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  1. Will not happen... It cannot blow up ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it can melt down like a nuclear power plant... That is why you get the extra milage โš›๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Sure it wasn't your reflection on a mirrored window office ๐Ÿขbuilding or shopping window๐Ÿ›’? ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe we get a video of tag team Hunka now Taking on the challenge of ever pavement and curb ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. I hope Inmotion fixed their issues with connecting to android 8.0 or later (and Samsung phones) but I guess I will find out when my V10f arrives next week (hopefully).
  4. It is not that I don't agree with you but if things were only that simple. With your opinion then Gotway should be your brand. I can only say the my KS18L got a lot better with a year later firmware release. (I don't recall version but might be 1.12 or 1.13) As for my KS16X I think it is near perfect with fw 1.07. Only thing I really miss is a proper weatherproofing. I almost ride my wheel(s) more than I drive my car. And despite condition here in Sweden, last year my skills developed so I can ride despite icy and snow conditions. I chose KS (and Inmotion) due to fw update abilities. Other reasons too. It is also why I would not choose a Gotway, one of the points. If I am right or wrong in my way of choosing I can't say. But if let's say a mobile app/os changes so you cannot communicate with a wheel anymore because of fixed/locked firmware, having an update option over USB option as KS would not be a bad idea or? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Well you guys need to embrace the world more as it is, ever changing....
  6. I don't see the KS16X as a faster (at least not much) wheel. But I guess it has more to do with battery capacity/ range at less throttling from your choice of wheels. I just can't see me not having 2 wheels at any given point. you never know when a wheel needs service/tire change or otherwise is out of service (charging) and you need to pick up something at a local shop. Or a friend reach out to meet you on a wheel. Now in my case, my KS18L waited a long time for parts. I cannot really describe better than, the ride sensation is just inside the control, but yet with a feeling of being on the edge, due to the lean style riding at higher speeds. In that regard I can only say the KS16X is a fun ride. It is also what helps me to disconnect from what I do at work (It support for consumer end users), so I don't bring it with me home. I kind of view this as a tool to achieve mindfulness. Focus in the moment. It is something the KS16X do really really well, without having to ride max speed. Kind of an French/Italian riviera/road vs Montana straight highway as far as you can see. Or as a Mazda Miata (mx-5) vs an Indycar 500 race car. Imho the benefit is to have fun without having to go at max speed, and by doing so the risk/consequence is much less severe, yet you can get hurt still, if not respecting the wheel. And in this regard I welcome KS keep fine tuning the firmware. So I have not ridden as far as @stephen on the KS16X, but I have a feeling he would agree with me, from his videos. Man I envy his reverse ridding skills.
  7. I think you are right on this. I know I am not pushing the limits on my KS16X.... at least not yet. The limits are outside my comfort zone even in emergency braking. When I rode my first night/dark ride this season, I found the hardness kept my wheel stable/still more that I anticipated. And I can use the maneuverability to emergency avoid pot holes too. So in the end I went a little faster than I would do in darkness on my KS18L. But still with alarm set for 35kmh and tiltback at 40kmh. I tend to have my comfort zone just below warning. To me it is a good balance for ride time vs distance vs risk vs battery use vs stress looking for obstacles/road construction and traffic. Since my fast charger have a 3.5A output I don't have any charging issues either. Show you ever visit Gothenburg @mrelwoodlet me know. So you get to test a KS16X ๐Ÿ˜‰. Note just got tracking details for my 11.11 V10f so going to be interesting how I find its ridestyle compared to FW 1.07.
  8. I were expecting @Hunka Hunka Burning Love to comment on point 2.
  9. If that is the case, I don't see the big issue in updating. Not that it matters to me. I am happy with my wheel with 1.07.
  10. Just commuted to work again this morning. It is a bit early. But considering that I bought myself a Xmas gift yesterday (V10f).... As for FW 1.07 it performance really well to me. The wheel is very responsive. That said I don't ride it above 40kmh especially in the dark.
  11. If you have been riding in rain, you might have an issue where you can't turn off the wheel. You might be able to connect or at least see the BT module is on (hench the red light under the cover). It could be so simple that it has dried up but it corroded the connector. This happen on mine (KS16X 1st batch). Apparently the front can have a tiny gab that let's rain run on the inside to the power button. Since I didn't examine my wheel myself I can't explain it better than this.
  12. I really like your design of this. Gave me some new ideas for a stand. Like adding a tray under the wheel to collect dust/mud/water/snow.
  13. Well I just done my first ride in similar way I have done before my wheel got rain damaged. When I got my wheel back I rode to work and then updated to 1.07. Today I did commute on full charge and shopping and then back home. I found it very responsive both acc and braking. I donโ€™t ride that fast but I got to race a bicyclist that I at first didn't keep up with due to darkness and I had not ridden there since leafs dropped off the trees. And I had not ridden for about 5 weeks now, more or less. But as I recall my wheel this feels really stable and great. I know KS would fix this. The only thing I find sad about my KS16X is how you have to prey off the side pads to open the wheel. In 2019 KS should be able to do this smarter. And the weather proofing too. But ride characteristics wise I think 1.07 is spot on. I even hit a few surprise pot holes/ ridges in the asphalt and the wheel just kept going. It might be I am better rider but on my V8 I would have been in trouble. Today I just laughed it off and kept going 30ish Kmh.... A huge fat smile on my face. But a big dent in my wallet to order a 2nd backup wheel, because of KS 1st batch issues and forgetting to make these non-sun-weather use able too. (You might pick up I am not impressed by how KS handle weatherproofing... Or the lag of handling, as a customer this is really sadning to me because this mean I must have my car still).
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