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  1. Unventor

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    When will this be released and will this fix BT connection issue people have on Android 8.0 on many different bands like Samsung?
  2. Absolutely non what so ever. Mainly I am fantastically single so I get to do pretty mush as I want...only @Marty Backe and @eddiemoytips is beginning to add up in costs 😉. Only responses I get are from my ragdoll-cats that have killed the EUC 3-4 times a day with their evil eye stare at it when ever I turn it on or park it in the hallway. They do only resent my hoover more than the EUC.
  3. Correction @Marty Backe you MUST do this. You can't resist. The dark EUC-invention Jedi tell you so.😈 non can resist the creation-force. Not even mountain-@Marty Backe 😉
  4. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Om man kan/får åka på cykel får man åka på EUC ockdå. Ifgl. Trafikverket så klasses EUC i trafiken som elcykel som ock klasses som vanlig cykel. Jag minns inte vad som står ved ingången om man får cykla där.
  5. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    I have no wife to tell me off 😎😀. I used the argument that the remote screen could double as a reverse/rear view mirror. My co-workers comment was just if I had fallen already on my EUC hitting my head hard. I just smiled t him replying: what do you think? I am considering to get a backpack mount or a suction cup as I rather not have a permanent fitting stuck to my TSG Pass beauty helmet. And maybe getting that gimbal on an extension rod.
  6. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Jag får kanske testa det i helgen eller botaniska. Jag har just beställt Sony FDR-X3000R kamera som jag hoppas kommer fram i nästa vecka. Vet inte helt vad är bästa sätt för mount en så länge. Men nu är kameran beställt. @Marty Backe just ordets Another of your recommended Products Sony Actioncam FDR-X3000R. Considering to get a FeiyuTech G5GS Gimbal too. A little unsure about the mounting still though.
  7. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Jag köpte just det produkt som @Marty Backe recomender (Slime, Tube sealant) och körte en snabb sväng till Åby travet. Sen har jag en handpump med i ryggsäcken. Sen får jag se hur det funkar när jag får första punka. Hjulet får lite mer horoskop krafter pga den ska ta massa. Men jag tror det är bra då jag inte gör tricks med hjulet. Note: Sorry for the Swedish @Marty Backe just talking about Slime that you recommended.
  8. Unventor

    The Story Behind InMotion And Solowheel

    Inmotion v8 and Solowheel Glide 3 is all the same, the difference is just the regional /US branding. Since I have Inmotion V8 I cannot use the Solowheel app. But from the screenshots in Android app store it looks nicer the solo app.I take use are on IOS due to you asking about darkbot. Personal I prefer to use manufactor app if possible but right now Inmotion App in Android 8.0 is broken. Maybe @Bobwheelor @Jeffrey Scott Will can pitch in with some insight or input? I love my wheel. Just rode home in dark from the movies tonight. Right now I am still n00b/rookie with only 100ish miles done or about 165km. But still getting better at riding skills due to videos from @Marty Backe and others under the video thread.
  9. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Jag häng just att se han @Scatcat i går. Han kör jäkla snabbt 😁 jag kör enbart som en jäkla-dansk 🤪😈
  10. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Det är för elcykler. Det betyder du måste trampa på cykeln. För EUC gälder andra reglar. Det kändes selv balanserande fordom. De får måla köra 20km/t och begränsning på batteri och vägt. Men inte på motstånd effekt. Du ser detta hos trafikverket hemsida.
  11. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Vad fick du den uppgiften ifrån?
  12. Unventor

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I were wondering if it feasible to make detachable seat coussin on the Inmotion V10 series similar to Kingsong KS18s? And of course if it is possible to have a decent controllable wheel still? Another thing I don't get is that I still have to see a wheel with standard bike head and rear light mounts and attachment for actioncam mounts. It can't be that hard to make. E.g.. in hard rubber so a wheel trouble the light could detach or come off without breaking the wheel. @Bobwheel @Jeffrey Scott Will
  13. Unventor

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    @Justina look at her profile. It list their webshop.
  14. Unventor

    The Photo Thread

    Ohhh you found a 40k actioncam. What gimbal are you using with you Jetson-spageage actioncam?
  15. Unventor


    You have not been to Copenhagen yet?