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  1. Some websites have a tire compensation calculator. The one I looked at were the difference between irc SN26 80/80-14 vs 80/90-14 That calculated to about 6 or 7%if I recall correctly.
  2. About the B.... This is a matter of perspective. We know he already invested in more wheels. On the other hand the good thing about being doomed is there is still time to enjoy and in a way things can almost only be better. So all in all that is great or?
  3. That is cruel. Telling them to wait that long before they can join the fun. 🤣
  4. It is the rider not the wheel that cause wobbles. And before putting now performance between your feet, use what you have to learn how EUC behaves and understand the limits. The V11 is strong enough to play with. Adding more power and not understanding it will only cause much more harm to you. When people learn to ride wheels doing max 20kmh the harm is there yet limited. Doing 50kmh that is in general out right dangerous. Doing 75kmh and you walking away with minor injuries is like winning euro lotto twice in a row. Do not count in that to happen. An EUC is not a car or mc. Not u
  5. Like others replied wobbles are from the rider not something you can blame the wheel. Most tend to stay forward on the pedals. This make hard braking hard and it also easier to get wobbles when you attempt to brake hard if you are stand in the front of the pedals. If you want to brake hard sitting on a chair style seems to be the best way for most to control the braking. I recall an guy in France testing braking hard that really push this. But I couldn't find that clip so the above is just to show this. It you need to push it harder you can sort of push the heel
  6. I don't think get this. But that is not the same as this doesn't happen. The hole haters motivation and what drives them. I just don't get it. That the only purpose is to put others down and cause missing around them. Now with that said what I really do not understand that we other do not speak up more. Let me give you an example. I am not a fan at all of high speed riding in public traffic and pedestrian areas. My opinion is that in public space we need to interact so all can be there. It us not a private back yard where one can do as one want when ever you want. I un
  7. Someone shared a screenshot on telegram. It was a few days ago. No details and only that there is more to this wheel (the V12) that what you see in specifications.
  8. They said earlier when they could confirm dates more specific it will be ready to June 2021. Maybe a little sooner. But they didn't say that they could will be able to match any demand at that time. I have seen rumors that they should have a limited number coming but real mass production will take time kind like what we saw with the V11. They have seen very confident in this V12 and that it should be a more complete wheel at release. I know external testers started back in November and more and more git this at time went by. Now the most interesting thing is all the early news
  9. I have highlighted this in the beta tester comms. So @Seba see it
  10. I see this as a sign you are not yet pushing your V11. Once you go a bit faster and a bit more aggressiv you will see this nummer climb. I am mostly in 22-25wh/km but I have peaked over a 5-6km ride at 35wh/km. I am pretty sure you see this within a short time that you trust to demand more and then you will see you can do more on a bigger rim that at first seems impossible. A good way to see this is to use tour log in EUC.WORLD. that gives you data you can compare rides that you do frequently. And over time you get an understanding of what impact weather/temperature/wi
  11. It is somewhat smoothen out but the peak setting is to give the rider an idea of how far the wheel is being pushed. The tricky part here is different bands react differently to this and how it is reported. I have asked @Seba if it is possible to pull some guideline values as suggestions for people. To keep this reply on track I can say that it seems to me that the V11 in general is very resilient do to different things. One if the part is the suspension helps to mitigate peaks. But it is partly to how Inmotion seem to avoid too spiky values that could be misinterpreted. The no
  12. Correct it has nothing to do with the V12 itself. We have threads to debate apps is people want to delve into this.
  13. I don't think vibration is the best way due it upset the gyro sensors. Maybe a small device you can attach on arm or have in a pocket. In a way we have smart watches that can do this to some extent.
  14. Since I don't have my V11 up and running I am not 100% sure on this. I think I raised the app alarm to 40A and spike amp to 45A. When I had the amp alarm on 35 I had constant alarms as soon I didn't "crawled" in pedestrian areas.
  15. @Rawnei This is a little old information but when I asked about wh/km use IM staff asked if I used iOS or android. This is like 1 months back I had this conversation with IM. Apparently on iOS it reported this wrong in the app. I don't think it would make a difference in alarms. But I suggest testing this from an Android app if you can. (I recall from yesterday that you use iOS).
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