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  1. This is great. There are other brands that have not yet understood the value to connect with its customers. I do hope you share more details than Inmotion did. Like promotion/ showcase videos. This is better way to show the value of new things if there are new functions. One thing is to write climb angel. But to show what is means that is where the wow factor come into play. Or let's say suspension.
  2. Hi @Jack King Song, Both as a rider if KS wheels and as a moderator I am very pleased that KS is back and represented here at the forum. I know you have other channels, but I do think this forum is a source for many riders both for info and help and reviews. So having a brand rep here helps both riders and the brand to connect with its customers. Looking forward to what KS have installed for us tomorrow. Could you be so kind to make a post here in the forum to? That way it becomes easier for you to see questions and monitor customer reactions too. Thank you for joining our community.
  3. So you got hold of the secret V11US model already
  4. I just looked through the WhatsApp channel from Inmotion this morning. I think it is on if the dealers referring to a chat with some called Frank (apparently from Inmotion). Frank confirmed it is an adjustable suspension but doesn't go into how. I kinda of understand why Inmotion keep their cards thigh on hand still. I think they don't want to "inspire" other brands of their solution until Inmotion can deliver to customers. I would do the same in their situation. But it comes at a balance. How do you ask people to buy something new they can't test or see how works?
  5. On this one I like to back you up @Marty Backe. Any I also agree 200% you are entitled to your opinion. We shall see which brand delivers the best suspension system, at least Inmotion are first up press release to a production model. And by the looks of it KS soon to follow. The big question here is if GW will follow or not. That is also kind of a statement not to choose to offer a suspension at all. We know that Rockwheel have tried to build a suspension system, but not yet ready for it. Also I am not sure if a heavier wheel matters as much as others have indicated. I mean my KS16X is the most maneuverable of my 4 wheels I owned or own. It is a mater of technique and wheel behavior. The main reason is that weight have gone up the last few years. Using more lightweight materials will right now ramp up cost a lot. It might be the next step in innovation we can ask for Or maybe a formula 1 type of service . I still can grasp why not make it easier to service compared to hide screws behind paddings and similar impractical solutions.
  6. I think it was me but I didn't go up 2 feet. only airborne enough to feet shifting forward 2".
  7. Maybe @Marty Backe. I do think that from the rides you do it would be a better choice, from what we know so far. There is just two things, and that is first it doesn't have suspension and it is a GW. For some that perfect, but for others that is not as important as a battery increase. Now I agree that you didn't say it was junk. And I gave you credit for it. But as an innovation I do think being scepticism is a good thing but only to a certain degree. I think in the like of when people rode cycles on solid rubber wheels compared to inflatable tires. The argument would be easy to say that is can puncture anytime. However benefit to ride comfort have been so big that we now use inflatable tires in many places. Same goes with suspension on cycles or mtb. I know they have bigger wheels and pedal high is different. But still once we see reviews we get a hint on how things works in real life situations. I view suspension as more important than 10-15% battery. Mainly as we are past the barrier of where battery is enough for my needs. Similar to what @UniVehje posted above. I wounder how long it takes before we all ride suspension wheels...my bet 1 or 2 generation later it will be more the normal than old non-suspension designs.
  8. I had a very nice chat with an Inmotion sale key account manager. I suggest to him that they start explaining and showcase the value of buying the V11. By doing this you will get to the exact same thing you posted above. I we t fir a ride today on my KS16X and was trying to climb a curb no more than 4cm high. But since I were riding in a area of cubble stones and at very slow speed it trapped my wheels to follow a cubble stone ridge making the attack angle very wrong. And of course I went down. I saw the risk but decided to take the challenge and lost. The good part is I now know my new mc suit works great. Only dust marks on it and a tiny scuff mark on my KS16X. It will survive my abuse. Some have handle worse falls I am sure. But just like you it was naggg6my mind, I wounder if the V11 would have made it. I expect it would for 2 reasons. Suspension and bigger rim. Now the bigger question as I sat down on the couch is I wounder what KS bring to the table in a few days. I don't think they embrace the midrange commuter as well as Inmotion have done with V11. But in a few days we might know more.
  9. I just saw on out local news that deathtolls in the US have passed 10k+ to covid-19. I know it is a big country but still you had time to prepared compared to China. Also you have seen the results in countries that got hit hard here in Europe too. I can only hope it comes under control and that your government take this seriously. It really makes me sad to read that kind of news. Especially since the warnings were so clear from us in Europe. And I don't think Mr. Trump can solve this in his usual manners, blaming fake news or fire someone.
  10. Thanks. Anyway took my day off for the week today. Surpposely the best weather for the week. And guess what.... https://euc.world/tour/585300618673278 At 17C, sunny and slight winds 7m/s, I just had to take advantage of this today.
  11. Unventor


    I guess it help to break the sensation of a ghost town. And create a unity between people. All in the same boat.
  12. @Eric plam I do like you post above a lot. It is about each wheel have its merits and seeing/riding them accordingly. Personal preference is hard to argue about as we all have different uses and needs. What you like about the Z10 is why I hold my KS16X high too. And since I don't ride for speed it works really well for me. My V10f on the other hand is my "smallest" wheel. Since it is light compared to my KS16X and KS18L it is easier to go for that short shopping ride. Plus it stores a little easier as it is slimmer (like under a seat in the cinema or hockey arena).
  13. I do think this is a fair point. On the other hand @Marty Backe didn't say it was junk just that it didn't have his interest and after all there is a cost too to consider. Now @Marty Backe have tested Inmotion before and the V10F just didn't do well enough to buy one. We all have different things we want. I like my V10f (nov2019 build) a lot. But it serves a different purpose than my KS16X that I find to have the most fun on. The only major issue here is again as usual weatherproofing. It simply have go be better with an actual rating so as a customer you can claim warranty if it doesn't hold up. Especially in a price range of $2000+ mark. Imho. It is 2020 after all.
  14. So now you have to build a test rig for reviewing suspension wheel. Oh this is going super fantastic to watch....just be careful. I can see a new unit named rehab 4.0 or 5.0 as ncap. 😉
  15. The 18S is an old build now. For it to sell better it need an update modern standards. I think KS talked about looking into suspension too. But they have been quiet about it. In a few days we will hopefully know more.
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