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  1. I think just one beer kind of helps, maybe relax the nerves a bit, at least for a new rider (still don't have many miles under my belt...40?, family health issues last several months, not much opportunity to ride). Also tried after 2 (or so πŸ€” ) and then that seems like its starting to affect balance, but no mishaps for me. That was just in/around the house not really near anyone though, minimal risk to property/others). Alcohol and balancing on one wheel (or two wheels for that matter) in general doesn't seem like a real wise combo!
  2. Sounds awesome, and... +1 on the Canadian geese! I was approaching a group of 4 of them once on a bicycle--they were crossing the path in front of me to enter a lake nearby. I thought I'd swerve towards them to scare them into the water faster than they were planning. When they saw me, they all turned around started hissing, flapping their wings and charged towards me, and instead they scared me off my path as I now swerved to avoid them! Those are NOT your run of the mill birds!
  3. Looks like a fun time. Hopefully some day i will get a chance to join in on one of those. Very hard to get out much these days for me with my son's health issues, etc. BTW, April is Autism awareness month, and I'll say it, Autism sucks! Hopefully they figure out why it is increasing so much in recent years, and or effective ways to treat/prevent it!
  4. Blueblade

    Cracked Shell

    I wonder often how much extra safety margin just having the 3rd row of batteries, 20S 3P, ~640-720wh, would afford in the G3. I saw some folks on here have made their own packs like this. Looking at the top of the line models, with ~1600wh batt / 2000w motor combo, the battery is about 80% of motor rating. A 640Wh batt for the G3's 800w motor would be at that same ratio, 720 would be just over it, not to mention the extra ~50% range over the stock 480wh battery would be awesome!
  5. Your concerns were about the same as mine see my similar topic below. I'm about 245 lbs all suited up right now although I have been slowly losing weight, maybe more like 240 now. I bought the Glide 3 but I wish I had gotten a more powerful one maybe the 16s actually would be just enough without being too much more expensive. My Glide 3 has not let me down so far but I am far from experienced and I have been riding it very conservatively after seeing the same things you have and some of the comments from more experienced Riders around here, like @The Fat Unicyclist. I really want a 16x or 18 XL now with that 1600 wh battery!
  6. Blueblade

    Cracked Shell

    I wish I would have made that my first wheel instead honestly. I've got the Glide 3 but I am a little heavy for it I think the 16s would have been just enough for the learning Etc
  7. I think you're more or less legally right, tooπŸ‘ "Except for the limitations of this subsection, persons operating an EPAMD have all the rights and duties of a pedestrian." https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=46.61.710
  8. Yes, I used to ride my dirt bike over there too. Used to be able to park at the Christmas tree farm during off season. Then they stopped that, and instead I used to head out from a buddy's place in Prairie Ridge. Then mostly it started getting posted with no trespassing signs, and the forest clearcut for Cascadia (now Tehaleh) and I stopped riding there :-( That wooded trail behind Fred Meyer often seemed kinda iffy, often questionable looking people seemed to frequent it when we parked there for groceries, we'd see abandoned grocery carts etc., but admittedly I haven't gone back there myself... It's a bummer there aren't more sidewalks around here, lots of "rural" type roads not really well suited for EUCing. It is a nice and scenic area though! Tehaleh..I haven't been back there really since they builtit up, hopefully they were liberal with sidewalk creation, being a newer development. I live less than a mile from Allen York btw. The Orting Foothills trail is beautiful leaving downtown Orting towards South Prairie BTW, long portion right next to the river. Nice place to run or cycle too. Not sure the rule on EUCs there though.
  9. That should be nice for you. Auburn seems to me like it would be better suited for EUCing. Mostly flat, lots of sidewalks, a lot less crowded, some nice parks, etc. (Used to live there years ago)
  10. Cool! I'm not sure when I will get a chance to ride more (my son has been struggling with some health problems, i have missed a ton of work etc.), but its great to know there is another EUCer right in the neighborhood!. Where do you like to ride? I have been wondering about the orting trail, but not sure if EUCs are allowed. I've only taken very short rides around neighborhood building skills for < 15 mins at a time, so far (the aforementioned health issues) not to mention was a pretty intense winter this year! I too have not yet seen another EUC around here, although my son saw one once at football practice at BLHS
  11. Yeah, what is it about these things? My wife says it seems like I'm obsessed about EUC's now. Then I read on here and it seems like so is everyone else, LOL!
  12. Yeah, what is it about these things? My wife says it seems like I'm obsessed about EUC's now. Then I read on here and it seems like so is everyone else, LOL!
  13. Damn it, @seage! Here I thought us two new guys could could both sit around enviously listening for a while to all these people talk about how awesome their 18xl is and instead I have to hear it from you too now LOL. Just kidding, congrats! Some day...
  14. Sounds like it could be pretty difficult. (I'm recalling a personal failed attempt to put some window film on a while back...what a pain!) Looks like you did a good job though! I could dig a cool digital camouflage pattern, but I have doubts i could put it on without creases/bubbles etc
  15. He wasn't on an episode of "Top Gear" was he? That sounds like one I saw on there!
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