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  1. Unventor

    16X Notice

    How is that working for you?
  2. Well if I am very lucky I get in week 32 or if unlocky (as my vacation is over) week 33. So anyway I am likely to post some sort of review before you get yours.
  3. Yep, och stänga av hjulet efter varje bytte du gör. Och kun KS appen aktiv, force stänga Wheelock eller Darknessbot beroende på platform du har appen på.
  4. Pröv att skifta ride mode, slå av hjulet, slår på det, sen skifta till den mode du önskar, slår av den och sen på igen. Vigtigt: ha inte andre apps igång som kan kommunicera med hjulet utöver KS appen.
  5. Why on earth would they do that? Hint: mystery men 1994....
  6. Of course he did, but what point would that do now? Kingsong is working this out. But seems the firmware tweeking is little more complex to get right. If it is fixed then you rather get that in a review than not. If it isn't fixed fully yet...that is not the same as it would not be fixed before release to customers... but in the downside this could take long to get right. Compared with KS18L that just got a new better feel from firmware update (a year after release) none would say before it was bad, but all I heard is almost all are happy with the improvements. I, of course, hope Kingsong can fix this sooner rather than later.
  7. @Rodrigo D Moen This forum is an international forum in English. Only area allowed to post in other languages is the meet up threads. The reason to keep this forum in English is so all can pitch in with help, advise and tips and of course questions. Please read forum rules.
  8. Unventor

    16X Notice

    The brutal life of early adopters
  9. I really don't think you can put that exact number on it. Speed seems OK on my wheel, distance is maybe 10-12% too high. But GPS and similar systems do not measure the ground roll distance if you are carving. So in the end there will be a 2 measure distance if you ride from A to B. Riders weight and tyre pressure and wear will change so question is what do you expect, it will never be exact messure.
  10. Unventor

    16X Notice

    @Rehab1 I forgot to mention that now with the light fix, you can work evening Yard shifts too. Your wife will love like never before now. 😉
  11. Unventor

    16X Notice

    Yes as now you can do more yard work... Once you get the longer range
  12. Unventor

    16X Notice

    You might have seen some of this posted before. But I got this a few weeks back 16X improvements and timetable.PDF
  13. Unventor

    16X Notice

    I found the Z10 to be able to turn so tight from a standstill together with acceleration it threw me off due to centrefugual force, I couldn't keep feet on the pedals. Only did that once, then I didn't test that again, very scary. As for my KS18L I find it fairly easy to ride slow on once I come from speed to close to standstill. From standstill to very slow, not so much. The Z10 was different, if N9 didn't have battery vampire issue and board burn problems, and their way of treating both dealers and riders, it could have been in my hallway. Instead it is the KS16X that is incomming. As for the MSX, something I have not tried.. yet.
  14. Unventor

    16X Notice

    I have not tested the KS16X as of yet... The other two, check. From comments I have seen. The KS16X kinda behavies like a in between Z10 and KS18XL with a twist of V10f. It has the low torque power and is nimble or agile but looses its edge as speeds picks up. Fairly easy to balance at low speeds. Compared to Nikola some said the KS16X is better (torqueier) but other things they didn't like, but that KS took in that feedback and from info I got from my dealer should by now all have been addressed and fixed. Pedal angle, new tyre, better water proofing, double mosfets. Occilliasion issue should be fixed too (partly firmware, partly tyre). Plus a few other things 😁 That sort of sums it all up I think. 3-4 weeks from now I will be ale to tell you more 😉
  15. Unventor

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    @Rehab1 BTW I think I owe you 2€ to @Marty Backe KS16X Trust fund. Can I pay you through PayPal?
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