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  1. I had same issues with my V8 on android 8.1 with Samsung Note 8. After I managed to get the V8 linked to my account I could then later connect to my Note8. But I couldn't do the initial connection. Since I sold my V8 long time back like 2years ago I can't recall all details anymore. I don't have same issues with my V10f.
  2. You can find details on the Inmotion announcement threat. It kinda help if you just want specifics, but part of what make this thread long (and imo interesting) is you can see how Inmotion have responded to feedback. We have seen KS being somewhat responsive too. But Inmotion are setting so many new standards with the V11 launch.
  3. Now there are more to these 2 stories. Let's take the Sherman first. Apparently someone decided it would be great to test if they could make it cutout. So the rider got challenged it was is its 60ish% battery and he avoided a bike few sec before going 50+kmh and hitting a pothole. As for the V11 we don't hear anything official just yet but it points to a bad battery. But even so the owner do not listen to Inmotions recomendations regarding charging. And if the safety in the BMS of the V11 had worked as intended I don't think 1 battery pack should have cut out at those speeds reported. We will see what Inmotion says once they have examined the wheel. I still think that one would be wise to listen to what Inmotion recomend how to charge the V11. There are several links in the charging process and none have really any insight and details about this but Inmotion from what I have seen so far. It will always be the weakest link that breaks is the is BMS, cabcle, connectors, control board or battery pack or a cell. It matters less. The result is bad either way. That is why I bought an extra original V11 charger. I know from laptops what happen when people think better to get a faster charger. I also know the company I work for how 3rd.party chargers and battery causes fires. That is why I talk about this here. Despite some people think they know better.
  4. Inmotion give 1 charger in the box to all resellers. It was upgraded from 1.5A to 2.5A and pin connection changed from the V8/V10 charger to only work with the in box V11 charger. Some resellers had chosen to advertise they sold the pre booking with additional chargers to make pre booking offer more attractive. But that was before the shift in charger was announced. Now what each reseller do, isn't in Inmotions control but they said they only supply 1 2.5A with each wheel. Inmotion has also been clear that you shouldn't mix different chargers and they only recommend using 2x 2.5A original V11 chargers. As they only recommend 2.5A pr port. This is the repeated message they have given on both WhatsApp and telegram, yet some still thing they can use what ever they see fit, disregarding manufactors recommendations. I don't think you should disregard manufactors recommendations as we don't really know how the BMS react and Inmotion said cables are rated for 2.5A (yet some think they can do more). So what each reseller do at this point I don't know. I bought my V11 from Inmotion and ordered a 2nd V11 charger too.
  5. Now I don't have my V11 just yet. And I have not pushed my KS16X super hard as I don't like to see asphalt up very close. But I guess I can give a review within my margin of pushing the wheels once I get the V11 (should have shipped by air now). Apparently the RS bearing isn't as energy efficient (from what I read, but don't recall where)as the Z bearing. But I think that suspension might work in the V11 favour as motor shouldn't need to work as hard for balancing when hitting obstacles (like bumps, potholes, tree roots and stones). Basically taking away need of high peaks should mean less energy use? But in general I think the V11 should be a much safer option to the KS16X. The KS16X hits is speed limits very fast and hitting a bump while accelerating at the high end is just asking for trouble. Due to the suspension the V11 should not come into such a situation as easily. But theory is one thing, in practice it may be different. However reviews so far looks to me most riders have found the V11 to surprise them positively. I am looking forward to get my feet on my V11. And it is going to be my new main ride. Right now it is my KS16X that is my main wheel. After I got a new control board and fw 2.02 and the current production tire, I do like how my KS16X feels. But there are times where suspension would have been great for my bad left knee. Bone hitting bone on an unseen pothole or bump is never pleasant.
  6. I too am going away on Thursday. But since my V11 shifted from 1st to 2nd batch (should now have been shipped from Hongkong last Thursday, but I can't track it until it enters Europe), I will have to settle in my KS16X. I am goting to ride around home town in Denmark. And I am bringing my Insta360one R with me. So we will see if I can make some nice trail/forrest rides. It had been perfect to test the V11. But you will see why....
  7. It is in presentation from launch. But if that is taken out of context and it was a bit unclear at first, so mouth to mouth at group rides it can easy become "fact". Good thing is that @Inmotion Global have stated that it can perform much higher in short intervals. So now we know from official source. Note: and I think better to ask questions to clear out a misunderstanding. Just keep asking @Marek Mazur
  8. I think you find more answers at your phones support sites than here. What people mostly discuss on this forum is EUC related.
  9. Motor is rated 2200w. The electronic is rated to handle 3000w. But I think it handle more in short bursts. And it also depends where the data comes from. It isn't reported the same on all brands. From reviews so far none have reported any lag of power yet. But some have had a hard time tapping into it. But Lian said today power pads are soon ready. So we see what people think of their solution. So far most thi g have turned out good despite not being perfect, combined all in one package seems to make a great ride sensation. My V11 is still shipping, about 1-2 week out until delivery is due. So the above is what I pulled from forum, WhatsApp and telegram sources.
  10. Btw about bearing questions. Liam from Inmotion said today all 2nd batch wheels has the RS bearing. He also said that most the accessories including the watch is ready soon. This means power pads, seat, bt speakers and watch. Now there were no news on lights. Unfortunately nothing still on price. But then again resellers set their own prices depending on region/country.
  11. Well if you saw the weather that @Duf rode in then I think it did pretty good in general. And we don't k ow if this is just 1 unit or a general quality control of the bearing. Regardless Inmotion decided to address it so there show not be any doubt in future. As for the screws on the saddle issue it could have been done right but supplier gave poor parts. It can happed to any manufactor. But it should have been spotted in quality control inspections. This too is addressed. It is always easy to say I told you so. But I think people looked too much at looks and all the spun and unspun suspension part. I just didn't find it sexy as other people think. I only see trouble with their open design. Speaking of design I hope we get a change to how to change tire on the V11. I could see people modding the motor cable to make motor easier to disconnect. Now the hard part here is really to judge if it is a successful first 1st launch. We don't know how many until truly got shipped out. But we do know Inmotion address things fast. I know somethings only show up after time. But I do think Inmotion are pretty clear from all major issues due to how they addressed the few things that shoved up so far. Only the bearing is a major problem but it is very hard to tell 1 vs many will ever encounter this.
  12. Now you can only pick one. But speed and battery voltage are equal important to me. Then the power and range (estimated from this rides consumption) would be nice. I understand that sometime less is more. So some sort of configuration would be great. Like always many riders, many opinions.
  13. It really matters less. As it still do not say how tall or wide the tire is. As an example look at the Z10.
  14. So is this a slight "I like the V11" I am hearing? Well just an odd question how is the walking speed riding on the V11? Let's say compared to KS18L/XL or KS16X? I think the Z10 and KS16X is very easy to ride slower than walking speed. Where the KS18L is a bit harder, it stakes more effort to balance.
  15. @h3X you asked status and today Liam wrote this as pinned message on telegram Quote: Good news, my friends. We have reached an agreement with Yaromir, the hextech pedals inventor. Will soon get it work on the V11. Then the other model. Thank you baihyaro for your contribution to the EUC community. Keep up the good work and bring more innovative stuff.
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