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  1. I'm hoping that doesn't happen... i read the 24" is similar effort and speed to jogging. Hoping it turns into a much funner version of jogging that's easier on the knees, and maybe developing into mountain unicycling.
  2. Well a couple more days of 5-7 minute sessions (maybe total 25-30 mins) and I can tell a difference now. I tried first the back against the step/rocking over method, but it didn't seem to help any, at least at this stage, so instead I just focused on mounting while holding on to something and sort of rocking to get a feeling for keeping it under me. I noticed it seems hard to pass the dead zone, and once you do, your feet have to do the opposite to maintain balance whichI failed to do several times. I started working on both right leg forward and right leg back, to get a feel for both to be able to recover after passingthe dead zone. I am starting to notice I am building the instinct to resist/correct imbalance automatically instead of it shooting out from under me. Also started to notice you need some momentum in order to roll past the dead zone, and I was able to do this a few times. Now it just feels incredibly difficult vs impossible. 😁 Definitely a leg workout! Legs are very tight after only 5-7 mins, and I'm hot and breathing heavier afterwards.
  3. Well, Santa brought me a new club 24" unicycle from Unicycle.com for Christmas. I have spent about 15 min over 2 days practicing, and I must say, it feels completely impossible to ride at this point. It is *MUCH* more difficult feeling than the EUC ever was, even just to mount/sit on it while holding on to a wall, etc. Is a challenge. I am determined though, I *will* learn to ride this damn thing!
  4. The motorcycle kept indoors is a nice touch too
  5. Yes it is interesting how the highest currents occur in the 10-20kmh band, centered around 15kmh. Also interesting is the half circle shaped cluster in the negative current side, you can see a sort of sweet spot around 20kmh/-5A, probably relevant for that other regenerative braking topic, i would guess riding that model wheel downhill @20kmh or so would maximize regenerative energy, although that is strictly looking at current, not factoring descent time, which will be longer at a slower speed.
  6. Don't be too humble, now... these are the best plots of this kind of data anybody has posted to date :-)
  7. Nice charts! One suggestion that might be interesting if the plotting program supports it: make the dots partially transparent. This way instead of all dark blue blobs, you will be able to much more clearly see clustering/groups within, shown as darker areas. For example: https://blogs.sas.com/content/iml/2011/03/04/how-to-use-transparency-to-overcome-overplotting.html
  8. Yes, that definitely takes it to the next level! I've been trying, but not diligently. I think I am close though. I suppose that it will seem easy too, at some point, but not now! Right now I'd estimate it to be about 4x as hard as learning to ride forwards, but I am probably not qualified to provide such estimates, not yet being among the backwards riding crowd yet myself...
  9. One of the selling points that might lead someone to pick a 16X over a Nikola is the availability of an optional seat. I haven't noticed a ton of people talking about that seat and it got me wondering how nice it really is to have one of those. Having never tried riding seated, it *seems* like it would be awesome especially for a long-range model like the 16x, but it does look like it might be a little on the low side side so not sure how comfortable it really is. I don't have a ton of miles under my belt, but I I have noticed my feet get pretty tired and achy after even an hour-long long ride. Curious to see people's thoughts and experiences with it...
  10. Wow i didn't expect that! I did just happen to put in a 240V 50A plug in my garage for a 175A mig/tig/arc welder-- long time desire to learn to weld, but there are smaller welders that can use 120V/20A outlets that weld things much heavier duty than thin nickel strips.
  11. Nice, i was looking with a phone, so all it had was a bullet list of stats with none of the features you describe. Full screen view, much different experience :-) nice! I haven't coded in php before, pretty much only know a little asp.net/ms sql, which was how I was going to take a stab at it.
  12. I do love mine too, just wish it had more range. I have been debating for a while about attempting to build my own 20S-3P or 21700 based battery pack like @alcatraz to increase the range by ~50% with a pound or 2 increase in weight. Looks like a fair amount of work though, need a battery spot welder (I don't have one and don't need one outside of this project), and need to take care to not electrocute oneself or burn the house down in the process. So I remain on the fence for now. :-)
  13. When I was considering making it, I thought of making a comparator, that would do side-by-side for up to n models you could select, for example 16x vs nikola 84v 1600wh vs nikola 100v 1800wh for example. Similar to eWheels' comparison charts, but dynamic/data-driven
  14. Nice, i thought about doing something similar. I thought a|some reference prices might be good, i.e. how much, where, when. For example, $1990, https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-king-song-16x-1554wh-battery-2000w-motor-3-wide-tire/, 11-14-2019 Curious, what did you write this in?
  15. It does make sense, and @Marty's "field testing" seems to confirm it. I do wonder what it would look like, on graph(s) say riding down a fixed distance on a fixed incline, at various speeds, to see how dramatic the difference is. I would try some wheellog experiments of this nature if i had the time. (I know just the place to do it too). Maybe someone esle here, who is a bit geeky like myself, already has... <cough> @Chriull
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