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  1. Was it you that mounted some upside down diamond plate to your pedals?
  2. Wonder if that will still be the case after you put that new tire on it....
  3. I felt like I wanted to learn violin after watching this
  4. Old people often put a zimmer frame in their boot when driving somewhere, then take them out of their boot when reaching their destination and use it to help them walk. (There, another word having a different meaning in other countries to confuse you more ;-) ) Ps, change Zimmer frame to walker, and boot to trunk, and it will all make sense
  5. That's me, size 11, v8. The V10 pedals have made a significant difference. I can't say how much better they would have been in the beginning when I could only ride about 5 mins at a time, but now, i can probably ride 60-70 mins instead of 45 from the pedal change alone.
  6. The honeycomb rubber footpads have a noticeable "squishy-ness" to them, you can really feel a difference with them absorbing some of the impacts' energy) The only downside I have noticed so far is they are more prone to scraping. I never had it happen with the stock pedals, but do with these. It's due to the increased width away from the side of the EUC body, not the increased length (which seems to be most of what adds comfort and control to me- i ride with a narrow stance, ready to grip the wheel) Time will tell if i suffer them sagging or breaking under wear/strain...
  7. I can't help but wonder if you're on to something there. You're not the first person to mention that avg > max math issue. Several have also mentioned getting dumped and hearing "please decelerate" after it is too late, and that the throttling which is supposed to be proportional to demand doesn't seem to quite be that way in reality. One can just imagine a situation where they are using the wrong variable(s) for some key calculations (say the average instead of max or vice versa) and the extra conservative throttling was put in place to add safety until the source of the error is discovered. Mistakes such as this are easy to make in code and sometimes hard to find.
  8. I just got my v10 pedals for my v8. I Only did a short ride so far, but it is a definite and worthwhile improvement in both comfort and control. I'd expect I will be able to ride quite a bit farther before foot pain/fatigue forces taking a break. It also provides noticeable cushion against bumps compared to the v8 pedals which is nice. Now im a bit concerned about them breaking later though after mono's post! I am on the heavy side for a v8 too-- ~230lbs, i gues that's about 105ish kg for the rest of the world.
  9. Oh no, this thread is only 153 pages long now! :-)
  10. I don't know about others, but once you know how to ride, doesn't it make you wonder what was so hard about it in the first place? It seems so easy once you have it down. Someone on here once said that if you know to ride a bicycle, you know how to ride a unicycle, you just may not realize it yet.
  11. Oh darn, I thought this was EUCaholics Anonymous.
  12. Now that's an image! Some guy on one wheel, with a crazy tongue-sticking-out face on the front, blasting "me so horny" as he rides by lol
  13. I'm ~230lbs, and can ride my v8 up pretty steep hills (~12° about the steepest aroubd here, I measured with my phone/an app), but it was slow going, maybe 7mph or so. (Drawing about 13 amps or so to do that) I noticed I can't start facing up a hill though, i have to start sideways then turn uphill after getting mounted/moving. I can't seem to put enough pressure on the front of the pedals with one foot, facing up hill, so it just stops as i try to get my other foot on.
  14. Also, if you get the chance, do some offroading. It will seem challenging and tiring at first, but i felt it *really* helps strengthen those stabilizing muscles more quickly, gain more confidence and trust in your wheel, and to relax more. Smooth pavement seems so easy and relaxing once you have spent some time practicing bumpy, uneven offroad terrain! Dirt is also much softer to crash in, so a great place to practice.
  15. I couldn't ride for more than 5 minutes when I first started, due to foot pain. which really limited my practice time at first. Now I can ride about 45 minutes straight before I want a break, and recovery is much faster. It feels like both a mixture of conditioning from riding, and being more relaxed/confident with more experience. My endurance keeps increasing the more I ride. Also, i learned to move/adjust while riding, which also helps (try lifting the heel of one foot and the toes of the other, to adjust/get some circulation, then alternate) I also noticed that I feel like I have better balance on one foot while *not* riding, say stepping over something, etc, after EUCing for a while, i think due to riding EUCs strengthening the stabilizing muscles in my feet, calves, and shins. Stick with it, it keeps getting better. Also, I'm excited to be getting larger pedals (v10 pedals for a Glide 3), which I think will allow even longer rides before pain/fatigue forces me rest for a bit. I've heard larger pedals can really help with comfort during longer rides), especially if your wheel comes with fairly short pedals. Keep on wheeling!
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