why.
  9. About the mudguard, I have yet to see it on my ordered wheel in real life. Clearly I am not bother by the look at all...yet. It looks functional that is what matters to me. If I then turn the head to the Z10 wheel, it looks great imho on web and youtube. In real life I don't know...yet and for a long while I guess. It too comes with a mudguard like nice too, with easy user option to use it or not, all fine too. Hard plastics at least somewhat hard. My thoughts are it is prone to breaking on a wheel tumble, maybe. As for the optional trolley, yes I think I would need it. Looks fine, however do not look as a great functional solution. So compared Z10 vs KS18L, the KS18L look to me as overall winner, will all agree, probably not, does it matter, not to me. As long I like MY wheel. So again not look for top or best in class on one point, but rather looking at the bigger picture above average of new model wheels, will cut it for me. Still tiptoe around as waiting for a big Christmas pressent. Note a little language anadote: Wheel in Danish=hjul (the h is not pronounced), Christmas in Danish = jul (pronounced the same way) So I am looking forward to (h)Jul πŸ˜‰ So @Henrik Olsen I hope I be as happy as you were in you youtube unboxing video. What do you thing @Shad0z 😜?
  10. Unventor

    18L orders

    I lived in Nottingham for 3 years, you could almost set the time by it, between 7-8 in the morning it rained 10 min like if you opened a shower, and again between 16-17 in the afternoon for like 5-10 min too. Otherwise I only think we had 3 days totally that it rained all day. here in Scandinavia it can rain for weeks before we see the sun again. this sumemr has been odd though, almost 3 months not withing much rain at all.
  11. Unventor

    18L orders

    New update at http://www.electricunicycles.eu/ Model Motor Batch Time Info KingSong 18L Matte: 1036Wh 2nd Soon! LAST MINUTE CUSTOMS CLEARANCE INMOTION V10F: 960Wh 3rd July OPEN DELAYED KingSong 18L Black: 1036Wh 2nd July OPEN DELAYED KingSong 18L White: 1036Wh 2nd July OPEN DELAYED @Justina how long does customer clearance in general take?
  12. Just a point to consider, being special / different / first with something is anything but a guarantee that it will sell or work as intended. It might open up a target group but it might just as well put the wheel in a spot where others will pass it for another. As I wrote earlier I am not looking for wheel that is world champion in one aspect but one that does many things great all together. As for the comment for the mudguard on picture I personally don't think it is as bad as people make it, to me it still looks as a simple function solved in a practical way. Being made by flexible rubber it is less prone to breakage or damage. it gives the user option to remove it easy due to 2 small mounting screws. I for one do not own a 3D printed to made a mudguard myself. As for parts design it keeps things simple meaning shell covers still look to be interchangeable, so less risk for a cover part to be out of stock when you might need one. Eg. on my Inmotion V8 this is not the case. I am still looking forward to get my wheel delivered.
  13. Unventor

    18L orders

    They are probably discussing how to light the BBQ in traditional UK summer weather, rain rains and more rain? 😜
  14. Unventor

    18L orders

    I asked my dealer for a status update yesterday evening but still no word yet. I asked about stock/delivery expectations and if latest bricked wheel reports might have any expected impact on delivery too.
  15. I am looking forward to your group photo in back to the future t-shirts logo with a Cpt Marty picture, and you 2 as backwards riding in zombie posture.