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  1. Yeah I am not sure how well it would work. I do turn the manual one by pointing my knees in the direction I want to go, but it is more jerky- more abrupt twists right as the outside foot starts to pedal forward vs smoothly turning on a EUC, but I am also very inexperienced at the manual one still.
  2. Thanks! I can ride my pedal one now, but just barel-, pavement has to be perfect and I need a wall or something to start. I have dreams of muni'ing and giraffing next though once I get the basics down better!
  3. You know, you were *exactly* who I was thinking of when I made the comment about folks that ride standing on top of their wheel! 😁 Wow, 3 months, I haven't been brave enough to try it, but I had it in my mind it probably wouldn't be that difficult to learn. I am sure I'm wrong! I will definitely post back with results if/when I actually make/try it...
  4. Yeah, i'm not talking small pedals, but a toothed metal grate kind of pedal like those on dirt bikes, that is EUC-sized. Solid footing when wet or muddy, that doesn't wear or clog like sandpaper, and that mud and dirt just falls through. Would just have to be mindful of designing it such that it wouldn't destroy shoe soles and or pose a significant injury risk during crashes.
  5. I'd like to see a purpose-built offroad model! Suspension, knobby tire, rugged to take lots of falls, waterproof, footpeg-style pedals , and powerful- eating up roots, rocks, and launching over jumps if you want.-- a one wheeled dirt bike if you will. Maybe KTM can do it some day...
  6. So I have this wacky idea I have been thinking about, especially after recently getting into (learning) to ride a pedal unicycle. I have also had a long time desire to learn to weld, and recently got a new 220A mig/wire/stick welder to do it with. So my idea is to make a frame resembling a manual unicycle frame including adjustable seatpost with saddle up top, but that in place of the pedals and wheel, the frame (forks) would be wide enough to fit over an EUC and pin to the EUC pedal mounts after removing the EUC pedals. I was thinking of instead welding foot platforms higher up on the fork legs, perhaps at about the height of the top the EUC (similar height to those folks who ride standing on top of their EUC). Not sure if it would work, but it could possibly be a fun project to build and to learn to ride on. A taller inverted pendulum is easier to balance in theory, and this would also provide the option for seated riding. Anyone else ever try making something like this?
  7. I'm hoping they figure out how to make a 1 wheeled motocrosser- powerful like an Alta with suspension and a true knobby, able to send you sailing through the air over a double jump 😁
  8. Finally got to uploading pics...
  9. Nice, they listened to feedback! Better sounding speakers and waterproofing.
  10. Curious, @Marty Backe , any update on how the 3M dual lock worked out vs. the epoxy? I hadn't heard of that dual lock material before, looks like a similar but much more secure fastening option than velcro. I can think of a few places that might be a better alternative to use...
  11. Nice post! I have been thinking about setting something up for a mirror, but there are a ton of ways to go. This probably will save a lot of trial and error on brands, mounting, and gotchas.
  12. Now I am picturing something like that rabbit at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, LOL https://giphy.com/gifs/zoo-petting-13tvgabBHGLcCk
  13. What??? Rats that scare off cats? I Must have lived a sheltered life...the few rats I have seen are like large mice, more reclusive, certainly not aggressive, and look more or less helpless against a common cat. (They damn sure weren't that big, more like what you would see in a pet store) Crazy!
  14. I got the Triple Eight all as a set with the knee and elbow guards. As far as the wrist guards go they are okay But I do kind of wished for something nicer. They are fraying pretty quickly wear the velcro rubs on the mesh part, having a frayed appearance now after not that much use. They are an economical set but there are definitely nicer ones out there. . Those hillbilly ones look pretty nice, but I've never actually tried them to compare. They just look nicer than the Triple Eight at least, So given the two I would probably go with them. I'm not sure if the ones you have are something different, because the set I got does not say Wrist saver *II*. This set I got was about the same price as the wrist guards you linked to alone: Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbowsavers and Wristsavers, Large https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002WTUY7G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FpYpEb7TYT66C
  15. I am *Still* not riding mine yet (spent ~3 weeks in hospital for my son, most of Jan missed) , but i feel I am close now at least. I have been spending about 5-10 mins per day for a total of ~2 weeks total or so, maybe 90 mins practice time or so, I haven't kept good track. I was surprised how fast It changed from feeling completely impossible to possible pretty quickly. I have ridden up to 2 whole revolutions (4 pedal strokes) away from a handhold before falling, i can almost feel it! Hopefully soon... I think EUCing has actually helped with learning after all, just not with the pedaling part (which is a huge part of it), more the riding and steering on one wheel part though was helpful at least.
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