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  1. I think you should post this in a Gotway section.
  2. In all honesty how GW quality is or what it is not, does not change the KS16X. I like this wheel a lot, but that doesn't change the fact it has 1st batch issues. Let's not start the brand war, it doesn't help anyone. That is why I stopped commenting on those posts.
  3. Your parts? As in jewellery? ๐Ÿ˜‰ What did you do this time?
  4. My KS16X seen to be fairly accurate maybe 5% extra on range. But then again I have not bother to do a messured test. I think of going to a road with 100m mark poles and test what wheel repo if I some day go on the countryside. It isn't that important to me. Maybe because I am a KS fan boy or I just simply isn't bothered. The biggest focus on the flaw list right now is the dust in the case accommodation. I do think that need to get addressed by KS in someway for all customers. As for the app if you run latest Android version it seems okay. As for iOS I don't know. But the iOS update seens a bit late. Speed/battery reports on a beta firmware, I would expect KS have info to the testers that they know about it.
  5. Good job๐Ÿ‘ Well I am special.... or I just take longer to adjust. My bad knee isn't help out either. My weight is 81kg typical plus 7-8kg cloth/gear/backpack. 25 suits me fine. I might be able to go a bit lower but 25 psi works for me both on asphalt and off road. I would not go that far, but I hope KS post a fix to improve the whhels water/dust resistances.
  6. From KS website you can get pictures with white background. That should make it easier to make a cutout to a transparent layer in photo editing.
  7. So you are now officially hobit size.... @The Fat Unicyclist your new staff is ready ๐Ÿ˜
  8. I, and I alone chose to accept 1st batch issues (unknown, yet expected there to be some). I am glad you like it too. I can't say I have tested that many wheels. If it is the best wheel... Depends a lot on what you are look for. Speed isn't main goal. So back to what what @Marty Backe wrote above... I think that depends a lot of expectations of the buyer, question is if expectations are reasonable. So @Marty Backe since you seem so disappointed with the KS16X, I can't help thinking, if you have ridden one yet, and why all the negativety. You can have any opinions you like, that is your right. But those that like their investment in the KS16X are entitled to be happy with their wheel. Should someone not be happy, hearing why is interesting to know. But someone just barking negativety.... I just can't help thinking why? In the end it matters very little to me. I like my KS16X, it ask some of the rider, but the joy riding it none can take that away. I do hope people that read this forum, build their own opinion. If you get a chance to ride a KS16X, I can say 10min might not be fair to past judgement. I liked it, but it took 200km to get synced with the wheel. You might speed this up by riding some at high psi and then lower it. I started at 30ish psi and lowered it to 25ish psi.
  9. Maybe, but we are still only on first batch. I would not trade off mine. I love it. I might have to dust it off from time to time. I guess I have to ask a Harley Davidson owner what that feels like. I guess it one of those Easter egg features. But the good part here @Marty Backe with all the reason not to buy it, you are saving some money. Skipping a wheel for once. Only tip I can give you though, whatever you do do not ride one. Look at it but don't ride it. It gets under your skin and you could easily end up loving it. Despite its imperfections it does hold a beauty.
  10. I found the offset stance is very difficult to master as the wheel is so nimble so it moves with slightest weight difference. That is not the same that it cannot be done, I just currently can't use it. That is why I had to relearn to ride as I am using my feet and legs different to shift balance and forince the wheel with angle moments. But getting better at it. I would say it takes more skill to ride the KS16X, compared to my KS18L. Or it could call different skills. But that is also why I have a bigger grin on my face every time. My KS18L is very similar to my car in feel, Mazda CX-5, relative big and heavy yet easy to drive. The KS16X is more like a Mazda MX-5, smaller nimble, very fun to ride, but without traction control and a manual stick. It is not about top speed, it is about fun to drive that this is all about. It demands something but gives somuch back. As of braking, it does it good, real good but you need to practice this to do it hard. Right now I know I have to stane at one spot on the pedals. If I don't do that, I get either speed wobbles or break wobbles. Since speed is not what I do, my stance is set to preferences to break, just in case. I only have 226km.on it so far. The past 120km I have gotten a lot more sync to the wheel. So I think in time I will be able to do more. But an old dog learning new tricks takes more time.
  11. I have give this info to kingsong regarding soft tiltback as in some situations it's hard to notice it I would like if there were a 2 step tilt back setting, similar to the beeps. So tiltback on could be soft at one speed and hard tiltback at a higher speed.
  12. was there a need to wack it with the hammer? Nice clean up job.
  13. This is the same as joking about having a bomb at the check-in queue in the airport. Might seem funny and harmless... But people around might not think the same. The impact can escalate very fast and very negative consequences. Like I said we (might) read it as a funny joke, but to KS I am sure they see it different. The company I work for would have pulled all beta acces the sec they have seen the post. The competition in our business is to hard allow this to happen. (it/consumer devices/electronics). I donโ€™t think the EUC business is much different. The next new model can mean make or break as seems to be relative small companies.... Still/yet.
  14. imho, to the above. I thought wheel weight matters lifting it up stairs. But after a while it doesn't as you get stronger automatic by the daily lifting. It matters for stability. as it is less prone to be tossed of it direction (the best I can describe it), and stays move to the ground too over smaller bumps ( can be adjusted by tire pressure to some degree). But, since this is next year purchase deadline, I suggest ride what you have. Make a list what you like different. Do the same list for the V5f asap, so you can recall why you bought the V5f and how it delivered on what you were looking for. some time before you buy, start making a list of your priority needs, then add what you want and then the nice to have (dream of) things. I am going to hint to you my thoughts right now, is if speeds about 40kmh isn't high on the list, then KS16X can be a great match om many points. I will get back to this a bit later why. If you are looking at range and high speed (not talking fastest possible here) KS18XL could be a wheel to look at, price might have dropped. And I think a new model could be coming out too. So back to the known what do i get vs 1st batch issues. I think @Duf put it very go here, in the line of think of choice:
  15. Joke or not...really. Kingsong opened up to the community and working with the riders to gather feedback. They have taking on loads of things that changes the KS16X for better and worse (personally I think the smooth tiltback and higher speed was a bad move, but done is done). That a company opened up for end-user beta riders is a huge thing in my eye. That is a trust you should not joke about imho. Just hinting this could close down this very fast, might seem harmless enough, but black and white text can be read in many ways, and these are no joking matter from a company like KS. I am not impressed by this @Marty Backe.
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