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  1. It is my understanding the battery is the only difference. Source: https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v10-v10f/ " Frequently Asked Questions What is the difference between the V10 & V10F The number of battery cells in the two models has the same 80 cells. To achieve the 960Wh higher capacity, Inmotion used the LG MH1 3.2Ah cells, while the V10 is packaged with a 650Wh pack consisting of battery cells from Sincpower."
  2. I should mention I ride a v8, without too much of a noticeable (to humans) sound- I do wonder if the quieter ones operate at a frequency above what humans hear, to be pleasing to us, but really annoying to dogs, like a dog whistle as you mention. Some dogs seem much more tolerant of it, but I have seen many on a leash that REALLY dont like it, and as you mention seem to hear it before see it. Some humans are also really annoyed by the KS whine where as many don't seem to mind it too much.
  3. Keeping your hands in your pockets while riding an EUC is almost as helpful as keeping them in your pockets while in a fist fight.
  4. I don't know if its a high pitched whine, or just the device/rider appearing unusual, but lots of dogs seem to hate EUC's. A neighbor dog that's been friendly to me several times before, charged at me when on my EUC, I stopped and jumped off as saw him approaching me, sounding and appearing like an attack was imminent. He put his head towards the EUC in an aggressive manner (more interested in it than me), but did not bite or anything, maybe because it was stopped at that point. Ever since, I am very apprehensive around dogs.
  5. Something like this maybe. A bit bulky, expensive, and hard to find though. https://www.canadiangeographic.ca/article/project-grizzly-aims-make-bear-proof-safety-suit
  6. That is a good idea, but as @Nic says, i do worry about how much extra space 19 connectors would take up, certainly wouldn't want to use automotive crimp style bullet connectors for example. I was wondering about the 21700's too, since you can get >10A cell ratings and more capacity simultaneously, close to 3P benefits with 2P. Wouldn't want to drop hundreds of $ on cells though without being able to test fit them first. Shoot maybe it is best to just get a Nikola or 16x, and never worry about the v8 range again 😁
  7. Looks aggressive. Too bad it didn't work out. Ive wondered how much of a difference a 2.125 would make vs the 1.95 it has.
  8. Yeah, i tried 40psi first due to the manual suggesting that, but it felt very difficult to control/sluggish especially while learning. My wife also said it looked low when I was on it. I found this article, used it as a starting point, and adjusted a little until I found my preference. https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/ Not sure how accurate mine is, I use a harbor freight dual chuck inflator with telescoping guage built in, i have a craftsman 30gal air compressor. It seems to match other guages closely, though it doesn't register anything less than 20psi.
  9. I'm 230 lbs, and i find 52-54 psi to feel about perfect for me, but I've noticed air pressure seems to be a very personal thing. I got 11mi to 30% on somewhat hilly terrain, so im guessing about 12-13 mi to 20% but I dont like riding that low on battery with my borderline too heavy weight for this wheel, for fear of faceplanting, i try to stay above 50% if I can help it.
  10. I thought it did, it says 4.18v balancing release voltage and 30mA +-5mA cell balancing current, and has ~20+ wires im assuming for each cell group. But between you and @Chriull its obvious the main problem to worry about is drawing power through the BMS--- probably should be avoided. I'll have to look more at stock wiring. Could it be as simple as soldering a big (fused for short protection I would assume) wire to the first and last cell group. Or maybe a sufficiently high current rating BMS well above the largest expected demand would be sufficiently insensitive to large current surges. Good point about the communication, too. Wheellog obviously knows total current and voltage but I have never seen any cell group info, so maybe that's all done at control board. You're convincing me to just find a stock BMS somehow before proceeding to be safe though. Too bad they don't just sell inmotion branded BMSes separately, or a darn 20S3P pack for that matter.
  11. Just curious, what are most folks using for BMS? I wouldn't want to cannibalize my stock pack for its BMS, as there is nothing wrong with it, and id rather have all new cells rather than mixing and matching new and ol together. If you find a defective pack someone is selling for cheap, it would leave you wondering if its BMS is defective too. I see 20s 3.7v BMSes for 18650 cells on AliExpress for around $30 USD, but saw commentary on here before about such BMSes potentially not being safe for EUC use, and not sure the right amp rating (35A maybe?) Here is one example: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32945748386.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.18499.134607.0&scm_id=1007.18499.134607.0&scm-url=1007.18499.134607.0&pvid=e06d2776-6f1a-490f-bc26-6e96e9457984&_t=gps-id:platformRecommendH5,scm-url:1007.18499.134607.0,pvid:e06d2776-6f1a-490f-bc26-6e96e9457984&spm=a2g0n.detail-amp.moretolove.32945748386&aff_trace_key=29581d08b7f74a818031f2320187c25d-1572816271494-07556-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=9243amp-L82iiCN6Y5laBXclRK2P-g1572816363859
  12. Blueblade

    InMotion V8f

    Exactly... the only thing different between the V10 and V10F, is a substantial increase in the battery capacity. One would think (hope) the V8F would follow suit in this regard, but sadly it doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. Just imagine the increase in range and safety margin the extra 38Wh capacity will give you... over another mile in range at least!
  14. While I could debate aspects of this with you, I was really just trying to speak to the OP's assault while EUCing situation with what advice/opinion is best likely to lead to the most favorable outcome for him in this situation, (in the US), and as Chriull mentioned, this thread is really turning more into philosophical arguments having nothing to do with EUCs. Any attempt to injure a person, not made in self defense or in defense of another person, will likely land you in legal hot water. You also cannot shoot a person unless that person is making a clear and imminent danger to you or another person's life. If you were intent on chasing down and fighting the guy, i might suggest, taunting him "what, you're going to just punch me and run away, you pussy?" Etc, without making any direct threats to assault him. If you're in luck, you'll piss him off enough that, he'll come at you first, which you're ready and hoping for, and now you have legal justification to defend yourself against the attacker who now assaulted you not once but twice. Hopefully you're the far superior fighter. I wish you luck, the the guy is a jerk, and deserves to lose, and maybe have an attitude adjustment as a result.
  15. Yeah, he got away with it this time. Who knows what would have happened if you did catch up to him, anyway. That camera is not a bad idea. Hopefully he punches an ill-tempered cage fighting EUC rider the next time, or he gets arrested with video evidence and/or witnesses. At least you weren't injured.
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